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What's the worst thing you did to another...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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What's the worst thing you did to another person?

>Be 16
>Staing in the house of a female friend with another girl
>I know that one of the girls had a crush on me, but i didn't like her
>The other girl is a 8/10, and a proffesional dancer
>We see a movie
>The girl with the crush on me falls asleep
>I start to fuck with the other girl in front of her
>I notice that she is awake
>Don't stop

She acted like she didn't see anithing, but i know a killed her a little
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Our friendship is over.
Shit OP, you sure are one dastardly scoundrel! Tell your riveting tale of malevolence one more time?
if i were you i poop to girl's face who likes you
>Be 14
>Be hanging around with friend and kids that followed us 10/11 year olds
>Go to a place we call "the den"
>play for a bit
>find a demolition area with lots of rubble
>sit down kids are across from us
>Decide to throw brick in the air to see how strong and edgy i am
>Brick falls and lands on kids head
>see him grab his head
>blood pours out him and his friend run for mother
I threw out my ex's and I's prom pictures in the trash right in front of her.

She broke up with me, so she can eat a dick.
That's a hard one OP, I've been such a asshole that I couldn't actually say what the worst thing I ever did to a person
>Go to a local club
>Nigger knocks out some other niggers girlfriend, right in front of me, I fucking palm him in the nose, didn't just knock him out, they had to medivac him to a hospital after it was all said and done
>Before I take off, I take the niggeress's purse, and the niggers wallet
>Mugged a couple of niggers, they aren't really people though
>Girl I went to the bar with as an ER nurse, she told me the whole story of the guy a few days later
>He had to have surgery to fix his shit
>That nigger had almost a foot on me, and weighed twice what I did
>dumb nigger
In otherwords
>"lel look how edgy I am haha 2kul4u" story time
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>be 19
>work at subway at the airport
>have people from all over the world eating here
>spit in a shitload of sammiches
>next day i'm really ill
>go to the doctor
>"you have ebola"
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bigtiger (1).jpg
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anon, it seem you forgot what board you are posting in, this is /b/, I think the /lgbt/ is the board you want to be in, because you are clearly a faggot
oh my god ow Jesus Christ I got burnt so badly holy shit you got me wow, brb, crying my eyes out
Hmm lets see...
>Be me; 15
>Its sophomore year of high school
>Have my group of friends
>3 boys 4 girls
>We will dub my friends like this Len, Jup, Adri,
Nikki, Dinah, and Kyra
>Now go back in time further to freshman year
>I don't have these friends atm
>In 9th had friend named Ian
>Sorta rich, cool, hispanic/white dude
>Says he his transferring
>We say goodbyes
Now the important part is that Ian and Kyra were dating at the time before I met my group
>Now go back to 10th
>Start dating Kyra
>We break up
>Find out the Len was asked by Ian to get with Kyra since he was leaving back in 9th
>Len doesn't agree at first but does it
>She denied
>Find out she left me because she had feelings for him
>Meanwhile my friend Len had hooked up with my other friend Dinah
>They'd been talking over the summer and got together
>Kyra goes on to try to heckle Len
>I am furious at this shit
>Eventually she stops when she realizes she aint gettin dat D
>I have since moved on, but still held a candle for her
>Me and Kyra get back to talking
>I try to get back together, she refuses
>Then proceeds to tell me why
>Apparently my friend Nikki liked me
>It was a secret but Kyra told me anyway
>Now I know and don't do shit because I didn't like her like that
>Eventually Kyra confesses to the spilled milk
>I also at the same time explain my how I felt about it
>Nikki seems to be okay
>Sometime later I ask Nikki out to test what could've been
>Date for a week then decide I don't like her
>Tell ALL my friends I'm dumping her like the retard I was
>Nikki found out about it because one of my friends blabbed
>Don't talk for a while
>Eventually its behind us and all romance in our group faded except for Len and Dinah
>Nikki eventually tells me she too wanted to break up at that time but didn't know how.
>I realize I came full circle

