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emo stories thread.
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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emo stories thread.
I posted this one in another thread a couple of weeks ago.

>Be me in 8th grade
>Music class
>ugly skinny emo chick getting shitton of attention
>says she only wants to die
>everyone feels sorry for her and supports her etc etc
>room looks at me
>i ask her why she dosent kill herself if she only wants to die?
>she starts crying
>everyone is mad
>gets send to principal
>mfw when i got suspended for a week

100% chance that dude has tickled some pickles in his time.
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You zesty cucumber you...
>Be me
>Gf ( I guess gf) is emo and claims her eyes glow
>Mfw this is over the internet
>anyways , she can't really stand for herself I guess . Shreds me all the time and I'm about to just delete my kik without warning lel
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>Be me
>7th grade
>le emo gf
>Says she's a wiccan
>Then she performs ritual to become vampire
>Gets sunburned because it's the summer and says it worked
>Only drinks tomato soup pretending its blood, saying its all she can eat without puking
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Another story because I spent way too much of my teenage years with this bitch

>Be me, 8th grade
>Hanging out with some friends after school
>Get offered a cigarette
>Impressionable you I am fels the ned to be like my friends so I accept
>Orbiter hears about it
>Tells her
>She cuts herself and cries for like 4 days
>She won't tell me why
>Finally convince her to let me in
>Is suicidal/depressed because I made such a giant life decision without her
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wtf she's fucking psycho
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>7th grade again
>Working with qtp2t emo gf on health project about mental disorders
>We're assigned depression
>The whole time she pours way too much time into this presentation, neglecting other academics
>Moment of truth, time to present
>She seems so emotionally touched by the suffering of these victims
>Ends up crying
>Says its ptsd because people in her family and friends were depressed
>Hug her and write her a poem in English
>She's so emotional I get to fuck her after school
>mfw I lost my virginity because I wrote a poem
Oh believe me lol she ended up leaving me in the 10th grade because one of my friends who was a girl said she wanted to fuck me. I turned this girl down but the emo crazy in the gf decided I might as well have cheated on her so she started dating this Mexican kid with autism and said she loved him. I ended up beating the shit out of him in front of our whole school because he made fun of my boots. Good times.
Sweet. Got any more?
>how do you lose your virginity?
>be nice to an emo chick
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True story hahaha I guess I have another but it has to do with her being crazy hormonal rather than mad emo

>9th grade
>We spent the last 4 days at her beach house that her parents recently inherited from deceased grampa
>On the ride home in her dad's van
>We're in the back, we had to ride with them because neither of us had a car
>Cuddling with blanket
>Parents don't seem to noticed
>Suddenly grabs my dick
>wtf gurl you crazy
>Looks me in the eyes and bites her lip
>Shake my head no, do not want her dad to kill me
>slowly slides under blanket
>ERection poking out of my skinny jeans
>She starts sucking on the head
>Text her "Your fucking dad is 6 feet away from us you slut"
>She comes up and is visibly sad
>Have to apologize for the whole ride home for calling her a slut
>Results in 2 weeks of no sex because "When I want to you always deny me but we fuck whenever YOU want to!"
A little back story her dad was an alcoholic with a gun collection, bipolar as fuck and had tried to commit suicide before. He also tried to beat her once but I pushed him back so he hated me despite her mothers love of me. There is no doubt in my mind if he would've seen her under the blanket he would have very literally threw me out of the car if not shot me with the gun he kept in the glove box.
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Ill share one though its probably not that good
>be 7th grade
>fat attention whoring emo girl
>lesbian, flamboyant, not agreeing eith her in argument makes you a homophobe etc etc.
>were not super good friends but were pretty tight, we talk and shit and sit next each other
>one day i get moved
Mfw the teacher told me i was fat shaming
A little sad this thread gonna 404. I can't think of any more stories about that crazy bitch although I know there's a million laying around somewhere in my head. At least you two other guys got to hear the tales of Diamond the psychotic emo girlfriend of xwxeK+q8
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You will always have a special place in my heart.
I'm lurkin, so make that 3+ people who shall carry on your (and your psycho ex-gf's) legacy.

Also, got any pics of her?
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cry rain.jpg
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>be me
>be in 9th grade
>there was this hot emofag whose dirty uncut dick i always wanted to suck
>never got closer with him
> 8th grade
> had gym for second period
> all grade levels have pe togeather
> talk to this chubby emo girl
> she's in the 7th grade
> also some high schoolers share the gym with us
> I have some friends in high school
> High school friend says her mom is nice but she shows no respect
> she hates her mom
> started to talk to her
> turns out she's a good singer and decent at guitar
> "anon, can I be your gf"
> just got out of a relationship with other emotional chick
> I assume it's that stupid teenage thing where they pretend to be gf like gangsters pretend to be gay to get attention
> turns out she was serious
>"oh hi anon"
> starts to hug me
> started to get creeped out
> week later I want to break up with her
> decided to become lone wolf for the rest of highschool and remainder of middle school
> she starts to cry
> she makes a song about me
> Jesus it sounds like a tailor swift song
> she wins the competition for a school talent show a few weeks later
I think I made her life better

