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Lets see some wincest stories guys
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Lets see some wincest stories guys
I fucked my sister last night
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>be me 15
>be asleep
>sisters (twins) and there friend come in my room
>they start playing with my dick
>wakes up pretends to still be asleep
>starts to feel weird down there
>what are they doing down there?
>sisters and friend leave the room with my dick still hanging out
>looks down to find bobbles around my dick and balls
>never quite look at them the same again
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This shit is bananas. Bump
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what are bobles?
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Those things girls put in their hair when they have ponytails n shit
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Acting young wears granny panties
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i banged my brothers sister but it was cool cause he is my uncle.
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I have 5 sisters man
I had to share a room with my 2 little sisters and Twin sister for like 16 years. Me and twin in one bed the 2 little ones in another.
The two little ones did shit like that to me like tied ribbons and put dolls and shit around my dick nothing sexual I think.
I have fucked my Twin sister though on a camping trip, lots of alcohol and a shared sleeping bag involved. Have never spoke of it since
post pic
They are 2 years younger than me. A few years later we all fucked after a few to many drinks. We don't talk about it but I'll never forget it
>Starting with not wincest
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I got one that'll top that

Based on a true story

>be me
>teenager no older than 17
>be swimming at aunts house
>have 2 sisters (11-18) 4 girl cousins
>all around my age
>3 of my aunts are there and they have huge tits
>their daughters are blessed with their genetics
>Being in puberty I've been fapping like a maniac in a hardware/gun/porno store
>have huge boner the head of my dick redder than a fireworks blast victim
>*I'll just move on over to the jacuzzi*
>one of my cousins notices and jumps in w/me
>she has an itty bra for them bitties of titties
>she notices I have a hard on and begins to rub my cock
>"hey!" Lets call her H "what are you doing? Everyones here!"
>I don't care - they know
>all my aunts, sisters and mom take off all their swimming clothes of simultaneously and walk towards the jacuzzi
>[breathing intensifies]
>they all suck my dick and fuck each other while also fuck me
>"what's a party without coke?" My grandma says
>we all rail lines, them railing it on my now 10 inch geoduck which now has a mind of it's own me snorting that shit off a gold brick
>I cum so hard it goes into all their pussies at one time
>tfw 9 months later they're all pregnant including granny

Just another day in Orange County I guess.
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Ya me and my 5 sisters are actually all pretty close in age.
2 older are 30 & 28
Me and Twin are 26
2 younger are 21 an 24
I have walked in on all of them through out the years having sex with husbands/bfs.
All of them have walked in on me especially my Twin sister since I live with her in her house
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Same thing happened to me, shit was cash
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Anyone got this pic without the Wincest shit?
Is it just me but that don't look legal
who are we to judge
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>be 2011
>be me
>be 17
>have cousin from overseas fly in for a few months because parents are having issues with her
>spare bed in my room from when brother moved out
>she has to stay in my room
>ff picking her up from airport, driving home and sitting bags down and we're there playing vidya
>she's a solid 7/10, 5"8 brown hair to midway down her shoulders, hazel eyes, glasses
>nothing really interesting happens until i leave to have a shower
>i finish up, come back and she's nowhere to be seen
>games paused, but what really gets me is her dress that she was wearing is on the ground
>she walks back in wearing her bra and panties and says that her dress was frustrating her because of the breeze coming through the room
>???? why didnt you just close the window dumbass
>"hehe oh i guess that's a good point"
>"an even better point is that your semi is sticking out the gap between your towel. dumbass."
>wtf is she talking about
>i have a semi-hard on
web address at bottom of picture... look for it

dude don't have much but says he's working on something real gud
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Just posted about my aunt sucking me off in another thread. Should I repost here?
The only interesting incest is mom/son or dad/daughter. Everything else is borderline normal behavior. Most of the stories on /b/ involving incest is usually sibling or cousins, and it's usually when they are young.

With parents involved, there is at least one person involved in the incest that is fully aware of the fucked up shit that they are doing with their kid(s). There has to be a moment when they realize that they have taken advantage of an innocent child, who could not make the conscious choice to have a relationship since they don't know what they are getting into.

Everything else is boring to me.
that or just link it
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Okay. I was about 17 at the time so that's why I'd say it wasn't molestation.