All in all my highschool relationships have been pretty shitty, but hey I wouldn't have traded it for anyhing.
No, I was being serious, and just trying to let you know in the kindest possible way that they have a board for people with your mental condition
You might find things like triggers on this board, and we don't want you to freak out and take it out on your partner, everybody knows gays are mentally unstable, and can snap at any moment, I think it's the aids you all contracted from your gay sex
Are you actually autistic, holy shit, you need put down you skull fucking retard, I bet your mum is giving you pats on the back for attempting to reply and you'll get the best seat on the mustard bus, you'll get a nice big gold sticker for that, but seriously go kill yourself, kek
In otherwords
>"lel look how edgy I am haha 2kul4u" story time
BY any chance are you from Quebec?
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uh mines kinda good.
>Senior in highschool
>hottest fucking psych teacher, she was like 23
>I openly flirt with her during class, always tell her shes beautiful
>she obviously shoots me down every time.
>fire drill one day
>she happens to be wearing a skirt, not a short one but not a long one.
>going up the stairs from waiting outside
>im behind her watching her ass move up the stairs
>I just get overcome by lust
>Its me her and some kid to the left of her, slightly behind her.
>our stair well splits three ways on the second floor, a hallway and another stair case, the hallway leads to class rooms
>I reach under her ass, i feel my finger slight go in her vag.
>move to the left as she rotates right, escape into the hallway
>hear her screaming her head off at that kid.

he got suspended for 30 days flunked her class. I feel bad, shes less hot these days but god damn i wanted to fuck her so badly.
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Sorry mate, I'm in the states.
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Well clearly from you earlier outburst, I must of hit your fairy trigger, now I have to feel guilty about you beating on your gay sex partner....Well, I'd them also, but because I think all gays should die, nothing but gay child molesters molesting a future generation of gay child molesters
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I'm far from angry, I just think you're a spastic
>be 12
>in library, really need to piss
>decide to be edgy and mean
>pee all over floor
>washing hands
>old man walks in
>fucking forgot to lock door
>asks me what the fuck i just did
>told him it wasn't me
>it was black kid
>goes outside searching for black kid
>there are no blacks in the library
>i sit and read a book
>old man screaming about piss and niggers
>forgot it was me who told him
>librarians kick him out and clean my urine
>didn't suspect it was me
>still laugh about it to this day
Top kek


This thread imminent demise is coming soon upon us.
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>be 7
>in forest with my friend
>i find this big ass piece of wood which looks like a fork
>i take it with me and my friend helps me
>suddenly this tard comes over to me and says that if i dont give that shit to him he'll get his sister
>sister eventually arrives
>bitch tells me to hand over the fork
>my friend and i smack the bitch with the big ass wooden fork and she goes down
>blood everywhere and we fled the scene
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I don't have spasms, but it's obivous your feelings are hurt, look, I'm sorry they stopped accepting faggots as mental patient, you deserve help for your condition . If I was gay like you, I'd want to be cured of the faggot disorder as fast as possible. It's not right that you prey on little boys, I know you feel some kind of guilt for it. Honestly, I think they should just terminate people like you now, if they aren't going to offer the mental help they so desperately need. Like I said though / lgbt / is like a support group for people with your kind of condition
You are the chaos.
Hey I'm on that thread too
This can't be a coincidence
youre just as bad as that nigger for stealing his shit
Have fun with your Asperger Syndrome, hopefully they put you down soon <3
you niggers better not let this thread 404
Wow, that was weak , even for a silly faggot like you. Your anger must be through the roof, did you beat your gay lover to death yet?
was at a bar 15 friends or so. fight broke out. guy hits my gf in head with beer bottle. panic sets in, people rush the exit. its dark out. i see guy outside. stab him at least 5 times with knife. leave and never see or hear shit about it. been 16 years.
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>15 years old
>dates three(?) friends
>nothing bad happens
>worst thing I've ever done
Played this game called CTR, played few games and beated my friend few times... friendship was destroyed.
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My first good roll like that and not even in right thread... Link ?
I fuck and a buse some guys girlfriend, I constantly beat her and tel her she fat, ugly, and worthless, im still doing this as we speak lol
>Be 18
>Freshman in college
>Floor mates are assholes
>RA sucks dick
>Get pinkeye one day
>Go in each stall, rub eye snot on handles and shit people touch
>Over the course of three days I put my goop on door handles and elevator buttons
>Start taking antibiotics, always using eye drops so people don't notice that I have pinkeye
>Start doing my homework weeks in advance so I don't fall behind
>The next week the entire floor was basically quarantined from the rest of campus (small floor, 28-35 people).
>Those assholes missed classes and exams, but so did I.
>We were excused from them, but those assholes fell behind.
>They still suspect nothing.
Well I don't see your story.

