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Wincest thread, last one 404'ed
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Wincest thread, last one 404'ed

I'll start (mobilefag, at work, don't remember how to greentext)

>be me 13, sister is 11
>up late on weekend watching cartoons in her room
>both laying on her bed, me behind her
>13 so get random boners all the time
>sister shifts and brushes my boner with her ass
>few seconds later, pushes her ass into my dick
>mfw she doesn't move away
>stay like that for a minute or so
>"anon don't look, it's hot and I'm going to change"
>of course I peek, only see ass
> puts on loose silky pants, no panties
>goes right back to being pressed against my boner
> immediately starts moving, going up and down, basically grinding
>loose smooth pants let me feel the warmth of her pussy/ass
>rubbing even harder against my dick now

"Yes," he typed with one hand.
... yes
always continue
...go on
answer is always yes
>not having shit pretyped
Eh, nah, that should be enough. Loved the first bit though, thanks a mil for thAOF COURSE YOU SHOULD CONTINUE YA CUNT
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Clarissa ruins.png
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go on...
Promise I will deliver, like I said, mobile fag. So typing on phone
ay b lurkin for the restah yor story op
Dont be posting this! Just get to it! This boner isnt gonna last forever.
wearing out my F5 key
Getting real tired of your bullshit, OP
Go on!
Dammit OP, don't be a faggot
What about autorefresh?
>now have my hands on her hip, helping the grinding along
>hard rubbing goin on as well
>"my pants are too hot I need to change again"
>doesn't tell me not to peek
>this time facing me looking right at me as she takes off pants, more slowly now
> only puts on string bikini young teen style panties
> omgomgomgomg
> lays back down in front of me
>starts grabbing my dick now occasionally
>"anon move my panties"
>almost blow load when I hear her say that

Great, now all the newfags will use it.
Not OP, but I have a story I've told in here a few times

>be me
>have a little sister who is a year younger
>our lives start out pretty decent
>parents married, live in a nice neighbourhood etc
>we're a happy family until my mother gets into a horrible car accident
>she survives, but has to endure years of rehab
>she starts taking prescription pain pills and gets addicted to it
>our quality of life suffers because without my mother working, we only have one income
>plus dad has to pay for my mom's rehab
>soon we move into a smaller house, then a smaller one, then a shitty apartment
>parents always fighting, but are catholic so won't divorce
>life is getting awful
>they both become very emotionally abusive
>my sister (let's call her Lilah) and I are 5 and 6 years old, respectively
>soon my mother turns to hard drugs
>dad is hardly ever home
>one day my mother tries to sell my sister to a guy for coke money
>fortunately, the guy reports her to the police
>mother lands in jail
>we land in foster care
>we thought it would be temporary until my dad got the legal shit sorted out
>but he never came back for us
>we never saw him again. Have no idea what even happened to him up to this day
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Our sister and I were abandoned. No relatives ever came looking for us. It was depressing
We bounced around from foster home to foster home until we eventually ended up in an orphanage because Lilah and I became extremely belligerant when they tried to separate us while placing us in foster care. If we got separated, we'd always run away until we found each other. Foster care got sick of us and dumped us in some rinky dink orphanage. But we had each other and that was all that mattered.

