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Get your anal beads and lubricant, it's...
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Get your anal beads and lubricant, it's time for DnD! Get well soon Heaven Edition.

A Song Never Sung: Chapter 1

I'll be your host: Frank Underwood

Players: 4-6

To play, claim a spot and read the rules below. I suggest waiting for the campaign details before making a character.
//ASoIaF DnD Beta Test Session//
//Developed by Heaven with advice from Hyewot/Silenius/JONSNO, and the rest of the Go/b/ Community//

You can talk with anyone in your own vicinity. When you want to speak with a NPC directly, link to the post where OP Roleplayed as the NPC you are talking with. To talk with players that are not close to you, a trained Raven is required.

When you are doing an action follow this:
>OP tells you in his update that you are under attack by a bear that came rushing out the forest at you.
You post some light RP to explain your characters line of thoughts/reasons why you are doing what you are about to do and/or quick preparation before you post your action in this format separately from the RP:
[Players Name] > Evade
[Players Name] > Strength check

Based on how high or low the number you got in your post number, you either successfully evaded the bears charge or you got tumbled by the bear. Things like being less equipped or having armor equipped at the time will either increase or decrease the chance of evading. It is up to OP to inform players AFTER they have rolled for an action if their chances were increased or decreased based on their skills or equipments, as to not give the players a choice and to explain why they failed/succeeded. Anything is possible as long as your character can do it.

Description of the Game:
Four to Six players claim a spot in the game.
>Now you can either:
>Option A: Roll for skillpoints, with 25 being the highest. You have to clearly tell OP that you are rolling for Skillpoints. To avoid rolling forever, it will work like this; Roll a 2 or a 3 and you get Five Skill Points, 4 to 5 is Ten skill points, 6 to 7 is Fifteen skill points, 8 to 9 is Twenty Skill points, and 0 being 25. If you get a 1, you can roll again.
>You then create a character based around what stats you have filled in with your skillpoints.
Put a lot of skill points into Strength and Endurance? Make a Hedge knight, a Masteratarms, or maybe a Sellsword for some examples. Not a requirement of course.
>Option B: You make a character beforehand and then pray to the roll gods you get enough skillpoints to make your character like you initially envisioned him/her or accept 10 Skillpoints that cannot be increased or decreased.
>When you make a character include the following:
-Weapons and equipments (Holds no significance as of yet, Valyrian Steel cannot be a starting item, adds +1 to appropriate skill)
-House/Faction (You can belong to any house, but if you belong to a major noble house you will have -to be either a bastard or just be working for that house as whatever it is you are. No story specific characters; ie. Lords, kings, or any factions OP denies for story purposes from the start)
-Goal/Quest (Leave it blank and I will assume the character is free to do just about anything that is still relevant to the character.)
-Prefered Starting location (This is entirely up to where OP places you to give you a chance to team up with other characters, but if you are more of a loner character, he will have a better idea where to place you if you have a prefered location.)
-Short Description of the characters looks
>After you have posted your character sheet, and OP confirms that all spots have been filled and the game will begin shortly, you will wait till OP posts the opening.
>OP Posts the opening about the current situation in Westeros and maybe Essos, introducing all characters to where they have started and explain the surroundings.
>Reply to that post with your characters thoughts/responses/actions and wait till OP replies to your post and thus, the game has started. Have fun!

>See Chart
1 is the lowest which is always a fail now matter how high your stats are (Note that failures do not always result in your death), while 0 is the highest and always a success. 29 Can either become a failed or a successful action depending on how low or high your stats are. A roll of 7 or higher is usually a success, a 6 may succeed on various simple actions. A successful roll awards 1 skill point (2 for a 0). Every 5 skill points you recieve in a stat (10 for luck), that stat levels up. For each level after 1, a +1 bonus is rewarded to a roll in that stat.

To make it easier on the DM, sigs should be posted after every action in the following format.

>[Player's name]
>Weapon's & Equipment: Black feathered crow uniform, bastard sword, rope, broken shield, hard cheese
>Currency: 4 Copper pennies
rolling for point
Money and economy also plays a major part in ASoIaF, and as such, coins and currency are
distributed as follows:
10 Copper pennies == 1 Copper Star,
50 Copper Stars == 1 Silver Stag
100 Silver Stags == 1 Gold Dragon
Traditionally, a standard character will start with 20 Stags, (With modifications based on backstory or player request) and money can be gained or recieved based on actions or random chance.
To value purchases, some baseline values are provided as to actual worth:
Hard cheese == 6 Pennies
Freshbaked Bread == 12 Stars
Salt Beef == 6 Stars
Wineskin == 4 Stars
Venison == 1 Stag
Fur coat == 3 Stags
Leather Jerkin == 4 Stags
Chainmail Shirt == 10 Stags
Full suit of Steel Plate == 10 Dragons
Steel Longsword == 2 Dragons

While these prices have been made as a base they prices for items may go up and down due to the event in the story and any other elements. I would also like to take this moment to point out that this is a RP game where Metagaming is forbidden. What is Meta play? ā€¯metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.
The only way your character would know of the other players journies would be through rumors heard in Taverns/Inns, from someone important with connections or by letter from a Raven. OP reserves the right to deny a player to play if they know that these players are griefers/bad fro previous games and they also have the right to kick a player from the game at any given point if the player is either horrible at Roleplaying, breaking rules, griefing, insulting other players/OP in OOC etc.
rolling for points
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The Song Never Sung

King's Landing.

The people of King's Landing have began to revolt against their crown, and the boy who sits under it. After King Joffrey sentenced Ned Stark to The Wall for plotting against him, all was thought to be well in the kingdom. Little did the King know, the truth behind Ned's attempt to overthrow him had leaked to the public. The remains of the letter that Robert Baratheon had written on his death bed, naming Ned king, had made its way into the hands of the common folk after being ripped into pieces by Cersi Lannister. Words of an uprising were on everyone's tongues. It only took the voice of one man to lead it.
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Gendry, bastard of the late Robert Baratheon, had once again been visited by a resident of The Red Keep the night of Eddard Stark's sentencing. A round hooded figure snuck into the young man's quarters. After his initial reaction to kill the intruder, Gendry and the man began to talk. It was a lot to swallow for Gendry. Finding out that he; was highborn, bastard of Robert Baratheon, that the king had been financially supporting his apprenticeship, and that he was the rightful ere to the throne of Westeros.

It took several nights, but eventually the man molded Gendry's into the leader he needed. He built his sense of duty until Gendry needed to see Joffrey dethroned. The final piece being the letter written by Robert, sealed the fate of the young bastard. He had a revolution to begin.

The plump man left Gendry's quarters for the last time. Outside, a thin hooded man waited his return.

"Have you done it?" the thin man asked.

"I believe so," the round man replied.

"Well done my friend," he said. "With Gendry, his claim to the throne, and whispers in their ears of Joffrey being born of incest, the city will rise, and our King will fall."

As he took off his hood, Varys revealed no emotion to Peter from under his hood. "Although we see eye to eye on this particular matter, Lord Baelish, whenever your true intentions present themselves, and I truly can not wait until they do... I'll be waiting."

"To the realm."

"To the realm."
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Thread images: 4
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