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whats your daily routine /b/
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whats your daily routine /b/

3pm: wake up + breakfast
4pm - 7pm: anime
7pm - 10pm: internet
10pm - 12am: PS4
12am - 2am: read
2am - 4am: tv shows + snack
4am - 6am: /b/
6am - 7am: eat breakfast
7am - 3pm: sleep
The same
1pm: wake up + breakfast + shower
2pm-9pm: Do whatever the fuck I want to
10pm - 4am: computer
4am: sleep

Most likely repeat.
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2 p.m. wake up take shower prepare

4 p.m. go train with boxing/mma group

6p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Get home, shower again, hang out with friends maybe

8 p.m. - 6 a.m. vidya/internet

6 a.m. - go to sleep

8:00am wake up
9:00am Battlefield
10:00am Battlefield
11:00am wreck some niggers on Battlefield
12:00am nigger do I even have to tell you?
1:00pm: lel jk get on interwebz
2:00pm /b/
3:00pm /b/
4:00pm laughing my ass off on 4chan
5:00pm still laughing nigger
6:00 - 12:00pm Nigger, we're still on /b/
1:00am-3:00am rape even moar faggots on BF
That is literally my life.
console or pc?
6pm: wake up
7pm-7am internet
7am-8am read book
8am: sleep
what book?
7am wakeup/shower
6-7pm gym
7-8pm dinner
8-10pm computer/tv
10pm watch one episode of a tv series
11pm in bed alseep
annnnnd repeat
10pm - 12am: PS4
12am - 2am: read
2am - 4am: tv shows + snack
4am - 6am: /b/
6am - 7am: eat breakfast
9 pm - breakfast
10 pm - 9 am - /b/, snacks, fap
9:10 am - dinner
not him but i prefer green eggs and ham
0730: wake up, shower, shave etc
0800: work
1200 - 1300: Lunch/vidya
1300 - 1600ish: Work
1630ish: Gym
1800-1900: Dinner with mates
1900 - 0001: Whatever
0030: Asleep

Typical day.
im currently reading the 5th book of Conn Igguldens Conqueror series
I play battlefield on ps4, but I play all of my other games on PC.(gmod, arma,ect.)
7am wake up, breakfast, poop shower
8.30am drive to work
9.10am get to work
9.10am/9pm work
9.50pm get back home, have dinner
10.30pm check out /b/ and read manga
12am/1am sleep
2PM wake up
3PM work
9:30PM get home from work
10PM smoke
10:30PM-5AM internet/games/anime
5AM-2PM sleep

thats about all i do now, with maybe a bit more smoking throughout the day
The amount of summer in here is fucking stupid.

7:30am- Wake up/
8:30am- Drive to work
9:00am-6:00pm- Work my dick off
6:00pm- Start getting high
7:00pm/8:00pm- Go homes, eat dinner, internet
10:00pm- Lay in bed, masturbate, internet.
2:00pm- Go to sleep and repeat/
slide that PSN
11am-1pm wake dat shit on up
->4 do chores errands, and other boring stuff
4:30-11:59pm work
12am-4am 4chan netflix vidia
4am-11am sleep
1pm wake up
1:02 pm gta online
2am go to bed.

>no really

Gmod is the most autistic vidya i can possibly think of
>Driving while high

0700: Wake up
0705: Brush teeth, shower, shave
0720: Lay back in bed
0815: Get ready for work
0835: Leave for work
0900-1400(1700 Mon & Wed) Work
1720-1900: Class
2000: Dinner

Anytime Between 2000-0200 Gym for 90 minutes
Sleep after gym
Get up at 9am
Find stuff to do untill I go to bed at midnight.

Life is shit right now.
do people not have real jobs?

9am: wake up
10am: leave for work
10 pm: get home from work
10:30pm: vidya or practicing keyboard
1am: Netflix
2am: Sleep
Rage and repeat.

But really, working all the fucking time sucks. Bills are the worst part of adulthood.
this month it's going to be

8am-1pm: wake up + coffee + Swedish snus
1pm-5pm: /b/, facebook, spotify
5pm-1am: hang out with friend if anyone calls me, otherwise, see above
1am-2am: heat up a meal in microwave oven and eat
2am - [8am..1pm]: sleep

in september school and band practice starts again and naturally those things are going to disrupt this very exciting way of living
Sorry, i'm a fucking autist, does this mean stop playing psn?
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10am >wake up check my phone.
>kill as much time before I get up
11am >put on clothes and go take a piss
11am >eat something
12am >get on my computer
3pm >get ready for work
4pm >go to work
11:30pm >come home
12am >4chan
2am >sleep
6:30-ish - Wake up naturally about an hour before the alarm

6:45 go for a run

7:15 Breakfast with wife

7:50 leave to catch train

9:00 - 17:00 work...

