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sorry for my slow typing, thread 404d just as I finished the last part of the story...so I'm gonna remake since 1 guy asked me to so there's at least 1 person interested..

This isn't one of those retarded 'pics with incest captions' threads; though spiderman is welcome.

-all stories welcome; greentext or not, (it doesn't really matter does it?)

-favorite incest type? (eg. dad-daughter, brother-sister... )

-closest thing to incest thats happened in your family (if you don't have any actual incest stories)

-would you fuck any of your family members?

-pics of family members if your not a pussy (don't have to be nudes)

-also links to any of your favorite incest porn?

-If anyone wants, I have links to all types; mostly stuff that seems like it could be incest (even though it probably isn't). But also have roleplay, a bit of vintage (stuff like those 'taboo') and yeah other shit....soooo...

..request (and be specific) and I can probably find you whatever.

Oh and I have some vids of this couple: http://incezt.net/2013/08/07/proven-real-brother-and-sister-our-fans/

a utube vid of them:

Think it's legit? I have links to 1 anal vid and 1 bj one of them if any1 wants..

mainly made this to finish the story I typed..
I am still interested in more !
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So I guess I'll post the first story, then the other.. this one was the first I remember, I was 7, other story I'm 10.. I have many more when I'm older and shit but yeah..

So the earliest thing I remember us doing something sexual...

>be 7, sister is 14 and babysitting me since parents are out for the night
>she takes me out to see Bambi
>I cry when bambi's mom dies
>sister consoles me on the walk home
>at home still sad, sister takes me to her room
>tells me she's gonna cheer me up
>she takes off her clothes, tells me i can touch her anywhere
>I touch her a bit, but not in any way sexual really..
>I felt kind of weird about it and was shy
>(7 year olds don't really give a shit about tits etc.)
>she guides my hand in between her legs
>she uses my hand to masturbate, I had no idea what she was doing
>it goes on for maybe 15minutes
>she looked over at me a few times, saying things like 'it's ok' 'this is our secret'.
>she would also smile at me when she said these things which made me feel better
>I don't remember it being hairy, just wet and slippery and I'm not sure if I was just rubbing her or fingering her..
>after she came she seemed to get a bit guilty, and was apologizing and hugging me and making sure I wouldn't tell anyone (I never did, except like this)

So.. I guess that was my first sexual experience.. (as far as I know)..
part 1:
>be 10, lying in bed at about 12am trying to sleep
>door opens, it's my sister(17)..ask her what she wants, she doesn't answer, just stands in the doorway for a while
>she comes into my room and shuts the door, it's fairly dark but can still make things out from street light through window
>she tells me to just be quiet, she wants to try something, I pretty much always did what my sister said
>she was just wearing an oversized tshirt, I didn't know if there was anything undernearth
>tells me to come to the edge of the bed so I'm lying closer to her, she kneels on the floor and starts running her hand over me under the sheet(I only slept in boxers)
>by now I knew quiet a bit about sex and such, mostly from my sister who would explain things to me and also let me watch porn when no-one was home (sometimes she'd stay and we'd watch it together)
>so she starts stroking me on the outside of my boxers, I ask her what she's doing a few times/half-heartedly say she should stop, she just whispers to be quiet and then keeps going
>I looked over at her and she had one hand between her legs, she was rocking back and forth a little
>she saw me looking and just grinned at me, she had a way of always making me feel like everything is fine if I was nervous..just her smile and her soft whispers of reasurrance would comfort me
>so she's been rubbing my dick outside my boxers for like a minute and I'm fully hard(though pretty small since I was 10), she slips her hand inside and starts touching gently, it felt so warm and nice
>tells me to take off my boxers, I don't do anything because I was 10 and I was pretty confused/nervous, I said something like "we could get in trouble".. she just smiled and kissed me on the forehead
>since I wasn't doing anything, she pulls them down for me, she told me not to be scared(I must have looked really scared), she starts softly stroking my dick, she's still got one hand between her legs rubbing herself
part 2

