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Anyone want to share rape stories?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anyone want to share rape stories?
>have consensual sex
le femme
Yea, I had to pay tax this year
bump for epic sauce
cmon gimme more
One time I raped my way to the convenience store because I was thirsty. I raped for my big gulp, and then raped it right down. As I was raping out the door, a rape victim (woman) raped out because I held the door raped for her to rape through it also.
Sure, not really brutal violent rape but lemme type it up
I walked away from what I'm sure was going to turn into a rape when I was about 12. I'm pretty sure she did but didn't report it.
A year ago I was in a pretty long dry streak. My birthday was coming up and my roommates schemed up a plan to get us all laid.
Thank u based anon. Because of u I get food stamps and stay home all day. Thnx
type that shit right up
>Boy in my town 22 years old
>March this year
>rapes 14 year old behind a shelter
>according to news over hours
>took ~40 pictures and videos

>2 weeks later
>rapes a 20 year old
>on a table on a school yard
>again over hours
>again ~30 takes pictures and videos

>1 week later
>tracker dogs tacking him down
>1 week ago he made a confession in court
>waits for his judgement

I barely know him went to school with him,
There was a raging drunk girl that lived in our building. My roommate fucked her every once in awhile. She was crazy. Knock on our door in the middle of the night complaining of cats scratching on her door crazy.
Real men don't rape.
Ill green text it just lemme set up the situation
I wonder where those pics are
feminist faggot detected. Go get fucked by a dildo fagget

Not until you provide the link for the rest of that video.
File: 2.jpg (41 KB, 500x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>pic related not fat but extra meat on her bones
>roommate(marco) gets belligerent texts late at night
>bitch is blacked out, not even 1030 yet
>"were gonna fuck her anon!'
>Pick her up from whatever bar she's and head home.
>Slurring not making sense
>"Would you like a drink (Well call her Jessica)"
>pour her her fav drink, straight cheap booze
>she slams it
>"Bedtime jessica you don't look good" says Marco
real men get raped
type more than that per post, friend
could never force-rape a girl but i have laid many women who were beyond intoxicated, some of which had "no recollection" of it in the morning. ehtical? no. but do i give a shit? also no. Ive heard it people call that date rape, but if we both consumed equal amounts of alcohol and they explicity ask for it... should i feel bad? third no
Pics or it didn't happen.
File: 15.jpg (189 KB, 864x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Marco whispers to me "wait your turn anon"
>They head into his room for not long
>less than 10
>Marco comes out "alright anon its time to play the white knight. IM gonna kick her out, offer her a place to stay in your room
>Head in tell her "Marco doesn't want you hear jessica come sleep in my bed"
>Sounded like she agrees
>realize she's bottomless and help her put on panties and pants
>lead her to my room where she lays down
>go back out to pour myself a drink
ooh how did i forget this,

a while back me and a couple of my buddies gang banged a drunken girl, upon inspect her social networks we discovered that she became pregnant. she pinned it on a guy she had been casually dating. we were sweating bullets but the kids almost a year old now and so far everything is gone smoothly
cont. trying to fap
File: image.jpg (375 KB, 572x4152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375 KB, 572x4152
Continue you undeniable faggot
Have an excellent story.
>be me 7 months ago.
>be walking to a cafe in the morning like a normal person
>open a door to a woman
>asks me if i think shes not able to open a door or if i want to fuck her.
>ignore her and enter and close door
>comes in and said i wanted to rape her
>fortunately cafe is full of old women and their kids
>tell her to stfu
>woman leaves disappointed
>raped her cuz i opened the door for her.
Now I'm not gonna pretend Im an alpha male or anything and just ran in there started plowing away. I was nervous.
>"She likes making out anon"
>gulp down a show of whiskey
> here we go
>walk into my bedroom
>can't tell if she's asleep or not
>Lay down next to her and spoon her
>she doesn't fight me
>awkwardly just lay there for a min
>Now or never
>Go in for kiss
>she kisses me back
>alright cool
>Stick my hand up her shirt and start cupping her tits and pinching her nips
>Instant boner
>surprisingly she's into it
>go to stick my hand down her jeans
>She's still wet from fucking marco
>play with her pussy for a lil bit
>Go to pull down her pants
>Doesn't fight
>Get her bottomless
>wanna suck on her tits
>Go to take off shirt but she fights me on it
>Struggle a little bit
>fuck it she can leave it on
>still lets me pop a tit our and kiss it
Like i said she was a lil thick, I figured she was one of those girls who didn't like fucking completely naked cuz she's was shy about her body.
File: dl.jpg (209 KB, 440x1544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
209 KB, 440x1544
There you go.
I'm german, and that's the only good english article I could find
I cant fap to this. wtf anon
How did this twig manage to drag them so far?
>Do you even lift?
Only Imaginary ones.
File: 1377747046180.gif (2 KB, 210x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 210x187
haha, i kek'd
>Tits mustve been good c cups, nice round
>Keep sucking her nipples while playing with her pussy
>Boners about to bust through my jeans
>Rip em off
>Go back to making out
>Were both on our sides facing each other
>I start rubbing my dick on her lips and slight bushy landing strip
>Go to spread her legs and slide my dick in but she resists
>another struggle ensues she won't budge
Like I said Im no alpha male, I didn't wanna just pin her down and stick it in her
>Go back to sucking tits, seeing what else I can get away with
>Work my way down to pussy
>Doesn't stop me
>Spread her legs, this time she doesn't stop me
>Start licking her puss all over, she's loving it
>Can see through the moonlight coming through the window she's biting her hand and moaning
>pick her thighs up and rest em on my shoulders
>Mover to her asshole, again, she doesn't stop me
>Moans are making me rock hard
>Keep licking her and jacking myself off
>Flip her over so she's on her knees
>She's cool with it
>Keep eating her out doggy style
>Hop on my knees
Time for attempt twp

