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If childbirth is potentially fatal and horribly...
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If childbirth is potentially fatal and horribly painful, why do women have more than 1 child?

You'd think they would have learned the first time.
Apparently it's worth the pain to see what they've created and to see what spent 9 months inside them.

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Genesis 3:16
More of this POV please?
Also, it's a biological urge to bear children, OP.

Because it isn't painful and women are full of shit.

Watch one of those african forrest niggers, who hasn't been around other attention whores giving birth... not a sound, the get up and walk around afterwards. Pretty much like every other animal
only around 3 nerve primay bundles in vag area, with one dedicated to clit

32 in the hand. fuck up your hand sometime
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iss pretty fun with drugs

the shit part is anemia and hair loss

bitches look like shit after pregnancy
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Have you ever met a woman that wasn't a fucking lying psycho masochist?

didn't think so
... those that have bad complications (narrow pelvis, etc) tend to either only have 1 kid or have c-sections.

pain killers + c section is pretty much the punt maneuver for overly stressed rich women, too.

but anyhow, people have kids for many reasons:
1. family pressure/expectations
2. "babies are cute" d'awwww
3. desire to have a legacy
4. someone to "take care of you" when you are old (have fun in the cheapest nursing home available)
5. something to do/boredom/relationship failing so why not shit out some kids as a common goal
6. religious motivation/quiverfull style bullshit
there was a Baby boom in NJ after sandy hit and the power was out for a week
I know enough shitcunts that live in NY/NJ that were all over facebook/twitter during the hurricane posting about how their lives were ruined because they couldn't get their daily bagel from the corner store and OMG HOW WILL I SURVIVE IT"S A DISASTER OMG. OMG I DON"T EVEN OWN A FLASHLIGHT I HAD TO CHARGE MY IPHONE IN SOLOMON'S CAR AND HE ONLY HAS TWO GALLONS OF GAS OMG.

I'm sure the same breed of idiots probably ran out of condoms/birth control pills.
All niggers do is fuck and eat with a large helping of criminal activity.
funny thing is that Long island ran out of gasoline, but had lots of diesel.
>If childbirth is potentially fatal and horribly painful, why do women have more than 1 child?
Because it's only potential. Most births go without trauma.
>You'd think they would have learned the first time.
I learned the first time that it was relatively quick and easy, so I had one more
You wouldn't take a little pain to pop out a guaranteed pay raise?
They actually have hormones that make them forget about the pain of childbirth. Add to that the maternal instincts and there ya go
At heart women r much stronger than men
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Women are pussies.
>think about it

I bet there's tons of feminists who run around claiming how painful it is all while having a c-section themselves.
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at everything else, men are much stronger than women.
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Come on /b/
Childbirth is cool
I think pregnant women are absolutely fucking hot. Motherhood in well-endowed, feminine women is a huge fucking turn-on, but the actual process of childbirth, from the moment the baby is crowning/breeching to the afterbirth sliding out of her war-torn, shit-smeared cooter is pic related

Good thing she is on vagina rest for like 8 weeks after because it'll take my cock that long to psych itself out enough to go back in there
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So they can reap welfare benefits.
File: 2Ix17g6.jpg (268 KB, 900x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Almost anything you do is potentially fatal. Might as well not do anything...except that's potentially fatal, too.
Well your mum wishes she had none
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More potentially fatal than not getting preggo.
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I was actually planned unlike you and most of /b/.

Deal with it.
nip/tuck ?
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You risk choking to death every time you stuff another fistful of Cheetos into your neckbearded maw...why would you do it more than once?
>some of them insist on going through it without anesthesia
That's just stupid.
File: selfshot_pussy-l.jpg (195 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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apples and oranges you sausage roll
File: 1408503348630.jpg (41 KB, 450x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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true, the neckbeard is much more likely to die an early death due to heart disease from all those cheetos and burgz than the woman who had 10 kids will
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is this the vagina meats thread?
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This is now the vagina meats thread
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I love the vagina meats on this milf
File: MilfJulie620692199.jpg (570 KB, 2000x3008) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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look at how they grip the cucumber

I dunno man. I love bit meaty flaps, but that looks literally diseased.
File: MilfJulie1935137281.jpg (118 KB, 1287x1033) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah, I saved that series more for shock value than boner value. I'd have to think twice before hitting that one if it was presented to me.

I really like this one though
sounds like a chubby nig nog with no shuggar daddy and a mexican with a beat up lil prius.
get off mah lawn!
File: uniqueflaps05.jpg (294 KB, 1024x769) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you no likie the big flappies?
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here's one with a bit less wear on it
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Those vaginas are ugly as fuck!!!

Those are better.
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needs more meat!
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that is a very cute cat
Emily18's vagina meats
Or money in the south women have kids purely to get child support and government benefits. Or dead serious to get Facebook likes
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What is that you find attractive at a floppy-loose vagina?

Gif. related
You're a moron.
Thanks, Lori
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>facebook likes
>tfw friends have kids and flood your newsfeed with all that inane mummy shit

couldn't leave facebook fast enough
Because the human mind is unable to remember pain
biology. women's biology greases the gears
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I can't escape it even at work, people show off their kids and get paraded like they conquered a city. A coworker of mine is quitting because she has 7 kids with 5 different Fathers and brings in with child support, snap, wic,etc 165k a year each kid she had she received 150+ likes and was cooked free meals and given thousands in free shit
Gross...some sad sack actually fucked and knocked up this cow...
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where is this where you get that kind of mad money? America come on.

>also constant lamentations about being a parent and their difficulties.
>someone makes a status about having a tough day at work or school or life in general
>mothers jump in and say WELL I HAD TO WAKE UP AT 4AM blah blah blah
>make that person's status about them and their trials as a shitty whiny parent
>everyone just shuts up out of respect
>the status is kill

I didn't tell you to get pregnant. Shut up I don't want to hear about how you have no life now so you just put everyone else down and we can't criticise because muh babbies.

Seriously fuck.
Oh she is white but hates niggers and Mexicans and Obama and says everyday how she is happy Republicans are in control so the niggers and Mexicans won't get anymore government support
underage b& edgelord detected
go apologize to mammy
Because Demographics. When a little over half the population is female, they will need to average just under two kids to maintain the population, assuming every woman born survives long enough to have two kids of her own.
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>spewing copypasta responses
>no proper argument
>confirmed for butthurt asspie stuck with a baby

daddy pls
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Just have 7 kids (one every year since 18) and try and get them with fairly successful father's then using government support give your kids the bare minimum possible never spend the child support on your kids very often

Food wise buy bags of frozen breaded chicken nuggets and premade hamburgers and spend the rest on new uggs and car payments. Tax time rolls around and you get that 15k refund back go hog wild! Then every few months bitch about money and trade snap for money
File: 1383714876473.jpg (98 KB, 615x820) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Out all this I feel sorry for the kids. Just a meal ticket.
If you need more enroll into college and get that fat check meant for school supplies then spend every penny on useless junk preferably new phones and tvs
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floppy lips doesn't mean a loose vag-hole. I just think flaps make them more interesting and fun to play with.

(current gf does not agree. she hates it when I stretch out her labia)
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I want to show you me ex...she is real bitch but has perfect body and awesome ass...i want to show you moooaaarr her pics !!


http://go1,in/647667 (change the comma to dot)

I still in love...
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