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Ok, guess my shit got deleted, no matter....
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Ok, guess my shit got deleted, no matter. Its all saved.

>be 13
>at my house
>cousin and family come over
>parents getting drunk, watching land before time with younger siblings/cousins
>ask if cousin wants to play nintendo, says yes
>play donkey kong country, better than she is
>beat a couple levels, her turn, keep doing this system
>start to get bored, ask if she wants to do something else
>says she brought a suprise with her, ask what it is
>says she brought a joint, dont know what that is so i ask
>says its something you smoke, say ok
>crack my window and smoke the joint, get high as fuck
>start laughing a lot, play more donkey kong
>says she's horny, realize i am too
>say im gonna go jack off in the bathroom, says she doesn't want me to
>asks if i wanna learn something, ask her what
>asks if i know how to eat a girl out, tell her no
>lays on my bed and gets naked, tells me to lay in between her legs
>crawl into the bed and do that, my head is right above her vagina
>tells me to start licking her clit
>pause for a second, look up at her, ask what a clit is
>rolls her eyes, pushed my face on her vagina
>still no idea what to do, seen it in porn though, start to lick her
>says i need to go higher, lick my way up, she starts to moan so i think im doing it right
>remember older brother giving me sex advice, says to spell the alphabet
>do that, she's really into it, holy fuck he was right
>wants me to start to finger her, done this before so im like a pro
>tongue starts to get tired so i do some retarded jaw movements to keep going
>must've done something right, cums all over my face
>never tasted cum before, try to fight the urge to puke, keep it down
>tells me its my turn
>hear parents call our names, scared as fuck
>tell her we can do it later, get dressed and go see what they want
>10 minutes of bs chat with parents, say i need to go to the bathroom, jack off and go to sleep
>be 15
>be at school, end of the day
>ride cousins bus home, was gonna help uncle re-roof the house
>get to cousins house, uncle is already on the roof
>tells me to grab a pack of shingles and come up the ladder
>grab two, trying to impress uncle
>start to climb ladder, shaky cause im scared as fuck, dont do heights
>get to top, step on roof with left foot and singles slide to the right, lose my balance
>fall 20 feet down to the ground, land on right foot, fuck up my ankle
>later find out its broken
>play it off like its a sprain, dont wanna look like a pussy
>aunt freaks out, says shes gonna call the ambulance
>tell her no, say just gonna rest
>go into cousins basement and relax, start watching on-demand adult swim
>aunt comes down to bandage me, brings drinks and chips and some pain relievers
>cousin comes down too, brings me her guitar, says the strings are broken
>only needed to be tuned, still make me look awesome for fixing it
>aunt goes back upstairs, cousin and I watching inyuyasha
>cousin says she wants to try something
>asks if i wanna try something too, i say yes thinking its weed
>locks door, comes back down the stairs without panties on
>total upskirt, saw everything
>start to get hard, i know where this is going
>says she wants to ride me, say alright but dont touch my foot
>move to big recliner so we both can fit, stradles my lap
>unbutton and unzip my jeans, my throbbing hard cock comes out, shes rubbing it between her vagina lips
>says shes gonna take care of me, starts to slide down on my cock
>plays with her clit
>notice theres more resistance than usual, ask if she's wet
>nods yes, say ok and move on
>pull up her shirt so her tits are bouncing in my face
>bumpin and grinding up and down on my cock
>moans slightly, i do too
>leans in and bounces her ass up and down
>says she loves being ass fucked
>realize im balls deep in her ass, think about it for a second
^^ (continued) ^^
>realize i love anal, squeeze on her ass and tell her im coming
>says she is too, nut hard in her ass
>makeout with her as she's still slowly grinding out, wishes me well and hopes i get better
>pulls off of me, my limp cock falls down on my legs, cleans me up and buttons me up
>she gets dressed, sits next to me in the recliner and we fall asleep watching inyuyasha