File: 1365120831266.jpg (10 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 320x240
Jesus dude, wtf is wrong with you.
File: 1411339790907.gif (146 KB, 300x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1410578106338.gif (663 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think the 14 year old wasn't really difficult. In other articles is stated that hi fought for a few minutes with the 20 year old so she really was a tough opponent. But it was 5 a.m. and no one noticed.
Fun fact: The school he raped the second girl was my elementary school. And I played table tennis at the table he raped her...
It's not rape. It's a snuggle with a struggle.
>On my knees and decide to test the waters
>Poke her with it
>NO resistance
>Rub my head from her clit to asshole
>NO resistance, she's actually rocking her hips
>here we go
>Stick it in, here a quick gasp
>She buries her face in my pillow so her ass in the air
>Slowly start fucking her and work up a good rhythm
>All that pussy licking had her nice and wet
>CAn hear quick moans as I start to pick up my pace
>"Come on Fuck me back"
>She starts pushing her ass back in to me
>Feels so good
>Slide middle finger in her butt
>doesn't stop me
>two fingers
>Doesn't stop me
>Go for three
>she reaches back and takes me hand away, pushed my luck
>Doesn't matter still fucking her
>Doggystyle is great but wanna fuck her in my favorite position
>Legs on my shoulders
>Go to flip her over
Heres where it gets weird
File: science.jpg (9 KB, 232x217) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tell your mom I say "hi".
Waiting on the weird stuff.

fuck you all. wish I could kill every rapist in the world along with every tranny and pedo.

develop some real relationships instead of craving that primal neckbeard mentality of raping women.
look up further in the thread
File: fat bitch story.png (384 KB, 1552x4800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fat bitch story.png
384 KB, 1552x4800
Long but hot.
File: image.jpg (79 KB, 700x572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> here's where it gets weird .
I've got an 18 yr old gf into rape rp, she lets me fuck her in her sleep and when she wakes up she acts like shes resisting and lets me rough her up a bit, then we proceed to have great sex. Been with her for 3 years now, worth it.
See she was into it and fucking me back but once I flipped her over it was a different story
>She's on her back with legs on my shoulders
>Stick it in and get maybe 6 or good strokes
>"Stop" she loudly whispers
>Goddamnit, pull out ask whats wrong
>No reply
>"She likes making out Anon"
>Go for a kiss
>No fighting
>Repeat early steps
>Make out, make my way to pussy and eat her out, flip her over and start fucking her all over again
>Cant stress enough how much I enjoy that legs on my shoulders position
>Same deal 'Stop! No!"
>"Whats wrong??'
>"IIIIttsss jusstss jussst (Drunkin mumbling)"
growing up there was this guy who lived on my street. when he was 15, he raped two girls but the charges didn't stick. his parents were weird people.

anyways its 15 years later, he still lives at home but he's an unemployed, 400 pound diabetic.

