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anyone have some good creepypasta? I feel...
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anyone have some good creepypasta? I feel like scaring the shit out of myself tonight.
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alison brie in return
Bumpin' for spooks
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Tool - schism
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>be me
>on boat
>talking to captain
>captain say 'care for some wine'
>i say 'yes please'
>about to take a sip
>notice it is ghost wine
>if you drink ghost wine you turn into a ghost
>politely refuse
>notice that captain is ghost
>want to get off boat
>get off boat
no sleep tonight.
>be me
>walking through woods
>see haunted house
>enter haunted house
>look for ghosts
>find ghosts
>i scared of ghosts so i leave
>cant leave because ghosts wont let me
>live there for many years
>one day ghosts leave door open so i leave haunted house
>also leave woods
>go home
>turn on tv
>news says that all pretty girls are now ghosts
>i sad because i dont find ghosts attractive
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That painting is goddamn amazing
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Wanderer of Dogscape

Watch ALL parts
I want that
>be me
>at fun party
>lots of people at fun party
>talking to sexy lady
>she says she want sexing and me
>take her to special sex room
>we start naked and makings out
>my penis is erection
>i look at her vagina
>is monster vagina
>look at rest of naked sexy lady
>she isnt naked sexy lady at all
>she is spooky monster
>i leave party
>i still naked but dont wanting be eaten by spooky monster
I cant it when that happends
I love it too
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back to boobs
>be me
>playing sport after school
>it is the football
>i score the big touchdown
>all people cheering at me
>after big touchdown coach want to talking
>say to me that i must do special play
>special play is coach drinkings my blood
>coach is spooky vampire
>i say no to coach
>coach is made and make me sit on bench
>i sit on bench and score no big touchdowns
>we lose the football sport because i dont score big touchdown
>i not regret because no want coach vampire to drinking my blood
I'm actually impressed that you're making these up on the fly
thank you
i fucking died
man does no one have any spooky shit anymore? I haven't seen a spooky thread for ages
>Andrew the Apostle artwork
>In case anyone cared for art.
>be me
>at gym workings on muscles
>i have big muscles
>i starts lifting the heavy weights
>man comes to me
>he has big muscles
>my big muscles less than his big muscles
>says to me if want big muscles as him
>i say yes at him
>he throw magic at me
>i have big muscles as him
>but now i am spooky monster
>i sad because i am spooky monster
>ask man if i can go back to no spooky monster
>man say yes
>he throw magic at me more
>i turn into person
>no longer big muscles
>this make me sad
>less sad then when spooky monster but still sad
Thank you!
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W-what boobs?

Bump with actual boobs.
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my apologies
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Very much accepted.

Also haven't seen any creepy threads in a while btw. Curious to see what /b/ can come up with tonight.
yeah if nothing comes up I'll try again tomorrow
>be me
>at work a fireman
>waitings at firehouse for fire to happen
>man say to us that fire happen
>get in fire car
>go at fire
>we get at fire
>it is ghost fire
>water hoses can not stop ghost fire
>suddenly ghost come and start spooking at us
>we get in fire car and go home
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I'll probably be there.
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see you tomorrow night /b/rother
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did u srsly just give us fcking




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Thoroughly enjoying these.
Its the best creepypasta out there
no it's not, there's constantly new creepypastas being generated so there is no possible way it is the "best one ever", I've read seriously more terrifying creepypastas. Have you read that one about the goatman in the woods? fuck duuuude that shit is craaaazzyyy I couldn't even finish it
>be me
>am spooky ghost
>liking to spook people
>today i see person on bathroom toilet
>want to spook person
>enter bathroom
>make ghosting face at him
>he scare very much
>die because he scare so much
>on floor of bathroom is dead person and poop
>hospital people come
>they see dead person and poop
>i scare at them too
>this scare is very spooky
>they die
>when die they fall on dead person and poop
>i cant not laugh because ghost but find funny
>i leave because no one else to spook
Your impressed by his autism?
>be me
>on 4chin
>wanting to spookypasta thread to be scare
>am not scared
>suddenly phone goes ring
>pick up phone
>phone says I will spooky you
>but who was phone
this is the best thread I've seen all fucking year
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>Be me
>My dog is dead
>See ghost dog

It was my dog the whole time
>be me
>on date with pretty girl
>bring pretty girl to food restaurant
>we get food at food restaurant
>tell waiter i wanting to eat cow steak
>pretty girl say she wanting to eat human steak
>i say to pretty girl that only spooky monster eat human steak
>pretty girl take off mask
>she not pretty girl at all
>she spooky monster
>waiter say no spooky monster in food restaurant
>spooky monster date goes at home
>i can stay because i person and not spooky monster
>waiter arrives cow steak
>i eat cow steak
>be me
>wake up of bed
>walk to bathroom
>but wait
>am not walking
>have no leg walkers
>go in bathroom
>look mirror
>am spooky ghost
>am sad
>go back not dead
>am sad by less sad then being no leg walker spooky ghost
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Thread images: 25
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