>shes quietly moaning now, my dick/her hand are very wet from precum (yes I started getting precum at 10)
>then she leans over and puts it in her mouth; I was so shocked at what was happening, but it felt so fucking good and warm, I could hear her moaning around my dick
>she had one hand cupping my tiny sack (the other was still doing it's thing with her vag), she could easy take my whole dick in her mouth (I was probably around 4 inches)
>she was sucking for maybe 1minute before I came(or as close as you can at that age..not very much stuff would come out..a very small amount that was probably not even sperm since it seemed mostly precum-color, but i still had an orgasm)
>my sister must have noticed my dick pulsating lol and the small amount of prejizz that came out..but she just kept on sucking and moaning a little louder around some sucking/swallowing noises
>after a little while I had to tell her to stop because it started to get too sensitive, she stopped when I told her, she sat back breathing pretty heavily
>she just sort of sat there for a few minutes, me still in bed, neither of us speaking..I felt awkward and was just avoiding looking at her, she touched my cheek gently turned me to face her, she asked if I was ok
>I nodded..she grinned at me, biting her lip in an endearing way..she hugged me and kissed my cheek, she whispered 'I love you' and suddenly I didn't feel awkward or nervous
>she went back to stoking me gently all over my naked body, it felt nice, I noticed her hand was back to rubbing herself...actually I don't think she had even stopped(I guess she didn't have time to get off (this whole thing had only been a few minutes))
da fuq
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lucky motherfucker.jpg
261 KB, 1674x2104
oops wrong pic.. oh well.

part 3:
>she was mostly focusing on stroking around my package, she was making small moaing noises again, she leaned over, gently grasped my limp penis and began to kiss it softly and give small lick to the still wet tip, after maybe 20seconds of this she came
>she sat next to my bed just looking at me for a while, smiling, she asked me how it felt, I said 'really nice'..she smiled and hugged me again, told me I'm her favorite person (she said that to me a lot)
>then she reiterated about not telling anyone I was nodding and told her I know, after another short silence she sighed and said she should go..
>She stood up to leave but paused, looking down on me just lying there naked(partially cover by a sheet), she smiled again and then in a genuinely sincere and heartfelt way she said: 'your beautiful'...'your perfect'..(she'd never said anything that passionate before)
>I didn't know what she was talking about (I still don't really)..she seemed very emotional, I couldn't tell if she was about to cry..yep; I was confused.
>I didn't want her to feel bad about anything, I told her that I loved her, which made her smile, then after a thought, I looked her in the eyes and in my own candid, forthright voice I truthfully told her that I love her more than anything, at this she hugged me.. tight
>she was crying a little but still smiling, 'happy tears?' I asked, she nodded and said yes, she kissed me on the lips and then left to her room

Soooo yep that's what happened there... I have so many stories though, me and her are really close, the only downside is she feels guilty because she thinks she molested me and no matter how I tell her that I'm fine and she doesn't need to feel bad.. it's always there.

But overall we have a fantastic relationship. feelsgoodman
SO no more fun time with the sis that molested you? how dreadful

If she is 7 years older than you that is wonk
Cloak off one more time, already late for work, so screw it

-Good ideas, or at least a good start

-Also, people like me need to request more non-extreme stuff, praise more non extreme stuff, write more non extreme stuff for non-extreme performers

-Perhaps extreme performers who also have interests in less extreme stuff could also branch out and do non-extreme requests and scripts

-Or is loli and or extreme your only interests, no traditional stuff?

-Might reduce the chance of people getting a little carried away in their devotion over your focus on their kink

-Lurk mode back on, work mode starting soon, if car does
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>SO no more fun time with the sis that molested you? how dreadful

hmmm no.. we still do stuff together, lots of stuff. we never actually stopped. And I know legally it'd be wrong but it didn't hurt me so i see no harm, and my sister is a great person.

pic is my younger sister, she's cute and we get on great.
>Anonymous (ID: p/1VDn/m) 08/11/14(Mon)09:06:26 No.56
>As far as I know
got raped
lost my shit

wow that was hot. I wish i had a sister
Dump the rest of the stories OP
Well you still do stuff. fuck man. I want a fuck buddy. not my sister though.
http://pastebin com/XdRMRhy1
Read this shit.
Its pretty long but oh fuck it is worth it.
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ehh there's all like half done, thread would 404 b4 I could finish...I guess I could try..

oh also I have a list of all the mainstream films that have brother-sister incest in them, if anyone wants it..
so you guys actually talk about it? that's interesting, usually in these types of stories it ends up that the brother/sister/whoever was involved never speak about it again.
you two must be extremely close if it's not a completely awkward topic
Not working
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