>life was more or less stable for a few years. Not great, but we stayed in the same place for a few years, always hoping that our parents would finally come for us.
>in the mean time, we were both put up for adoption by the state
>whenever people came in to see the kids at the orphanage, they always loved Lilah
>almost everyone wanted to adopt her
>by all accounts, she was perfect. She was beautiful with long Black hair, green eyes and ivory skin
>she was very intelligent, she got top grades in school and taught herself how to play the piano in the orphanage simply by reading the books and practicing. She was a prodigy
>every family who met her found her delightful and wanted her
>but she refused to go without me
>and nobody wanted me
>I wasn't a horrible kid, but I was no prize either. Not like her. I was average. No one ever looked twice at me.
>but all we had was each other and she loyally stayed by my side.
>While I was always grateful that she stayed, I sometimes felt bad about it
>felt like I was holding her back
>some of the families who wanted her were pretty rich, they could have given her an amazing life
>I felt like I was preventing her from reaching her full potential
>sometimes I wanted to tell her to just go. But I would miss her greatly, so I selfishly kept my thoughts to myself.
>so we stayed together in that orphanage for years, being each others only friends and family.
>when we were 13 and 12, just as we were about to give up hope of ever getting out of the orphange, thinking we would just age out of the place, we were finally adopted
>Our adopter was our aunt, our mother's sister
>apparently our mother had died of a drug overdose, and her last wish was to make sure we were taken care of
>our aunt said that it took her months to find us in the system because our mother was never kept informed about our whereabouts and our dad was nowhere to be found.
>Our aunt was married, with two grown children, had a nice house and decided to take us in
This is where things strted changing
>We both had to share our older cousin's bedroom as he was no longer living at home
>originally, Lilah was supposed to share a bedroom with our younger cousin (who was 17 and a senior in high school at the time), but she threw a bitch fit
>so we ust jagreed to share a bedroom
>not that it bothered us, we were used to it and we actually preferred it that way
>we were pretty much inseparable at this point, and the closer we could be, the better.
>we had separate beds, but on our second night at our new home, my sister woke me up
>"I can't sleep anon, can I sleep with you?"
>This wasn't an unusual request since we shared a bed for years at the orphanarium, so I let her in
>we sleep like this (spooning) for months without any incident
>and then suddenly, things changed

Just baked enough for this

>my sister was used to changing in front of me uninhibited
>so one day in the late summer she did it while I was in the room and I started noticing she wasn't a little girl anymore
>she was almost 13, and she had some decent sized tits for her age, prolly a b cup
>she was getting curvier, starting to fill out in the right places.
>I immediately got a boner while looking at her
>she saw the change in my demeanor and asked, "what's the matter, anon?"
>I quickly covered my junk with the comic book I was reading and told her 'nothing'
>she shrugged and continued removing her clothes, revealing her ass before picking up a towel and walking out of the room to shower
>For the rest of the evening, I couldn't get her tits out of my mind
>and when it was time to sleep, her ass so close to my junk was overbearing
>suppressing a boner was becoming impossible so I eventually just got up and decided to leave the room
>"where are you going, anon?"
>"I'm just going downstairs to read for a bit, I can't sleep
>that was a lie. I was going to the bathroom to masturbate to the thought of my sister's boobs and then sit in guilt and shame
>when I was sure she was asleep, I slipped back into the room and went to sleep in the empty bed
>our aunt, our mother's sister