>age 17
>got into argument with random black girl at school.
>she gets in my face pointing fingers.
>grabbed her head and slammed it into the gym door.
>mfw the impact left a makeup stain in the shape of her deformed face.
>laughed heartily
Did this four days ago
>go to local university
>live in a residence hall with bathroom shared by 25 other guys
>see toothbrush and toothpaste left on sink
>have no clue who it belongs to
>I just finished pissing
>grab toothbrush
>dip in piss-filled urinal
>put it back
>walk out

Don't know who's it was. I hate every person who lives on my hall though so I don't care.
Here you are.
Another one...
>Be me
>Be 15
>Little bro is 10 or so, looks up to me
>Walks in on me looking at porn
>Tells parents, we're religious so it's a big deal I guess
>Computer gets taken away for a month
>Time for revenge
>Walk to Walgreen's, buy hair removal cream.
>Put in bro's shampoo, just enough but not enough to really notice
>2 days later bro is loosing his hair
>I convince him that he has cancer
>I never get my computer back
I am kinda surprised at how tame these stories are. I must be fucked up. Not sharing now.
I guess I'll beat her more if you want
top lel
8/8 didn't the rest of your family use the shampoo?
Nah, we had our own separate bottles.
>trying this hard
>captcha: the highead
It's not you, it's the cancer. This board just isn't what it used to be.
No because it's a lie
THAT is fucking it? go eat a bullet you god damned faggot.
Blew my load in my roommates conditioner bottle.

Bitch deserves it. kek
i once called an anon on 4chen a nigger.
the worst thing I ever done - I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony and then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa - and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. And then, this was horrible, all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life.
My dad made me mad once when i was 15. He made coffee every morning so i pissed in the back part where you put the water.
made my gf sell positive pregnancy tests on craigslist to pay for her abortion.
bitch cheated on me and got pregnant.
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test. Ignore me
You stayed with her?
just long enough to make sure she had an abortion.
sooooooo edgy
>be 8 or so
>doing what 8 years old do best at playgrounds; run around and play and imagine shit
>the playgorund is waterthemed so there's a crab fountain squirting water
>fill mouth with water because I'm 8 years old and
>run around squirting the water
>suddenly I spot a dove
>always wanted to catch those fuckers, thought they were supernatural with their quick reflexes
>the dove is drinking water from a puddle
>sneak up from behind it with a mouth full of water
>squirt water on that fuckers wing
>dove didn't see it coming and jumps, looking really scared
>poor dove is terrified
>it doesn't really fly away but rather runs/jumps
>run to mommy because I thought I permanently fucked up a dove's wing
>stopped chasing birds after that
Sorry dove, you've done nothing wrong.
There was a guy in my high school who planted drugs (probably weed) in another kid's backpack, told on him, and got him expelled. Wasn't me but I still giggle when I think about it.
Thanks B)
>worst thing you did to another person
Well fuck. Sill the meanest thing I've done
The only part I believe is that you stole his wallet
I've had a similar experience around the same age. I saw a bird and i wanted to catch it. It was under some trees with very low branches so it was hard for it to get away in fear. I conked it on top of the head with a metal bucket and was happy i caught it. But it was kill.
>Be me
>Be 13 or so
>Have a huge yard, basically a fucking meadow
>Fucktillion acres
>Practice golf swing with driver
>Didn't see my dog behind me
>Club dog in mouth
>Runs around yelping
>Chipped his one of his fangs or whatever in half
>Had to go to vet
>Dog looked at me terrified for a week
>Shit happens I guess
Got an asshole manager fired from Gamestop.
you made me feel
I had a female friend and somehow we ended up fucking for over a year. She wanted a relationship, but I avoided it like the plague yet at the same time giving her hope so she kept sleeping with me.
She saw me at a party when I was kissing another girl and told me the next week, crying her eyes out. I didnt really care and had sex with her while she was crying about me "cheating" on her.
I kept having sex with her even after I promised I would never see that girl again (I got her number). Meanwhile I started dating another girl, who I had met at the same party and was a perfect natural beauty.
For about two months I dated and fucked both. The new girl wanted a relationship and I accepted, because she was amazing. So I said to the first girl, who was my friend and I had been fucking for 14 months that I couldnt had sex with her anymore because I had started a relationship.
>Be 14
>Friends staying over for the evening
>Decide to prank call to pass the time
>call using numbers in phone book
>one house
>"Hello is "name" there"
>"Uh..that was my husband and he died"
>freak out and hang up
>after this we begin calling other numbers
>Always call pretending to be dead husband
>Leave the woman's phone number
>Tell them to call back asking for Dead Husband
File: 1383790720367.jpg (17 KB, 404x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 404x267
>chimped out and sucker punched him
>stole his wallet
>mugged people

