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Anonymous Exposes A pedophile

This film documents the events on Monday, September 15, 2014 in Southeast Portland. Otherwise know as Felony Flatts. Lindel Jerry Young attempted to lure 3 girls into his parked van. The next day Evolve PDX, KATU News an concerned neighbors gathered around his van demanding Young come out. The confrontation that follows is also documented. Please share this film, he is still on the loose as free man roaming the streets of Southeast Portland.

We are Anonymous, We are Legion
We do not forgive, We do not forget
Expect us.
Someone post that video of that Brazilian pedophile being gangraped and stabbed to death in prison.

Fuck pedo scum. Kill them all.
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>Pedophiles are vile criminals who hurt innocent children!

Wrong. Pedophiles are attracted to children, but they can control their impulses and sexual behavior. Therefore, pedophile =/= child molester.

>They are still all potential child molesters. A pedophile is a ticking time bomb!

Incorrect again. Pedophiles are individuals. Their principles and values vary and so do their levels of impulse control. Just because some pedophilic individuals plan illegal acts, doesn't mean they all do, or even want to, considering how damaging child molestation can be a to a minor. Pedophiles have empathy too.

>Pedophiles defend child molestation. They would molest for sure if they could get away with it.

This is a generalization. Some men defend rape and claim it is natural. Can we therefore conclude ALL males advocate rape? Would you shoplift if you could get away with it? If you are ethically-minded, you wouldn't, especially if it resulted in suffering of another person.

>Being a pedophile is wrong and disgusting!

Being a pedophile is not a choice so no moral value can be assessed on it: no one is hurt if a pedophile only fantasizes. Homophobes see gays as disgusting. That doesn't mean they have an argument, only an opinion that they try to validate and rationalize through blind prejudice.

>Pedophiles are sick and SHOULD seek mental help!

According to the latest DSM edition, sexual preference for children per se is not a disorder, unless it affects the pedophile or causes harm to others. Yes, pedophiles who feel they can't control their impulses or are severely depressed should seek therapy of some kind. However, the vast majority of pedophiles are capable of self-control and live as law-abiding citizens. Also, they can live fulfilling and balanced lives despite their sexuality that differs from the norm.

>Fuck you Pedophile defender! I'm sure you are a pedophile too.

That's an ad hom, a logical fallacy.
But anonymous are pedophiles?

Are they really just going after themselves?
look at us we are sooooo fucken edgy our entire video is shot in fish eye lens

Fuck off scum. All pedos deserve to die. Stop trying to make yourself out to look human. I'd slice your throat before I ever let you near a child.

Filthy disgusting animal.
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>implying /b/ isn't anonymous
>implying /b/ hates loli
>implying /b/ while still being a shithole in itself as anonymous doesn't protect the innocent ( children and animals )
>implying /b/ is no longer the godly trolls of the internet
we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forgive
we do not forget
expect us
/b/ will always be the headquarters of anonymous
we were born here we will die here
and we will always serve our king
the problem here on /b/ now are all the cancerous newfags and baiters
if we wanted we could unleash the furfag hounds to attack and remove this tumor just like we've done plenty of times before
making idle threats? this is why no one takes you fucktards seriously anymore
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posting to reach bump limit to kill this thread1
I like you anon
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I´m all about protecting children from molesters, but this shit is just so fucking annoying. Fucking autistic idiots have no need to use that stupid mask to chase the molester around if they are not going to beat him to a pulp.
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He will just start another. Let's all go to a loli thread fuck anonymoose fag op and his band of white knight tumblr autists.
I know a 19yr old guy who made a 13 yr old girl do shit on pics and cam he met on Meetme.

I have a fuckload of screenshots of her chat with him and her chat with another guy she complained to about this.

He made her hurt herself sticking shit in her vag and stuff and is overly possessive in what he's made her do and if she fails to do the things he asks he is threatening to contact her parents and show the pics on the schools facebook, etc..

I have his name, picture, parents name, and his info in general if real anons wanna fuck his life over.

>that was the nicest police,anon interaction i've ever seen hehe
>hehe me too

Fucking faggots... I get it's a good thing they're doing and shit but come on grow some fucking balls. You make a shitty video and then bitch about the fact that the guy got released the next morning. I would just burn that guys trailer down to the fucking ground and kick out all of his teeth, now that would actually teach a lesson, a trip to the police station isn't gonna help the situation.
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just sage this shit, no one will notice it
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For you who want to report some pedophiles, you can DM me, @ReportAPedo

I will find their name and address and then publicly humiliate them and out them for the incredibly mentally disturbed person they are.
posting to reach bump limit to kill this thread1234

I have to ask someone else first. I already have everything on him.
>puts email in
prepare for the shit storm dumbass
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>that feel when I live in Portland
>that feel when I know exactly where this took place

It's Felony Flatts. Anyone who knows the area would know that 95% of the people there are actively engaged in illicit activities. It's pissing into an ocean of piss, and nobody gives a shit.

Also: The OP is a faggot who makes threads like this every now and again to troll anons using legion.
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we r legiun
we r anonomop
we fuk u up m7
posting to reach bump limit to kill this thread12345
better lock your doors and close your face tonight buddy
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Leet haxor doxed himself.
My sides have ascended to the seventh plane of torment!
Thread replies: 30
Thread images: 8
Thread DB ID: 15905

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