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Have you ever been completely humiliated...
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Have you ever been completely humiliated in a fight, either by losing against a girl, or against a guy who was younger than you ? Or, the other side, have you ever owned a guy who was bigger than you in a fight ? Or just watched such a fight ? Tell your stories.

>be 9 or 10, playfighting with neighbor kids and their friends
>don't remember how, but find myself on my back with skinny girl about my age sitting on my chest and arms
>get angry and scream at her to get off me but am ignored
>only result of screaming is all other kids gather around us and start to taunt me for losing against a girl
>after 20 minutes my mom hears me, comes to "rescue" me while all kids giggling
>humiliation complete, tears start flowing

most epic humiliation of another nigga:

>7th grade, always trouble with 9th grade bully
>tries to get in our classroom during recess to stalk our girls
>he trying to pull the door open, we pulling against from the inside
>succeeds to slowly open the door
>has one foot raised against the wall to have a better stand
>wicked smile on face of one of my friends
>kicks him in the nuts full force
>bully screams like he had tried to kill him and falls to the ground
>swears he would tell the principal (obviously never did because too ashamed)
>finally hobbles away and never bothered us again
>be me grade 7
>This kid always beat me up
>decided to fight back
>decided to cheat
>pocket full of sand
>sand in his eyes
>nut punch
>kick in the back of the leg
>he falls over
>pull down his pants
>bite really hard
>blood draws
>run away
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got my ass kicked by guy on the right in front of a bunch of people. Felt like shit afterwards

sauce ?
Femdom thread ?
> Highschool
> Monster dude, never been in fight
> Dating a friend of mine
> Pops off with some shit.
> Tell him to shut his co-magnun mouth.
> Deadfuckingsilence.png
> "What did you say anon?"
> Motherfucker you heard me.
> He's huge and has a scary lookin face
> Never even been in a fight before.
> Sweep the leg
> Stomp and kick him into the dirt
> Freshman pwns repeat senior.
> Got myself a busted nose and lip for my trouble
> Dude is just laying in the dirt, not moving.
> Check too make sure he's still breathing
> Oh thank fucking christ...
> Call 911 from his phone.
> Go home
> Father is proud of me for the first time in my life.
>be 18, play-wrestling with 14 year old girl
>I'm really skinny
>she manages to bring me to the ground and pin me
>she's not even fat or big or anything, we both weigh the same she's just a few inches shorter
>we wrestled a lot
>she beats me most of the time
>I'm not even trying to let her win

I didnt really feel humiliated cause I really didn't care but we did wrestle a fair bit. She managed to pin mean surprising amount.
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Did you get in trouble for this (his parents, school) ?

>be 14, at public swimming pool
>lying on the gras near a dozen boys and girls, about 15 years or so
>one boy about 11 or 12, constantly goofing around and making more noise than all the group combined
>kinda cute looking, so at least the girls seem to like his shit
>finally little pain-in-the-ass goes to the pool
>returns a few minutes later, running
>fat boy, about 17, coming after him, cursing and threatening to beat him up
>girl from the group jumps up, big tits bouncing under bikini top
>shouts that if he wants to hit her brother he has to hit her first

>fat boy smirks, says he doesn't beat up girls but they can wrestle each other
>hot girl tells him to fuck off, others join in
>boy says he will wrestle with two girls at once, if they win he will leave
>is in full perv mode now, doesn't seem angry anymore
>me watching the girl and her tits, hoping he can somehow talk her into wrestling him and somehow that top will come off

>suddenly a loud scream, fat boy is bending over and clutching himself
>little asshole has kicked him in the balls !
>all of the group cheering him up
>fat boy now rolling on the ground holding his balls and screaming he will kill him for this
>others hear the noise, come and ask what happened
>"He tried to beat me up, so I kicked him in the nuts !"
>conveniently forgets to mention the role his big sister played
>others laugh, little boy becomes instant hero
i#m not that kind of guy that is looking for fights. thats pretty low imo.
but i got attackted in march by three dumb to the bone hooligans.
its been a sunday evening, about 7pm, and i spend most time of the day at home to do studies for my finals in university. because i still needed to wright some more pages but got really tired i decided to have a walk and get some fresh air into my brains.
carry on
so i was walking my neighborhood when suddently someone jumped me in the back, so i fell down on the street. confused as i was i turned around to see what happend, when my cheek got hit by a fist.
How fit are you?
>studies for finals
totally legit