Also she dressed in a neon green toto you know that stupid lolita outfit and a hot topic uniform from that stupid Harry potter book
same, i lov u m8
File: lolhernamewashere.jpg (21 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Might as well show you guys her ass since I still have a pic
Also about that emotional girl
Now that I think of it she was a attention whore because she assumes she's bi and she's also very stupid like she decides to give up on her school work and she birches to me that the teachers are being unfair because she's bi
+1 internets
and she was definitely 18 years old when the picture was taken, guys. Totally not while we were together. I don't wanna get v&
got one
>10th grade
>fatass ugly emo gf because desperate
>claimed to get randomly depressed and feel the urge to cut herself
>never had a single bad thing happen in her life
>would always text me every time she "cut herself"
>never saw any cuts
>asked her to show me one time, she showed me a cat scratch on her upper arm
>I was there when the fucking cat scratched her wtf
>broke up with her
>next week at church her fatassemoattentionwhore group of friends waddled over to me
>"femanon is gunna kill herself she misses you"
>got back together with her
>for like a week
>Same thing happened but I ignore the cries for attention
>Now Im 21 and I still randomly send her pics of clowns
>she was terrified of clowns
hahaha wth.
hormones and stupidity doesnt match well.
>10 years ago
>I was a goth/emo/metal/hot topic trend follower
>Got plenty of emo-girl pussy
>good times
>be in 8th grade
>one of my friends is going through this weird "emo" phase
>he tells me he's been "cutting" himself and shows me thin red lines on his arm
>I call out his bullshit, it's clearly just surface scratches
>he admits he actually used an old bed spring to scratch his arm, because he's too afraid to cut himself
>I tell him to quit being a bitch, and we go back to playing SSBM
He killed himself a few weeks after that.
What a dick
She actually seems sweet enough. Why no use her for sex before you leave her? Emo chicks be easy as fuck.
what a piece of shit
>Now Im 21 and I still randomly send her pics of clowns
>she was terrified of clowns
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you godly mofos
that is why guys write poetry to get pussy
Moar please.
Captcha: Greaterrn dropped
>implying he didn't getmurdered or killed himself accidently
how do you know he was uncut?
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Don't lie anons, the emo kids picked on you in high school, didn't they?
It was weird she wanted to go out with me even though she was a grade above me but we where the same age
She was kind of off because of the stupid phase
Anon is diggin' deep
I has no more. Only kept that one ass pic so I can show her friends her ass. Makes me laugh.
because where I'm from pretty much everyone is, except me :(
>Internet GF
The beta/cringe thread is over there, bud.
>emotional people around me
>I don't care
>Sit in my room and play the flute to my pet parrot

Easy as fuck
>me, 9-11th grade
>loved hardcore music, wore tshirts of bands I liked
>look bad with short hair and had military haircuts most of my life so I kept my hair shaggy
>wore skinny jeans because they were cozy af at school stoned
>people called me emo
>wtf no bitch
>im to deathcore and so am weed for emo
>fuck emo hxc nigger
>420 faggot
>was sad
>had a pocket knife
>took up woodcarving
So you were one of these guys.
I saw op's pic and thought is was me for a sec... if it makes anyone feel better, I'm getting a haircut joining the military
(yes I look emo, no I'm not a whiny bitch)
I may have looked a little like them but I dont do that fagaggot dance
Different tastes I get. I met my current when I was a junior and her a senior. We started dating after she graduated and that always turned me on, that she was older and more mature.
File: Outfit.png (357 KB, 842x848) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw this is what i wear everyday
>mfw everyone in town and school calls me emo fag
>mfw emo thread on /b/
>so am weed for emo
>am weed for emo
>weed for emo
are you uncircumcised
what a stupid faggot... Hope you die of lung cancer.

only retards, and old people smoke.. But old people didn't really know it was bad so its fine... But nowadays everyone should know its bad so why start?
Nah, emo kids can't pick on people because you can just pick on them back and they'll go into the tub and cut their wrists.
File: dudewtf.jpg (22 KB, 372x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I got picked on/bullied by emo girls and boys.
I spent my entire school life trying to stay out of the way of everyone and just getting on with my education. These people felt the need to be shit to me.
>One of them decides to start sexually exploiting me, humiliating me.
>Generally just molesting me, forced oral etc.
>The girls helped him.
>He got suspended for quite some time.
>Was a drugged up husk of his former self on return.

I'm still more distrusting of girls after all of this.
>9-11th grade
niger wat
lel that outfit is emo as shit you poser faggot lol k scene bitch
you look whimpy as fuck...
Haha, emo people aren't capable of picking on others.
Is paramore an emo band? I was always pretty well adjusted in school more or less, if anything i was on the popular end, got into fights, messed chicks around, wasn't emo whatsoever, but I listened to paramore, didn't tell anyone what music i listened to but i loved them, is that emo?
You're doing something very wrong if the emo kids are picking on you.
lol why would you have a t shirt opening so big
Caring about what other people do with their body. I bet you're real fun at parties.
Paramores pretty emo but holy fuck I love them
You dress like every other scene kid fag
Every time I show that pic on /b/ this happens
File: 1389637298924.jpg (117 KB, 638x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When I was 16 and emo I had my first sexual experience. At the time, I lived in a little suburb outside of Cleveland and anyway, the girl next door and I were really good friends. Our parents were both gone for the day and she was over playing BVB for me. So anyway, we kinda got.. Bored I guess? And we started playing truth or dare, which turned into 'you show me yours, I'll show you mine". So anyway there I Was, 16 years old, heart pounding, blood rushing in my ears, and the chick (who was a year older than me actually) takes off her panties and hikes her little skirt up. So what did I do, you ask? I whistled for a cab, and when it came near, the license plate said "FRESH" and there were dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought "naw forget it, yo home to Bel-Air!" I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabbie "Yo homes smell ya later!" Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there. To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel-Air.
Let's be honest mate, you just want to fuck Hayley Williams.
boo fucking hoo ya nigger.
Dont be so fuckin suprised.
>Theres 2 kinds of emo girls
>The cute ones you want to fuck the shit out of
>Or the fat ones
>They either have real problems or are the largest attention whores
>The 2nd kind seem to be attracted to me
>i kinda want the 1st kind tho
Fuck you.
No I love all their albums and Love Taylor and Jeremy too you saltine nig
>Theres 2 kinds of emo girls
>The cute ones you want to fuck the shit out of
>Or the fat ones
>They either have real problems or are the largest attention whores
dis nigga is speekin truff
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>Bel Air meme

Get some real style man.
>be 14
>on a school trip to Belgium for a week
>only semi-hot chick is emo
>hit on her cos boredom
>go around the back of a building for privacy to make my move
>she starts crying
>ask her wtf
>she says her grandma died and she still gets really emotional remembering it
>fair enough, ask her if they were close
>she says her grandma was like a mum to her
>also claims to be anorexic and to never sleep at this point
>I backpedal away


>laughing about this with fuckbuddy
>she tells me emos grandma died when she was 3
>also tells me she kept a list of emo chicks bullshit
>it was the weirdest attention seeking I've ever read
>when emo was 13 she claimed not to have a butthole and that she took special pills to piss out her shits