18:00 either home or out with wife for dinner/film/theatre

23:30 sex followed by sleep.

Weekends mostly city breaks, DIY or dinner parties (usually boring ones)
11am: Wake up and erg then run
1:30pm: Shower and do shit with friends
5pm: Row row row your boat
9pm: Come back home and erg
12am: Shower
12:30-2: Internet shit

>inb4 it's past 2

I have an off day tomorrow
NSA, stop trying to document peoples lives.
Smoking weed is a normal part of my day. I drive more stoned than sober. I see no real effect on my motor skills when high. If anything i drive more safe as to not get harassed by cops
B-b-b-but all of the glorious and sadist things i can do in that game.
i almost forgot: fap, whenever
>do people not have real jobs?
Nope, getting disability takes care of that.
my niggas gmod game on point
I don't have a routine, pleb. I do what I want, whenever I want. I thought this site was for adults, not autistic children on a schedule?
>drink all day
>be alcoholic
>getting blackout drunk right now
Most adults have a schedule...If you work that is.
I would rather be walked in on playing mainstream casual shite rather than gmod
most responsible have to do shit at predetermined times. you fickin dumb bruh
Why is this?
6:30 wake up, coffee, lurk
6:45 shower and get ready
8:00 start work
13:00-13:30 break. eat something, take a walk if enough time
16:30 finish
17:00 buy food an other shit
17:30 at home, eat something
18:00-23:00 internet. play something
23:00-0:30 try to sleep

i hate my life
>implying you have anyone in your life to walk in on you playing games
no like whats your psn. im down to play some battlefield with a /b/ro
File: 1367570151953.png (7 KB, 493x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1407388670817.jpg (14 KB, 200x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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7:00am -8:00am wake up, try to get to school
8:01am - 12:00pm leave school
12:01pm - 2:00pm yack off, 4chan, PS3
2:01pm - 8:00pm get to work, do werk, maybe eat
8:01pm - 9:00pm intentionally get lost on way home
9:01pm - 11:00pm yack off again, listen to music, TV, 4chan/Instagram/twitter
11:01pm - 3:00am hang out with friends or strangers, party, turn up
3:01am - 6:59am go home, sleep
only people i've met that play gmod are omegas
and the community in general is 200% cringe
Alright then
get ready for the faggiest psn name yet
Wake up whenever
Water grass and plants
Do whatever
Eat again
Do whatever

I'm on summer break from college. If my friends come by to visit, replace "do whatever" with going to the mall, cinema, or car dealership.
5pm: wake up, wash face, get dressed for work, eat dinner(or breakfast?), internet for a while
6pm-1am: go to work as dispatcher, deal with cops and stuff, then go home
2am: stay up all night playing skyrim
7am: eat breakfast(or dinner?)
9am: go to bed
7 am- waking up
>in the morning gotta be fresh gotta go downstairs
7:30-8:30 am- cigarettes coffee internet
8:30 am- leave for work
9 am-5 pm- work
5:45 pm - go home
6 pm - internet
7-12 am - play da TTT
12 am - attempt to sleep, contemplate suicide
12:45 am - get back up and play da TTT
3 am - /b/
4 am - sleep

Your psn?
wake up + breakfast
post workout meal
housework, /b/ or /fit/
cooking & dinner
spend time with mates or gf
6am: Wake up and eat breakfast
7am: Shower, shave,, brush teeth and wash my face
7:45am: Out of the house heading to work
8:30am - 2:30pm: Work + Lunch
3pm: Prepare dinner / Work on course work
4pm: Work on course work
5pm: Head to the gym
5:30pm - 7:30pm: Cardio/Lift
8pm: Eat dinner while watching anime/tv whatever
9pm - 11pm: Do whatever I want
11:30pm: Prepare for and then head to bed
added yoi
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12am: wake up
12:30: yogurt and honey
1pm-3am: shitposting on /b/