Then were you sent to live with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air?
while i was trying to get back on my feet i for the first time get the chance to notice what is going on. three guys noe witting me with their feet. luckily i can block most of their hits. back on me feet i step back to get some distance while politly asking whats going on with those dickheads. wich they answerd with "dont bother me". and first i was really polite, telling them there must be a missunderstanding, cause i didnt bother them and dont know them.
>Be me in grade 2
>Little shit named Rob who comes up to my chest is a bossy little fucker
>He wants me to do something
>Do Not Want
>I was always a really shy, quiet kid. Never had confrontation in my life
>He was in Karate and knew some basic take downs and punches
>Roughs me up until I agree to do whatever
>Get home tell older brother about it
>Bro, I am disappoint
>He knows I'm not that kind of person
>He shows me pro wrestling on TV
>Watch it every saturday then start play wrestling immediately after
>Next year, Rob in my class again, still a bossy little shit
>Tries to tell me to do something
>Not happening
>He tries some of his karate shit
>Suplex him on the sidewalk
>Put him in a figure 4 until he cries.
>Tells the teacher
>0 fucks given because pre columbine

Felt bad and then felt good man.
i'm not an native english speaker, so i probably will make some mistakes while telling this story.
unfortunally not
You live in a third world country then, seeing as your english is worth than that of German fifth graders

>Kicking another dude in the balls while he is distracted
>Instant hero

What the fuck ?
meant for >>577136630
to be fair that dude would bowl you over anyday. you don't look like you fight often or do any sort of martial arts/fighting

if that is you on the left, very attractive though.

- fem kickboxing trainer :)

please carry on...
so, trying to be very devensivly (calm voice, trying to be reasonable a try to talk me out of that situation) guys still coming forward to hit me, i realise there is no chance of get out of this without being agressiv. and like i said before, i don't like me being agressiv. because then i can go berserk.
>Pocket full of sand
>nut punch

I like it.
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>you don't look like you fight often or do any sort of martial arts/fighting
lol how can you tell whether or not someone train a martial art by how they look?
And yes I do train, I'm a purple belt in BJJ
actually i think my english is quite good. i can speak fluently english almost like mothertongue. but right now i'm lyoing in bed with a flue and i give shit about spelling or grammar
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a sad babby.jpg
15 KB, 369x273
>be 6th grade
>be on bus
>cocky little spitfuck
>DBZ was in the Buu Saga so I was itching for a brawl
>older kids were in the back of the bus
>8th grade nigger (he was 16, and turned 17 before the year was over, not shitting you) came over and started talking to me
>more or less called me a pussy
>he walks away
>feel something hit my head
>it's an apple
>nigger and friends are laughing
>get pissed and throw apple at nigger
>hits him in the face
>everyone laughs
>besides nigger
>turn around and start talking to my friend about which Buu form is strongest
>feel tap on shoulder
>turn around and nigger blows my head off
>everyone laughs
>I do nothing so I don't get hit some more
>everyone made fun of me for the rest of the year
>fought 3 younger kids who said I was gay for getting hit
>kicked all their asses
no idea why getting assaulted by a nigger was such negative cred, but whatever
how come 'not giving a shit' is the number 1 excuse for every illiterate I have ever met?
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>i don't like me being agressiv. because then i can go berserk

because it's true? caring about spelling and grammar on a forum just looks like some loser pathetically trying to feel superior
>caring about spelling and grammar on a forum
^^truly a positive quality, you can get reported for reddit memespeak

I suggest you kill yourself
I gotta agree with femanon on this one, you look like you go to the gym, but at best you look like an amateur middleweight wrestler.
so realising the nice way won't take me anywhere but graveyard, i start shouting at them (still not actually attacking them but avoid being hit) what a bunch of retards they are and quite some heros too, comming at me 3to1. what actually made the biggest and oldest of these guys stop (hooligan fighting pride or some shit i guess). still two human high piles of shit kicking and hiting me.
basically this >>577137793
so what is your problem now. do you wanna start a spelling bee contest?
tell the anime!
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>be 14 or so
>have 23 year old sister drive me and my friend to the pool
>slow day not very many people around
>girl a few years older then me there
>never really all out bullied me but that day must of been different
>says some mean shit to me, can't remember what exactly something about my hair maybe
>do nothing because i was a little bitch
>sister hears her from where shes siting
>sis doesn't like her either knows shes a cunt
>walks up and pushes her against the fence
>"If you keep fucking with my brother you'll find out just how hard it is to swim with a broken arm
>side note my sister had a punching bag in her room she would use to take out stress and anger
>"y-ya sure whatever fine" something like that
>she leaves the pool and leaves town
>never heard from her again
>sis is still my hero to this day
Yeah aint no way you would win that fight unless you became some master of the martial arts. Just to much of a weight difference

I always wonder in which shitholes all you autists had to grow up.

