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ok /b/
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ok /b/
let's get a childhood sex related stories thread
i'll start

>be me idk how old i was but i was just a little fucker
>we are in Denmark in our holidays with another family we knew well
>they had a young girl in my age at the time
>pic kinda related somewhat the age we had
>i talked to her a lot during the holidays and we got along pretty good
>we just have a casual day visiting the nearby town looking at shit n stuff
>night is where it gets interesting
>girl and i are sharing a bunk bed i am on the upper part she is on the lower one
>parents say goodnight, that we should sleep and all that shit
>they leave
>we alone in the room start to talk
>she asks me if i want to come down to her so we can talk better
>we in the same bed lying really close there's a small tension starting
>we start getting closer and playing with eachother

fagget dont ask to cont. .. do it !!!! :)
>i ask if we should get naked
>she agrees
>now this scenario i lie on her
>we are both naked
>i can feel her small hard nipples
>me full boner already
>"i can feel your thing it got hard"
>she starts to touch my little hard dick with her hand
>i say i want to touch her too when she can touch my dick
>she agrees
>i put one finger in her vagina
>it feels so warm and i can feel evrything
>we still don't know shit about anything due to the fact we are just kids
>we eventually stop
>i ask if we wanna get naked again
>c'mon please
>she says ok
>i pull down my underwear she hers
>i mount her again
>right in that moment my dad comes in the room
>i panic and pull up my underwear because we weren't under the blanket
>"so we could talk better"
>he makes me get the fuck back in my bed
>he leaves
>we never do this again
>always think of it for like a week
>it still reminds me of that when i see her
>sometimes wonder if she remembers too
>da end fgts

was pretty hot for me when i was younger
hope you faggots enjoyed it
>5 years old
>at school (Catholic school, for double the fun)
>girl leads me off the playground to show me something
>shows me her pussy
>show her my dick
>she bends over and tells me to put it in
>humping away, feeling absolutely nothing, when one of the nuns shows up
>labelled as a problem causer for the rest of my time in school
>clear through high school teachers and such all had their eyes on me because I was THAT kind of boy
Dumb slut.
>TFW you were an ugly, retarded kid
>TFW you'll never have childhood sex stories where you discover your body with the little girls you used to play with
>doesn't matter had sex
>i think
pic of her now?
I wouldn't really count it if I got asked, because we were 5 and I didn't feel jack shit. Plus I got beaten within an inch of my life for it.
>be 12
>sister is 11
>always used to wrestle with her for fun, starting at age 8 or so
>notice her ass in swimsuit
>few days later, home alone with her
>haven't wrestled with her in a while
>tell her we should wrestle
>she says yes
>tell her she should have a costume, like a swimsuit or something
>she goes and puts on one-piece
>we wrestle
>i grab her bare ass constantly
>rub my face into her ass
>grab her by the crotch to lift her
>she doesn't realize what I'm doing
>do this for a bit
>stop wrestling
>run to room
>jerk off
Closely watching this thread for anything questionable. Will report immediately if I see it. KEEP IT CLEAN.
don't have any pics of her and wouldn't share anyway
if i find some i'll censor the face
>Closely watching this thread for CP. Will save files and fap hard immediately if I see it then report because i feel ashamed for what i just did. I'M A FAGGOT!

Kill yourself
Yeah, I'm fairly certain somebody fiddled around with her, but this as, fuck, 20 years ago.

If anyone had ever done such a thing to any of the kids I know, I would put a bullet in their head,

