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fresh stoner thread for the Best Coast boys
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fresh stoner thread for the Best Coast boys
how stoney can you get at 2 am, niggers?

obligatory 'snoop dogg- smoke weed every day' and '28 grams full album - wiz khalifa' bumping in here

(if you enter thread, you must initially listen to these songs)
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2nd rule

>last digit of your post determines how many hits you must take before posting again
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On t break, 9 days out of 30

gonna eat an edible and smoke a fat ass bowl of the best of what the southeast has to offer.

a Bump for your thread, and 28 grams was shit. taylor allderdice, and og kush were the best
Shit. im tierd.

*gonna do the festivities when my break its

*kush and oj

here , have another bump
28 grams IS shit. I only like *some* of it, just for the ambience and the bass.

I don't into degenerate music very much though, since I don't associate with niggers and those that obsess over them
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I don't need anyone to talk, I can talk with myself. Give me a minute here to free up my hands and I can ramble on for a while

Idk if anyone wants to read what I type though so I'll provide stimulating pictures with my posts

>House 128kbps or sunshine-live app
fuck it ill roll
File: 20140822_193726.jpg (2 MB, 4128x2322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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just smokin some decent weed with a couple friends.
4 aint bad

who /high/ here?
im high as balls, and this thread just made me wanna keep smoking
Anyone done any other psychoactive herbs besides cannabis?
I've thought about salvia recently but I don't want to jump in blindly
been meaning to order some more weed... haven't toked in like 5-6 months now....
I always buy online from a guy close to me, like a city apart but I've been too worried with my new job and toking, just kind of getting established you know. No drug tests or anything, just worried of resulting laziness.
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Loading a bowl and rolling.
Glad there's a new thread.
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>fluffy nugs
>poorly trimmed
>bragging about an ounce
get on my level.
I tried salvia a few times. Its pretty cool you go from 0 to tripping balls as soon as you exhale. DMT felt really similar, but it gave me a more spiritual trip though if you're into that kind of thing.
As much as need be! I don't stop till I drop, pop 5 adderall and smoke till it wears off or my cough makes me unable to breath.
Very much into it. Is DMT/Salvia hard to find?

Well if this nigger doesn't defuse that pretentious attitude let's just ignore him til he comes straight

No bragging here sucka, but how are you going to compare plants to cured and 1+ year old buds?
Always love the tan rolls in this pic. Not a fan of cones, I'd rather just smoke multiple straights personally.
Does he deliver or send it to you?
You'd probably get the fatigue for a couple days at best. Maybe a friday night meditation of sorts? Personally, if your life is going fine without weed, I don't see any reason you *should* beyond enjoying the commodity of getting 'high'.
Salvia; had 1 bad experience. Tried some 10x, took 2 large hits and then has this disturbingly weird feeling overcome myself for about 10 mins with a lingering discomfort for another 3 hours. The visuals I saw at first began as though everything in my plane of sight had slanted to the left and stretched out a little. I didn't like it at all, but my research indicates with salvia either you make the breakthrough by going balls to the wall and thoroughly blazing it or you will have a bad time by inadequate dosage.

So if you're going to do it, be sure you fucking commit at least, I guess.
what jar is that you have the bowl on?
ahh yeah, the instant trip I feel catalyzed the bad experience I was having with it.

you get sucked away from ordinary reality, so if you're not blasted to the nether you're caught in purgatory..
Salvia is a legal herb. you can find it in most headshops/tobacco outlets/gas stations in shitty parts of town.
Ordinary salvia will require more to reach the effect you desire. They sell concentrated versions labeled '10x' '20x' '30x' and so on til I believe the max of '60x'. (could be wrong bout the max)

Basically, the number is however many x (times) they dunked the herbs in the package into a pool of concentrated sage batter from the salvia
Its pretty hard to come by for me. I guess it really depends in the area you live or if you know people that can hook you up.

I was lucky to score some DMT off my friend but I probably wouldn't have been able to get it if it wasn't for him because a lot of my friends don't smoke or do any of that kind of stuff. I'm also not really the type to tap shoulders to try to score something too so.
I know dude, my world looked like paper mario all of a sudden and I flipped balls.
at least i have something to brag about, you decided to make a thread because youre so excited you picked up an ounce.
good lookin buds op
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>it's an old pic
do you autistic
lool. wish i had friends irl who independently sought experiences to share
thanks m8
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my first grow so what? best OG kush i smoked. have 4 rooms full. keep paying for weed lol
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Twats get time out

Everyone hide ID: oPOji3fD's posts for 15 minutes
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stay jealous fucking faggot, your threads dead and your weed is shitty.
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threads dead lol, why bump it fucking moron.
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i love haleyissoar's videos on youtube
shes a great virtual friend
Somebody paypal me $20 so I can join the party.
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I dint know Druhhh deelluhs took no damn paybit virtuo coins, boy.

Best be explainin that voodoo hoodoo janja majicka before ya get stray aced n din jeyinre, yere
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sorri bro but not gonna listen to that shit wiz khalifa
and you can get very stony at 2 am, just like i was 12 hours ago, its 2pm here and wondering if i should hit it already or wait for nothing and then hit it
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