>Mfw she's in a loving but celibate relationship now
>Mfw still single, at least I'm not a virgin
>Mfw I have no face
wow your whole post
So I'm cruising /b/ and as usual have nothing to contribute, and then I lurk this godly thread and remember that I have in fact had not one but two emo gfs in high school

first one
>actually cut herself severely all the time
>suffers from what seems like legitimate diagnosed depression
>still cuts herself at age 23
>christian, no coitus b4 marriage, lets me do anal for ~half a year
>sweet deal I love anal
>eventually slay the punani
>leave her because 15 and want to fuck other chicks

>left her and immediately got with the second emo bitch
>"fake" depressed, psycho as all hell
>scratches herself lightly on arms, attention whore, raver scum.. doesn't do drugs just likes to attention whore and dance
>"anorexic" which means only eats frozen chicken burgers and kool aid??? still pondering that one
>dead fish in bed, sometimes cries after sex
>fuck her in the ass, poop nugget on my dick
>we live on the same small, dead end street, I cheat on her with a white trash ghetto slut on a park bench at the end of the street
>she cheats on me with some dude from SWEDEN.. who took a flight to slay that 5/10 pussy

I distinctly remember her 3edgy5me comments like saying "I don't feel sorry for people with cancer" while rambling on about how sorry she felt for herself for 90% of every conversation
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Listen dude: I'm almost 49 years old. I've been using computers since the original Apple 1 was in stores. In high school I used a multi-user BASIC system running on a Data General Nova minicomputer connected to 3 schools via 300bps modems over leased phone lines. The first computer I built was based on a 1976 Popular Electronics article and used an old Teletype ASR-33 as a terminal. The next three computers were S-100 bus systems running CP/M v2.2. Depending on your age, I may have been writing code in C under CP/M before you were even *born*. I've owned no-name Taiwaneese knock-off XT clone motherboard-based systems I built on the cheap, with monochrome (yes, the ugly-ass green-screen) graphics. I remember the original Mac looking like someone's idea of a joke to me. I thought Windows v2.x was the most useless thing on the planet. I actually ran IBM's OS/2 for a couple *years* and thought it was awesome. The only reason I changed from Win95 was because the USB support was virtually non-existent. The only reason I changed from Win98SE to Win2k was it wasn't stable on a CPU running over ~800MHz. I had an entire WinNT4 domain, complete with PDC, running in my apartment, while I was getting an MCSE.

You still want to say ">>>/reddit/", friend?

Check your Linux privilege. Not all of us are running it, and your overweening arrogance indicates to *me* that you're rather young, and perhaps aren't being totally honest about making your living the way you do.
Jesus fucking Christ, you stuck with her for 3 years?
Man, that's some gay assed shit.

Ma nigga
File: 1407250341317.jpg (273 KB, 1533x1026) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 1533x1026
Oh yeah, I should probably mention.
His richfag parents "told him off" I shit you not, and the school district didn't want to get the police involved or do much more than suspend him and separate him from my classes. The funnier thing is, well... I got ostracised for telling someone about it, everyone said I was lying and things got infinitely worse after that. I became 70% more of a bitch over time.

Anyone else have experience with the old, fabled douchemo?
I told you to fuck off to reddit because you were making le epic pun reference. Shit like that belongs to reddit, people post puns and references there a fuckload of times to get karma so fuck off to that place.
Fuck you
the ass was fat
File: quickrick.jpg (2 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x125
InTeNssE SPe3Ds
>fuck her in the ass, poop nugget on my dick
Your doing her in the pooper wtf do you expect
>SWEDEN .. who took a flight to slay that 5/10 pussy
lol that guy just made me cringe on a whole other level
File: wew.png (8 KB, 250x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 250x220


>not appreciating a bel-air that got you
>shiggy diggy
nah I'm ok with everything other than cigarettes, because they just make you a awful person. Cigarettes make you a asshole who smells like burning hair.
In a relationship with a horny furry emo girl. Fuck me it's awesome. We fuck like rabbits and play Lol naked together. I wanna marry this bitch
whatever you're trying to tell retard. but it's true. all that referencing and puns reminds me of reddit. i hate reddit because I've actually been there for some time and after you seen 1000 references/puns it gets annoying. and then i see this shit here

> you look whimpy as fuck

say that to me in real life, not on the internet punk and see what hap-

just kidding, wanna go kick the shit out of some hipsters?
>Liking Paramore
That's cool, my girlfriend doesn't think so and she's the one who I'll be fucking rather than you.
>I saw op's pic and thought is was me for a sec...
except you look... entirely different.
File: back_to_reddit.jpg (229 KB, 717x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 717x880
>I've actually been there for some time
>just kidding, wanna go kick the shit out of some hipsters?

are you the perfect friend?
chill as shit
seriously though, would they even accept you since you're that weak?

exactly. if you hate reddit without actually knowing that place (like you imply that you do right now) then you're just a fucking tryhard wannabe oldfag tool.
I don't see why its bad to like them now if you liked them years ago, i'm not keen on their new work but i still like the old stuff, is it unfashionable to listen to them then?
Listen dude: I'm almost 49 years old. I've been using dudesince the original dude1 was in stores. In high school I used a multi-user dudesystem running on a Dude General Nova minidude connected to 3 dudes via 300dps dudes over leased dude lines. The first dude I built was based on a 1976 Popular Dudes article and used an old Teletype ASR-33 as a dude. The next three computers were S-100 dude systems running CP/M vDude. Depending on your age, I may have been writing code in Dude under CP before you were even *dude*. I've owned no-name Taiwaneese knock-off XT clone motherdude-based systems I built on the cheap, with monochrome (yes, the ugly-ass green-dude) graphics. I remember the original Dude looking like someone's idea of a joke to me. I thought Windows v2.x was the most useless thing on the planet. I actually ran DUDE's OS/2 for a couple *years* and thought it was awesome. The only reason I changed from Win95 was because the DUDE support was virtually non-existent. The only reason I changed from Win98SE to WinDude was it wasn't stable on a CPU running over ~800MHDudez. I had an entire WinNT4 dude, complete with PDC, running in my apartment, while I was getting an DUDE.

You still want to say ">>>/dude/", dude?