May have some reposts since my previous thread got deleted. Pics will follow soon
>be 17
>cousin and I on regular fuck basis
>at school, tired as fuck
>suprise math test in 2nd period open book
>shit, forgot book
>excuse self to bathroom, say i have the runs
>call dad and ask to bring me my book, won't
>call sister, also wont
>call cousin as last resort, picks up, says yes
>10 mins later she comes to the school, still in bathroom
>txt her to come to the bathroom by mrs. anon's room
>gets visitor pass and comes to bathroom, hands me book
>tell her thanks, sorry for waking her up so early
>says no problem, turns around to leave
>stop her, say ive always had a school-fuck fetish
>she smiles, tells me im dirty and pushes me into the stall
>sit on toilet, she whips out my dick
>slaps herself in the face with it, getting me rock hard
>licks up and down my shaft till im hard, then starts sucking
>grab her hair and push her head down to deep throat
>gurgles on my cock, spilling my cum on my balls
>after 10 mins of this she looks up at me
>asks if thats what i wanted
>shake head no, tell her to stand up
>she does, take my pocket knife and cut a hole in the back of her jeans
>asks why i did that, dont respond, instead wrap my hand around her neck
>move her panties aside in the whole and drive my cock straight in her
>she moans soft and distorted cause im tightening my grip on her neck, shes into that
>start pounding her pussy, sending vibrations up her perfect ass
>omfg this is amazing
>fuck her harder and faster, have to hold her mouth now so we dont get caught
>use other hand to massage and play with her tits
>hear her say through my hands "im cumming"
>tell her she has to hold out, reluctantly does
>keep teasing her, pushing her to the edge of cumming, sex torture
>tell her i want her to cum all over my cock
>fuck her extremely hard and we cum together
>bury my cock deep as i finish, my balls against her pussy lips
>pull out, she turns around and kisses me, says thank you
^^ (continued) ^^

>tell her she needs to lick our cum off my balls and cock so i can go back to class, she does
>head back to class with no one being the wiser
>ace math test
Oh hi again OP. Did you make a thread last night? Because I may have missed it.
"Ace math test" made it.
Made one of these before, it was 2 days ago.
? ?
Great, good to know I didn't miss anything while I was out yesterday. I've got your earlier stories archived.

Awesome, i like how you've titled them all. Archive these as well. Also if this gets deleted i will just make another post
Bump for interest
This is the very first time this had ever happened to me

>shocker, me again, 11
>got home from going bowling with family
>cousin stays over and brings her friends
>go outside, play hide and seek for hours
>im it, they hide, start looking, cant find anyone
>look for 20 mintes, still no one
>get bored, go inside and get some kool-aid
>decide i wanna play sega, go to my room
>open the door and see my cousin eating her friend out
>friend is older, sexier too
>stand there and ask what they're doing, innocent to all this
>friend says they're playing doctor
>say oh, ok
>cousin asks if i wanna play
>i say sure, ask how
>tell me to come in and lock the door, i do
>cousin tells me to lay down on my bed next to her friend, do
>assume the role, say im sick, bullshit pretend cough
>friend says she can help me, puts her hand on my dick
>freeze, not sure what to do
>she starts feeling my preteend dick get hard
>tells cousin she thinks she knows why im sick
>cousin says i think so too, gets on top of me
>stradles my cock, starts grinding and dry humping me, through clothes
>her friend starts fingering herself
>not sure what to do, starts to hurt as she goes faster
>dont say anything, after a couple minutes she gets really hard and fast
>starts moaning, screaming, friend does too
>feel my pents get wet, she came on me
>tells me im all better
>her friend says good job doctor, turns to me
>says im cured, tells me to change my pants cause they're infected
>walk into my closet, she follows
>get nervous, ask her whats shes doing
>says nursing me, takes my shorts and underwear off
>rubs my bare cock with her hand
>i freak out, pull away, say i dont want to
>says she'll tell my mom, guilts me
>starts jerking me off, within 10 seconds i cum
>clear precum all over her face
>says thats what she wanted, gets me new shorts and leaves the closet
How often do you keep that updated?

Next one to come is actually a threesome between two of my cousins
Right now I'm checking threads across /b/, /a/, and /soc/ for potential wincest, so I'm just copy-pasting things. After I'm done checking I'll go back and edit titles into posts you're making right now.