Someone please kill me.
>pic related is my nose
Get a yob and start makin dat money, it opens up a whole world of things to do
do it faggot
Am I on your list now?
7.30am - Wake up
8am - Get ready + Leisure
10 -12am - Study in Library
12pm - 1pm - Lunch
1pm - 3pm - Study
3pm - 4pm - Leisure
4pm - 6pm - Study
6pm - 7pm - Dinner+Leisure
7pm - 9pm - Study
9pm - 10pm - Leisure
10pm - 10.30pm - Read and Sleeping Pill
10.30 - Sleep
Wake up at noon. Exercise caus I'm a fat shit getting in shape. Do whatever I want till I go to sleep cause just finished college summer classes and waiting for fall classes
3:30 am wake up
4:10 am drive to work
6 am start work
6: 30 pm drive home
8pm go to bed

7 days a week
but I can't talk to people anymore, idk why I just get all nervous and act like a tard. One day I will have to I suppose
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3:00 PM - Wake up and shower.
4:00 PM to 7:00 PM - Sit on 4chan.
7:00 PM - Eat dinner.
7:30 PM to 8:00 PM - Swim in pool or if I'm feeling too lazy, see 8-12.
8:00 PM to 12:00 AM - Play video games.
12:00 AM to 2:00 AM - Sit on 4chan.
2:00 AM to 4:00 AM - Play video games and eat some more.
4:00 AM to 7:00 AM - Sit on 4chan and watch an episode of Game of Thrones
7:00 AM - Go to sleep.

I enjoy my life.

Seclusion only makes you worse. Immersion helps even if you're a tard at the start.
6:30AM: Wake up, shower, eat breakfast
7:00AM: Leave for work
7:30-5:00: Work like a dog
5:00-5:30: Go home
5:30-9/10: Eat, play vidya/watch tv, fap, sleep

Rinse and repeat every weekday.
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7 a.m. wake up, get ready (I don't eat breakfast)
8 a.m. get to college, educate
1 p.m. get time for lunch
1:30 p.m. go to work
5:30 p.m. go back to class, educate moar (labs this time)
8:30 p.m. go home, xbox/read/internet/sex with gf, eat dinner
12:30 a.m. browse internet because I've had chronic insomnia for six years and only sleep around three hours a night
4:00 a.m. sleep

Over half the posts in here say "wake up in afternoon, be neckbeard jobless weeabo faggot, eat hot pocket in mom's basement, go back to bed" get outside and get a life you worthless pieces of shit.
2pm- Wake up
2pm-2:45pm -Get Ready
2:45-315pm - Drive to Work
3:30pm-2am- Work
2:45am-3:10am- Shower
3:15am-6 to 7am- Anime.
6 to 7am -2pm - Sleep
Al-fucking-right man, when do you want to bash some faggots?
File: IMG_3938.jpg (668 KB, 1357x1816) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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8am, wake up
8-9am, get ready
9-2pm, rek niggers on dark souls. Pvp (dark souls 1. Because dark souls 2 is soggy dogshit.)
2 pm eat
2-4pm rek some niggers on pvp dark souls again.
4-6pm try to finish farcry 3
6pm dinner
Rest of the night dealers choice
9pm start drinking.
1-4am fall asleep. Depends how drunk i am.
Wake up 11am or 12 and move the whole timetable until it resets after about a week
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7-8am: wake up + breakfast
9-11am: work out or doing homestuffs
12am: back home, internet/4chin/Mmo
1-2pm: lunch
3-5pm: read/vidya
5-8pm: random stuffs. mostly out or chan.
9pm: lunch
10pm to 4-5am: if not hanging out having a beer and reading a book/films.
~repeat cause summer and no college atm.
Yeah, after a shittons of times I managed to sleep few hours per night w/o feel like a zombie at morning.
yeah, I'll try to get out more. People are just weird, like they are all in my mind.
you take poop showers? how does the poop get through the nosle? is it diarrhea?
>7am wake up
>between 7am-8am get ready/shower eat breakfast and chat with gf
>8:30am go to work
>9:00am drink coffee at work and assign myself tasks for the day
>between 9:00am-4:30pm, must work on Clarion coding
>5:00pm get home and eat dinner
>7:00pm watch TV
>9:00pm lie down with gf until she falls asleep
>11:00pm-2:00am (ish) /b/
>tfw insomniac
>3:30pm-2am- Work
Damn nigga, what do you do?
Eat, sleep, shit, piss, pr0nz,occasionally shower, interwebz for 14 hours. Pretty much it.
0530 Wake up prep for work/meetings
0700 Finish shower and load car with gear
0800 Get to Job
1200 Order lunch - no lunch break
1700 Finish 1st job
1730 Arrive at 2nd job
2200 Finish 2nd job
2230 Internet/Gaming/Reading/Coding
0200 Lay Down
0300 Sleep
0530 Alarm Goes Off Again Next Day
06:00 - Wake up, shower, brush teeth etc
07:00 - Start work
15:30 - Finish work
16:00 - Walk to gym
16:45 - Work out
18:15 - Walk home
19:00 - Shower, change and have dinner
20:00 - Go out somewhere if friends are doing anything, if not, get on PC, play vidya/listen to music/watch Netflix shit
23:00 - 00:00 - Brush teeth, go to bed