thanks, I wouldn't have known what the fuck an aunt was until you explained it to me
>for the rest of the summer this happened. We tried to sleep in the same bed only for me to have to leave before poking my sister in the butt with my boner. I'd go mastubate, and eventually go sleep in the empty bed
>I eventually just started sleeping separately. She asked why, and I just told her that the bed was too small for the both of us, so it's really uncomfortable.
>she looked a bit hurt, but accepted the explanation
>still, she enticed me
>every hug, every kiss, every innocent little brush against me, my attraction grew.
>I began thinking of her in a such an explicit way.
>I knew it was wrong and had to stop
>I stopped hugging her, stopped being affectionate, tried not to stay in the same room with her alone for too long.
>school started back. I was in high school now and she was still in 8th grade, so this gave us some much needed distance.
>cousin had gone off to college, so I start sleeping in her room while she isn't around
>make new friends, even go out with a couple of girls to get my mind off Lilah
>our close relationship was falling apart and I hated it. but I figured it was for the best because I didn't want to hurt her
>but I guess I was hurting her in a different way
>one day while at home in my cousin's room doing some homework, she barged in without knocking
>"anon, did I do something wrong?"
>''What do you mean?''
>"We used to be so close, anon. Now you're always ignoring me. Did I do something to make you mad? Please let's talk about it."
>"No, of course not," I lied. "I've just been busy"
> the nasty thoughts started flooding my mind again so I got up to leave the room.
>she blocked the doorway
>"See? You're deliberately avoiding me! Why?"
>I couldn't answer her so I went back to the desk and said, "It's nothing. Please just go."
>"No!" she cried. "Talk to me. I love you anon. All we have is each other. Please don't throw me away."
>I looked up at her and she had tears in her eyes
>So I told her to sit on the bed and after a very long hesitation, I explained to her why I had been avoiding her.
>I thought she'd be disgusted, but she actually looked relieved.
>"Oh, that's all? I'll stop changing in front of you if it bothers you so much. Can we be friends again?"
>I didn't think she understood the problem completely, but I hated seeing her cry. So I just nodded
>she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and left the room
I put that there to clarify she was our mother's sister and not our father's sister. Lel. But anyway
>She was expecting me to come back to our room that night so that things would go back to normal but I didn't trust myself, so I stayed in my cousin's room that night
>around 11pm she opened the door and peeked in
>"anon, are you coming to bed?"
>"nah, i'm already tucked in, I think I'll stay here"
>"Oh, okay then. I'll join you."
>she jumped into bed with me and snuggled under the covers with me
>"please let me stay, I miss you anon"
>"Fine". I let her stay, hoping to wait till she fell asleep so I could go back to our room
>But in the mean time she wanted to talk
>we talked about school and stuff, I had forgotten how much I loved her company
>eventually we quieted down to go to sleep
>when I thought she was asleep, I started shifting to leave the room
>she suddenly spoke up "do I make you uncomfortable anon?"
>I froze
>"please don't leave"
>"sorry, Lilah, I can't control myself"
>silence. then....
>"If I let you touch it, will you stay?"
>"If I let you touch my boobs and just get it over with, will you stay?"
>couldn't believe I was actually having this coversation
>"That's crazy!" I said to her. "You're my sister"
>"I've given up a lot in the past just to have you by my side before and I'm not afraid to do it again" she said.
>she got out from under the covers, turned on the lamp, and then removed her shirt
>her perky boobs looked so perfect in the dim light, I couldn't keep my eyes off them
>instant boner
>she noticed
>"Just get it out of your system so we can move on"
>After wrestling with morality for about a minute, I gave in
>I put both my hands on her boobs
>they felt amazing
>first tits I ever touched
>she was shaking a bit, so was I
>"do you like it?" she asked
>I started caressing them awkwardly, and she giggled a bit.
>"it tickles!" she said
>that seemed to calm the air a little bit, I continued playing with her soft tits
>my dick was throbbing at this point, so I put my hand on my crotch and asked "do you mind?"
>she shook her head no, so I pulled out my dick and started jerking while my other hand kept playing with her nipples
>she stood completely still, just watching me jack off.
>I kept going until I came. I tried to catch all the cum in my hands, but a little bit still got on her
>she laughed as she wiped it off. "Feel better now, anon? Can we go to sleep now?"
>She seemed so nonchalant, like her brother totally didn't just jack off to her tits.
>I nodded, got some tissue to clean up, and then went back to bed
>she joined me, still with her top off
>we were laying there under the covers facing each other
>"I'm glad i could make you feel better, anon"
>she scooted closer and kissed me on the cheek
>our faces were still very close at this point
>then out of the blue, she kisses me on the lips
>a very long embracing kiss
>something sparked between us at that moment
>we started making out right there and then
>we fell asleep intertwined with each other

>the next night, we're about to go to bed
>she asks me, "do you need to relieve yourself?
>she starts taking off her shirt
>I say no thanks, she looks disappointed.
>but I had other plans. now that I knew she was okay with it, I wanted to do more
>we lay down under the covers in a spooning position
>start playing with her tits from behind her
>she starts giggling, my boners pops up into her ass cheeks
>"I can feel you" she said
>I didn't say anything, I just kept playing with her tits, and slowly started moving my hands down
>got to her pajama bottoms, slowly started pushing my hands in
>"what are you doing, anon?" she sounded kind of nervous
>"you'll see"
>my fingers found their way in between her pussy lips and I started searching for her clit
>I'd never fingered a woman before, but I was determined to find it. I'd seen enough porn to get a general idea of where it was, and according to a friend of mine, "you'll know it when you find it''
>that knowing moment came when I started rubbing on an area and Lilah let out a gasp.
>I figured that was it, so I kept playing with it
>I could feel her getting wet and her breathing become more laboured. This was definitely it
>while playing with it, she just kept saying "What are you doing, anon, omg anon" over and over
>started massaging my dick between her ass cheeks, basically dry humping her
>came all over the back of her pants
>started to remove my hand from her pants
>"no don't stop please" she cried
>kept going until her body jerked and she let out a gasp.
>she went limp and said 'you can stop now'
>she turned around and looked at me and said, "I never felt like that before. That felt sooooo good"
>mfw I gave my sister her first orgasm
>we started making out again until we fell asleep
>And that's how our illicit affair began

Yea, cuz you know, specifying WHICH parent's sister is pointless..jackass lol

It connects it to his mother's last wish of the kids being taken care of, so explaining that the aunt is the maternal aunt is story centric

go on so good
i think thats the end
Well, that for the most part was just explaining how it started. what exactly do you wanna hear?