Anonymous will joins US authorities on a raid on a child pornography suspect because their suspects are our suspects, their victims are our victims,
me and my female friend across the street used to switch underwear sometimes when we slept over.
Do you ever consider that pedo's deserve what comes their way?
whether it be a chainsaw and speeding truck or bullet.
You will never be accepted not as long as we are here.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Support us on FaceBook:
do you know what childhood means?
fucking retard with your shiny white armour
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Take one for the road faggot
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Ohh no! It iis the ANONYMOOSE!
That has to be the biggest load of horse shit I've ever heard.
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take a seat.jpg
21 KB, 324x382
>to any of the kids I know
how many kids do you know… personally
>8 years old, new neighbors move in
>Youngest kid is girl my age
>she comes over to play a lot because her siblings all do sports and stuff
>One day tells me she wants to show me something
>Kisses me, puts tongue in my mouth
>Okay, try back
>She pulls down my pants, starts jerking me
>Tells me her dad taught her how to do this and I'll like it
>It hurts 'cuz sand, so I make her stop
>She goes home
>I tell my mom
>ALL the cops came
I met her years later. Said her foster dads all liked the trick, too
Probably because you only learned to read ten minutes ago.
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35 KB, 292x257
When I was two and in preschool, my best friend was a black girl. Well, my parents sat me down and told me I was going to have a little sister.

>be me
>be in 3rd grade
>be playing in closed factory near home
>older guy maybe 9th grade in factory
>shows me room where he keeps naked books and cigs
>be enjoying seeing naked books for first time
>older guy says "anon, let me show you something cool!"
>whips out dong! rubs one out as I watch
>says "want me to show you how to do it?"
File: gw.jpg (151 KB, 680x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>their victims are our victims

anonymose is pedo
Knowing that someone who has no idea what Anonymous is and has no ability to back up their words took the time to make that shitty pic thinking it would scare people is so much more lame than someone posting teen pics.
File: 1384263818364.jpg (8 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You can bring it better than that.
> 9 years old
> doesn know shit bout sex
> sleeping with 2 of my Friends in a tent
> start Playing Doctor
> Suck the dick of another Boy
> get my dick sucked by another Boy
> 3 years later
> realise that what ive done is considered Gay
>have issues with it till today (25 Years old)
> doesnt tell anybody what ive done but 4chan
And the NSA who now has that added to your profile
how have you not been diagnosed with cancer already? go fucking die from chemo

Captcha: bute religion
I sucked a dick when i was 7, still remember it. Was experimenting with a classmate. Do not have any issues today and consider myself straight.

You should just kill yourself because you have other incurable issues.
Don't remember it to well.

>be me around 9 or so
>spending night with uncle
>he comes and gets in bed with me he says because it's cold.
>after a few minutes he starts grabbing my ass and dry humping me. I just lay their.
>he pulls down my pants and he squirts some sort of lube on me and him
>he then puts me on my stomach, pulls me to the side of the bed and fucks me.
>it hurts a lot
>he cums in me and says sorry and leaves the room.
>tell my parents the next day
>uncle still in prison.

I never understood all the people who get raped as children and claim it messed them up. Other than this being a bad memory, it doesn't haunt me, I was never depressed or suicidal, I don't want to rape children. I go to college and have a normal life.
shut the fuck up.
Huh i actually have one...
>be kid
>dunno how old maybe 8 or 9
>playing "doctor" with my sister
>she maybe 6
>we didnt know what we were doing
>but knew it felt good
>eventually family finds out somhow

this sucked
>be over come with shame
funny how we knew what we were doing was bad, but not why

>we grow up and never speak of it
>except I got high and texd her saying something about it once

I now have a very intense fetish for incest.

so much brother sister hentia
shut the fuck up.

holy fuck
muh dick
Can I ask why you have to make it sound so delicious? Especially if it was you getting raped?
that's because trauma only kicks in once people start shaming you and telling you that you should be traumatised and depressed
>Be me
>Be maybe 5-6?
>My birthday.
>Gets dropped off at thing rather poor family's house when my mom is at work.
>Usually hang out with girl my age.
>(Now that I type this remember the mom always told me to get in the girl my age's bed if I arrived earlier than they woke up.)
>One day we're bored.
>Somehow I ask if we should get naked in the bathroom.
>She agrees.
>I get naked first.
>Turn around so she can see it all.
>I put all my clothes back on.
>Her mom from downstairs: "Anon?! Where are you?!"
>Hear her mom coming up stairs.
>She asks me where her daughter is.
>I tell her the bathroom.
>"Why were you in the bathroom with her?!"
>She runs into the bathroom.
>Hear the shower curtains open.
>Only hear her getting yelled at, hit, and crying.
>Skip to my mom coming to pick up.
>"Never come again!" (family wasn't the best at English)
>About to leave.
>Girl still crying loudly hands my my gift before I leave.
>Never return.