you're everything you hate
File: 1389501206852.jpg (43 KB, 651x733) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be in middle school end of day
>Walk into classroom
>see kid in desk
>walk up to him
>feel weird, idk, like a big shiver
>slam his head into the table
>no goddamn reason at all
>watched his upper teeth shatter on the desk
>All other kids see this
>seconds of silence, everything surreal
>realization sets in
>next thing I know I'm in the principals office
>got off, still don't know how
One of my first nights going to a party there was this girl my ground encountered who was black out drunk. She was taking a liking to me and I groped her.

It still makes me cringe to this day.
>be me, age 17
>have to babysit my 11-yr old cousin
>haven't seen her in about 2 yrs, realize she's grown a small pair of boobs
>never touched a girl before, so naturally I've gotten some thoughts
>we start playing together, wrestling and whatnot. at one point I accidentally touch her breasts and think: 'hell, I'll just go for it'. so I grab her tits and try to cope a feel. she started to struggle, but I pinned her to the floor. at this point she was helpless, so for a while I just groped her boobs awkwardly. Pretty soon, though, I let her go, and neither of us ever spoken of that again
>dunno if she remembers it or not. still feel really awkward around her
>I'm not a pedo, I swear
File: Sin título.png (138 KB, 223x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sin título.png
138 KB, 223x253
Be 14
Guy at school had knee surgery
He popped my football
Kicked him straight in the knee
Good bye N64
Never got to complete golden eye
File: newyawk.jpg (36 KB, 533x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When I was younger, there was a baby bird in my backyard during a heatwave. It couldn't fly, so we decided to give it water. We got a medicine dropper and squirted a little water into it's mouth. Three seconds later it dropped dead. RIP ;__;
>Be 16
>Get caught smoking weed
>3 days later
>Parents have a talk with me
>Have emotional heart to heart with parents about bullshit reasons why I turned to drugs
>We grow closer as a family
>Sleep over at friend's house
>Smoke a bowl with him
>Laugh all night about what I did
Seems legit
File: spifag2.jpg (29 KB, 510x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 510x375
And then you killed him, right?

Killed the cunt who raped my Aunt, and got away with it.
Isn't this from the Goonies? Chunks confession.
Yeah, okay buddy.
File: photo 4.png (251 KB, 290x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
photo 4.png
251 KB, 290x450
>Be 25
>Working in psych ward, graveyard shift
>Have patient watch this night
>Patient is 18yo, no job, a kid, and lives with parents
>She tried to an hero
>She looks like the pornstar Dominno
>Rail thin, huge swollen tits, kinda butterface, just had a kids a few months back,
>Have to watch her in case she tries to suicide
>Have video monitor outside of her room, stare at it all night
>She is sleeping naked
>She gets up, puts on a t-shirt and sweatpants
>Opens the door, asks to use restroom
>Take her restroom
>She is snowed on meds, takes a while
>She comes out, top not all the way down, one tit hanging out
>I brush my elbow against her nipple as I close the door
>no reaction
>Walk her back to her room
>Get her set down on her bed
>"Hey hun, I got more Adavan for you"
>She takes another dose of Adavan
>She fumbles out of her shirt
>Stands up and bends over to take off pants
>Big ass swolen tits just dangling in front of me
>Harry shaved pussy a few feet from my face

No you didn't.
16. Dad gets cancer. Prescribed to everything(bars oxy hydro valium ). Steal everything. Get caught in school. Finish probation. Never apologized for stealing meds.Watch him die the day I decide to celebrate the end of probation with some cococococoaine. Finish cocaine once they take him off life support. High school was fucked up.