>first time she gave me a handjob
>first time she gave me a blowjob
>first time I ate her out (also the first time we actually fucked)
>first time we tried anal
I used to have sex with my half sister when we were younger. I'll type out some of my experiences once I finish this cig and pack a bowl
all of the above in that order
3 and 4 please
all. in that order
First time you fucked her
Did you two end up getting hitched?
all :')
fucking this
GET TO THE ANAL!!!!!!!!!!
i still want to know what happend to OP
Only if that is chronological order
Just continue from after her first org
>she starts getting more bold, pulling my dick of my boxers
>"idk what to do anon, but I like the way this feels"
>now grinding without clothes under the blanket, her ass and pussy are wet as fuck
>accidentally slip the tip in her pussy, (was pretty sure at that age that's where it went)
>she moans a little as if it hurt, then starts moving back and forth
>never end up going balls deep but we basically "fuck" like that for the next 15 minutes
> she says she wants to sit on me
> not sure what she means
>she pushes me on my back, takes off her panties
>don't penetrate her this time, instead using her wetness to slide on my dick
>starts doing it really hard, feel like I'm gonna blow
>tells me "is it ok we're doing this anon?"
> don't really reply, just tell her it feels nice, so it shouldn't be wrong
>she agrees
> grinds on me even harder, much faster now
>see her squirm and moan, feels like she's peeing on me
>didn't know she was cumming
>decide it was time for me to cum too, roll her over
>put my dick between her thighs and slip in her pussy again, going deep enough without her being too loud
>hear noise and get scared, luckily it makes me pull out
>end up cumming on her asshole

Was the only time that happened, we were young so we didn't really know what we were doing, didn't affect our relationship. Still talk about it now and then with her, 25 now and shes 23.
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Handjob first, not the most exciting one

By now we were fooling around almost every night
>some nights I would sit on top of her on the bed while she was topless and jack off on her
>other nights I would finger her
>and some nights, we would just kiss, believe it or not, this was one of my favourite things to do
>no one ever questioned us
>aunt and uncle worked a lot and pretty much just left us to our own affairs
>anyway, one night while jacking off on top of her, she just reached out her hand and started stroking my dick
>this freed up my hands to play with her beautiful tits
I came all over her hands
>we laughed
Fun was had
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go away spiderman
No, once we started college, our relationship tapered off because she went out of state.
She got married last year, and while we still fuck around occasionally, we haven't had the chance to since New Years.
I miss her.
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first time Blowjob

>be 15, she's fourteen
>we're at home alone, watching tv
>start making out
>she pulls out my cock and starts giving me a handjob
>some precum drips out of the tip
>"I wonder what cum taste like"
>and just like that, she puts her mouth on my cock
>It's a little sloppy, I have to occasionally tell her I can feel her teeth
>eventually seems to get in a groove where it feels good
>I feel myself about to cum
>pull her face into my crotch and fuck her face twice
>ejaculate in her mouth
>she swallows it and says "ewwwwww!"
>then she laughs
>she jumps up on my lap and we start kissing
>mfw I can taste my own cum on her lips
>some people think that's gross, but considering the fact that what I'm doing right now is already 'wrong', it pales in comparison, lol.
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After You Barrel.jpg
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>plot twist
Theyre Indian
First time we had sex

>be 16, she's 15
>we've been carrying on our relationship for years
>some people find it odd how close we are
>especially since we have never been in relationships with others
>but no one knows our secret
>just think we're weirdos because we were in an orphanage
>however, up until that point, we have never had sex
>one evening, we're home alone
>I walked into our bedroom, she's kneeled over our bed writing something down
>"oh, hi anon" she said without looking up at me
>ass sticking out
>wearing a pair of shorts
>go up to her and start fingering her through her shorts
>"go away, anon. I'm trying to finish write this paper"
>keep fingering her through her shorts
>"I'm serious, anon, stop" she kept on writing
>but she makes o effort to push me away, so I keep going
i imagine 2 white people
hey anon, is this story real or you just made it up?
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No Fucks in Sight.jpg
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nobody lies on the internet
Right? Then I thought "shit what if they're hairy Indians "
I only skimmed it, and it seems fake, but kind of romantic.