i wonder if this is some sort of karma.
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 500x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is where it gets weird
>(Drunken mumbling)
I speak that language. I think she said that looking at you kills it for her, because you're ugly.
File: 1239708814931.jpg (3 KB, 126x95) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Cant stress enough how much I enjoy that legs on my shoulders position

I know that feel.
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 487x617) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here is where it gets weird. . .
>be me a freshman in college
>be the mid-1980s
>be going to a school of mines
>lots of big burly guys there studying mining, petroleum, etc
>being a mining/science school, there is 1 girl for every 4 guys
>lots of horny, hard up hormones raging on campus
>student union decides to show Rocky Horror movie on Friday night after midterms
>everyone is drunk drunk drunk
>I have my first alcohol, a large margarita, but I digress
>during one of the dancing/music scenes, a few burly type dudes run up to the stage and start dancing
>everyone laughs
>one guy steps down, picks up one of the few freshman girls, physically carries her onto the stage to dance with them
>she's struggling to get free
>they're basically holding her in place while they dance around her
>she keeps trying to get away
>most everyone else is drunk and/or laughing
>original guy pulls the girl back
>while another guy holds her, he unbuttons her jeans and pulls them and her underwear down to her ankles
>crowd is now "what the fuck are we watching?"
>she falls to the ground and tries to crawl away
>he holds her by the hips and grinds his crotch into her bare ass as she's struggling
>guys on stage are still dancing
>crowd is some combination between laughing and stunned shock
>eventually, one guy on stage realizes the line was crossed long ago
>pulls his friend back
>girl runs back into audience pulling her pants up
>guys finish dancing, everyone continues to watch the movie and have fun
>next day, students and teachers were like "wow...well that happened."
>burly guy never gets disciplined, graduates
>girl finishes term then drops out - but so did most students after the first term
>not a fuck was given
>would have been treated as a major sex crime in today's atmosphere
>Whatever repeat the steps so I'm working on my stroke from doggy position
>"Alright anon were gonna bust a nut in that position whether she likes it or not"
>Flip her over and tell her Im close
>She lets me fuck her a lil longer before she starts with the "Nos" again
>Tries to buck me off with her thighs but Im stronger
>Gonna bust this goddamn nut
>Struggle wasn't long, maybe 15 seconds of me pounding away
>Gonna cum but not wearing a condom
> Time to pull out
>Get on my knees next to her slide her shirt up to expose tits
>Straddle her and put my dick between her tits
>Tries to scoot away but runs into headboard
>Bust fat nut in between her tits and all over her shirt and chin
>She's not happy
>"What the fuck?!"
>She wipes cum off with my blankets
>Its cool I busted my nut
So she just wiped off the cum and just curled on my bed and passed back out. I know anticlimactic but thats how it ended
File: image.jpg (953 KB, 1928x1420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
953 KB, 1928x1420
/pol/ gold
that's kind of stupid of you
would be much safer to just fuck her in a position where she's comfortable, and maybe get 2 rounds
Fuck you.
I spooned her and played with her tits and puss as she was passed out for the rest of the night. THe funny thing is I fucked her two more times after this. Guess she didn't mind me violating her. Still jerk it the memory of that night frequently
*Maximum tipping*
I really like that position dude. I also fucked her on two more occasions so I guess it worked out.
File: funny.gif (577 KB, 200x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
577 KB, 200x334
File: 1411172968535.gif (2 MB, 320x214) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x214

>be 21 y/o me
>at party with friend, Black Tits
>get drunk, Black Tits leaves my drunk ass there
>go hang out with another friend, Bobby Boy, at party
>get obliterated
>Bobby Boy takes me to his friend's place
>Let's call this dude, Sleaze Jew
>Sleaze Jew notices my state begins seducing me
>Slipping in and out of consciousness as Sleaze Jew is talking to me
>Wake up in the morning in Sleaze Jew's bed
>MFW Sleaze Jew took advantage of me
>MFW I don't remember if it was a least any good

>TL;DR Went out got drunk, got fucked by a jew, should have been more responsible when consuming alcohol
>there are women who hates men and are unable to admit that men can be victims
>I better think that women can't be victims of any crime, too. That will show them!
I thought obama stopped food stamps.. shouldn't you be dead or eating roadkill again?
This is a rape thread
File: 141106570631.jpg (138 KB, 688x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 688x686
Guess that would make me Bobby Boy in this story.
Is her name tracy
Dude that shit would be on cell phones. Back then they downplayed rape though. World was a better place.
I looked a girl the eyes