I have filters set up to catch and highlight pretty much 99% of wincest threads, so basically every day I'm adding new stories.
well im writing one now, accidentally deleted my doc that had the mall.
>who would have guessed
>be me, 16
>over at older cousins house, original cousins older sister
>throwing a wicked house party, booze and weed galore
>11pm, start drinking and smoking
>play some beer pong, game is rigged so younger people get drunk as fuck
>hold my beer pretty well, party rages on into the night
>older cousins orders pizza, i throw in 150$ for chinese too
>badass drunken shmorgasboard
>older cousin breaks out jell-o shots, do a couple
>sexy chick asks me to do a body shot, i do
>asks how old i am, say 16
>pasues, says she thought i was older
>says she really wanted to suck my dick
>realize how stupid i and naive i am, coulda had this bitch gobbin on my knob
>was a 10/10 would compeltely wreck
>bummed out but still partying
>arm wrestling contest, gather my liquid courage and enter
>get ass handed to me, expected that
>1:30 am, party winding down, getting pretty tired
>realize haven't seen my older cousin all night, start to look for her
>check all rooms but hers (didn't wanna invade her privacy)
>find couple fucking in guest room, has sex swing, weirded out
>can't find her, check outside, nada
>knock on her door, hear a shaky voice say "who is it"
>say "anon"
>opens door, notice her makeup has ran, been crying
>come in and close door, ask whats wrong
>says she just found out her bf of 4 years is gay, devastated
>try to comfort, give her hug, tell her it'll be ok
>ask her if I can get her a drink, says she doesn't drink at all
>absolutely dumbfounded, hosts awesome house party and doesn't drink
>tell her it'll make her feel better, after 15 mins of convincing she has some shots with me and remaining partiers
>3am, just cousin, older cousin, and I left
>we're all drunk
>older cousin pulls out her 6 ft bong from the closet
>we all 3 smoke a couple bowls
>shit completely kills me, high as fuck, so are they
>says she has video games, excited as fuck
>get really depressed, turns out its Tony Hawk ride
^^ (continued) ^^

