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More of this?
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More of this?

>be 17
>have hot 14 yr old cousin
>she starts inviting me to drink with her friends
>fuck a few lg's
>over a few weeks my cousin starts saying how im hot, cute etc..
>one night tells me its just gonna be me and her at home tonight
>bring her friend over and fuck
>she gets jealous and is pretty mad. drunk texts me while I fuck her friend
>fast forward 2 weeks
>drunk walking home to get weed, cousin trails along
>get home and go to use the bathroom, she insists I let her in
>she looks at my dick while im pissing
>compliments me
>we start flirting then out of no where I grab her look her in the eyes and ask her whats stopping me from kissing her
>she goes in for a kiss and she was the best at making out
>she turns around and takes her pants off while saying "so what're you gonna do about this"
>drunk fuck my cousin for the first time with no condom
>after 5 minutes hear front door open
>ohfuckohfuck friends came back
>play it off as if she felt sick cause we're both in the bathroom
Pasta es olde
pics faggot. fuck your story
Continue, faggot
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sorry thats all i have of it but i have others like it.
you want ?
You are an incestuous fuck, whichever way you spin it. You are sick in the head and need a thorough kicking, you rats bit of kit.
Would reply again
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op will deliver.jpg
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captcha 911
Yes please more!

>be 15, horny all the time, only computer in the house in my room
>watch porn all the time
>sister moves in with us, divorced
>niece is 13 or so
>she bothers me all the time so she can use the computer, myspace and what not
>one day be masturbating, hear someone knocking softly in my door
>fuck, hide my boner and open the door
>its her "can i use the computer anon"
>no it's like 12 in the night go to sleep
>"i wanna use it, pls. can I at least watch you?"
>fuck. "Sure but dont annoy me"
>Of course kept pron on a different tap
>go to online games and shit while she is there
>She is layin on my bed, "I wanna sit closer anon"
>Well there is only one chair
>She comes and sits on my lap
>damn, what do i do. Boner was gone already but still
>she plays the games i was playing
>she notices the other tabs open
>what's this anon?
>she clicks, a big tits blonde is sucking a big cock
>it's ok anon i wanna watch, ive seen it before
>I just freeze, she goes tru all the tabs
>different videos and pictures
>she is sitting dead center on top of me, my boner comes to life
>Just realize that I have a well developed latina ass on my lap. She is wearing pajamas
>She lets one video play. Lays back on me. Her head on my shoulder. "I like that one"
>I look at her tits, nice size for her age, perky. No bra, I can see her hard nipples
>she starts moving as if she cant find a controllable position
>"Im falling, holm me anon"
>I make a movement as to hold her by her belly
>my hands end up under her shirt, her soft perfect belly. it's warm
>I ger super horny watching the video
>FUCK THIS SHIT, it's too much for me
>i look at tits again. I slowly start moving my hand up her blouse

>she doesn't say anything
>i reach the bottom of her tit, so soft
>fuck it. I go for it. Im full on grabbing her left tit. It;s a handful, nipples hard
>she moves her arm a little to allow more movement
>I play with it. "Have you ever done that anon?"
>she was talking about sex as in the video
>she keeps watching
>like its nothing she brings her blouse strap down
>most beautiful thing ive ever seen
>A pale tit, lit by the screen light. Big areola, hard nipple
>I grab it, I have both her tits on my hands
>I play with them, she moans on my hear
>I turn to her. We kiss, we are all over each other. my tongue on her mouth.
I move my hand between her legs
>She closes them.. ok
>She gets down from atop me, turns around
>I hug her, my mouth on her tit. suck on one then the other.
>"Harder anon" I suck for all im worth
> I pull on her nipple, it's getting a little red
>She pulls her straps back on.
>We kiss, as I grab her legs ans ass
>"Ok anon i gotta go. Good night"
>She leaves, closes my door behind her
>I take out my cock and blow my load thinking about what just happened
>the next night, Im already on the computer
>she again comes to my room, this time she doesn't knock, I didn't lock the door she does
>"hi" "hello", same things happens she sits on my lap
>no porn open, she goes to the same page we had open thenight before
>stars browsing the videos
>I start playing with her legs, she is wearing shorts, like soft material like a pajama
>she leans a little forward, i play with her ass
>she puts a video, i dot' really pay attention
she stands and leans towards the screen
>her ass in view, it's very nice
>I start pulling her shorts down, she doesnt complain
>i bring them all the way down, she's wearing regular panties
>i play with her asss some more, put my hand between her legs, she spreads thema little this time
>I grab her pussy over the panties, don't reallly know what to do. just rub
>she moans a little

