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ITT: We list our 3 favourite movies, then...
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ITT: We list our 3 favourite movies, then someone else recommends a good film that we might enjoy

Ill start:
>Oldboy (God-tier original)
>The Raid 2: Berendal
>The Man from Nowhere

So get in here /b/ros
The village, Forest Gump and Dark Knight
Hey OP. How familiar are you with Korean movies? I can recommend many.

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance blows away Old Boy.

> 2046
> Chungking Express
> Shaolin Soccer
i have only started to recently get into them, but every korean i have watched so far i really enjoyed. the ones i have seen so far are
>the good, the bad and the weird
>the man from nowhere
>sympathy for lady vengance

im downloading 'a company man' right now to watch, so anything along those lines would be awesome
the lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring
john carpenter's the thing
reservoir dogs
I was starting watch old boy, but after 20 minutes watching turn off this shit
Am korean and havent watched any korean movies except old boy
>mfw our nipponese neighbors thought the incest was hot
>>Pulp Fiction
>>2001: A Space Odissey
currently in seoul, everything is somehow weird here..
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Martin Lawrence.jpg
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Any movies this guy has made.
god fucking dammit japan...
Memories of a Murder. It's by Joon-ho Bong who also made this years Snowpiercer, and The Host (which is what a monster film should be like).
Battle royale
Silent Hill
Enter the dragon
I just saw falling down, as an anon imformed me iron maiden made a song about it, and was not disappointed. I enjoyed it
You should wath also Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, I Saw the devil, Bittersweet Life, Castaway on the Moon, Memories of murder
My Faves, in this order

1)Sympathy for everyone sincerely posting in this thread (REALLY blows away old boy)
2) From whence originates this spring of faggotry? (originally dutch, the title loses something in translation)
3) Tyler Perry's Nigger Circus
the remake sucked but at least you got elizabeth olsen incest
Go to Itaewon for all kind of foreigners (mostly sandniggers). Should be crowded in an hour or two.
Hongdae for art students and asian hipsters. Its dirty as fuck though.
These arent favorite of all time but recent ones Ive watched. Except for SLC Punk I loved that movie.

>SLC Punk
>The Town
>Dawn of the Dead (2004)
And more, if you would like to watch russian movie about professional killers, I can advice it to you.
By the way, in sequel killer go to us for bisnessman
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2 MB, 300x169
What the hell nigga, Oldboy and Raid 2 are in my top 10 too. I'd recommend I Saw the Devil to you.
yeah nobody said good shit about the american version. Haven't even bothered streaming it
1 battle royal
2 killers
3 confession of a murder
japanses south korea movies are the best much more that are good
samuel L jackson was actually pretty good in it.
and the hammer sequence was dope

original was better tho

I also really enjoyed raid 2, downloading man from nowhere now!
Is Snowpiercer good? I' ve read something saying is really bad but except that, never heard talking about it (in my country)
Not enough round eyes in this thread.
> SLC Punk
Found the poser
rock n rolla
john dies at the end
i used to have a better list a year ago
the hammer sequence was not dope, it was completly unrealistic because americanized as fuck. Nothing comparable to the original.
Replying to a ten year old post
That's a paddlin'
I think Bong is a trustworthy enough director to at least give it a chance without listening to the critics. Personally I thought it was a great cinema experience.
Loved Guy Ritchie's works but Sherlock Holmes movies were realy bad.
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1 MB, 500x350
What about eastern promises ? Anybody a fan of it ?
Movie's not well known but damn, Viggo mortensen is hot in it.

No homo.
Alright, I'll shoot some lists at you.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (may as well finish the trilogy)
A Bittersweet Life
The Chaser
Memories of Murder (my personal favorite)
A Dirty Carnival
J.S.A. Joint Security Area
The Host (monster movie)
New World
City of Violence
The Thieves
Castaway on the Moon
Attack the Gas Station
The Foul King
The Quiet Family
Going By the Book
Quiz Show Scandal
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring
The Man Who Was Superman
Bleak Night
Cruel Winter Blues
Peppermint Candy
>Romance (most are melodrama)
My Sassy Girl
A Moment to Remember
More Than Blue
The Harmonium in My Memory
Christmas in August
Late Autumn

This should keep you busy.
1. Kung Fu Hustle
2. Kung Fu Hustle
3. Kung Fu Hustle
theres a movie coming out this year called 'Killers', you might enjoy that one
I really like movies (gangster/maffia) where its in the criminals point of view.