I know I am a sick duck misogynistic rapist
It got weird long before this. You a rapist, Brah.
Damn. Beta as fuck.
You still raped da bitch and admitted to it. You'd do jail time in any state for what you did, brah.
> be me
>older sisters friends are hot as fucking duck and always tease me
> I feel them up in their sleep for a year and a half before they catch on
> am embarrassed whenever I'm around them
He wouldn't do jail time for that, she consented to it, was aware enough of her actions to position herself and he had a few drinks as well. No court would convict him.
>Be me
>Be Teacher in England
>Le 15 y/o student wants to fuck
>Sweet statutory
Go on
Fuck that shit you lucky bastard
Not if his "victim" decides that it was really no big deal and decides not to press charges and even remains his friend/fuckbuddy.
dude awesome
i have such a similar story only the girl wasn't gross. no green story because phone
File: 1407377401023.jpg (9 KB, 170x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 170x296
I don't understand why every rapist and child molester has a mullet. Is it a Ukrainian thing?
>Bachelorette party at bar
>Long day of drinking
>Friends start filtering out
>Head to bar to pay my tab
>Get stopped by obnoxious drunk guy
>Ignore him and pay my tab
>Head back to my table but everyone left
>Obnoxious guy and friend come over to my table
>His friend apologizes and offers me a drink
>Some sweet shot I've never had before
>Friend starts dancing with me
>Spinning me around
>Get light headed
>Obnoxious guy keeps groping me
>Friend puts his hands up my shirt
>Feel sick and stumble to bathroom
>Get woken up by waitress in bathroom
>Bent over the toilet in the handicap stall
>Panties and one shoe missing
>Pants inside the toilet
>Never caught the guys
>DNA not matched
It turns me off so much looking at skinny faggots in rape scenes. I could rape them they are like girls with no muscles like that. It has to be a big strong guy or else its not hot
Did you enjoy yourself?
do you think about it much?
jesus, how old are you?

>Eats friends creampie from a drunken land whale's flabby, used cunt

>Dem rapes
I raped a hot trap. He was outside drunk wandering around and I think his friends were nearby but yeah, not near enough.
I pulled him inside and I was WAY to horny to think straight. I don't even think my speech was intelligible to him; just scary.
at first I panicked and decided I only had like a few minutes so I lubed my dick and fucked him HARD.
I was careful but damn I was forceful. I'm suprised there was so little blood. (almost none).

Then when I calmed down and tied him up I went nuts on him.
I cleaned out his ass, started talking dirty and shoving different things into his butt.
I didn't even notice the time go by, I was ruining his hole for three hours I think by the time I snapped out of it.
I managed to get him to the point where he was just sobbing like a bitch. Fuck I still jack off to his face.
I remember just being deliriously horny when I got my whole fist inside and just punch fucking his ass until I was exhausted.

All that and I just left him there, tied for a few hours, then forced him to get drunk and drove him to another suburb and dumped him with a massive dildo in his ass at like 5am in the morning, the last thing the slut heard was "if you take it out before you go home I'll cut your fucking tits off".

I know it sounds foolish I was just so fucking horny.
I really wished I had spent more time with his butt
I don't remember it

Everytime I drive by
>Fun fact
>eat out the pussy your friend just came in
you spent hours with him and no pics?
How about pics of the toys
I mean, what did you feel when you found out?
Drop vids are broken
Post pics so we can see that the other guys got to fuck.
How would you feel if you knew who did it?
Any tips on how I can find a girl like you in a bar?
At first I felt ashamed and sick
Then angry

But now I fantasize about it sometimes
So are you saying you wouldn't be opposed to something like that happening again?
I'd probably try and cut their dicks off
Knew you were a tranny.
I wouldn't want it to happen again. It screwed me up for a while
>Pants in toilet