When my mom brings up pictures of me and her I always try and shift the conversation.
Basically how my shit went haha
Are you a femanon?
Forgot to mention that the girl was naked in the shower when her mom came in,

not sure if srs. i always thought living the raped life was something you could never shake and will be labelled upon you forever. take it with a pinch of salt i guess
wtf is doctor?
Its a game where you get in a phone booth (Or other cramped area) And pretend to solve mysteries. Normally involves a boy and a girl, where one is the Doctor
No. I'm a man.

Have you ever had a really shitty day? Its kind of like that. I've actually had days I consider worse than that one.
That's kind of depressing dude
poor little girl. she even gave you the gift
>hands me my gift
I always think about what it would be like to get raped. I'd imagine it would suck and would hurt but I don't think I'll ever understand why people feel guilty and make their life abou it.
> Mom dating some guy for 2 years
> he has a daughter around my age
> Me being 12 and she's 14
> She's a little chubby but not obese
> just a little muffin top
> therefore her tits are as big as oranges
> throughout our parent's relationship she was a little lewd
> examples being wearing skirts and jumping on the trampoline with me all the time
> wrestling in the pool
> not wearing a bra with tank tops
> one night were just sitting there watching Adult Swim
> She's falling asleep but I want her to stay up with me
> go over to her, sit behind her and start tickling her
> watching her tits jiggle a little
> ask her if I can
> still tickling and she kinda gives in and says Yes
> just start playing with them
> squeezing, pinching, patting, etc.
>My 12 year old mind is on fire
> instincts take over and my hand glides down to her short's waistband
> shakes her head yes
> begin stabbing at her lips with my fingers
> no idea what the fuck is happening but we like it
> grind my dick on her back
> dick is melting
> fingers move faster
> blow my load in my pants against her back
> get up and stumble back to my couch
> just watch Family Guy for an hour
> She's taking care of herself
> I can't because my fingers are covered in what I think is lady piss and my dick is wet
> can't do it anymore I feel too weird
We never did that again but I'm sure we could if we ever met once again. After that, whenever she sleeps over I go over to her while she's sleeping and just play with her tits and rub her butt. Then our parents broke up for an unrelated reason a year after that
Like I said, to me its no more than just a really shitty day i had years ago.
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22 KB, 425x638
Hey wot are u doing in thar?
>13 years old
>family friends that moved away visiting for a week in Summer
>Haven't seen them in 2 years, used to play trains with daughter my age
>They arrive and she is not a little girl anymore - b-cups already at 13!
>we're both only children - parents off grilling, etc., all the time so we're semi-alone a lot
>Give up my room for her to sleep in 'cuz her parents in guest room
>2nd night she tells my mom my bed is not like hers, asks to sleep in living room
>settles down on floor next to couch I am already half-asleep on
>Takes off robe - nightgown is ankle-length but sheer enough I can see everything through it
Leans over me and laughs
>"Does your mom know she told me I can sleep with you?"
>My mom come sin
>"Go to your room, anon"
>I do, thinking about fapping, decide not to
>all the parents go to bed
>hour later I wake up as she slips into bed with me
>"The couch was worse, can I sleep next to you?"
>Smell her hair
>Roll over, grab her, kiss her
>Soon we're naked and rolling around in the bed
>have sex 3 times before we're exhausted
>sleep with her in my arms
>wake up stupid early so she can get back to couch
>I shower, etc.
Afternoon next day dad pulls me aside, asks if I need to know anything
>I say no
>He gives me box of condoms
>Tells me she was a virgin, bled on sheets, she already told her mom when she was asked
>Says as long as we're careful its OK, they knew we liked each other
So from the time I was 13 until I was 17 and went to college this girl's parents would bring her to my house a week each Summer so we could be fuck-buddies.
Of course, they were swingers with my parents so they were all fucking each other, too, but that is another thread
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ok found a older pic but censored it
File: image.jpg (7 KB, 204x204) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Don maek me cum in ther.