I don't believe you're telling the whole story, you're such a coward you can't even tell the whole story to a bunch of strangers. That's pretty pathetic.
File: 2KTdFg3.jpg (127 KB, 640x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 640x853
>the worst thing you did to another person
broke up with her, then posted pics of us in hc
she saw them, called in the middle of the night, voice shaking, crying
felt bad, but what can you do?
I think I was 12 or so, when I was mowing the lawn, not paying much attention, and heard a somewhat screechy sound from the mower. When I turned it off to look what was wrong with it, I realized that I've just brutally murdered a frog. Cried for days, still feel fucking horrible about it.
Calling bullshit
Sure thing, Anon
for the love of god: MOOARRRR
Who cares, I just want to fap
tl;dr as fuck
File: mdma.jpg (62 KB, 519x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 26
>Have a mean bitch (age 30) as a work colleague that earns more than you
>I decided I would do anything to make her fired
>It's friday evening and I get her a glass of water with MDMA (ecstasy) in it
>After 4 hours or so I go to her house pretending she forgot something at the office
>Things started to get hot and we began to drink (more her than me)
>Completely drunk and under the effect of mdma I went with her at the office
>With no one at work (friday night) I fucked her 2 times at the manager's desk
>Get the act filming in my cellphone
>It's monday and the manager asked what the fuck happened into his office
>Send him the video via anon email
>She got fired with "good" recomendations and good reputation
>She doesn't remember
> be me growing up 6 through about 10
>catch then torture/mutilate lemmings/birds
> had to have caught and played saw on
> at least 50 lemmings
> bitch harassing friend be around 8
> on the bus I tell her I can hide and easily
>shoot her from her bedroom
> school doesn't punish me

private psychopath is proudly posting the perils of the pupils and pests in his premises.
File: photo 9.jpg (27 KB, 306x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
photo 9.jpg
27 KB, 306x477

>She flops down, snowed out of her mind in bed
>Everything is quite
>Other workers are on break
>Pull out my diamond hard dick
>Bend down, pull her head over
>Stick it in her mouth
>Not at all what I expected
>Sitting there with my dick in a passed out girls mouth
>Not that great, teeth and what not
>Look over, perfectly shave pussy
>Jam in mouth a bit more for lube
>Pull out stick in puss
>Fuck her till I cum inside
>She never knew, or if she did, she never told

Both pics related

I'm not a fucking doctor, I just give what the nurses say to fucking give. I misspelled it, deal with it fag.

I do feel bad about it. But fuck it, she was a dumb slut.
I know your tricks spoderman ;^)
So how did her pussy go from hairy to shaved in less than a minute? Bullshit Anon is bullshit
Fuck, I misread that. Anon's still full of shit, tho
Eh' I must of gotten her confused with someone else. I realized when I saw the second pic I was uploading. Wtf ever dude, enjoy my pics of dumb psych sluts.
What the actual fuck is that shit
wow that is some highschool level bullshit right there. Did you write it down in your fucking diary afterwards?

>Crash a party full of randoms in Berkeley
>Get a girl to take me to her place
>drink her beer and wine
>smoke her weed
>she gives me a BJ
>Wake up in the morning
>Shit in her bed next to her

still not sure why I decided to shit next to her, but figured I'd never see her again, so why not
All dat professionalism
Dumb slut cuz drugged
File: 1412987823309.jpg (53 KB, 601x601) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 601x601
oLD fag here. trust me I always when the game like last night. I fucked your mom in the ass. then i fucked your dadd in the butt. then made love to your dog.

your dog has my baby in it's gut. it will be as smart and as large as a human bug have dog strength, teeth, nails, and a tail.

Gurney the dog man as i cal him will be an pro tennis player. with his dog reactions, dog strength and speed as well as his human superior intelligence (which is mine) he will be mentally and physically superior foe.