Nice touch.
That is pretty hot. Not gonna lie.
File: KristenWiig_SNL.jpg (18 KB, 295x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 295x366
you licked out your friends jizz? jesus christ i hope this ends with walk the dinosaur
>Go to small concert for a local band that a bunch of friends and acquaintances are at
>after party at bar with all friends, lots of drinking
>im not from the area so i usually crash with a local friend
>but usual guy that gives me crash space isnt there
>get offer from lady friend. very flirty and suspected slutty lady friend.
>other guys there (solid friends, good guys) warn me to drop her off and stay at their place instead
>i nod "yeah ok ok whatever." but plan to bone the chick anyways
>get in car and start driving to her place
>after 2 minutes in car, she starts making out with me
>kissing is awkward and drunken
>i know for a fact she can kiss better so i figure she is gta WASTED
>get to her place and walk her upstairs
>her apt is a fucking mess and smells like cats. no place id want to sleep
>drop her on bed and she IMMEDIATELY passes out
>take off her jacket and realize the shirt she is wearing beneath is not translucent, but straight transparent
>remove her shirt to squeeze and tease her heavy tits and tiny perky nipples
>lift her skirt, tear a rip in her fishnet legging, pull panties aside and start licking her
>drooling all over her slit, tonguing her deep, getting everything wet
>slide it in and start fucking.
>enjoying feeling, but it got a little weird when i noticed her two cats just staring at us
>nearly ready to bust, pull out, and jizz on her face, tits, and shirt
>catch breath ang get ready to leave, when i look at her laying there and decide i want more
>round 2
>start fucking her again, but move her position
>feel my dick rubbing against her cervix
>AWESOME feeling
>she almost wakes up, looks like shes about to puke
>passes back out and snores lightly
>keep fucking until im ready to explode again
>i dont pull out, but cum inside with my tip flicking against her cervix
>lean in and whisper "enjoy having your ovaries drown in my cum, you fucking slut" just HOPING a part of her hears me
>pull out of her used hole and leave to other friend's house
If I raped you I would have left something in your asshole. Like a lighter or your cellphone.
But if you're fantasizing about it then you obviously have an underlying sexual attraction to that sort of situation.
>visit gf at uni
>go back to her flat
>bring a bottle of bailey's cream liqueur shit and various other booze
>made her a milk shake with booze and ice cream in the blender
>basically trying to get her drunk
>takes under an hour before she is pretty much paralytic
>can't even sit upright
Backstory, her dad used to beat her as a kid before he walked out, I met him once when he tried coming back into her life, there was a punch up (wasn't happy his daughter was in a relationship after being gone for over 10 years) and he left again
>I know gf has some bondage stuff, soft restraints, hog tie etc
>hog ties on wrists and upper arms
>soft handcuffs on
>I don't want anything leaving any marks
>ring gag in and blind fold on
>she isn't really aware of what is going on
>decide to start
>grab her by the hair and pull her across the bed
>I put on a voice to sound like him (distinct gruff voice, not hard to fake)
>"hi gf, it's daddy"
>she starts panicking
>I drag her off the bed and force her onto knees and put my dick in her mouth
>keep saying shit like "I'm back and you are going to let me in"
>slowly face fuck her
>end up hate fucking her throat while saying shit to her
>crying between gagging
>trying to keep her quiet so house mates can't hear anything
>stop every few minutes to force feed her a shot or something
>more face fucking
>greatest orgasm ever
>cum straight down her throat
>she gags and fights it
>but swallows
>keep giving her booze to maintain her state
>face fuck again
>keep telling her I'm her dad
>cum in her mouth, make her hold the cum on her tongue and present to me
>make her say "thank you daddy"
>at this point the crying has stopped, she is broken
>clean her up, put the stuff back and make her sick, before giving her a night cap
>leave DVD on and let it run overnight
>next morning she has no recollection
>tell her she got pissed and we watched a film before she fell asleep
I do this about once every other month now we live together.
I still talk to my friends from the area. none of them mention anything about that night or ever say that she did.

messaged her ONCE about the night in question like three weeks later and she didnt even remember me taking her home.

dunno what happened after that.
10/10 would rape again
Maybe. I only think about it when I'm going at it pretty hard and right before I finish.
Someone has to have some real vids.

or at least some facialabuse full vid links
>5 years ago
>live with gf
>get drunk a lot (she's always sober)
>come home and hatefuck her while she sobs and begs me to stop
>have one kid with her
>tfw I get to tell my son hes the product of rape
this chick i used to fuck told me she was raped but then she wanted me to rape her, this seems pretty fucking common. my current gf tries to fuck me in my sleep and encourages me to do the same to her if i feel the urge