Check your Linux dude. Not all of us are duding it, and your overweening dude indicates to *dude* that you're rather dude, and perhaps aren't being totally dude about making your duding the way you dude.
Tell me that's not an actual emo fight. Please. That has to be some other gay shit.
File: ceepee.jpg (65 KB, 540x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 540x453

your ID is CP.
>Implying that smoking cigs will turn you into an asshole
Le CP loser
It's a satanic ritual called moshing where the emo species attempt to punch eachother but not afaik.
File: 1404074258477.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x225
Guess what.
You see me rollin'
File: image.jpg (69 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 640x960
>Forced Oral
>Not ripping dick off with teeth.
File: seapee.gif (2 MB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x300

Shhh, CP.
Damn, guess your not actually a fag
how do you know I'm not your girlfriend?
I'm going to keep this thread going/on topic with more insane stories

>the second girl has 34DD pale titties with dem blue veins, soulless ginger, wears tutus and likes weeaboo bullshit
>I was a ghetto fuckin faggot who smoked weed constantly for free cus I was friends with drug dealers
>she is always ready to tell everyone about how she is "damaged" because she was raped
>maybe fake story, compulsive liar
>15-16 years old and don't know not to stick my dick in crazy
>as such I stuck my dick in as much crazy as possible
>reputation in my school for being a woman abuser, hard drug addict, generally a psychotic asshole
>mfw she is into me for these reasons
>abuse her vagina and call her a faggot nigger for liking anime and not smoking weed
>he was a skater boi she said see you later boy, he wasn't good enough for her


the military? yeah, I scored 95 on the ASVAB and I'm going into electronics, shipping to basic in 3 weeks. I'm actually fit, I just have lankey arms...
ty for your contribootion
There music just fell off for me personally, it just sounds like their not even trying anymore
File: 1397092687217.jpg (6 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 225x225
>in 10 grade
>theres a 7/10 emo chick who is a huge slut has the biggest douchbag as a boyfreind
>him and his pack of emo fagggots didnt show up for school today
>pay her 20$ to suck my cock and let me pound her during half way though she wanted to stop but just went on chugging fucked her pussy and then her anus after she wanted to stop
>we fuck in the janitors closet i cum on her face tak ea photo of it
>send it to everyone in the the school she was humiliated killed herself a week later
>all in a days work

i found out where the emo faggot lived and took a shit on his doorstep for like a week after she offed herself
>women prefer it
Anyone who says this doesn't deserve a dick in my opinion.
You're pretty much saying you bow to a woman's will and are willing to cut your balls of if "women preferred it". You're already willing to accept cutting part of your dick off because of it.
File: leik i giv fuck a.jpg (107 KB, 1024x575) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
leik i giv fuck a.jpg
107 KB, 1024x575
>Be me 15 in 10th grade 2006
>I was a loner
>Start hanging out with other loners
>Mostly stoners
>1 fat emo cunt hung out with us
>She never did drugs because they were bad
>Wanted to die but didn't smoke weed
>Anyways to make a long story short we got our hands on cocaine
>She did it
>Loved it
>Died in 2009 from an OD
>top kek
TL;DR Got some fat bitch crack an she later OD'd
Bel Air was well before Reddit's time you newfag
File: 1405303786277.png (138 KB, 321x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 321x249
>8th grade
>emo girl always complaining with faggot friends in the hall
>the emo queers walking infront of me listening to some emo pissy music
>i tell them to turn it down
>all stop and look at me
>told them bands suck
>start barking basic emo shit "they saved my life", "helps with depression", etc
>tell them if they want to kill themselves just do it
>get sent to the office
>still worth it
Yeah i dont like the new stuff, anything past when hayley shaved off her eybrows, but I still like listening to the old stuff
Emily rhodes
File: image.jpg (30 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 400x400
It's the whole being too scared to defend yourself which allows people to do that kind of thing. He was like ten times stronger than me and threw me around a bunch before he actually advanced the stage of which he was being a cunt to me.

Also, imagine being exposed and fondled in front of a bunch of your peers when you are really shy. I sort of just went along with it instead of making it in to a bigger, more painful problem.

Also he only ever lasted like three minutes, which was kind of weak.
haha I have done a lot of anal and never had shitdick but that one time. usually its pretty smooth sailing (remember how I said she only ate chicken burgers?)

as for the swede.. I know right?
File: image.jpg (20 KB, 310x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 310x194
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 218x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 218x231
you faggot lol
Was the pussy good at least?
File: admbtch.jpg (6 KB, 184x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 184x184
that wasnt even good you faggot thats not how you do it
>in 9th grade
>is an emotional faggot who cries sometimes
>quiet, had no friends
>emo bitches talking about how much they hate everything
>notice how hard people try to be their friends
>act like a normal fucking human and get shot down as an emotional fuck
>be highschool
>sell weed to the emo bitches
>got their pussy

i mean how complex does the story have to get the bitches be easy as hell.
>Be me at 16
>Be into the emo scene
>Have a crush on a girl for a year before
>she kissed me half a year before passionately for 20mins
>says she likes someone else
>later on she broke up with someone
>goes out with me
>sucks my dick randomly at her dads house when he is downstairs and the door is unlocked
>did not cum from how awkward it was
>3 weeks later she breaks up with me
>all her friends which where my friends also pick on me
>go back to my punk roots
>1 month later and getting picked on
>chavs try to knock me into a bus
>turn and round an break the guys nose
>so overly pissed off i beat up 6 of them
>people found out
>i more chavs pick on me
>had fights till i went to uni, my hometown is full of pricks that start a fight
>had someone pull a knife on me once
>now 21 and better tougher because of emo gf
File: scene_fucked.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1280x720
File: thumbs_up_bciy.jpg (29 KB, 320x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 320x276
good for you
>File: scene_fucked.webm (2.15 MB, 1280x720)
i dont give a FUCK if it's already been said in this thread, WHAT IS THAT FUCKING SOURCE
it was high school tight
did the same

as for that first girl, we are actually still pretty decent friends, she is a good person just a little fucked.