>she sits back down, she turns immediately her face towards me
>we kiss, i start touching her, her tits her pussy
I put my hand under her panties, oh damn what is this
>feel her up, she is wet, not a lot of hair, very smooth
>"that dick is big anon, how is yours?"
She gets down from atop me, she gets on her knees
>I take out my 6 incher
>she grabs my dick, examines it. she has never seen one before
>"kiss it"... she does
>"again".. she leans forward and take it on her mouth
>sweet baby jesus
>she doens't know what to do. bobs up and down, and down very hard. gagging but does it repeatedly
>feel like cumming... "I'm gonna cum"
>I get up, "can you swallow?"
>she doesn't know what im talking about
>i start cumming in her mouth, big load
>she looks confused, "just drink it its ok"
>she does but making faces, "eww "
she cleans her cum stained lips with my shirt
>she grabs her shorts puts them on and leaves
>"see you tomorrow anon"
>stand there with cock out,
>jerk off again
pls continue
type faster
pls moar

sorry the story ends there but i have more like it.
want ?
want 2
Did you fuck your sister?
All the want

> be 12
> go to grandmas house twice every year
> cousin, 13, comes in same time we do since her family is 30 miles away from our grandma
> start noticing shes developing nicely
> we talk a lot and hang out a ton we were like best friends
> somewhat flirty but i mean nothing that would be weird
> this continues for my whole trip, well every trip actually
> our families are going out soon so i know cousin has to shower
> all of sudden i get plan
> must see my cousin naked
> at this time i was so horny morals out the window
> anyways play is about to go into action
> so cousin has to shower
> told family i was going to sleep because i wasnt feeling well so i wasnt going out with them
> by sleep i really meant fap a shit ton to what i was about to do
> i was in bed for an hour or so
> hear shower turn on (room was right next to shower)
> knew it was my cousin because all the adults wake up at early o'clock
> fuck yes everything going well
> fap 1 time super hard
> hear water turn off
> spring out of bed
> the shower is in the same room as the toilet so it seemed normal, water off, i was resting, going pee pretty proud of this
> walk into the shower room and see cousin's ass since she is drying off hair
> "uhhh.... uhhhh."
> she spins around
> see full frontal
> she drops towel in suprise
> bend down to pick it up quickly
> fuckyes.jpg it worked
> wraped herself in towel
> A-A-Anon what are you doing
> im so so sorry i just woke up and i didnt hear the water so i got up to go piss
> "oh. Im gonna dry off can you hold it?"
> "no i gotta go super bad"
> "uh alright just. Go quickly ok?"
> pull down pants and underwear
> dont really care
> piss
> glance over and see her turn around like when you accidently make eye contact with someone
> pretend i dont notice she saw
> say thanks and apologize again

> finally everyone left
> go back to bed to masturbate a ton while the image is still on my mind
> hear knocking on the doors
> ohshit.exe
> push tissues off side of bed as fast as i can
> "come in!"
> its cousin
> she looks to the side of me
> ohshit.exe
> i forgot the box
> think of saying something along the lines of "ran out of tissues for my damn runny nose"
> too suspicious
> hindsight she probably knew.
> "I thought you went out with the family?"
> "i think i might not be feeling that well either
Can i come in bed and just watch a movie with you ?"
> nothing unusal we watch movies all the time
> "oh sure"
> scoot over a bit
> pick a movie forgot what honestly
> 40 minutes in or so
> "Anon its cold"
> (we go during winters and its pretty far north)
> "Oh do you want me to get a heater or something?"
> "no can you just maybe get a little closer youre always so warm!"
> again nothing unusual we did get pretty snuggly during cold winters