Regular fights surely look common amongst you ranks, so is this what the lower social class spend their free time with?
And fighting with girls too?

I hope you are either niggers or sandniggers, because if you were white, I had to be really ashmed of your disgusting beings.
my problem is that you're a shit writer as can be seen in your entire story and also proved your story wrong in the very beginning
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>be me, grade 9
>chubby and totally unconfident, but always had been very strong
>no clue how to fight
>biggest kid in school, his name is Andrew
>Andrew always talked about how tough he was and how he fights people all the time
>one day he's mad at me for some reason that i dont recall, i think it had to do with me telling people I didn't really think he was tough
>he confronts me
>"fight me pussy" he said, pushing me
>i stumble back and put my hands up, i probably looked retarded
>he comes up very confidently with his hands up
>runs up and kicks me in the shin
>wind back and hit him twice
>he stumbles back and i shove him so he loses balance and falls into fence
>pound him down so hes literally sitting down and giving me open shots at his face
>hes bleeding fairly bad and just silent
>i walk away without saying a word and go play my DS
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>junior year
>in band room after school
>annoying kid talking shit because my grilfriend was younger but a higher chair than him
>calls her a dumb bitch
>get in his face uwutm8.jpg
>punches me in the face and drops me
>i manage to grab his knees on the way and take him down,but i was so fucked up from that hit that im barely conscience
>throw a couple loose punches at his face
>friends pull us apart

>next day the class is talking about the fight and how I kicked his ass for talking shit about gf
>deep down I know if we didnt get pulled apart he would have stomped me

That was my only fight in my entire school career, not including wrestling.

>be 11 years old.
> girl same age slaps my shit in a calss room argument.
>mfw getting my ass handed to me by same age girl whos bigger than me.
>1 year after. i am taller than her.
>start to realize that girls are kinda hot.
>me and her become friends.
>her birthday.
>her friends start truth or dare game.
>have to kiss her.
>first kiss goes to former nemesis.
>afterwards she tells me that her friends planned that
>i dont mind.
>she says she likes me
>same here
>both too shy.
>nothing happens
>ackward feelings in class.
>still firends.
>school ends our ways part.
>wonder what she's doing right now.
I bet this story has been posted from andrews POV in a tard thread before

dat tard strength doe
Shit i kind of went off topic a bit, my bad.
wasn't really a tard, i was pretty popular in early highschool actually, i just was a little weird and known for being funny but odd, i wouldnt have won if i didnt have adrenaline and angst pumping through my veins
so now comes the part where i get really upset, and start myself attacking these born loosers. i grab the arm of the most aktive guy (that one who also jumped me in the back) and pull him real close, useing him as a shield against the kicks of the second wet fart, while punching his liver and kidneys. during the fight we moved quite some place and while i have that dude in a clinch, i notice we are now standing at the fence of this pedestrian road, that shields the road from the river that is running below. so i manage to grab his heel a throw him over the fence, down the embankment. he stumbles though some bushes and lands in the water.
one to go.
you proved my story wrong? how did you do that macig humblebee?
ITT: absolute cancer

Sounds more like a missed opportunity to me. You were just seconds away from watching an epic catfight.
Not entirely related but

>10th grade
>I say something stupid that makes my mate's girlfriend glare at me, don't even remember what it was
>I hold my textbook between her face and mine and say to my mate 'fixed it'.
>Apparently he wasn't paying attention to the situation
>He socked me in the face thinking I was implying she was ugly
>I get dropped
>"What the hell man I just meant cause she was glaring at me."
>He helps me up
>Still mates
If this is you on the left you must be one stupid piece of shit to lose against this fatass faggot. You have the superior body type, you just have to be faster and dodge his fatass swings. Two hooks and the fatass is down.

If you're telling the truth, you fucking disgust me.

>be 14, few friends, too shy to even look at girls
>two foreign kids making out on our playground, boy about 9 or 10 years, girl a little younger
>try to build up some self confidence
>walk out of house, ask with firm voice if not seen "Private Property" sign
>girl whispers something into boys ear
>ask girl if she knows it's not polite to whisper
>girl says nothing, smiles at me - strange smile, half cute, half mocking
>smile back at her
>brutally kicked in the balls by boy
>hadn't even seen it because looking at girls face
>can hardly make it back to house, both kids laughing hysterically
>collapse on floor inside house
>kids and their friends coming back several times to our playground
>didn't dare to leave house then
I got a sucker headbutt from him. Try winning a fight after getting headbutted by surprise, keyboard warrior.
I don't think it would of even lasted more then a a minute. Sis let me play gameboy in her room and talk to her when she was going at it with the punching bag. From what i remember she hit really fucking hard.
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