>watch them play, older cousin seems to play this often, not bad at it
>4am, sitting on the couch getting a lil sleepy, cousins still playing tony hawk
>older cousins turn, starts her level but looses her balance, falls backwards and lands on me
>crushes my balls
>older cousin doesn't realize till she stands up, is laughing
>notices im holding my nuts, realizes she landed right on them
>says she's sorry, moves my hands to rub my nuts
>sitting there dumbfounded, so is other cousin
>after a few seconds she realizes, says sorry it was instinctive and the alcohol
>i say no problem, shit happens
>glance at cousin, looks angry, tells older cousin she needs to talk to her
>confused, they both go into the guest bedroom
>sit there with cold mt. dew as an ice pack, watching late-night mtv music videos
>know a couple of the songs, sing to some
>notice clock above tv, 5:40 am
>god damn im tired, drift off to sleep but get woken up
>cousin comes in and shakes me, tells me to wake up
>shitty and tired, not sure what she wants
>tells me to stand up, i do, takes my hand
>room is spinning, fumbling, takes me to guest bedroom
>sits me down, turns out was in sex swing
>dont notice at all, older cousin on the bed in 10/10 sexy lingerie
>cousin sits next to her, ask whats up
>cousin tells me not to be alarmed but she told her sister about us
>shocked, speechless
>older cousin chimes up, "theres nothing to be ashamed of" she says
>"i did it with my cousin too, before he died."
>still speechless
>says "so anon says you have a big cock, is that true?"
>heart is racing, extremely uncomfortable
>say no, tell them idk what they're talking about
>older cousin walks towards me
>try to manouever out of sex swing
>almost get up, older cousin pushes me down
>room still spinning, so damn drunk
>says "ill find out for myself"
Gonna go make some dinner, bumping in the meantime. Got any more stories?
>undoes my pants and pulls my cock through my boxers
>shocked look on her face, looks at cousin
>"you've been holding out anon, didn't i teach you to share?"
>cousin laughs, says "well.. i wanted him to myself for a while, but why do you think im here?"
>older cousin starts giving me head, slow, soft
>great suction, massages my balls
>feels like she has way more xperience than younger sister
>takes it straight down to my nuts, no gagging, no sound, no breath breaks
>holy fuck, if i wasn't drunk i would have came so much
>rubs her hand up my shirt, massaging my body and she sucks me off
>scratches my chest, fuckin hot as hell
>tells my cousin "well dont just stand there with you finger in your vag, get over here and help me"
>cousin has sexy smirk on her face
>older cousin gets underneath swing, strips me completely naked
>younger cousin starts sucking my cock, rougher, faster
>still great suction, hear older cousin start to talk
>im gonna do something for you, tell me if you like it
>speads my ass cheeks, starts licking my ass hole
>i jump, wasn't expecting that
>dont want to admit it feels great, rotated between asshole and balls
>licking and sucking, got younger cousin sucking my cock
>tell her i like it, just not to stick anything in it
>she laughs, joking pokes her tongue in a bit
>say im serious
>start moaning extremely loud, pleasure beyong belief
>cousin takes a break from sucking my cock and says "when did you learn this self control"
>smile, say jim bean taught me
>grab a fistful of hair, shove her back down
>older cousin goes back to sucking my balls, younger cousin goes ham on my cock
>cum the most ive ever come in my life
>so much it came out of her mout hand dripped onto older cousins stomach
>younger cousin immediately licks it off of her
>they both move to the bed, still sitting in swing with limp dick syndrome
>they start to make out, rubbing each other and sucking each others nipples
>older cousin throws younger one onto bed
>goes down on her, sitting there watching still
>pick up a couple things from older cousin
>say in my head "i gotta use that sometime"
>younger cousin screams she's coming, squirts all over my older cousins face
>older cousin says "mmmm" and looks at me
>walks over to me and strips naked, sits on my lap
>i feel her wet lips on my limp cock and i start to get hard again.
>tells me to lick the cum off of her face, i do
>this time it tastes better
>older cousin says she's gonna leave us alone now and leaves the room
>i stand up, younger cousin is still on the bed
>i climb on top of her, shove my flacid cock in her extremely soaked pussy
>she says shes had enough for tonight, i say me too
>tell her im getting some water, says ok
>go into the kitchen, make some water and eat some left over crab rangoons
>good as fuck
>head back to guest bedroom, notice cousin is asleep
>climb onto the bed and try to wake up
>"anon, you asleep? anon?" slap her tits with my cock
>give up, realize shes in comatose
>hear a feint sob
>think its nothing so i continue to eat
>hear another, wonder where its coming from
>wonder into the living room and hear another, can tell its from older cousins room
>still naked, limp dick swinging between my legs and some crab rangoons in my hands
>open older cousins door, shes crying again
I need a new title for all of your stories, "Loving Cousin" was only really meant to be placeholder.. Got any suggestions?
>put food down on nightstand
>ask her whats wrong, tells me she shouldn't have done that, she was just in a relationship
>comfort her again, got more to say thanks to liquid courage
>tell her that we both enjoyed it and know she did too
>say her bf was probably a closet homo since they met, ask if they ever had sex
>tells me no, dumbfounded
>think to myself thats why she has sex with her sister
>say "well, im here."
>without hesitation, lean it and start kissing her
>she tries to resist, but i keep on, tell her its her turn for be happy
>lay her down kissing her and playing with her tits, resting my cock on her pussy
>she starts to moan, she feels me getting hard and gets really wet, lubing up my cock
>i say "this is for you" and start to slide my cock inside of her
>she grabs ahold of me, arms around my back
>moans "of fuuuuuuckk!" as i penetrate and scratches the shit out of
>moan too, bury every inch into her
>her pussy released more love juice soaking my balls, i can tell shes wanted cock for some time now
>she tries to stop me, says it hurts
>i tell her "with pleasure, comes pain" and bite on her neck
>she moans more frequently and louder, doesn't try to stop me agian
>slowly and passionately plowing my cousin 8 deep
>accentuate every thrust into her, increasing in speed and power
>screams my name, asks me to go harder, tell her to beg for it
>she does, calls me daddy which is a huge turn on for me
>start grunting primally as i abuse her pussy harder
>fucking her hard and fast enough to where her words sync up with my thrusts
>oh. yeah. daddy. fuck. me. like. your. dungeon. slut
>throbbing hard, pounding my cousin, pleasing myself inside of her sweet vagina
>she wants me to nut inside of her
>akwars silence, ask if shes on the pull, nods yes
>go as hard and fast as i can
>starts moaning and screaming all high pitches like
>shes squirting like mad, feel it shooting down my legs and drenchring my balls
>tell her im going to bury my seed in her, bite her neck
>start cuming, shooting my hot load into my family member
>dont stop fucking her, like a savage i still pound away
>start slowing down as i finish creming inside of her
>she's blown away, never had someone fuck her like that
>pretty impressed with myself, didn't think i had that in me
>i unsheath my cock from her delectable flesh and lay it across her stromach, flopping it up and down against her skin
>i lay beside her, she snuggles up to me
>stroking my cock she asks if im up for round two
>tell her give me a minute, ask her for some water
>she says ok, kisses my cheek, goes to get me some
>i fall asleep
>i wake up with my cousins gone and a note next to my crab rangoons that says "went to the store, be back soon"