this girl i "violated" last year still tries to contact me all the time, "just as friends this time.." lmao
>be me
>be very young
>be tightly wound and elastic
>one day guy shows up at work
>hes the big in your face kinda brofag
>he comes up to me and starts pulling on me
>don't say anything kinda laugh it off
>next week he does it again
>more so than before
>even starts violently pulling on me starting to make stretch marks
>eventually does it enough i'm wrapped around his fingers
>so bound up and confused about life
>how can things change so fast
>then the dreadful night comes
>he manages to take me home
>ride was broken, it was snowing
>doesn't stop at my home first
>we finally get to his house and he drags me inside
>made me tightly hold onto his mail
>eventually release his mail and he starts to play with me
>seriously disgusted
>fingers are all greasy
>more pulling
>stretched to my limit
>i snap
>mfw i'm a rubber band
That's because there's a stigmata on it. You don't necessarily want to think about it but I bet it's what makes you cum the hardest.
File: 1298314770314.jpg (20 KB, 236x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 236x255
is your name leah
>be me in middle school, fat socially awkward
>be 420 blaze it cool guy
>get paired with ultra qt 3.14 for group project
> procrastinate til last weekend. "If we don't finish this we fail."
>go to her house, obvious she is disgusted by me. Her parents aren't home. "Whatever this sucks, we're going to fail anyway I'm getting high"
>she perks up, has always wanted to try weed. I talk her into blazing. Stoned and laughing. She says alcohol is way better and steals vodka from liquor cabinet. I sip slow and she's falling over drunk within 30 minutes. At one point she lays on the couch and I start rubbing her ass
>"anon NO! I don't like u like that stop"
>I keep rubbing her whole body, way bigger and stronger than her so I pin her down and finger her virgin pussy. I strip her naked and she's crying
>fucked her right in the pussy and no willpower to pull out cause I was a virginfag. Came in like 1 minute. Shes still crying and I know ill get the death penalty for this so I panic
>slap her and tell her if she tells anyone ill tell the whole school she's been fucking me for months which is believable cause we have to meet at the library every week for project status updates.
>she goes about her life and never mentions it or looks at me
>sr year highschool i see her in the empty hall one day while classes are going on
>block her path and slowly run my hand across her cheek
>"if you ever tell ill kill you"
> few years ago on okc
> chick's pics are mostly myspace angles
> set up a date
> she shows up in a cab
> shit she's a hamplanet. 5'2" 180lb
> super hungry, decide fuckit, i'll have dinner with her then bail
> she orders a bunch of shit in mexican
> i get water and a burrito
> waitress shows up with a bigass glass and shot of tequila
> hamplanet says its their specialty, i'm supposed to put the shot in to make a margarita
> fine, whatever. eat and talk to hamplanet
> go take a piss and plan my escape
> come back see my margarita is refreshed
> finish food and pay. feeling super drunk for just 2 margaritas
> stumble outside. trouble walking.
> dont remember much other than flashes of hamplanet riding my cock
> wake up, she's not there.
> realize she spiked my drink
> see text "i had fun anon, lets do it again"
> delete her number
lol fucking boss
bravo sir, keep em under your thumb.
I hear this often. I think it'd be a more enjoyable experience if you didn't have everyone telling you that it's something to feel bad about. It's the same way with "victims" of statutory rape. They have a good time with their teacher, then they get convinced that they're supposed to have hated it, but deep down they still enjoyed it.
Similar deal with roofie rapes, but of course you don't remember the actual act.
>DNA not matched
does that mean they came inside you?
File: 1402803799496.jpg (84 KB, 625x625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 625x625
Wow. Shocked and impressed.
sounds to me like you got lucky
crazy of you to do that without knowing if she was on the pill or not
Well i was playing CoD BO1 and i got tomahawked from across the map. Yeah i got raped pretty bad.
want to see how your girl reacts? watch an "arthouse foreign film" with her called irreversible. you're welcome
we got ourselfs a survivor here
File: Battlefield.webm (3 MB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1024x576
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

I started getting the horm for average to a pretty roommate. Tried dealing with it by calling, then stealing her panties and vibrator and fapping, then creepshots and bathroom can. Eventually got drunk and climbed into bed with her in the early morning. Then I wussed out, and left before she woke up enough to realize what nearly happened.
I was laying in my bed. Was 10. My uncle get in my room with a friend. They asked me if they can use my computer. They locked the door and I got up inmediately and his friend grabbed me. My parents were at work and My uncles wife was at the market. They raped me for three hours. I screamed and shouted but nobody listened. Was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I was very hurt and I bleeded a lot. Dont joke about rape, raping ruins a lot of womens lifes
Oh yeah... that scene. I remember when this was big news. Totally fapped to this scene once.