this is a story for you needle dicked faggots

>after I break up with her she gets new bf
>russian, abuses her, lives in the basement of her parent's house
>he has an 8" schlong, I have like 5.5 (still 16 at this point)
>she still wants to fuck me more because I am the ghengis khan of pussy pounding
>he is at work (walmart; top kek)
>I come over, watch a couple minutes of a disney movie
>give her the most devastatingly brutal vaginal jackhammering of her lowly existence. throw the condom aside
>wait 10 minutes
>do it again but more gently because tired
>empty both condoms into his bottle of Vex (emo fucking faggots drink Vex here I don't know about where you live)
>mom doesn't want a murder on her hands with a 6'2 russian killing a little ghetto nigger faggot hoodlum
>mom stalls the bf
>i run the fuck out the front door, run to the park
>down the beers that were in the pockets of my baggy jeans (it was like 06 i wanted to be eminem)
>ready to bottle this nigger if he finds me
>he goes looking for me down the street but doesnt look for me in the park off to the side

aaaand me and that girl still occasionally have a chuckle about that story
do they like it cut or uncut?

it makes sense if emo girls prefer cut dicks
File: 1397781999970.jpg (19 KB, 412x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 412x352
still hav pic?
post if do
>you called her a faggot nigger

>emo girls prefer cut dicks
File: i_dunno.jpg (21 KB, 384x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 384x313
i meant what is the source. also i have no fucking clue what i did to make those first 2 lines appear. i am not a cunt, i promise.
Yeah I was on /b/ a lot back then too and I was oh so edgy

That second attention whore move
>Pills for no butthole
That's fucking out there
Should have kept going m8
holy shit is your name Max?
holy shitdamn illegitimate child of christ, you are a pretty motherfucker
File: 1400181331896.png (266 KB, 640x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266 KB, 640x400
>be freshman in high school
>can't find clique so go with emo kids
>I'm not an edgy fuck, just here for insecure pussy and friends
>try not to laugh at friends wearing tails and makeup
>girls text me saying they like me because I'm "real"
>always saying they want to kill themselves
>Then just do it, anonette.
>Nah, anon. I'll be fine
>make so many emo kids feel like shit because I refuse to give them attention

>be a few months ago
>old slut gf gets in contact with me
>still in that phase
>can see she's going through a tough time
>Anon, make love to me. Make me feel alive.
>nah I'm good
>mfw her face is full of pure shock that someone finally denied her hoe ass

God I loved High School
Why do you ask?
Love these threads.
File: uc_hipsters.webm (2 MB, 720x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 720x404

I know dude :^)
File: scenesux.jpg (206 KB, 652x762) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 652x762
>mfw when I pretty much dressed like this through high school
>mfw a nigger called me emo
>mfw kicked his ass in the cafeteria and stomped his teeth
>mfw known as the metal skinhead though high school
>mfw accidental become white
>mfw still better than emo supremacist
giving two shits and a fuck what women prefer? if that's the case might as well hand over your testicles in a little brown paper bag. women are so quick to tell guys to mutilate themselves yet get mortified if a guy suggests she get a tit job or vaginoplasty. yet another of the many double standards they are responsible for.
Probably because people who smoke are typically people who do not care if they live long or just don't give a fuck about anything.
Case in point myself.

Why people get their tits in such a knot about other people smoking is beyond me.
I was the same in high school and I'm the same now, anon.
Some guy posted your story from the other perspective pretty much (as in being the bully) and said that the guy he bullied was Max and that he realized later that he loved him, i shit you not this was a few months ago
>Now Im 21 and I still randomly send her pics of clowns
>she was terrified of clowns
Godamnit my fucking sides
File: BmRQ2TaCYAEdmMw.jpg (54 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 600x800
>be me 2010
>chubby emo/scenieweenie stalks me
leaves notes in my locker
>has friends come up to me and give her #
>ignore that bitch
>two weeks later she starts again
>bitch wont get off my dick
>myspace friend request by her
>fuck it and accept
>calls me cute on every pic
>find out who she is and she's a 3/10
>messages me when i'm bored
>so i reply
>shes pretty cool besides tthe fact she has a stalker vibe
>2 weeks later we date
>relationship is all good the first two months until she starts bitching about how i dont reply fast enough
>I ignore her
>next day at school she cries cause she thought i was gonna dump her
>texts me after school saying she's gonna OD on pills if i dont reply
>my dumbass replies and we go on for another two months fighting
>talk to her cuter friend
>ex gf tells me she cut herself for every comment i sent her
>this bitch is crazy
>break up with her
>next day at school she makes a big scene by crying and gives me all the shit i gave her
>texts me week later
>told her to fuck off and i burned everything
>she gets butthurt
>dates my friend
>tries to make me jealous
>get hotter gf and she gets her friend to make me talk to her
>mfw when she's sitting down by herself looking down looking all emo
>ignore her friend and her
>bitch dumps her bf and starts posting all sorts of shit about me on myspace
>say i cheated on my gf with her
>weeks go by
>bitch goes on and stops because she notices she looks stupid cause i dont acknowledge her
>years go by we have choir together
>she wants my D but i ignore
>she turned out alright even though she's a fucking hipster pos

pic related, it's her (recent)
Where you the ghetto nigger or the Russian m8?
File: gayshoes.jpg (48 KB, 800x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 800x568
I still havent gotten over the fact that i wore these gay fucking shoes in middle school and thought i was emo because my father died when i was 7 i was literally the biggest faggot
I still wear the battle jacket, jeans, etc. but I cleaned up my hair since then.
oh I remember this. bumping in case Max
She turned out hot bra.
>hurr durr even if there's the least bit of purpple or pink in something it's gay
you're still a fucking underage faggot
I have got a shit ton of these. Here's my favorite.
>start dating my ex's best friend
>she's insanely religious which means she'll put out at the drop of a hat
>I looked a lot like Jesus at the time and it really helped
>end up getting a bj at her house where her family didn't allow her to have a door and her parents witnessed
>they were too beta to do anything about it
>from then on she had a curtain at the door and we would do this regularly
>after 6 months she finally puts out but will only let me stick the tip in so that she could maintain an intact hymen
>I tolerate this each time we have sex for about a minute and then claim that i've slipped
>eventually she doesn't bother with the tip part and just wants to be fucked
>each time she doesn't really get into it because she feels guilty and doesn't want to enjoy it
>tries to sing nursery rhymes to keep from cumming
>turns out she believed she still had a hymen after 3-4 months of deep fuckery
>one day while trying a new position I hit her cervix
>mfw no face is possible
>I keep fucking her for a while and she always rolls off after and says basically the same thing immediately
>seriously fucked up shit
>I keep fucking her anyway until I get bored and dump her
You guys want more? I have endless stories. I only date crazy chicks.
My hair is still a ratted fucking mess and I couldn't care any less. Cheers, anon.
File: gaylynn2.jpg (131 KB, 482x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 482x720
>Skate an ungodly amount of miles to get to this girls house
>idk why i was 16
>sexy emo chick
>get there, hang out
>night comes, sleeping together
>go for it
no anon no sexx
>lol k whatever
>start playing with her
>eat her pussy
>goes nuts
>sucks on my meat
>fuck the dogshit out of her while her parents and sister sleep.
>Leave first thing in the morning.