That was a long one, the longest one ive got.
>>561691719 Idk, call it Lustful Sin or something
>Idk, call it Lustful Sin or something
I'm okay with titles hinting at B-grade stories (which is basically what greentext is, after all) but I don't want to use melodramatic titles. Plus "Lustful Sin" basically describes every single story in my archive. I'll probably have a better one after I take a moment to read your stories.
ok cool, still new to 4chan and i lost it haha.
also, i made a google acc to join that circle or w/e it is for that story, in the chat just in case i disappear again
You could call the long one "A new challenger emerges" lol
I would recommend a title that resembles one of the titles from a harlequin novel. Something like "A family of desires" or "A climax once removed".
Use the Catalog and search for a keyword from your thread.

I don't have it set up as a circle or anything, everything in that particular archive is just me manually archiving things. But now that you mention it, setting up some sort of group might be a good idea too.

I wouldn't do that unless you were playing Street Fighter in the story as well.

A little too grandiose for what these stories really are - literary equivalents of junk food.
File: cuz.jpg (103 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 720x720
I've got other stories besides wincest, all kinds. Let me know if you'd like me to tell them. I can't figure out how to to conceal this image but i was talking to my cousin about everything and how i confessed anonymously to a chat board and she thought that was good, first time i spoke to her in 2 years. Also asked if I could post a picture of her and she said its cool. no idea if i hid it well enough but in sure she wont care.

Cousin is the one in the pink bra, forgot toadd that
I was trying to come up with the cheesiest most hausfrau erotic book names for a story. But if they are too grandiose I will defer to your judgement.
So who's the blonde? The other cousin?
One of her friends
File: cuz2.jpg (50 KB, 842x842) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 842x842
Older cousin
To be fair, those are fine titles... just not for these stories. If you've been on 4chan long enough, you'll notice that most of our epic stories have very short and simple names, often just the name of the author or a major character. I prefer titles that

>Nurse-kun (aka Damaged Goods when it was adapted into a VN)
>Blindmute Loli
>Uncle Anon
>Itoko-otoko (One of 4chan's earliest wincest stories.)
>Zoe wincest
>Amy wincest (aka Amy and Cam)
>Cassie and Humbert-kun
>Storybro's Magically Lewd Sleepover Adventure
>Storybro's Magically Lewd Road Trip
>Oral-hygiene bro
So what'll it be, 4chan? More wincest or other stories?
Wincest please.
I trust you're typing out some more wincest right now.
Ok well if im going to be telling more stories, im going to have to be truthful. In my first post i claimed to not be into this, but alas I am, its something ive been doing for years and its my biggest fetish things have stopped between me and my younger cousin (whos still older than me) but i do frequent my older cousin from time to time. With that said, he's one with my older cousin

>be me, 19th birthday
>ask older cousin to buy alcohol for my party im throwing, she agrees
>says for my bday she is also gonna put gas in my car
>stop at gas station and she tells me to drive to Bliquors instead of Aliquors because "its cheaper"
>say ok, finish pumping gas and start driving to Bliquors
>its almost 40 minutes away
>turn on the radio and we listen to it, talks to me about my party
>asks who's going to be there, and if im going to hook up with anyone
>tell her ill fuck anything that i can tonight
>smiles, says "oh yeah"
>wink at her, oh yeah
>says "in that case, happy birthday"
>reaches for my pants button and undoes them, whips my cock out
>starts giving me amazing road head
>sucking and stroking to the ryhtym of the music
>never had road head before, thankful for tinted windows
>starts fingering herself while sucking me
>half way there, came like twice already
>driving with one hand got her hair in another
>constantly shoving her head down on my dick, testing her limits
>can always handle how long i shove her down, no gagging at all
>can feel another nut coming up, says she's gonna cum
>start filling her throat with my cum, feels so good
>close eyes out of reaction
>hear a really loud honk
>open my eyes, in opposite lane, swerve back into mind and barely miss a truck
>scary as fuck, she stops sucking and wonders what it was
>calls me stupid for letting that happen
>blame her amazing head
>she giggles
>get to the liquor store, ask her to buy me 5 gallons of 100 proof vodka, goes in and gets it
>comes back and gets in the car
^^ (continued) ^^ [i had these all typed out but i accidentally deleted the word doc they were in. I've got tons more and ill work on typing some more out today after or before work