>not saying shit was so cash
got incest fetish too
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mfw this thread
File: image.jpg (34 KB, 400x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's it everyone out nao.
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another one
>about 5 years old
>1 month younger female friend
>build some caverns in my room with blankets and shit
>relax inside and beginning to touch each other
>in the end I licked her
>when I was having fun mom calls us for meal
>try to discover that weird thing longer but she denied
>time went up and we never talked about it

fuck my english
I am having no effect time to leave and rethink my plan
cracked me up!
Only thing i can think of is being 9 fit girl asks if i want to touch her pussy i say no go home and watch takeshi castle
File: 1396185857040.gif (2 MB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x300
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi am not RLLY Chris Honsen am pron connoisseur looking for super secret pron.
File: Otter.jpg (27 KB, 314x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Its because they get off on the attention they get from being a victim. They also use it as an excuse for pretty much anything.
>be me between ages 9-12
>go to friends house and play xmen with him for sega
>goto his room for some reason
>end up under blankets fully clothed humping each other faceforward i think grinding our erections because feelsgood.jpg
>his mom opens door and my mom is there to pick me up
>embarrised.jpg hope my mom doesnt know what we were doing
>few weeks later invite kid to my birthday party
>kid asks me why i invited him
>you know because of that thing
>kid doesnt acknoledge anything

dat grinding of hard cocks through clothes feltsogood even though it only lasted a short time
Wow. Still have issues? You clearly have more than just gay fear if that fucked you up you faggot.
>Be 10
>Female friend, 9 yo total tomboy
>We played everyday
>Finds old military bunker (just a round little room) in a small forest
>Finds plenty of porn hidden away inside
>Browse through it all
>She asks "wanna try this?"
>Shows pic of blowjob in one of the magazines
>S... Sure
>Pulls shorts and boxers down
>massive boner (massive for a 10 yo)
>She sucks it, sloppy but still awesome
>she asks me to stick it in her vagy
>she's too tight, lick instead
>damn she moans loudly
>Damn she shakes wildly
>feel wet pour down my chin
>Still not sure she squirted or just peed
> be 41
> be p.e. teacher
> sneak cam into girl's locker room
> life is good
100% this. Also, society tells them to feel that way. Females in particular are very impressionable and have difficulty thinking for themselves.
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53 KB, 960x640
So if you guys could pls
Bro-tier dad.
What the actual Fuck
fucking nice
well done anon

My story time now (not green texting it because I'm on my phone and putting an > every time is annoying and I'm lazy, so just imagine it's green text)
be me, 14
meet 13 yo through chilling with mutual friends
she likes me, I go with it
She calls me one day, says she's home alone and asks for I want to come over
I come over
We sit downstairs watching a movie, start kissing
go upstairs to her room
I put on over sexed jazz music, she loves it
we get naked
I start licking her cunt
she moans
tells me to rotate 180 degrees
my dicks now by her mouth and my face is in her cunt
69 for a while, worst blow job of my life till this day, the twat used her teeth a lot
tell her eventually after making her cum by fingering her that I have condoms
she gets excited and says are we really going to do this?
Before she could end her sentence I had a condom on my raging boner
start fucking, she moans even louder this time
also finger her ass hole, more moaning
came after 20 minutes or so, good run
Continue doing this for like 3 hours
We were both exhausted and sweating when we stopped
she asks how late it is
I look on my watch and it's 6
she tells me her parents could come home any minute
We both got scared shitless, both get dressed, I kiss her and climb out her back window
drop down to her back garden, hear door opening and the girl I fucked talking to them
I climb over fence and gtfo
Throw away used condoms in a bush
get home
Get on my pc
receive MSN message from the girl telling me she never came so many times in her life and felt no regret losing her virginity to me
we Fuck once more after that before we never spoke again... Don't remember why, don't care either.
ive also been told sex is more emotional thing for women. like having a dick inside you while this huge man is thrusting his rock hard huge penis into your tight girlpussy must be kind of memorable if your the receiver/victim

cus like men are usually on the power side with the thrusting and the groaning, i imagine being on the recieveing side forcefully might feel very hopeless if rape
Would the ensuing bullshit (ie. taking the cunt to court) not have been really hard going for you/ your family?
File: 1405633327312.jpg (153 KB, 900x740) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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<Anonymous and the US goverment