she dates a crusty bro i know, for a while.
months after at a show i run into him
>bro did you date emo girl?
>dude she wats nuts
>i know!
we high fived

pic related
Emo Rape: A Story of Lost Love
what is an orbiter?
Like master chiefs BFF?
Because then it is spelled arbiter
please tell me its you
Huh. Most of everyone I used to know called/calls me Marty. Though in junior (age x(forget) - 11 years old) I insisted on being called Max (didn't/still don't like Martin. Too manly.) Grew out of it though.

I don't know how to respond... really.
more psycho ex gf stories though this one wasn't emo in the conventional sense (hopefully nobody is beyond high school)

>live with gf that I met on craigslist for a quick blowjob
>She's a bitch and i'm bored of the relationship
>Fuck two different girls and one dude
>she finds out
>she goes batshit insane
>I calm her down
>later I go out to get drunk with friends
>bitch calls me
>tells me she took all the tylenol 3s left over from my wisdom teeth surgery, and drank what was left of a $100 bottle of whiskey I got for my birthday.
>she hears one of my friends laughing in the background over the phone
>loses her shit in entirety
>shrieking and not making coherent sentences or words anymore
> I hang up and call the police (I don't like them but I don't have the resources to drive around and look for a runaway suicide risk)
>they find her less than a km from home, admit her to hospital, suicide watch
>later she tells me she only took the pills because she "just wanted me to pay attention"
>classic emo phrase

the moral of the story is that crazy can hide in normal looking chicks without weird eyeliner

and the other moral of the story is its best not to cheat on people, probably just break up with them

she survived.. she still has the cats, now she meets dudes of plenty of fish and sucks their dicks in hopes of finding a man
My fucking sides omrfg
maybe yes maybe no
File: 1407124324568.png (263 KB, 500x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 500x360
Send her this for me.
Post a pic of your cock, you twinky bitch. You willingly sucked his cock and you know it, now show all the REAL men on /b/ what you've got to offer and maybe you'll get someone who'd be willing to give you a reacharound if they decide your ass is good enough.
can hear the butthurt from a fat kid who thinks he can skate from my apt
> paramore
> emo
lel its punk
lol shit wrong ID

could you describe the bully? only then i'll be able to confirm
File: 1407275690727.jpg (61 KB, 485x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 485x480
Not really sure if this is a genuine emo story or not since most (if not all) emo kids did it for attention, unlike me

>be 7th grade
>terrible genetics, had been chubby and short my whole life
>see guy that looks exactly how I want to look
>get even more depressed
>never acted depressed or bitches or anything like that, didn't change the way I dressed either (hence not doing it for attention, so I'm not sure if my behavior truly counted as emo)
>summer between 7th and 8th grade, so depressed that I'm borderline suicidal
>stop eating
>spend literally all of my time skating (wake up some time between 8 am and noon, immediately go out and skate, don't come back till it's dark)
>ended up losing over half my body weight
>came back to school in 8th grade, literally the skinniest guy in my grade now
>no one recognizes me EXCEPT for the guy I had developed a crush on the previous year
>start dating
>he asks if he can pick my clothes out
>mfw he picked out half the shit I wore from hot topic and I inadvertently ended up dressing emo
I was the ghetto nigger, not actually nigger, just white trash from the hood

the camera fades to a sepia toned scene of the past, the year is two thousand and six, a white teenager buys some eminem and obie trice CD's and plays them repeatedly on his boombox.

He then decides to dress like a basketball player and stick his pencil dick into insecure emotionally fragile emo chicks, while consuming as much malt liquor and marijuana as possible.

and thus, an urban legend was born

>disclaimer: I am now a semi-respectable member of society who has a job and an education and stuff
i actually wanted to cheer you up mate but whatever. I've never been into any scene, was just a normal kid. not even from murrica.
Fuck off you dumb cocklauncher, I won't acknowledge you more than I have already.

Brown eyes, dark short-ish browny/black hair. He has several tatts despite his young age at the time, sort of a cardio/gym monkey. He worked out, but didn't bulk up. Often wore clothes in between baggy/tight. Much taller than me at the time, maybe 5 ft 8. I was the youngest in the class. He was one of the eldest.
>somewhere in the distance
>I can hear it on the wind
>the jimmies of a lone overweight 9th grader
>begin a slow rustle
>forced oral
>girls help
that's my fetish
Man that sounds almost exactly like my first relationship! Hope yours came with 100% less rape
wow dude the only thing i remember about this guy is that he said he worked out so did he call you Max?
File: image.jpg (73 KB, 853x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 853x1024
Ehh anon is known for being a happy guy but I'm secretly depressed and have had a death wish for some time now. don't kill myself because I
would look a major pussy. And I'm not emo because I like to wear collared shirts for the ladies. So I wear black polos
> mfw I feel heavy metal
I'll post more anyway
>at a party with my first decent girlfriend
>lot of friends there including her brother who has been a real bro for a long time
>we also have to babysit some kids but whatever
>alcohol comes out and we get to underage drinking
>apparently harder stuff went around but I was mostly with emo gf
>i'm pretty buzzed because prior to this i'd only drank bitch drinks
>emo gf suddenly missing
>total bro calls me over, stoned/wasted out of his mind
>"Dude, you're such a good friend y'know. You have always had my back. Go into that room with my sister man. She's all yours."
>All of my what. All I said was "Dude, you are one serious bro." and darted in.
>She's nude on the bed and i'm ready for this shit as I was a virgin at the time
>we makeout while I strip
>I enter her and she's so hot inside
>I finish in just 3 seconds, no time to even thrust, shit was insane
>we fool around trying out positions for a bit and then I am ready for round two
>take her doggy and she's really getting into it
>move to missionary for the finish and one of the guys comes into the room
>of course he can
>he steps back out but doesn't close the door
>I have to stop midfuck to explain to kids that we were just kissing and to forget he knew anything
>the next two days are filled with her parents harassing me for fucking in their bed
>whatever, I got laid
>spent the next week feeling like it wasn't such a big deal until I got someone better who was actually good
yeah i got circumcised because it seemed to me thats what most girls prefer
fiery poops

nothing rapy happened
Yes, occasionally. We used to jump in between being friends/him bullying me in junior. Completely lost touch with him later on though because he was a social butterfly and I was awkward as shit, by the time high-school came around I hadn't even know him for quite some time.
that's pretty fucking brutal and horrible man.