I generally like incest as long as it's someone else's family.
Real or not, people are still capping it and going to Jack off to it later
I want to believe hahah, so fake it is ah?
>pull down her shorts to expose her pussy
>stick two fingers in her pussy, start playing with her clit
>she finally stops writing
>"I fucking hate you, anon" she said in between moans
>start playing with her asshole (assplay was the norm for us at this point, though we didn't do any anal fucking)
>take out my dick and start rubbing it between her pussy lips
>"be careful now" she said
>she was adamant about us not having actual sex
>but the urge was difficult to resist
>I decided to lick her pussy since I'd never did it before
>she starts moaning really loudly so I guess she likes it
>just mimic what I've seen in porn
>she's loving it
>"omg anon I want more"
>my dick is throbbing at this point
>throw caution into the air and stick my cock in her pussy
>start fucking her
>"OMG no!" she says in between moans, but she makes no moves to stop me
>pussy so tight, it feels perfect
>"just pull out when you have to cum okay?"
>I agree and keep fucking her
>it's the best feeling in the world
>I love you Lilah
>I love you too, anon
>feel myself on the brink
>"I'm gonna cum soon"
>"okay then, pull out."
>but it felt so good, i couldn't stop pumping
>have the biggest orgasm to date
>shoot my load in her pussy
>collapse on top of her, try to kiss her
>but she pushes me off of her and slaps me
>"WTF did I tell you, anon? why did you cum inside me?"
>runs to the bathroom, spends the next hour trying to 'wash the cum from out of her'
>comes back in the room crying
>'what if I get pregnant, anon? what the hell is wrong with you?'
>spends the evening searching for birth control in our aunt's room and trying to figure out how she could get access to the morning after pill.
>both of us weren't old enough to buy it

>mfw my first time was a dream come true and a nightmare all in one
>She didn't talk to me for days and slept in my cousin's room
>she only started talking to me again when she got her period
>I apologized, but we didn't have sex again for a long time after that
i mean im jacking off to it right now
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Good for you(r penis)
First time we tried anal

>be 17, she's 16
>still carrying on our illicit affair
>we've only had sex a couple of times
>with a condom
>and even then it's not that enjoyable because we're both paranoid
>since then, we would talk about anal
>I loved playing with her asshole, it was so perfect
>one weekend when we had the house to ourselves
>she's lying face down on her bed, I'm eating her pussy and tonguing her asshole
>I asked her if she wants to finally try it
>she says yes
>I've asked her before and she kept saying no so this makes me happy
>cotinue tonguing her ass for a bit
>partially to prepare her, mostly cuz I just fucking love it
>stick one finger in her ass>
>then stick two, making circles, stroking her insides
>then stick three fingers in, asked her if this was okay
>she says yes

I always imagine that it's two white people though. Feel like it's always that redneck incest shit. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but yeah.
File: IMG_6625032571022.jpg (31 KB, 477x308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 477x308
File: VlGCO.jpg (31 KB, 500x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 500x337
>keep doing this for a bit until I think she's ready
>didn't really have any lube, so I just spit in her asshole
>slowly stick my cock in
>get the head in, ask her if it's okay
>she says yes
>I go a little deeper, she cries out
>I stop for a few seconds, start back going in slowly
>manage to get half my dick in (my dick's about 7 inches btw)
>slowly start fucking her ass
>she cries out
>ask her if she wants me to stop, but she says keep going
>I figured at this point I should do it in one fell swoop and get it over with
>I shove the rest of it in
>she screams
>I hold still for a moment, ask if she okay
>she says yes
>I'm lying directly on top of her at this point, my dick buried in her ass
>I slowly start grinding my hips into her
>prone bone
>she's moaning, but they don't exactly sound like moans of pleasure, but not exactly pain either
>start fucking her a little harder
>she cries out and instincttively tries to m=push me off of her
>I hold her hands down on the bed with my own while continuing to fuck her
>I kiss her neck, telling her I love her and telling her it will eventually get better.
>I continued to fuck her ass, she eventually stopped moaning
>I wasn't sure if she was enjoying it, but she seemed to finally not be in pain anymore
>take this as my cue to go ahead
>I started fucking her ass harder
>it felt soo fucking good
>her ass was so much tighter than her pussy
>it gripped my cock like a charm
>felt myself getting closer
>started fucking her even harder
>she started moaning again, like she was starting to enjoy it
>I felt myself about to cum
>grinded my dick inside her ass and shot my load
>felt so damn good
>pulled out of her, turned her over and kissed her
>"How do you feel?" I asked
>"I'm sore" she said
> looked at her ass and saw my cum dripping out of it with a little bit of blood