She's a single parent and I've never seen her with a serious bf. her son is the one i fooled around with till about 16. I was over at the house and was kinda horny because I was thinking about me and him.

He had to go out to do something (lessons of some sort) so it was me and her for about two hours. First 30 mins was me just being horny, then we started talking.
She asked how i was, and I knew I wanted something. So, heart racing, I told her that I was good and thank you for letting me stay, etc etc. And kissed her.

I made sure to let the kiss go on a bit longer, long enough that it was obvious but short enough it could be played off as innocent
I've got fucking nice eyes apparently so I always played that up when making a move. Maybe it works, maybe not, but I used it then too.

So, now just me with a raging boner, looking in her eyes a slowly brought my hand up to her chest, just at the sides.

She didn't fucking stop me!

So, I kissed her again, this time no intent to stop. We were on the couch, making out (think she was like 40 at the time) and I was grinding on her.

I brought her hand to my cock, and that's where she hesitated. I was horrified. Not only would it ruin that, but if anybody else found out. Anyone in my family learned that I made a move on my aunt.

Thank god though, she was just worried about the time. She reached in and rubbed me for a bit (no clue size at the time. I'm about 9 now so probably 6 or 7?) and then told me to lie back.

I'll be honest, I was hoping she'd fuck me. But, not complaining when she went down on me.

Maybe it was the situation, or maybe it was that she had practice but I didn't last long. She swallowed, cleaned up, and I regretted it. An awkward 30 mins to pick up cousin and an awkward rest of weekend.

Don't regret it now though
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yeah hot
>how the fuck did my towel turn around
>it's her fault
>she's wearing her bra and panties flaunting all that skin and shit
>fuck she has such a hot body
>kinda looks like a sexy lawyer you see in porn and shit but less slutty
>nice sized c cups from what I can see
>i move to my wardrobe, walk in and close the door behind me
>the beast springs free
>i grab a pair of briefs and start to slide them on when the wardrobe door opens
>I fall forward on the ground and land with a resounding thud
>next thing I know she's straddling my chest with her knees on my arms
>i feel a bit of warmth coming from her panties and i don't make any note of it
>she leans down and whispers in my ear
>"did my mom and dad tell your mom why i got sent here?"
>shitting bricks
>shitting marble pillars
>shitting asteroids
>then she moves off my chest and kisses me
>not a peck
>one of those kisses where you feel your lungs drain and all feeling in your chest is just numb
>a kiss that you know feels good but so fucking bad at the same time
>"yeah well i was fucking around with my brother"
pre-type man, I'm hard as diamonds
Yeah. Not a good writer but that was me and my aunt
You are the only thing keeping this thread alive... Please continue!
Fucking yes, man.
I know, I got work in the morning it's the only thing keeping me up.

>"well. i can see why they sent you here now but you're just gonna get sent away"
>"well, your dad is hardly ever home, and your mom is busy working most of the time. it's a miracle you haven't died from starvation or something"
>this whole time she's grinding her pantie-clad vagina against my semi-hard on and i don't notice until i try to move my legs and push her off and there's briefs keeping me tangled
>"come on. your dick says you want to"
>then there was this moment that felt like it lasted a year
>it was no more than 10 or 20 seconds but i contemplated everything that'd happen if anyone found out
>she was here for a really long amount of time and i figured that if this started now, then there'd be no rest for the wicked
>but i figured, fuck it. i had been eyeing her up since the moment she got off the plane even if i was denying it a little so why not.
>i kick my briefs off
>sit up and kiss her back
>and this little smile breaks across her face
>a little devious smile that knows she's succeeded in what she wanted to do
>i grab her, slide out from under her and stand up and she follows suit only breaking the kiss once or twice to reposition onto my bed
>she pushes me over and climbs on top of me and that little devious smile is turning into a more lust filled grin as she kisses me and makes her way down my chest

sorry for the no pre type, i had another one that i thought was this one but i posted it once and it got copypastad everywhere and people are fucking stupid
Bump for anons story
Bump for anons story