Spoiler Rape Scene:

What happened the next day?
bullshit, you're a woman and let me explain why.

1.) Men can handle their shit
File: 1386216200106.png (618 KB, 636x857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
618 KB, 636x857
hi girl
this is uncle
I'm sorry I did that to you, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just forgot myself when I saw that you used a Mac
I will do foreplay next time
i bet $50 most girls are dripping after that scene
sure, why not.

>le me
>ex calls, says she needs to get away from home
>I'm living with parents at the time, can't take her in
>call up friend who lives in a mobile home, he can keep her for a few days
>they hit it off, have sex second day of her being there
>he lost his virginity to her
>fucking hilarious because he's a jock, i'm a nerd, he had my sloppy seconds as his first
>morning before she goes back I come pick her up
>open up door, no friend
>find her asleep
>lel let's have some fun
>proceed to slowly take off clothes
>no change in breathing
>proceed to start rubbing her tits and pussy
>finally get some action, she's still "asleep" but being responsive
>she's nice and wet now, let's stick it in
>commence sex
>finish in her
> "wake her up" 10 min later to take her back home
>9 months later she has my kid
>i'm now 21 with a 2 yo kid and the mom is an irresponsible bitch who was supposed to not have kids ever which is why i never put a condom on
>moral of the story, bitches
No one's "joking" here, if you can't handle it you shouldn't be trolling rape threads.
100% THIS
100% THIS
Really hope you got a small test on this one
those guys look really fucking skinny do those faggots even lift
Took TWO of them to rape one girl theyre that weak DYEL manlets
she went to get government funding so they had to open a court case and named me as the father. DNA test confirmed.
She wasn't bothered that she only remembered fucking your friend and you got her knocked up then?
Sounds like a nice girl.
Sucks man. 10 min of rape and now she gets to rape you for 18 years
File: 1410329916941.png (7 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 200x200
i think i said "she's still 'asleep'

further thought about what happened led me to believe that she woke up during and pretended to be asleep still because she's in LOVE with me or some bullshit like that
she's not even using the child support money. and i can get it discontinued because i have 50 50 custody over my kid now. it just sucks because initially she told me i didn't have to do anything and that she'd take care of everything and the kid and now it looks like i'm doing all the fucking work. #firstworldproblems
More than likely she was just horny and has rape fantasies
Did she ever confront you about what happened?
hahahaha, that'd be rich is it was. idc about her or it anymore. one time thing i think, but when it happened i didn't think of it as rape because she's my ex and we have sex all the time.
we talked about it, i was the one to bring the subject up because i felt a little bit bad about it all. she said that she didn't care that i did and dismissed it like something unimportant

>It was my pleasure
File: 1411264620838.jpg (54 KB, 388x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 388x512
she loved it
>It was my privelage
Did he score more at that table than you did?
>Be at a party
>get more drunk than I have ever been
>18 y/o virgin
>friends tells me we have to talk 2 days later
>I went out to some dudes car and had sex
>guy was 30
>didn't even remember meeting him/had no idea who he was
During the Fappening I raped a ton of celebs.
Once saw a guy trying to rape a girl in the alley behind my appartment. Grabbed a hockey stick, ran down there and hit him and slashed him in the face with it..... Rapists are the biggest scum in the world.
I would gladly go to jail for killing a rapist.
here's aubrey
File: 77777777.jpg (9 KB, 320x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 320x272
that's psychic rape*
No greentext on phone sorry
Have an older brother when he was 19 I was 14
he had a party when our parents went on vacation
I was there and I got to invite my to best friends.
Party is going on late at night a lot of people are crashing everywhere.
This friend of my brother called Bob comes to me and 2buddies and says follow me buddies I got something.
He brings us to the bedroom of my brother there is a serious hot chick passed out on the bed.
He says if you want pussy this is your chance my underaged friends.
He leaves u in the room with the passed out chick.
We take turns fucking her all virgins so we last like 5min max.
Next day Bob introduces us to the girl it was his gf.
Bob told her she didn't mind... It was there idea of a good prank. She laughed with hard.
To this day I still havnen't figured out where Bob found such a girl.

bonus: few months later Bob makes us clean his house in exchange for a bj from that same gf

those 2 were fucked up

but doesn't matter got laid and a bj
he's clearly mentally ill
Was erwartest du
Sucks, sorry anon.
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