> we snuggled up and watch quite a bit more of the movie when suddenly
> everyone walked the dinosaur...
> nah its not ending like that here is real cont:
> when suddenly she said
> "well youve seen me so now i should see you"
> im calling her hannah now, cousin sounds awkward
> "w-what?"
> "yeah. Its only fair. Unless you really dont want to."
> "But hannah i saw you on accident..."
Where the fuck is spiderman?! Spiderman where are you!!
>there are newfags on this board right now that don't get the difference between wincest threads and incest story threads

> "oh come on! You expect me to believe that!? Admit it, you wanted to see me! Its ok anon. Im not mad. And now, i want to see what you look like too"
> "Youre right. Ok. I guess you can. "
> she smiles a little and then pulls off the blanket and she pulls off my pants
> im pretty erect at this and she hasnt seen a real one before so she was pretty suprised
> "is it ok if.. i feel it?"
> "sure i guess"
> she starts rubbing it a little and im pretty amazed at her willingness for all this
> "Kiss me anon"
> "huh?"
> "yeah. I haven't had my first kiss and well. I don't think you have either"
> i didnt
> "um ok"

> she climbed on top of me and have an awkward first kiss
> we get slowly and slowly more into it
> ask her to take her clothes off
> we are both fully naked but not really sure what to do so we both kind of lay there looking at each other
> i ask if i can feel her now
> of course she ok with it
> im just kind of exploring around with a finger
> i ask if i can feel inside
> she ok with it again
> i start moving around and shes moaning quite a bit
> i go put a second finger in
> its pretty tight
> shes moaning quite a bit with the more i do
> we kind of take turns feeling each other up which lasts for like 30-40 minutes
> finally she asks to suck it
> ImOkWithThis.jpg
> shes really bad at it but im blown away because it feels great for me
> finally i cant take it anymore
> "Hannah im cumming!"
>On accident
>Boner ruined
Not really. Damn, anon, how has your family not figured out that you're fucking literally all of it.

> she wasnt really sure so she stopped
> some squirts onto her face and she jumps a little suprised
> she looks at my dick and the semen CUMMING out
> we sat there in silence then she moves back down and starts licking up and down
> im speechless at this point
> Never wanted to masturbate again
> kek
> once shes done i finally ask
> "Hannah can I... use my tounge?"
> "you already did when we kissed?"
> "No Hannah like. Can i use my tounge like you did to me?"
> "Sure anon... if you want"
> she moans a lot while i do it
> I only lasted for like 10 minutes doing it but she seemed to love it
> finally i said
> "we need to go shower real quickly our parents should be home soon"
> we shower together, make out some
> we get dressed
> go back to bed
> put on new movie
> we snuggle more and get super close
> some feeling thats it
> parents come home and check on us
> think its really cute we are together when we are sick
> they never noticed
> we did a ton of this stuff the whole trip but never really had "real sex"
> we did a few years later when we were both much more experienced

> we still fuck whenever we meet
> we both are ok with it and never puts any awkwardness between us
> we have even had relationships and still do it
> the only way i think it will end is if we stop visiting or once of us gets married

am just THAT good ;)
>tfw never be good enough at fucking that female family members gossip about my dick
It's funny because you make up so much shit. I wonder if it's going to get 404'd.