>looks at me
>tells me "well, im still going to suck your dick on the way home, so if you're going to drive like a maniac, we're going to fuck one more time in case we die."
>assure her we won't die, take her up on the offer though
>start to drive home
>half way there i get off the interstate
>she asks what im doing, telling her dont worry
>pull onto a long, winding, back road
>drive about half way down, park, its pitch black
>look at her, say we're fucking right here
>she bites her lip, i know she's really into outdoor sex
>get out, pop my trunk and get some blankets out i had from going to the park with current gf of the time
>take her hand, bottle of liquor, and blankets and head into the corn field, locking car on way in
>go far in and start knocking down corn stalks, laying cover out for us to lay on
>grab liquor, start to open it and she stops me
>says she wants to do this sober
>grin, grab her ass and pick her up, kissing her
>wraps her legs around me, i go down to my knees
>start taking off her shirt and she takes off mine
>leave her bra on so we dont lose it, she takes my belt off
>take off my pants and stick my cock through my boxers
>lay her down on the blanket, kiss down her body
>nibble on her neck and kiss her tits on the way down
>pull her panties down around her ankles
>kiss, lick, and suck on her clit
>she moans, start to finger her, gotten way better at this over time
>she runs her hands through my hair and scratches my neck
>go into hyperdrive with my tongue, tells me to slow down
>tell her no, force her to cum, squirts on my face and neck
>wipe my face on the blanket, without skipping a beat i shove my now rockhard cock in her pussy
>get it lubricated, she tells me to be careful and slowdown, i could hurt her
>apologize, tells me to give her "some of that daddy dick"
>I've got tons more and ill work on typing some more out today after or before work
Usually when someone says this they end up not posting any more. You, sir, are a god compared to the others who have said this.
Some damned good stuff here.
>pull my cock out, a look of befuddlement comes over her
>tell her for my bday i want some booty
>tells me she's never done anal, not even with her bf
>tell her i dont care, i can treat her right, agrees
>spit on her asshole, make sure its really lubricated
>start penetrating her, get the head in
>she moans, begs me to be gently
>motion back and forth, slowly pressing in more each time
>know she's into pleasure and pain
>got half my cock in, thrust the rest in, slides in effortlessly but she still screams
>its a good scream, a "god yes, take me" scream
>start raw dogging her tight ass
>everytime i thrust in my cock disapears into her supple flesh
>sending waves through her entire body, making her ass clap
>both moaning and screaming, says "take me home daddy!"
>tell her to start playing with that pussy, say im about to go hard
>give her a little time to work herself up
>suddenly lean forward and wrap my hands around her neck, making it hard to breath
>no idea if she was into it but did it anyway
>start to cum without warning, she can tell, says she's cumming too
>finish inside of her and slow down
>both moaning blissfully
>pull out, her ass is gapeing
>tell her she'll be fine , its normal, will go back to normal
>gather our shit, go back to my car
>put shit up, get back in the car
>tell her to hand me the napkins i keep in the glove box
>wet some with vodka, clean my cock off
>say "get to suckin" and pull off
>tell her im dropping her off, she nods without letting my cock leave her mouth
>sucks my cock all the way to her place.

Call this one cornholed, lmao!
Gonna change up the way i tell these for the ones im going to pre-write. they're going to be longer but more detailed.
captcha: purchased ifolis
Got anymore or are you done for tonight?
Wait never mind, you said you had work. Guess I'll catch you later then. Although would've been nice if you could've explicitly said you were out for tonight.
I was making myself some breakfast, but yes im done for the day. I'll be working on making pre-writing the next ones. If all goes well, i'll be posting them tonight. Sometime past 12AM. Ciao
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