Browse 4chan throughout the day. Also fapping may happen at any time.
04:35am wake up
04:40am shit/shower/dress
05:15am start car and de-ice if needed
05:18am drive to work
05:25am get to work
05:30am breakfast/coffee
05:45am start work
08:00am morning tea
10:30am morning tea No2
12:30pm lunch
02:15pm drive home
02:25pm get home and shower/change cloths
03:00pm internet/games/go shopping if its Wednesday
04:00pm start cooking dinner
04:45pm chat with the flatmates
05:30pm eat dinner
06:30pm clean up kitchen
07:00pm internet/games
09:00pm Bed
i sleep nearly 12 hours nearly every day

if i dont sleep until i cant sleep anymore, its really really annoying
lol, you tell time like a fucking retard.
File: m_70391.jpg (89 KB, 502x639) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 502x639

I like your life OP, so chill.

5am: wake up, milk and feed cows, pigs, sheep etc
9am: light breakfast, tea, anime, nap
10am: assorted work
1pm: lunch, tea, anime or internet
2pm: assorted work, milk cows again, look after animals
6pm: tea, internet/anime/read/nap
7-8pm: assorted work
10pm: supper, tea, internet
11pm - 12pm: sleep
6am wake up
7am head to work
8am work
5-6pm head home
7pm get rdy for gym
8-10 gym.
10-11 a game or two of dota/interwebz.
Shit yeah, I forgot how retarded it is to use 24hr format
It's military time.
how am i just hearing about this shit, lol da fuck

It's not even military, they wouldn't put the colon I wouldn't have thought...

It's just fucking normal, means you don't have to specify am or pm.
File: 1407028877739.jpg (430 KB, 1800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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6:00 am : Wake up
7:00 am : Arrive at work
7:30 pm : Get off of work
8:00 pm : Hang out with my girl(whatever we feel like doing at the time)
12:00 am : sleep

Repeat 6 days a week almost every week. I get this weekend off though.
File: 8383209239230.jpg (7 KB, 100x100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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in the moment

10:30am: wake up>internet+coffee>shower
11:20/12:20am: get ready>train
12:00/13:00am: breakfast (at working place)>work
7:00/8:00pm: leave work>train
7:40/8:40pm: arrive>vidya games/internet/anime/tgwtg/dinner if i didn't had already
9:30/10:00pm: a fap
9:50/10:20pm: continue w everything before a fap
1:00/2:00am: sleep (ye, used to be 4 but depressed this week)
this is fucking cool, where did you find out about this time keeping method, on the deepweb?
>the american dream
06:30 - Wake up, eat breakfast
06:45 - Shower, brush teeth, get dressed
07:20 - Play a little guitar/Internet
07:30 - Leave to college
08:00 - 18:15 - Attend courses, lunch, more courses.
18:40 - Get home, eat a little something
19:05 - go to music school
20:50 - get back home, internet/vidya/guitar
21:15 - Eat dinner
21:45 - Brush teeth
21:50 - work, inernet, guitar
23:00 - go to bed.
130pm wake up
135pm check phone, facebook, update my games
200pm get outta bed and go play vidya
400pm jerk off
401pm go eat
430pm watch tv
530pm go play vidya
830pm go jerk off
832pm go watch tv
930pm go play vidya
1am jerk off
130am go watch tv
300am go play vidya
400am take sleeping pill (just did)
405am jerk off
445am play vidya
600am sleep
i'm serious
I have no daily routine at this point
If you're serious then send an email to [email protected] with the details of your disability and we'll talk.