>Be 18
>Staying at sister's place just to hang out
>Sister and I were always close, she's really playful
>Watching Netflix when she walks across the room in only a towel and half-drops it, revealing her ass
>She yelps and turns to me, smiling
>Goes back into her room, doesn't close the door
>I get up and follow her in, paying no attention to my boner
>Standing there in a towel, she says "You aren't supposed to see those things!"
>"Then what am I supposed to do?"
>She drops her line of sight to my thighs and keeps it there
>She blushes and says "Nothing!"
>Walks into her bathroom and starts the shower
>I go back to the couch and purposefully leave her door open
>Raging boner at this point, decide while I can hear the shower I should be safe to fap
>Pull it out and begin to spank the monkey
>Shower stops
>No where near finishing
>Well I should have time, girls take forever to--
>Her bathroom door opens
>No time to react
>So... I didn't!
>As hard as I'll ever be, my sister walks out and sees my glorious confidence
>She stammers backward
>Places a hand across her eyebrow and smiles
>She says "Are you serious, Anon?"
>Say nothing
>She walks over and looks at me and then my dick
>"Well... Not bad."
>I move my hands off my dick and to the base of my shaft
>Way faster than I expected, she puts a firm hand around my shaft, her hand fitting it nicely
>"Would it be wrong to say I'm impressed?"
>In complete shock of the way things were turning out
>Just say "It's not wrong to be honest, right? Maybe you should forget about the towel!" And laugh
>She smiles and breathes sharply
>Notice I feel her lightly stroking me, her thumb tracing the line between the head of my dick
>She's not even looking at me anymore, just my dick
>She says "This isn't too much, is it?"
>"No, you're pretty good at this!" and grunt slightly, trying to encourage her
>Both hands on my dick, sitting on her knees now between my legs

>I put my hand on her head, and very slightly pull her head closer
>She smiles and grabs my arm, sliding it back and putting her hand down my leg
>Breathe in sharply, mind is racing at this point
>She slowly puts her tongue against the head of my dick, dragging it down the shaft
>Blowjobs are great, but the fact that it was my sister made me ridiculously hard
>She goes down to my balls, plays with one with her tongue
>G-god damn
>Licks her way back up the shaft, and puts her lips around my head and begins sucking softly
>Her grey-blue eyes meet with mine, it's oddly passionate but I love it
>She blushes and begins to go deeper, and faster
>Put my hand on her head and stop her head a few inches from the bottom
>She holds and then comes back up
>Comes off my dick, spit web attached to her lips
>Grab her arm and pull her up, and she stands up with it
>She's still got a towel around her, lets fix that
>Tug it and it falls down, revealing her angles and dat ass again
>Quickly squeeze and fondle her ass, she bends it toward me putting her pussy just about in my face
>Pull her shaved ass into my face and begin eating her out as best as I can
>She gets tired of standing and sits in my lap with my cock between her legs, front and center to her pussy
>"I'm still on birth-control, ok?"
>"You want to..."
>She looks at me with a cocked eyebrow and lifts her ass over my dick and slides most of it inside her
>"Anon... Why didn't you tell me you were this big before?"
>I never really had proper perspective on my size, until then
>She begins to ride me until her ass and A-cup tits are bouncing in rhythm with her moaning
>Cock throbbing at this point, hold her down before I bust
>Pull out and pull her up onto the couch, on all fours
>She happily takes the position, arching her back with her ass upward
>Slide my cock between her ass, teasing her sopping pussy
>She shakes her ass and smiles at me intently, so I slide it in
Is this the same sister as pron sister?

>She shakes her ass and smiles at me intently, so I slide it in
>I begin pounding her ass, her moaning getting louder as I go longer
>She begins bouncing her ass off my hips, eventually we're going pretty fast
>I can't keep this up, I'm about to cum
>She yells and stops, her pussy clenches my dick lick a ripe banana
>Push my cock in balls deep and explode into my sister
>We both sit there for a minute, collecting ourselves
>We lay on the couch naked, her on top of me
>Pass out there and woke up the next morning and cooked breakfast together naked

And now, every time I go to see my sister I don't even have to say anything about it- We usually end up fucking.
I always think it's funny when someone tells me how pretty she is or when a guy mentions how hot she is.
g8 b8 m8 you wh8 kn8
8/10 still good shit. My dick appreciates you.

That's some good copy pasta anon.

thanks :3
Thread replies: 52
Thread images: 6
Thread DB ID: 23338

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