I got bullied too but was always the silent autist who all just took it. never did I even get mad. But now I'm mad all the fucking time, my sanity has vanished so much in just 2 years it's unbelievable. and i didn't even get raped or shit like that.
i would seriously mouthrape this emo fag
were you kinda emo?
so you were like 11 years old and that dude was what, 12 or 13? and he went to the gym? as a fucking kid? why would you do that, is that even legal

did he feel bad about it or not give a fuck
how is his life now
>ask one girl out on a date
>she demands her brother come along
>whatever we're bros
>date goes well and we get back to my place
>he hops on myspace and starts doing shit
>she and I cuddle under the blankets on my bed and half-makeout
>she starts playing with my dick and begging for it
>I deny her because her brother's in the room
>the bitch says it'll only take a minute and keeps going for it
>I say out loud "Not while you're fucking brother is in the room you thirty bitch"
>he just laughs and she keeps trying til I take them home
>the next day I pick her up and bring her back on her own to fuck
Fucking incestuous cunt
he moved to the middle east and got stoned to death RIP some gay emo cunt
It's different for everyone I guess? I still just take it though, trust me that 'telling someone' consisted of having a complete and utter breakdown.
It wasn't graceful or brave.

Kind of but I only wore the school uniform, I styled my hair sort of in that way though, I was quite girly.

Sounds like you were a pathetic little bitch.
>trust me that 'telling someone' consisted of having a complete and utter breakdown.
who did u tell it
one time i raped post offices
That's enough for me to confirm you are infact The Max, he realized he loved you after a few years and felt bad i think, he wrote he really wanted to find you but couldn't, maybe you should start a thread here if you want looking for him by his name
>have a crush on one bitch for 3 years
>one day she confesses that she wants to date me
>i'm feeling pretty good about it
>call her later and her boyfriend answers
>I inform him that she's a dumb whore who asked me out when she was already taken
>he gets mad at me
>next day the fucker challenges me to a fight
>I don't want any part of it
>Largest man i've ever seen and still in high school. 6'7", 300lb, star quarterback
>I try to explain the situation, then try to appeal that he shouldn't beat me up, basically i'm being a big bitch to stall for time while someone gets a teacher
>he hits me just once and the force is enough to toss me into the wall and knock me the fuck out
>only minor brain damage
Fuck bitches
>he realized he loved you after a few years and felt bad i think
>needs years to realize love
lmao, what a dumbass
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 306x306) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 306x306
Also anon is a blues guitarist and I feel like blues is the original emo music it deals with the same themes of emo music, but you get to wear a fedora and pick up much more chicks. that's how annon deals with the feels.
> blues>emo
>mfw I get the feels playing guitar
>>560842689 >>560843206
Pastoral worker, like the person that deals with bullying and stuff. She started crying and had to get another lady in to speak with me.
I was almost twelve, yes. And he was 14 years old. But like I said, he was one of the eldest in the class. It was never legal.

Thank you, cunt.

I don't know, it isn't something I want to do. I hate what he did.
be careful OP. don't mess up your life because of that frustrated lowbrain, not worth it...

> It was never legal.
wuz talking about the gym
He wasn't doing heavy weights or anything like that which is what the school district has a problem with and stops you until you are 16, like I said he did cardio.
>beat up an autistic kid for making fun of your boots
>stays with clingy emo gf for years despite being unhappy
you are an absolute knob and beta
what a retard, why not just play soccer or some shit which all kids do or go cycling
gym is only worth it if you wanna build up mass to look strong
Paramore and punk should no be in the same sentence.

File: 1404680347788.jpg (701 KB, 1840x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
701 KB, 1840x3264
the school district has a problem if you go to gym and dont do heavy weight?

pic related is this you
He was strong, and his body was well toned. Which I think was the goal, y'know.
File: wat.jpg (41 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 480x640
Okay I got one.
>In school
>5th year so like 16 or some shit
>Listened to all types of music but emo chicks were hot as fuck and my thing back then
>Hot as shit emo chick in my year
>Start talking to her trying to get up in that pussy
>Go to her house one day and immediatly we start making out
>We hear a noise and stop
>Her mom walks in
>"Femanon, I'm leaving I have some stuff to do shopping or whatever blah blah"
>We immediatly start to get naked and fuck
>"You have a dom Anon?"
>"No, I'll pull out"
>We fuck for like 5 minutes and then I nut on her stomach and tits
>mfw I just lost my virginity to a qt
>Says she'll brb needs to piss or something
>No problem
>While she's away I see her undies on the floor
>Pick em up
>Look inside them
>Shit stains
>Not normal ones
>Fucking industrial shit stains that you need fucking power hoses to get rid of them
>Put on my jeans and bail while she's shitting
>Haven't spoken to her since

>pic related
Bunch of summerfags not even posting
>date another emo bitch who never speaks due to crippling anxiety
>fucking hot as fuck, not sharing pics because she's here
>we date for a very short week until she gets comfortable enough to open up to me
>literally everything she says is stupid
>instantly dump her out of sheer frustration
We had a good thing going you mute cunt.
File: image.jpg (34 KB, 385x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 385x383
>pic related is a 4/10

You dun fucked up

Are you going to try to find him to find out if this is actually true and he loved you? Would you ever forgive him or give him a chance? Are you even in to guys?
His girlfriend's not a faggot
i wish he would have raped me instead -.-

i tried working out too but never reached any good shape, I just got lanky shit tier genes
Dude are you fucking dense, the school district health and safety shit has a problem with people under 16 using heavy weights. And no.