I hate fucking 13 Yo boys that doesn'tn know the real anonymous
Me and my female 1st cousin "fucked' occasionally when I was 11 and she was 12. there was some penetration. no one knows. we almost got caught by her mother once.

so yeah.. basically incest.
i have 2 actually,

>Be me, 15 (current)
>step-sister 11 or 12 i dont know.
>she's really hot for her age.
>always wears skirts and no underwear
>she somehow manages to "accidentally" flash me from time to time.
>beggining of summer
>we go to her grand parents house to swim in their pool
>she wore a green bathing suit that's too big on her
>we always horseplay in water
>other step-siblings there, we decide to chicken fight
>she sits on my shoulders.
>she is definitely intentionally grinding on the back of my head
>the whole time she she gave me alot of attention and kept wanting to give her piggy-back rides
>i oblige
>obtain boner (diamond tier)
>she touches it with her foot, probably by accident
>then she does it again
>this time she grips it with both feet
>starts moving feet around
>feels amazing
>we get out of pool and go home
>jerk it with the fury of on thousand gods.
the end.
underaged b&
This is the new version of 8888888, so congratulations.
Nice get.
Oh man, the get would have been so sweet
oh my fucking god, you almost winrar'd in life

I think it was harder on my parents than me. All I did was sit there and tell people what happened.

When they did the rapekit, I remember that was weird because all they wanted to know was how I was doing and if I was ok. I remember getting ice cream though.

>Be 14
>Get first serious girlfriend after breaking up her previous relationship
>Playa at 14, Mr steal yo girl and shit, did it many times
>Ask to come to my house for the second time, she had been here once before
>Only my grandma watching us cus parents had to do shit
> Go to attic and cuddle while watching some shit
> Start seriously making out, she's ontop of me and the chair reclines
>Start dry humping and making out
>Touch her boobs and that kind of shit
>Reach in her pants from behind
>Jeans come off (her)
> start fingering her
>Convince her to let me put my dick in
>Fuck gloriously for what was something like 45 mins (With breaks to let my dick cool obviously)
>Grandma yells at us
>frantically cleaning up
>Grandma asks if we wanted ice cream
>We said no
>resumed and came and fucked one more time before she left
>be me, 6 or 7 maybe.
>in louisiana with cousins
>2 dudes including me and 4 girls, all close to my age except 1 girl which is like 13
>at night
>in basement
>begin playing truth or dare
>i somehow manage to evolve it into what at the time i called "truth, dare, nakey"
>everyone of course chooses nakey
>see all cousin's pussy's and one lil' dick.
>really awesome
>the girls weren't just standing there either they were doing some hot shit like bending over and spreading their pussy's and shit
>where the fuck did they learn all that.
>get caught
>no punishment
the end

i forget it happened sometimes but that's the first time i ever saw vagina's
File: 1405368279365.jpg (38 KB, 400x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 400x399
how i know i'm at least a little gay
>be me
>8 years old
>neighborhood friend is 7
>we constantly show our dicks to each other
>outside, inside, didn't matter
>pull down our pants and shake our willies
>eventually we come up with the 'nakkie thing'
>thought we were so original
>do nakkie thing in bed
>rub up against each other naked
>still remember how good it felt
>continued on for years afterwards
>eventually my mom caught us
>never really talked to him again
>moved a few months later
>mom never mentions it again
>she probably thinks about it every now and then, which kind of turns me on
>newfags not knowing 88 doesn't exist anymore
>not realizing that this is the new get
mediumfag still thinking 88 doesnt exist
No niggers please. Keep the thread clean
>consider myself straight
top fucking kek, no. once a faggot always a faggot. kill yourself scum.
What was your gift, anon? :(
File: Squidward.jpg (27 KB, 326x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 326x373
>Anonymous will joins US authorities
his virginity for the rest of his life
>be me
</end story

Do i wins?
Classic example of a girl starting shit either sexual or violent but only the boy gets in trouble because they are born as deviants and girls are angels, right?