American gangster
A bronx tale
Pulp fiction
Reservoir dogs
thinking of seeing once upon a time in america
Anyone recommend anything?
Same, snowpiercer was great

mah nigga
monty python meaning of life
pink floyd the wall
office space


also, no country for old men if you'ven't watched it.
So we're talking about Korean movies.

>Oldboy (of course)
>I Saw the Devil
>The Chaser
>A Bittersweet Life
>A New World
>Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
>Lady Vengeance
>Brotherhood of War
oh shit based anon, thank you
Anyway, here's mine. Fan of big dumb action flicks:

1. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
2. Die Hard With a Vengeance (don't care if it's the second worst in the series)
3. Fast Five (proved they could make a good film with the existing formula)
The movie was great but from Cronenberg I would expect something else.
you probably have already seen the departed. thats the only one I could recommend if you.

ill check it out thanks! im dling it right now, looks like it came out a couple days ago on kickass
oh man, how Did I forget T2?
I would recommend Hobo with a shotgun if you have not seen it
It's called brother (????) in russian.
You can find it on the pirat bay with eng subs.
I doubt there's eng voices for it.
It's a very cool film.
The Fountain 2006
Becket 1964
The Man From Earth
Cloud Atlas
Mr. Nobody
The Fountain
Already seen, it was decent imo. I like movies where its more of the process of organized crime.
Godfather, scarface etc
go on primewire got to *genre* select any one you want then go on sort by and press *ratings* get the best movies
hey man can you send a link to the Killers torrent, i actually cant find shit on it hahah
why do i have the feeling its just a snuff film
If you liked Man from Earth, you should check out The Sunset Limited. It's religion centric, and it's a one room film. I think it was written by Cormac McCarthy who also wrote No Country for Old Men and The Road.
dark knight
love exposure
cheers dude, muh thanks
Nice ones, I enjoyed them. You might like:
>Synecdoche, New York
>Holy Motors
>Beyond the Black Rainbow
np. check the other link out too. its half the size. and more seeds. both seem to have hardcoded subs
I have seen and liked it immensely, care to suggest more movies?
Dr Zhivago
Brief Encounter
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Gans of NY, Donnie Brasco, Carlito' s way?
Seems nice. Ima check it out.
much appreciated, I'll check them out
Kung Fu Hustle?
Its amazing, its on the same level as Hot fuzz
(if you havent seen it watch that too!)
Dr strange love
goodbye Lenin
>The Matrix
>Enter The Dragon
I loved donnie brasco, was carlitos way any good? im considering watching it
>Ghost in the Shell
>Back to the future
No this is feature film.
In my country, it's like american psycho in your
The Exterminating Angel. It's French, but it's fucking amazing.
I honstly liked it, you should watch it, and also Once Upon A time In America, great movie, Sergio Leone one of the greatest.
Dr Strangelove is one of the greatest and underrated movie ever
full metal jacket
office space
ichi the killer
Waking Life
Mind Game
The Holy Mountain
Yes, it's very nice film.
And what kind of genre is this film?
Wow I havent even seen that and it sounds incredible. Why are films in french often so good? I really get along well with french people, they seem to have this life thing pretty well figured out.
Yeah i love the actors in once upon a time in america. Hoe pesci, de niro etc they play the maffia characters really well. ..But the movie is almost 4 hours long
>full metal jacket
I saw it with fun voices, but I knew it's millitary drama
How did I forget about FMJ?
if you havent seen it Unleashed with jet li

clide barkers the plague
side effects was good
and orgazmo/basketball/cannibal musical is obligitory

these recommendations are for everyone
>Old Boy (Same as OP)
>Pulp Fiction
>Big Fish (Get the feelings in bruh)
>Any from Sergio Leone
>revenge fantasy movies

Don't worry OP, you'll grow out of your "taste" once you end highschool
Did you see Midnight in Paris? Owen Wilson tells a guy (Luis Bunuel) about an idea for a movie that he should make, and that movie was The Exterminating Angel.
funny games
the lovely bones
Downloaded it and about to watch it, you have a great taste, care to share your favorite movies list?
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Lawrence of Arabia
Brain Candy
Well, Bunuel isn' t "someone who direct movies", Un Chien Andalou is one of the base of surrealistic cinema.
>Full Metal Jacket
>Apocalypse Now
>Uhh, uhh, idk, Watchmen

fuck yeah Dr. Strangelove
Yup, seen it (about 7 times in fact - it's such a damn good movie), as well as the other two films in the Three Flavour Cornetto Trilogy. Are there any other films similar to these?
Well, they have italian origins so...
The lenght doesn' t matter, you can watch it in two "session" like Kenneth Branagh' s Hamlet.
I want to replace Watchmen with like...Metropolis? Or Dazed and Confused. Dunno.
thanks faggot
a clock work apple
full metal coat
paper non fiction

for real tho
File: 1307755875733.jpg (499 KB, 1100x833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499 KB, 1100x833
>Bram Stokers Dracula
>Sherlock Holmes
>From Hell
>Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows

I like movies placed in 1900 London era and Tim Burton Movies.