Maybe, maybe. But highly unlikely. Yes I am homosexual.
haha you got raped
>Yes I am homosexual.
wtf, so you enjoyed the mouthrape?
did you at least cuddle~
if only she wasn't psycho bitch
File: 1399289235193.gif (2 MB, 261x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 261x320
fucking newfag
No, it was absolutely soul destroying. I spent most of the time every time it happened attempting to process it in my head.
>that's the joke.jpg
>k it's not a joke
>48 years old
>underage b8
>I spent most of the time every time it happened attempting to process it in my head.
but were you already gay before he raped you or what

of course, we were dating after all, we did all sorts of things much more lewd that cuddling
Yes, being raped didn't make me like guys.
Fucking hell, who dropped you on your head?
This shit happened more than once? Grow some balls. Vulnerability is no excuse, it is a crutch, and you are handicapped.
Am more grungy now but use to be emo in high school, not all that bitching and whining and cutting yourself homo shit, I just wore band shirts and dyed my hair a few times, mostly for the emo bitches
I believe its called Hardcore dancing or some shit

captcha:player was
but did you turn mega-gay? like a flamboyant superhero?
Fuck off, shitlord.

No. I'm just fairly run of the mill.
>Yes, being raped didn't make me like guys.
that's not what I implied asshole. I was just wondering because if you're so fucking gay then why didn't you enjoy it? sure it is intimidating and shit like that if he bullies you like that but you should like the dick.

And not only that, but also were you merely 11 years old. so my question was rather supposed to be were you "attracted" yet at all?
>inb4 hurr durr yes of course what fucking 11 year old isn't
There's a girl I've known since 8th grade. She's not very emo but she looked emo as fuck in 8th.
>/b/ me
>/b/ in 8th grade
>/b/ in catholic (hypocrite) school
> see qt emo-ish girl
> Just transferred to my school from Canada in the middle of the school year
> Socially awkward
> gets made fun of for looking emo
> barely talk to her
>not interested in her 'cause beta over some other girl
> Don't see any cuts
> mostly quiet
> first thing I hear her say/do is "I want to eat the little children in French" while staring at kids in recess
>almost end of the year
>start talking to her 'cause lonely
>find out she's not emo at all and doesn't listen to the music
>find out she's not from Canada and was originally from US
>100% Mexican but doesn't look it
>sit at her table for two days
>rumors spread we're going to date
>never happened
>never did
>/b/ us now going into last year of the highschool
>in/b/4 underage /b/& I'm 18
>Really good friends
>still haven't dated
>don't want to

It's a good friendship, /b/
pretty bitch
we need a flamboyant superhero. you can be the one.
>lasts 5 minutes

Captcha: ervidied but
this is now a cringe thread
Well. Been lurking for an hour, might as well share something. Might not be a true emo story, but anyways. This doesn't really have a plot either, kek.

>2008, in highschool
>look normal, average build, slightly long hair -not dyed.
>gets seriously depressed, borderline suicidal
>never says anything, don't change the way I dress the way I look, behave etc, maybe looks more worn out, rarely smiles
>tries to go about by myself, begins self-harming, never talks about, never brings it up, hide it as good as possible
>declines parties and birthdays because feels
>somebody takes notice of my arms, pass it off as an 'accident' think I said it was cats or something stupid
>people begin mocking me a little, asking if I play violin
>didn't get the joke
>somebody tags me in a video of somebody playing violin with a knife
>not even mad or sad, just annoyed they won't leave me alone
>thinks progress, when people ask I just say "Yeah"
>naturally blonde, tries to dye my hair in a darker color, I choose dark brown with some red mixed in
>next day in school, they looses their shit, calls me emo. Be like, "what, no".
>some girl I like wants to shop with me from some reason, choose my clothes, whatever
>agrees becaus whynot.jpg
>she picks some skinny jeans, and some t-shirt that were quite to small
>gets kiss, 15-16 at the time, godenough.gif
>actually wears it next day
>some older dude, 17 or something stops me, punches me in the face then leaves

mfw I didn't knew why
mfw I got turned emo by a girl and only got kissed
mfw I don't have a face
I didn't enjoy it because I didn't want it, it was forced on me.

Fine, what's my superhero name?
It always was you faggot
Being honest here all I really wanted was to see some cock.
Some of that got cut out, but.
>>560846828 >was i attracted at all.
I had a crush on my best friend at the time, I was certainly aware at least.

Not posting any cock, sorry.
So i'm assuming you're gay, since you don't want actual sex.
I sense the thread is near death, but here y'all go

>12yo gayfag, just hooked my first boyfriend
>he is 17 and a real fuckin' character, but this story isn't about him

>take my weeaboo friend to a middle school weeaboo party
>he meets a yaoi fangirl (spork-holding tumblr chick, 2008 edition)
>brings this emo ginger hambeast over and introduces me
>she's with with this real cool black chick who I actually befriended later
>anyway Ginger falls in love with me at first sight
>finds out I'm gay and she goes hog wild, starts asking me about sex and shit
>yo girl I'm twelve

>bullies my weeaboo friend into giving her my phone number and MSN (kek)
>I start getting texts from an unknown number, area code from the next state
>"Hey it's Ginger's friend, Nick. She showed me your picture and I think you're cute."
>please note that Nick is also the name of my real-life boyfriend
>New Nick starts emailing me and shit, tries to make me break up with Nick
>even though I haven't met NN and he is acting like a grade-A clinger motherfucker
>quickly figure out that NN is actually Ginger on her older sister's phone

>I fuck around with NN for a month because it's topkek
>the real Nick thinks it's hilarious and he contributes
>Ginger sends me an email from the NN account one day
>call her on the phone and she is screaming and crying
>apparently tries to kill herself that night
>her cool black friend CBF calls me on the phone like "Fuck that shit"

>CBF tells me that she has been cutting my name into her legs and stuff
>had decided to become a transgendered male so I could love her
>and apparently NN was her 'experiment'???
>I literally met her for less than twenty minutes in some suburban backyard

so ends the Ginger chronicle. pretty sure she actually killed herself later that year
Probably died of tetanus from the old bed springs
are you uncut
How old are you?
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