Ditto. Tried it, found out I didn't like it. No reason to develop a complex over bullshit.
no fuck off we don't want to hear your fakeass shit story
Have you seen her since?
not g8 b8 m8 it was your f8 to get 0/8
>>have sex 3 times before we're exhausted
Seems legit
>>Of course, they were swingers with my parents so they were all fucking each other, too, but that is another thread
well that escalated quickly
>parents tell me to look out for pedos
>tell me that they are immature and need to grow up
>dad say's all pedo's are fucking immature assholes
>ask him if he's sure about that
>he says he is
>they fucked me in my pussy instead
You are lucky. You are stronger than most.
File: 1405788069907.jpg (22 KB, 620x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 620x328
>was 5
>home alone and had many friends that came always over
>one of them was a girl that I always tough was my cousin
>everybody was out in the yard and playing
>she went inside because she was thirsty
>had to go in for a piss
>she was still in the kitchen and could not reach the table
>offered my help by letting her on my shoulders
>she was wearing a yellow one piece
>so she is on my shoulders and go the juice
>she moved to much around(even changing positions raming her crotch into my face(I liked it)) and it ended with me tripping and her drooping the juice over us
>landed on my back and having a feel of her hands on my penis
>both wet from the juice we went to the bathroom
>started to change
>she starts to touch my dick saying that she never was something like that
>I asked if she wants to touch it more
>started to lick and me reacting to it
>was a small one at that time but who cares at at the age of 5
>we ended after some time in the 69 position licking each other
>she pushed me down on her own and started to mount me
>it was great and I don't know how long it was going on
>as you probably remember I went inside to take a piss
>I had a feel coming up and knew what was coming
>I pissed inside her
>she got of me and was standing there with my yellow piss dripping out of her small vagina
>it running down her legs she was standing there saying nothing
>got her cloths on, also did the same
>both went outside like nothing happened
>when my parents came home I got into trouble got beaten bad
>the kitchen was a mess and piss in the bathroom and hallway leading out

That is one of my most precious memory, i still like to think back and fap to it. I also know now that she indeed was not my cousin, just our parents being longtime friends. They were even hoping that we would fall for each other but because of us thinking that we are cousins we never had such feelings, also she was quiet pissed at me for pissing inside her many years later after she realized what happened
Well that story made my day. Thanks for sharing dude.
File: chips handon.jpg (16 KB, 512x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
chips handon.jpg
16 KB, 512x550

W-what do you mean? Of course I'm not Chris Hansen.
>be 14 sleeping next to cousin
>shes 15
>12:00 am
>she subtly puts ass on dick
>i go with it
> spoon for 5 min
>i reach around and start rubbing clit
>experience from porn
>shes rubbing cock
Nigga you was just experementing with your budding sexuality. This is pretty common in truth.
Where in Denmark?
Sry for bad english. (I`m german an had D+ in english)

>be me around 6/7
>whole family of my cousin are at my home for about 2 weeks
>cousin is about 5/6
>her 2 brothers are around 8/9 and 11/12
>one day we play together in my room
>cousin and i sitting bored on my bed while both brothers playing lego
>she ask me if i know what a doctor does
>i say idk
>she says: "Look, anon", and pulls her pants+underwear down
>know she lays there and i look confused
>she want me too look closer down there
>it`s starts to smell terrible
>ask her why it smells like this
>she says it`s the piss coming out of there when shes on toilet
>brother still playing lego without saying anything
>we wants to switch postions
>know i lay there and she look and my willy
>idk why but i say that she has to touch it so it gets harder
>same moment cousins mother comes in
>get pants on as fast as i can
>i say we play doctor
>her mother goes slowly backward out of my room
>cousins brother still playing lego without any reaction