That is how we fucked most of the time after that. We both love anal so much
Any other stories you got, man?
It's real, but this is 4chan and I realize the high amount of fakes you see on here

Yes, we're white. kek
more buttfucking
I was 16 my cousin was 14. Coming home at night from going to Disney world in an Acura MDX. All seats were taken we sat in the back and played with each other. She started by "accidentally" pressing her foot against my dick. That night we slept in the same bedroom, locked the door and fucked.
Do you two still sex eachother up?

capcha; after dongspe
File: Juan.jpg (12 KB, 257x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Any pics of sis?
Old habits die hard ;_;
File: 4chin.png (102 KB, 800x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a feeling this may evolve into...
File: Spiderman is Busy.png (70 KB, 270x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Spiderman is Busy.png
70 KB, 270x200
The last time we had sex was New Year's
We live in different states now, so it's not easy for us to see each other.
So bittersweet ;-;
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Yeah, but they're more or less repetitive.
I chose the first time ones because those were the ones I remembered the best.
I don't want the stories to stop I'm not even fapping anymore, I just want the romantic feels ;-;
pics of sis OP?
niiiice story bro
>>574187526 approximately how many times did you and your sister have sex over the years?
File: 1413249049096.jpg (23 KB, 499x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bumb for the logic
It's for the best.
There were so many times we almost got caught, plus our weird closeness raised eyebrows.
We love each other but we could never be together.
We decided it was the best for us to move on.
She met someone in college and ended up marrying him last year. I've had a couple of girlfriends on and off, but nothing really serious.
Did you ever get caught or nearly get caught?
I know I'm not the only one here having some feels from past relationships being stirred up.

I just wanted to fap. Now I'm thinking of the first time me and my ex kissed.

Why OP?
…well damn don't stop now

Give us your second favorite anal story bro. We know you have one.
after the first two posts, fapping was never even an option
Not sharing them. She sorta looks like Katy Perry with smaller tits, if you want a visual.

Probably a few dozen, maybe over a hundred
but fooling around without having actual sex is something we did almost every day through our teen years.
Believe it or not, we really did love each other, it wasn't just about sex. I was happy just kissing her. Or simply being in her company
So wrong...so beautiful...

Yes, a few times. And I'm sure my cousin saw us once and just never said anything, but she did act oddly towards us after that.
great stories man thanks for the share, I have a feeling the story of you two is not over yet!

Remember any close call sexual experiences with getting caught you feel like sharing?
so weird. so wrong. yet so sentimental and relatable.

makes me wonder about the weird way our world works with morality.
its socially acceptable for a forty some odd middle aged man to fuck an 18 year old boy up the ass (16, and even 14 in some places).

but being with someone who you're related to, who you genuinely care about is considered completely disgusting and is reviled. stance way that our world works.
Nice stories. I got into the mood.
i still want to hear the first blow job story.

i can't be the only one.
bumping cause… well i wanna hear that shit
cmon man, one more!
he already posted it man scroll back up lol
Do you two still love each other like that? Do you wish you were together still on some island away from society so you could be happy together???? Love your sister and let her love you anon! I need this to be happy ;_;

Exactly. My boner went down and my heart starting beating as I thought bout my ex/first love. Damnit this story toyed with my emotions and memories. Shit was beautiful
It's like romantic incest, for women
this story wasn't pretyped, sorry for taking so long