>she makes her way further down my chest and makes it to my manscaped bush of pride that i take the time to trim every second day
>"this is cute"
>I don't bother to make a note of it and I feel this warm sensation all over the head of my dick
>she's playing with my pre
>i look down and she's got it twanged between her fingers all goopy and slimy and she makes eye contact with me
>now this next part had me completely diamond hard when she did it
>she looked up at me, shoved her finger inside her pussy and then began to suck on it
>not even swallowing, she dribbled all over my dick and this is the part i will never forget
>she took me to the hilt, in her mouth
>my pubes were tickling the insides of her nostrils
>she just started swallowing and creating this FUCKING AMAZING sensation that felt so fucking good i can't even begin to explain how awesome it felt
>she could tell that hit a soft part for me and so i just kinda lay back and closed my eyes
>then i feel that sensation leave and pressure is applied differently
>i look down to see her tryna slide my wet and sloppy dick into her cleavage
>tits bare, bra still on. it created a nice amount of cleavage
>this didn't feel that good but i didn't really care but she could tell it wasn't doing it for me
>so she decided it was time
>and she climbed on top of me
>i felt her grab it
>and she plunged down on it taking about half of it in her
>then the accompanying coos and ahhs and moans that follow
>and she's glazed over enjoying herself immensely
>i'm lying there tryna get more in but i leave it to her to decide
>she's riding me and getting more and more slowly in at a time
>few inches and a bit
>few more inches and a bit
>then she just drops her ass and kisses me
>the feeling of her exhaling as my dick plunged deep inside her vagina was enough to make me cum right there
Where could one find more 3d SS?
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Oh hey I live in orange county
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Jesus christ
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1407429385299 (1).jpg
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serveimage (86).png
685 KB, 900x713

>by this point she's fucking noisy
>she's being loud as shit and i'm tryna suppress her noise by meeting her with equivalent noise and making it sound like we're playing vidya
>yeah. doesn't work
>"anon? are you guys okay up here?"
>she stops and whispers "i totally forgot your mom was home, she wasn't there when i went to get a snack"
>"yeah mom we're just playing games and stuff"
>i pick her up and move towards the door and shut it completely
>"impressive, you've put on quite a bit of muscle since the last time i saw you"
>and so i pin her up against the back of the door and start fucking her again
>"remember, no noise otherwise i'll make it even more unbearable"
>she's biting into my shoulder and my neck and nibbling on my tongue whenever i try to shove it down her through and i feel the whole inside of her vagina contract and she just starts convulsing and shaking
>what the fuck did i do
>she sees the look of worry on my face and starts riding me harder, although not very well from the position she was in and meets me with a whisper in my ear
>"i just came"
>"i just came so fucking hard all over you"
>i look down to this white goopy shit on my dick
>she grabs some on the tip of her finger and slips it in her mouth
>then she gives me the same kiss she opened with
>one that made me weak in the knees
>one that made my dick go ultradiamonds
>one that made me think that if there are greater beings in the universe, do they enjoy pleasure like this
>and i stumble backwards onto my bed
>she collapses on top of me and we're both heaving for air and she looks up at me and says
>"you didn't cum"
>and so i figure we aren't over
>good to see she's on the same lines
>so i turn her over and her knees are on the ground hanging off the edge of my bed
>and she guides me in yet again
>so helpful this girl
>I have fucked my Twin sister though on a camping trip, lots of alcohol and a shared sleeping bag involved. Have never spoke of it since
>A few years later we all fucked after a few to many drinks.

