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Okay so mods deleted the thread so Ill space...
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Okay so mods deleted the thread so Ill space out my posts a bit more so they don't get deleted.

THIS IS NOT A CP STORY. Pedos please go
>Be me, Be 3 years ago
> I am married.
>sister is married; her and my brother-in law decide it’s time to make children
>they are trying for some time and they can’t have kids.
>Everyone in the fam knows they are trying and so it’s a regular topic (parents get grand kid crazy once you're married)
>One day me and her are talking about it
>She says she goes to the gyno so she is good, it’s her husband
>he doesn’t want to accept it, won’t go get a sperm count or anything.
>He thinks it makes him less of a man or some shit
>I ask what they are going to do; I ask if they will be getting a donor, surrogate, adopt?
>she regales me the details of those options
>all of them expensive, time consuming and in the end it’s not even your real kid.
> I don’t even consider this an option but I kind of automatically replay “Well I can be a donor if you don’t want to jump through hoops and pay anything ha .. ha.
>Silence on the phone
>Her: "would you be ok with that"
> *I had a very well-known pregnancy with an ex who got the baby aborted*
> She says "well you are my brother, it would look like us, we don’t have to pay anything and it could believably be Matt’s (the husband)
>You are talking crazy, and besides Dave would never let that happen
>Sister "we don't tell him, he will think it’s his"
>* I have a semi*
>I don’t think that’s a good idea,
>sister: "of course it’s, if I were to adopt or get a donor the kid or biological dad might want to see them later in life, but you'll always see him and you'll be at most of the holidays.
>Okay that’s enough; quit fucking around with me I’m not doing this.
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> Some time goes by and she sends me some texts like “hey… put any more thought into it” or “did you change your mind” I assume she is fucking with me.
>Be three weeks-ish after the phone conversation. Sister says she needs help moving something. They always call me to help move heavy furniture.
> Show up, WhereisMatt.jpeg
Now don’t get all shitty on me this isn’t porn so she wasn’t waiting spread eagle.
> Sister “he is in LA for work for 5 days. I need help moving this bookcase
> Not a problem, move book case, as per the arrangement she always gives me some beers and lunch when I help them move stuff
>we are sitting in the kitchen drinking some beers.
>She says I have something to show you, it’s a bunch of printed Wikipedia articles and Web md and news stories stuff like that.
>Me: What is that?
> I want you to read this stuff.
> Me: What is it.
> Its about brothers and sisters having kids together
> Me Super turned on: Okay this has gone way too far you need to stop. This isn’t cute or funny.
>she takes my hand and says: I’m not being cute I’m serious; Matt will never accept an adopted kid or a kid that isn’t his. We want children and this way he will think it’s his.
>Mind is spinning, she is serious, she wants me to cheat on my wife, with her, while she cheats on her husband, to get her pregnant. She is your sister…..
> Me flabbergasted: Wha… I … I just.. We.. you’re my fucking sister.
inb4 who was phone

>inb4 some stupid ass ending
> Her: “I know that’s how we can trust each other”
>Won’t the kid be retarded or something? She shows me some articles about couples that have done it without issues; she shows me some stuff off Wikipedia etc.
> Okay but what if the kid is retarded? Is ask
> Then me and Matt will deal with it, I would rather have a special needs child than none at all.
> How are you going to keep this from Matt?
> We (meaning me and her) would only have sex when she can have kids, she would do her best shift her “baby calendar” so that she still was having sex with her husband but not always when ovulating.
>As she is laying out the plan I’m already finding myself looking at her breasts and at her ass in tight little shorts. What am I doing, this is seriously getting me horny as shit.
> Me: I don’t know *sister* I don’t know if I could do this to my wife.
> Her: you can’t tell her, you can’t tell anyone. Otherwise we are talking about jail and the whole family falling apart.
> Me: I need time to think about this (to be honest I didn’t, I was sold already, I needed to accept it myself what I was about to do).
> Her: of course, go home think about it. If you don’t want too I fully understand and Ill stop I promise.
> Driving home I am in a bit of a daze, I get home and take a shower and jerk off and cum like crazy.
> My wife gets home and we have dinner, she says I’m acting weird, I say I don’t feel well. She says go lie down. I go up to the bedroom and just lay their thinking. It dons on me I get to fuck my sister over and over again consequence free. I also start thinking that if I turn her down; she’ll probably just find some random fuck to impregnate her.
>send a text: I’ll do it.