Tell NO ONE.
3:30 pm - 7:00 pm: sleep
7:15 pm: shower
8:00 pm: eat dinner
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm: study/homework/watch movies
11:00 pm - 4 am: possibly party
4:00 am - 6:30 am: study/eat/lay awake cause my body wont let me sleep
6:30 am - 8:15 am: sleep
9:00 - 11:15 am: class
11:30 am - 12:15 pm: nap
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm: class

I can honestly say this was my daily routine for my summer classes. Today was my last day
xx:xx wake up
xx:xx things occur
xx:xx sleep
>welfare cunt
>i have more disposable income than the average fuck on minimum wage and don't work the lels.
0500- wake up, get dressed
0520- go for a run
0600- get home, shit, shower, shave
0630- eat some lucky charms and mangos while browsing 4chan and watching Netflix
0700- wake up roomate
0745- leave for work as a telesalesman with roomate
0807- arrive late for work cause traffic and no one cares
0830- go to parking lot, get high with work bros and boss bro
0845- eat some cheese and deli meat
1200- lunch, usually Subway or Greek
1500- get off work, go home, change
1545- leave to hang on the beach or the mountains with friends
1730- go back home, cook dinner for roomate and me
1800- eat
1830- shit, smoke then vidya with roomatebro
2000- vidya alone and Netflix
2300- Netflix and 4chan
2330- sleep

I always hoped I wouldn't turn out like this. I mean, I make decent money, cool bro roomate, alright house, but I feel like it's all pointless. Saving money up for college now, but I wanna be something better man. Like a trucker or an adventuring hitchhiker or a nudist. Something that doesn't require me to wear nice clothes and sit in a cubical and eat cheese and turkey.
Oh shiit.

4:30AM - wake up get ready for day
5:30AM - get baby ready and leave house
6:00AM - arrive at dropoff point where baby mom meets me in morning to pick up little guy.
6:20-7:00AM - chill/sleep/breakfast
7:30AM-5:30PM - work (aerospace manufacturing)
6:00PM - get home/ take care of shit to prepare for baby tonight. Eat something.
8:00PM - leave house
8:30-8:45PM - pick up baby (mom works 3rd shift)
9:00PM - get home
9:30PM - feed the little man.
9:50PM - bath time for little man
10:00PM - settle him down for sleepytime.
11:00PM - sleepy baby. I surf webs for a bit.
11:30PM - shower
12:00PM - bed

Thankfully only weekdays.
this is hell. I am never fucking having kids, ever
It changes from day to day, but since it's saturday. this is my saturday schedule

Noon - Wake up -get ready
1:30pm-10:00pm - (pretend to) work
10:10 stop at 7/11

-PATH 1-
10:15-? - play vidya/browse/b//watch shit/hang with roommates/reading cooking and eating mixed in there somewhere.
Anywhere from 2am - 5am - go to bed
-PATH 2-
10:15 - go home and shower
10:30pm - go to friend's house
11:00pm - play board games and shit
5am or so - sleep at friend's while thinking about friend's hot jailbait sister.
wake up at a random time of the day or night
screw around until i fall asleep
7am: Wake up + Breakfast
8am: Start work
1pm: lunch
5pm: Leave work
5:30pm: Computer
12am: Sleep
I usually skip Supper since I eat a bigger meal at lunch during work.
5 - 6am: Wake up + shower + breakfast
6am - 2pm: Work
2 - 2:30pm: Shower + food
2:30 - 5pm: Vidya + Chill
5 - 6:30pm: Gym
7 - 10pm: tv/ movies with roomates
10pm: Brush teeth + Bed
k, sent

Its not as bad as you would think once you get used to the routine. Fatherhood is pretty fucking awesome. It only sucks when it doesn't work out with mom. And I still have a decent amount of downtime on weekends and I enjoy my work. I have a girlfriend and we get to go out pretty often since grandma and grandpa love to spend time with him.

I see it as doing what you gotta do. I don't want my kid to have the shitty childhood I did. But yeah it can feel like hell especially at 4:30 in the morning.
>5am wake up
>6 am work
>9am smoko
>12pm lunch
>3pm knock off
>3:30pm arrive home
>3:35pm smoke weed
>5pm eat
>5-11pm tv
>11pm -1:30am play xbox
>1:30am shower
>1:45am go to sleep
4:30am - wake up + breakfast + shower + get ready
6am - start work
11am/12pm - take a break
11:30/12:30 - back to work
3pm - finish work
3:20pm - get home, vidya and/or internets
10:30pm - bed
Zach? Is it you m8

Nice NEETquest build. I may reroll for welfare too.
2pm wake up. Shower if im up for it.
3pm head to work mentally prepare my self for bullshit
4pm- 1am work
3am back home
3am 5am vidya, tv or fap
5am- ? Try and sleep
Rinse and repeat
Wake up naturally, alarm set for 5:45
Shower breakfast 4chan
Get to, work, and get back from work
Play a bit of hearthstone, play a bit of maplestory, get on reddit, get on 4chan, fap, eat (all of this in any order)
Read from my kobo
Rinse and repeat
this is pretty much exactly what I do.
>implying I have a routine
you supreme gentleman
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