>be 17
>in my room on computer surfing the web and some shit
>Lilah comes home and bursts into the room all happy
>she had a mathletes meet that day and she made it to the next round
>congratulate her and give her a big hug and kiss
>turns into a makeout session
>my hands all over my sister when suddenly I hear footsteps
>look at the door and realize it's slightly open
>my cousin was at home. I knew this but Lilah didn't, which is why she didn't bother closing the door
>we were sitting on the bed. The door was only open slightly, but if she looked, she'd be able to see everything
>leave bedroom to inspect
>her bedroom door is closed
>think about knocking on the door, but then figured it's best not to stir the pot.
>didn't see her for the rest of the day
>next morning, everyone in the house was at breakfast
>aunt and uncle seem to act normal towards us, but she is oddly quiet
>starts talking to me and Lilah considerably less over the next few days

She probably saw us, she acts weird towards us up to this day. But it seems as though she hasn't told anyone else, probably because maybe she isn't 100% sure of what she saw. After that, we were super careful, we never gave her a chance to catch us again
please continue OP
>>"I'm just going downstairs to read for a bit, I can't sleep
>>that was a lie. I was going to the bathroom to masturbate to the thought of my sister's boobs and then sit in guilt and shame
i giggled

I did post it.

i love u anon
pics of u sister pls , dont have to be of the face
Yeah, we love each other. We still talk often.
We used to talk about moving to some foreign country where no one knew us so we could start a new life. But that was a pipe dream.
No it isn't, it really isn't. I truly believe you two will be happy, living in your own paradise, together, one day. Thanks again for the stories
>back in June I woke up one day and walked to the kitchen while still half asleep to get a glass of juice, my mom informed me that my member was hanging out cause the button my boxers was undone, that was embarrassing.
Then in July she was over a friends house and I was all alone so I decided fuck it, starting fapping and she came home and I didn't hear so she walks past my room when Im in max speed full hard on, she gasps and walks away without sayin shit, now THAT was embarrassing. About a week after this we have to bathe our dogs, so I'm giving her a hard time about not doing it now cause I don't feel like doin it later, she says fine and as I get up off the couch she slaps my ass and says "we should give you a bath then." and I said "What?" she says "I was just joking!"

Finally middle of August our town has a power outage like all day, so she has a nap to pass the time and I lay in bed reading just so I'm not bored, but I get bored anyway and decide to have a fap. So I'm at it for like 30 minutes, but I just can't finish for whatever reason. So I say fuck it and give up and try to sleep, but my fucking hard on won't go down, at this point I hear my mom waking up so in my horny state of mind I let my boner poke out through my boxers and not put the covers over. Then I pretend to be asleep, I hear my mom come in, then leave like 30 seconds later. She comes in and turns on my A/C because the power came back on I guess, then about 2-3 minutes later she comes in again and she walked up to my bed and stayed for a minute or two then left. I get up about 10 minutes later and the area around my crotch on my bed is wet from all the precum, I was rock hard the whole time it was so exciting.
So she hears me getting out of my bed and rushes over like a really fast walk lol, and asks if I'm alright I say yeah and am like not facing her to hide my boner and she says "oh I was just checking if your a/c is working cause I don't know if I turned it on right" and she bends over to look at it with her ass facing me in her nightie, and I got nervous and said "I gotta go to the bathroom" and jerked off in the bathroom.
Maria...I miss her every day...

What was her name, anon?
Please cont
That was it man,I didn't pursue any further.
Please share at least a picture, of her with face cropped out or something, pleaseee you have to complete this thread :(
Damn, you should have
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Christina. She may not have been a super model, but when she loved I felt immortal, I felt alive. She was the first person who wasn't my mother that put literal thought into Christmas and birthday presents. I love her still though I doubt she even has any thought of me
its real??
So you two are still fucking even though she's married? Huh, the poor sap wouldn't even think to guess, either. Why's that a pipe dream? Hell, you could even just change your names and change states.
Thread is kill?
File: caughtbymother.jpg (756 KB, 2200x3200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not if I have anything to say about it.
>When she loved me* sorry
Sounds like a pussy move I would'a done it. Entirely possible and you get the plus of moving to a more "liberal" nation.
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anyone else?
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