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We need a baww thread guys.
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We need a baww thread guys.
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My personal favoryte
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and some music
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more music
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Is anyone else is here?
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gets me every time
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Eh, i guess no one is interested in this. At least i tryed
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Im glad tht someone else is here
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best pic ever.png
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right in the feels.png
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im out of pics
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i dont have many

Having a bad day :/
Oh you guys are still here
Get it off your chest
Not much to say.

Got dumped by the girl of my dreams.

Mom tried to kill dad after divorce.

Nearly died on a car crash with drunk drivers a few minutes ago.

That's it.
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I miss her..
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Dont even know what to say, this is just so sad
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i lost her today actually
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I feel like i'm on a vale of plenty.

I've done great deeds so far, i'm taken as one of the most promissing young scientists (under 20 years) in my country.

Still, i'm feeling like buying a Canon 7D, a passage to Sierra Leoa and spending some time there. Photographing. Surviving. Maybe get killed in a skirmish. Maybe not.

What you think about it?
I cried
We're two, brother. Tell me more about it.
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Got my dick jammed in my zipper the other day..

I think its good idea (but ndont get yourself killed) I think its wonderfull just to go somewhere and do something crazy. Tell me about your job, please. I used to dream about becoming a scientist when i was younger.
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not to much to say we had fun and had somthing going on and then she just found another guy
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My job is kinda boring, really.

I study 11 hours a day to get a fucked up degree, go to the gym, get home by 8-9 PM, have to do all the home stuff like food and cleaning, and then spend more 1 or 2 hours in Facebook talking to researchers, reviewing papers, submitting papers, dealing with papers back from peer revision and this kind of shit.

One of the cool things, is writing books. It takes quite a while, they're expensive to pay, but fucking rewarding.

I do have some sort of depressive disorder (possibly borderline), diagnosed since i was a child. Not really interested in it. And i'm not sure if it would make me run in front of a bullet.

Pic related. Working with Vipers on a Lab.
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This video makes me tear up a bit everytime.

I love those threads because only here we can be ourselves. Open hearted. Kind. Lonely. And be honest with ourselves. We tell ewach other the storyes of our lifes. We help eachothers. And you people actualy helped me. Helped me to find something that worth living for. That THERE IS a good people in the world. And i want to thank you. I want to thank you for the moments you listened to me and helped me. Thank you.

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well I dumped all I could bros, except my own personal baww story.
is this yours?
/b/ is full of faggots.
Army Infantry OIFIII. Your problems are imagined. Your world is imagined. People in the real world aren't worried about people not liking them because they like MLP. People in the real world are trying not to get shot crossing the street. Man up. Nobody want's to be associated with a bunch of faggots that can't keep their emotions in check or their air conditioned lives in perspective.
yeah, true story too.
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ball lightning.png
1 MB, 1279x873
I've learned that, everyone has their own kind of problems, and we should not understimate them.

But, if you think that trying not to get shot is a real problem, then stay frosty, i'm wearing a Level II Vest right now.

Pic related. My carry, here in the middle of bumfuck nowhere South America.
A friend said to me once: "Why would you want to live longer? To be able to control how long you live and when you die. To be able to decide that one day you wanted to die after all the years of watching everyone get old with you. Why prolong the agony? That's just suicide"
Also, i thought a Marine or whatever the fuck you're trying to pose as, would know that suicide is a real threat amongst our brothers.

If you actually served, you should know at least someone that commited suicide while deployed.

But yeah, i guess you're just a stupid keyboard warrior.
why the fuck am I crying
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right in the feel
[Army; Branch] [Infantry; MOS] [OIFIII; Theater and Year]

I don't know anyone that committed suicide while deployed. I have a brother that tried in Kandahar. I have a friend that got shot in the face. I watched another gunner friend get shredded by a 155 round tied to a tree branch. I watched 2 friends get their backs broken by enough HME to turn a culvert into a sink hole.

>People don't like me. I don't shower. Girls don't like my poetry.

Faggots crying about being faggots. If nothing else I hope these posts do for some anons what their dad's should have a long time ago, teach them to man the fuck up.