No its not stupid I know B dosent believe but this is a true story
Incest is wincest. Keep going OP.
>Phone rings immediately: Oh my god are you serious. Me: yes I’m serious Her: thank you so much, I love you this won’t be weird (yeah fucking right). You might seriously be saving my marriage here. Blah blah blah. Me: okay I still think we shouldn’t do this but you are convincing. I need to go to bed.
> The following afternoon she calls me and lays out in way way way too much detail about ovulation and shit I don’t get. She is going to tell me ahead of time when we will be having sex, and I will need to be flexible.
>hopefully it won’t take too long before she gets pregnant.
> First time I’m to come over is Friday.
>tell my wife I have a meeting down in San Diego on Friday afternoon and Ill be staying at my friend Jerkoffs house instead of coming home. She says cool
> In my mind I immediately start thinking that this better happen fast cause she will catch on.
> Friday comes; my heart is racing like a fucking rabbit. Go to my sister’s house, Matt is still gone until Sunday.
>she makes dinner and none of us really want to bring up what’s about to happen. We have plenty of wine with dinner and then we still feel nervous so 2 shots of whiskey are in order.
> We finish the whiskey and we are laughing and stuff and we know it’s about time, and I’m looking at her (she dressed pretty sexy) and I sigh and say, okay are you ready.
>she says I think so, do you still want too?
> This is weird but yes.
Also post pic of sister
>It’s like a teen movie we are super uncomfortable, she leans in and we have a small kiss. We both pull back and sort of laugh. And then go for it again.
>Kissing intensifies. I go head and put my hand on her chest. THO to the max.
>When I do that she realizes that she should take her clothes off so she leans back and starts to und the dress then one shoulder strap comes down, the other shoulder strap comes down and for the first time in my life in looking at my sisters tits.
> Without thinking “ I have wanted to see those for a looooong time”
>She gives me a coy smile and says I knew you were perving on me in highschool. We are getting more comfortable, all the taboo of the situation is quickly melting away.
> Well I heard about all the guys who did see them and they always talked about how great they were…. They are. she says: they were better in highschool
>I say they’ll be better when I get you pregnant.
> Her: well look at Mr. hesitant all of sudden. She pulls the dress down around her ankles, wearing a red lacy thong.
> Already beyond the point of thinking about how wrong this is she looks fantastic. I want this, I want to fuck her and get her pregnant.
> She starts un zipping my pants. Almost full dick comes out she starts to give me a blow job, jesus I can’t believe this, why are we doing this….fuck this is wrong.
> She is sucking my dick like there are diamonds in my balls
> I pull her up and give her a deep passionate kiss. Take her to the bedroom and pull of the rest of my cloths.
>she is soaking I don’t even need to eat her out or finger her. I take a moment to look at my situation.
>I am in my brother in laws bedroom with his wife……my sister…. Sopping wet I’m about to fuck her with the specific purpose of getting her pregnant behind his back; all while I’m cheating on my wife.
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Please, do go on.
way to risky whith what is going to unfold.
>the danger factor has me harder than I had been in months. My sister is biting her lip and rubbing herself.
>Missionary style I slide it in, holy shit she is tighter than I was expecting, She lets out a small gasp.
>we go to pound town. I start slow and work my way up until im really fucking the shit out of her, she is moaning and gasping, not too loud she isn’t much of a screamer.
>After not too long, I mean come on this situation, I tell her im about to cum and I cum buckets into my sister.
> I roll off her and we sit there for a few minutes. She says “Why didn’t we ever do that before”
>We both just crack the fuck up and lean over and start kissing her.
>over the whole night and morning we fuck a few times. Each time feels less weird.
>next day I go home, all smiles. I feel fucking great. My wife says “you must have had a great time with jerkoff. “Oh yeah it was great to see him”
> I’m actually getting hard on of lying to her. I enjoy cheating on my wife, this is news.
> I grab her by the waist and start kissing her neck, “wow what’s gotten into you” Me: “I just love my wife so much!” Me and my wife have a solid fuck session in the kitchen. She has to go.
> The next day I get a text from my sister: What are you doing? (we agreed to leave details out of any recording device). Im out running errands “I can swing by” “OK”
> Go over and have a quickie with her.
> Between my sister and my wife I have died and went to heaven.
>Rest of the week is normal I am at work, my sex life with my wife is better than its been in a year.
> I get a call mid –week from sister: Matts home, he doesn’t suspect anything; actually we had really great sex when he got back.
>Me and *wife* did too, I think going behind their backs is making me hornier.
Damn op any slower and I'll just find your sister and fuck her myself god damn
File: baby-1.jpg (87 KB, 1280x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Sister: yeah tell me about it. Okay I’ll let you know if anything happens but if not plan for this again in a few weeks.
> Couple weeks goes by, I get a call “ another negative, we are going to have to do it again”
> The following three months of my life are amazing, our fucking goes from only during ovulation to whenever we get the chance which is like at least once a week.
> We start getting creative
> One time we meet behind a home depot and fuck in the alley
>Another time we are at My brother in laws parents (for labor day) and we have a quickie in the upstairs bathroom while my wife and her husband and our whole family is downstairs eating dinner.
> That was not a good idea we don’t do that again.
> At thanksgiving they announce they are pregnant. Everyone is so happy, first grandkid! First Grandkid!
> When I get a chance to talk to her I ask if its mine
> Her: I think probably but me and Matt kept having sex so I cant be 100% sure, and I don’t want to know to be honest.
>Me: yeah that’s for the best.
> 9 months later gives birth to a healthy girl named Elizabeth.
That was three years ago, about a year after Lizzy was born me and my wife decided to have a kid, our Son. Everything worked out. Nobody knows me and my sister’s secret besides /B/ now. And the best part is we never stopped fucking
>MFW I don’t know if I have a niece or a daughter.
>MFW me and my sister still fuck once every few weeks
>MFW her and my brother in law say they want another kid.
You're living the dream, OP, great story. Are you younger or older than your sister?
Older by 2 years and a couple months.
newfag here
somebody better archive this...
This thread deserves more attention than it's getting
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