We need greentexts of these two stories.
Guess I'm not goin to work tomorrow... On the account of no sleep.
Second this
are they even still here?
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>Sitting in room browsing /b/
>Father comes in up to my ear and says
>"I'm going to rape you"
And that kids, is how I met your mother.
So much waiting, at this point I may just be here for the plot
File: 1391478892831a.jpg (93 KB, 863x1104) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she's holding my dick and i'm just staring at this reddish pink gaping hole of sex that men strive to get into so hard
>and then she says one word that receives an instant response from me
>and i push
>and in my dick goes
>back into this warm cove of awesomeness
>she takes a huge breath in and exhales when my dick is all the way in
>her pussy is contracting around my dick again and i see her start convulsing some more and i get the message
>so i keep on going
>pummeling in and out for who the fuck knows how long until i feel this tightness in my nutsack
>she knows and she says that if i fork out the cash to spot her the pill then i can just cum inside
>but i have a better idea
>i just keep on slamming at her vag and her pussy begins to contract and release and contract and release again and i almost lose it
>yeah i didn't almost lose it
>i completely lost it
>i went full retard and shoved all the way back in
>and i came
>i came harder than i had ever came before
>she felt it and said that she was gonna cum again and there she went
>convulsing and turning and closing her legs and my dick slides out still cumming
>and it goes everywhere
>few spurts on her ass, some down her thighs and then the very last drops land on the soles of her foot
>"holy shit anon. you're a fucking monster"
>*knock knock*
>i hear the doorknob turn and she's up and in my wardrobe instantly
>i grab my towel off the floor and clean up and mom's head peeps in
>she made us some food
>"open a window this room stinks"
>door closes and the wardrobe opens to me being greeted by this sexy woman
>she turns around and swipes some cum off her ass and slips it in her mouth and before i can react
>she's kissing me
>wasn't that bad actually
>so she hops in the shower, then mom comes up and says she's stepping out for a bit and she's gonna be a few hours
>and i hear my cousin whisper "that's more than long enough"
sorry for the no pretype lads
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All good and worth it... Fuck work anyways
File: 1407113357829.jpg (126 KB, 1148x1061) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So three years later what's the status
File: jr_c_21.jpg (279 KB, 1418x1117) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279 KB, 1418x1117

after mom left, she was all for it. I'm surprised she wasn't sore or anything. I still talk to her all the time over the book of faces and skype and stuff and we always fuck around whenever she comes to visit but classes and work and shit makes it hard to get any time off that isn't a public holiday.

during holidays and stuff when we can both get time off classes and work, we try to find solid fight deals and shit but it's always hard. we end up forking half each just for a good fuck but it seems more than that recently. she's actually considering a long distance but fuck that. hot sex every 5 or so months for dry streaks of plenty at a time is no worth.
can we have a pic of her?
you cant pic imaginary cousins
damn I forgot
ex girlffriend is a whore you can blow her up 21783658968
pic anon
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File: DO It.jpg (108 KB, 400x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DO It.jpg
108 KB, 400x389
lemme find one that doesn't let on too much about where either of us live
File: 1407163598473.png (157 KB, 359x509) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My ex girlfriend is a whore blow her up 2178365868
>hot sex every 5 or so months for dry streaks of plenty at a time is no worth.
Do either of you have your own apartment? Change colleges/work and just live together.
File: here_anons2.jpg (354 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here's one
File: 1407416803979.jpg (53 KB, 782x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 782x522
File: (33).jpg (146 KB, 1200x1068) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 1200x1068
File: here_anons.jpg (268 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268 KB, 720x960
yeah, i suggested that but it didn't go over to well. I'll try talk to her about it next time she comes by.
File: 1392663159362.jpg (65 KB, 598x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 598x800
cant really tell with that pic she looks 8/10 body, why no face?
does she still fuck her brother?
Because it isn't the same person.
because she'll get fucked off with me if i don't blur out the faces and god knows what'll happen when she's like that.
from what i know, her brother moved out a year or so after she got back and he feels really guilty about everything that went down with them
File: 1407398685462.jpg (84 KB, 810x661) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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who is this girl plz?
File: spiderman thread.jpg (35 KB, 544x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
spiderman thread.jpg
35 KB, 544x400
>be 11
>sleeping with my cousin
>not actually sleeping but trying
>2 hours in, still can't sleep
>he pulls down my pants a bit
>starts rubbing his dick against my asscrack
>starts reaching as far as my balls
>jizzes on my asscheek
>cleans it up with the bedsheet and pulls up my pants a bit
>he thought I was asleep throughout the whole thing
>don't sleep that night
>next day still pretend that nothing happened
>never go to his place again

>a decade later I sometimes fap to the memory
no they didn't, fuck off spidey
faggot confirmed...
>Spidey comes home, Rapes his grandmother.
>"Like that bitch! Glad I got grandpa out of the way?"
Welp, been archiving these stories. Guess I'll have to make some screencaps later.

http://goo gl/j18y4x
Post more captions you fuvking niggers
The stories are turn-offs
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>the first few captions kept referencing Jeffrey

Jeffrey is love Jeffrey is life
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File: nudistsis.jpg (799 KB, 1187x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here ya go you lazy asshole
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