Runner ups where
>Edward Scissorhands
>Corpse Bride
>Nightmare before christmas
>Dark Shadows
I cant remember actually. See, my thing is I love to get really baked and watch forein films. I usually dont remember what was going, sometimes I dont even read the subtitles, its still fun.
Fievel Goes West
Terminator 2
Not that I know of. such a great trilogy. not alot of movies are on that kind of parody level, HWASG is decent,

as bad as it sounds I did enjoy haunted house 2,

if you like simon pegg movies id say;
A fantastic fear of everything
run fat boy run
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
The worlds end (must see if you like simon pegg+nick frost)
I also enjoyed the new startrek movie with him in it
1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
2. Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo, Il (1966)
3. Requiem for a Dream (2000)
4. Shining, The (1980)
5. Cidade de Deus (2002)
6. Abre los Ojos (1997)
7. C'era una Volta il West (1968)
8. Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, Le (2001)
9. Hot Fuzz (2007)
10. Enter the Void (2009)

That's it, opinions? protips?
thats the movie I was forgetting, you will probably LOVE it. im downloading it again right now its that good
>not seeing the black dynamite
>The lord of the rings
>The man from earth
>Back to the future
File: 267221_det.jpg (16 KB, 180x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nuff said
Well, Per un pugno di dollari, Per qualche dollaro in più, Yojimbo, Tropa de elite, shaun of the dead
see my suggestions posted earlier,
if you like french movies Delicatessen and the city of lost children
its by the same director as amelie, great movies. micmacs wasnt too bad either

True, altough i still think they play the characters better than problably all other boss/mob characters ive seen, except maybe marlon brando who played don vito in godfather pt1..hes dead tho.
OK new list.

>Dazed and Confused
>Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Actually nah, just watch Jodorowsky's Dune, the doco from last year. Then decide if you want to see any of his real films.
File: 5708758687584.jpg (32 KB, 285x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Idioterne (The Idiots)
Hundstage (Dog Days)
Ex Drummer

>The Eye (Chinese)
>The Abyss
> Uninvited
>Cidade de Deus
>Apocalypse now
>Porco Rosso
>Star Wars
How many times do i have to watch Old Boy to understand it?

There's nothing to understand, just a brainwashed guy doing shitz, but it's beautiful
The Boondock Saints
Dumb and Dumber
answer me
What did the new old boy do wrong that the original did right?

The new old boy is a shitty american reform with a totaly talentless cast...

So just bad acting?

i didn't watch the new oldboy. but god, did it look fucking horrible to me.
>Pretty baby
:^) no pedo
Definitely Lawrence of Arabia, you seem to like David Lean

and bad realisation...
what's doing lou?
L.A. Confidential
Fight Club
Breakfast Club
> Breakfast Club

Stand By Me?
Your ages are showing. Im gunna guess...38ish?
Nah, 22. But these are midnight classics for me.
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Someone did good raising you, you have excellent taste, props.
And yes, I am le newfag cancer Xddd
Actually I watch movies from any time and all countries. Those 3 aren't really my favorite, just the most rewatchable that I've got torrented.
>>Forrest Gump - Saw it when I was a kid and have loved it ever since.
>>There Will be Blood
>>The Wicker Man (1973 version, not that piece of shit with Nicolas Cage dressed in a pedobear suit sucker punching women)
>>The Royal Tenenbaums (anything by Wes Anderson really)
>>Saving Private Ryan
>>Gravity - Even though it's on the newer side I fucking fell in love with it.
>>28 Days Later
>>Children of Men
>>Pan's Labyrinth
>>Where the Wild Things Are (dem feels bro)
>> District 9

I really recommend to watch There Will Be Blood if you haven't. It's not for everyone but that's the finest acting you'll ever see. Also recommend The Wicker Man (1973 version).

Baby Boy
>literally 2 hours of niggers nigging out because niggers. comedic gold
>37 dicks

i can't think of a third right now because drunk
>Back to the Future
>They Live
Speaking about movies.

WTF is with all these superhero movies these days? How come they become so popular?

Disney owned Marvel, that's all...
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