Eventually other dogmen and catmen will enter the realm as more and more people see the light on interspecicies procreation. Soon half lion half women chicks will be walking around with huge breast and tits like in the furry threads.

that's the future bros. genectically modified super beings blending animal traits with human inteliigence.


Wait, I was right, she had a bush but the lips were all nice. That was a fun night.

Also, why would I care if you (or anyone else) does not believe me?.
I am in no way a professional.
>can't spell ativan properly
an hero yourself faggot. get your cancer out of /b
File: SnakeCerberus.jpg (169 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 1024x768
>About 7 years old.
>Be in recreation center's (is that the right name in english for this shit?) pool.
>Playing with a bunch of my favourite toys while inside, but the toys were out of the water, in front of me. Stepfather watching.
>My favourite childhood toy, a three-headed purple cobre knight, armed with double flamberges (still can't believe I found this photo on google, no flamberge's though) was chilling in the sun with my other 2 knight toys.
>Boy same age as me asks if he can play with me.
>Clearly no toy of his own, the scrub want my sick cobra toy andI KNOW IT BECAUSE THAT WAS THE SICKEST TOY IN TOWN
>Little pest bitches about it.
>Dude swims to my 3 knights and GUESS WHAT FUCKER GRABS THE COBRA.
>Throws my toy towards some trees close to the pool, never to be found again, as far as a kid can throw a toy.
>Enraged, I put the toy I had on my hand by the side of the beach. Stepfather starts watching.
>Grab the fucker by the throat and start punching his head inside the water.
>Little guy is terrified of my HARD EARNED FAT-KID MUSCLES
>Now that he is crying underwater I punch his mouth for good measure and start seeing blood.
>getting scared I stop, the boy swims crying and leaving a blood trail on the pool, probably lost a milk teeth or two.
>His mom comes desperately to aid her kid.
>Stepfather comes at me to praise for my actions, while my mom screams at him for praising me for my actions.
>Everymom fights.
>Cobra based god has been served with his dignified blood sacrifice and the hatred of two mothers.
Oh yea, I think some guys that worked there had to replace a lot of the water so people didn't swin in a kid's blood. Never was sorry for that. Never will be.
Cobra-kinght, never forget.
i say no bad thing in this
>tell me how
you probably looked it up, just so you could make sure your spelling was correct. Also, you have shitty punctuation so enjoy being equally, if not more of a faggot.
I fingered my sister when was 14 and she was 12
Praise be to the based Cobra Knight
>Everything is quite
My point is that a drugged up, mentally unstable person is as much a slut as a child is a slut. Sure, you can take advantage of them, but they can't really consent. Ofc, this is a "doing shitty things to people" thread, but I dunno about your justification for doing it.
>room mate in college is a sperglord asshole constantly talking about his 120 IQ and being valedictorian of a graduating class of 30
>keeps forgetting the rent even though he's flush
>he's obviously a virgin
>he's crushing on this nerd girl
>he invites her to the room
>I talk to her, charm her, she ignores him
>hour later he leaves
>he returns as she's getting dressed
>he starts going to a titty bar
>like, 3 times a week (trust fundie)
>tells me he's gonna bang the hottest dancer
>wants me to go see her (wants to impress me)
>go - she's got DD tits, red hair
>we sit up front, she waved really enthusiastically
>he's beaming
>dance over, she comes over and hugs - me
>went to high school with her
>she lost weight, dyed her hair, started stripping
>she tells me I was her secret crush, asks if we can get a drink
>we leave together when her shift is over
>get home at 4 am, he's still sobbing in his bed
>I tell him 'I told her how you feel, dude. I told her you're great and a nice guy'
>'yeah? What did she say?'
>'nothing. I told her while she was sucking my dick'
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Wife doesn't give BJs often even though I go down on her (she loves it and comes hard every time). Got pissed, got a SA account. Within 1 week meet up with a 19 year old hottie (paid her $500). Got sucked, licked and fucked her for 2 hours. Was home about an hour later...greeted wifey at the door with a very passionate deep tongue kiss. Boner. If only she knew where that tongue was earlier. Kept meeting the young chick twice a month for the summer. Sex life improved dramatically.
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