Civilians are so worried about all the little bullshit going on in their lives. They have never belonged to anything bigger than themselves.
Here some smooth jazz
Ah fuck dammit. Ugh.

I hate this place.
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Some people have their lifes easier than others.

Learn to deal with it.

Also, i've heard of something similar to the guy-tied-in-tree and shot, but with 12.7mm, and 'round Gizab.

Sucks to be you, mate. But it wont make other people's problems smaller to them.
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Edgy newfag.
am I really the only one here that's ever had to nut up and get over my feelers? really? every single one of you emotionally tucks your sack between your legs and posts about it here? go be about something.
Letting it out is better than keeping it in.
Holy shit just lost it. Jesus.
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people around the world laugh at americans and their inability to cope with their extremely privileged lives. struth.
Summary of the last month:
> dumped by gf
> taken by friends for a weekend trip to heal
> return to see that someone broke in to my home
> fridge destroyed by thief, fucking letting agency still (2 weeks) haven't done shit about it
> deadlines at work
> crappy mood, stressed -> suck at work -> more stressed, repeat

Try to rest and get my shit straight, though I'm still a wreck
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execute order.jpg
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No, you're not. You're not the only one to have actually killed someone, be it in CQB or giving orders to an airstrike.

But you dont seem to understand that depression is a real problem. Go fuck yourself, Grunt.
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This. So much this.
gonna sleep. goodbye.
good night
>has shit-tier government job
>is proud to lived, actually lived.
>doesn't expect shit from self-important, hipster faggot civilians

listen faggots, your bleedy swollen pussies are starting to cause real problems for actual men killing mean motherfuckers in other countries. faggoty feelings like the ones in this thread have led to our president pulling troops from iraq right as the sunni's started to get with the program. faggoty feelings cause weakness in our civilians, which in turn are a political detriment to men who dont have time for faggoty feelings. this thread literally makes america weak.
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depression? lmao. nobody here knows shit about depression. enjoy your fucking smoothies pogue.
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>be 23
>have had this glorious dog in my life since i was 12
>Be my 23rd birthday go out on big family walk you know that gay shit, just chilling with the family
>take my boy out for a walk the day after
>come back feed him
>sitting on step scratching his head
>drops dead at my feet
>Still miss my boy
Fookin Aight-beeh's McGee, mate.

I've read this twice, seen it dozens of times and can't bring myself to read it again. Eight beers was a fucking /b/ro, and I'd give my left nut if he'd have had better times.
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>b me
>b 15
>b awesome band singer
>b dog dies
>b :(((((((((
Does anyone have the china earthquake pictures?
Aw man thats sad
thank you for bumping my thread
I've never seen such a dead baww thread. Next time u make a baww thread op. Make it in the morning.
Its morning in russia
I've lurked around these threads for the past couple years or so, this is my first time posting. Every time I come here it reminds me of how fucked I am. The last time I cried in my life was when my cat that I had since I was born was put down. Oliver, he's the last thing I loved. I had another cat, Chaise, and he ran away last year. I had him for just about the same time, but I didn't cry for him. He never loved me like Oliver did, Oliver was my own. He used to sleep with me every night, and console me whenever I was sad. It was like he knew what I was feeling and wanted me to stop feeling it. I'm not sure why I'm even posting this, thread might 404 before I even hit enter. I'm tearing up now, because I have nothing that loves me, and nothing to love. We are all the same, all of the people like me that never post, you just read and feel. We're all disgusting and we know it, writhing in our self-pity and refusing to stray from it because if we stop caring about ourselves then nobody will.
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Wow. Nice to meet you. I'm going to bed now. Goodnight friendly fellow.

fuck. this is my feel right now.
Good night anon.
>because I have nothing that loves me, and nothing to love.
Dont say that. You will find right people, trusted frend, people to care about, that care about you. And /b hleped me to undesteand that there is right people. We just need to find them
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Love your pets /b. They're our best friends.

They give us their love unconditionally, maybe because they don't know any better, but they do it anyway.

So don't ignore them, even if life goes faster than you'd want it to go, take 10 minutes out of it and give them some of this love back.

They deserve it.

They're our friends after all.
Right off of the bat. You got me and now im baww
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