>later that my sister around 11 ask me what i was doing there
>i said idk
Well reached the limit so some after words here:

>She got married at the age of 18 has 2 or 3 kids
>I'm 26 now and feel sad for not having got her
>I'm also glad that I didn't married her because she looks ugly as hell now
>her hubby is some kinda redneck and she looks like a addicted now
>as for me my most relations ships end after having sex with a pick up from a bar or club
>I'm a asshole and everybody gets aware of it fast
>3 years later
>cousins family again at my home for 2 weeks
>me and cousin alone in my room
>start to talk about playing doctor
>i ask if she wants to do it again
>she says yes
>just touching each other a bit,
>fingering her without knowing that
>after a while she says it`s enough
>idk why she said that but today i think she came
>2 years later
>cousins family is again for 2 weeks here in our house
>she sleeps with my sister in one room while i sleep with her brothers
>later that night cousin and i start chatting with Nintendo ds
>talk about doctor games again
>i say her i know what to do so it`s feels good for you
>she dont know what i mean
>say "i wanna suck you vagina"
>she dont know what to type
>later that night around 3am i make sure everyone sleeps
>go over to cousins sleep room
>she noticed me and asks what im doing here
>i say i want to show you
>she says "okay, get under my blanket
>notice that her underwear is pulled down
>start licking her
>taste like salty sweat but still licking
>about 5mins later she shrugged a bit
>i get on the blanket and ask whats wrong
>she says "its okay you can go"
>feld like a boss cuz i licked a girl

After that we never touched each other like this.
Now shes fat and my mother and her mother are estrangedare

I have much more stories with male friends...but thats not so important....
I think everyone should play Unterlaterbach.
It's a very enlightening and well informed game when it comes to Child love and cp politics.
Thats what i thought when i wrote that hahaha :D
File: 1406340647652.gif (2 MB, 235x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 235x180
>be me
>be about.. 6? 6.
>Cousin comes over to play some games with me
>ask him if he knows how sex feels like
>he said no
>asked him if he wanted to try it
>he slightly said yes
>had my dick ride his ass cheeks
>did this every week
>one day tried to force him to drink my pee
>told him i wouldn't let him play games with me anymore if he didnt
>he drinks it and then spits it on the floor
>feel awkward as shit coming to realize what i have done
>cousin stops visiting my home because of some family problems
>i grew up and slowly came to realize what i did

i cant share this with anyone and i feel like shit every time i think about it. luckily i didnt know how to actually insert my dick into his ass so i calm myself with that memory.
Your English is pretty good anon
i fucked my step cousin wen she was 8 and i was 10
i kindof forced her
it didnt fuck me up im straight and ok. but often i feel guilt because of it.
Dude most people are a big bitch is all.
>be 8
>hot, cute, with cute ass girl cousin is 12
>we are building pillow and matresses forts
>fun as shit I'm laughin without pauses like a retard
>she then decides to leave a hole at the floor of our fort so that we can use as bathroom and we sometimes pretend that we are using it... lol, fun as hell.
>I leave the fort for a moment, then she decides to "lock" me outside of the fort
>I try to crawl back in from below and end up with my face at the toilet hole
>she notices my plan and goes "ahh, what a great time to take a shit teehee.." and sits on my face, through the hole while laughing as shit...
>Innocent me: "lol I don't care, your ass doesn't even stinks that much!!"
>our stomachs are hurting from the laughin and fun
>she then goes "yeahhh ok, so consider yourself defeated little dude" and pull down her pants and sit again on my face, forcing to smother me..
>then I : "loool I'm still alivee !!"
>then she says "Okk you asked for it" and pulls down her panties too and sits on my face again, with her little asshole directly smothering my nose and rubs it, while laughing as if we were in a theme park
>she then says "why are you still moving little dude?? if you don't stop moving you'll have a little surprise!!"
>I don't stop
>she farts
>I almost pass out
>sudenly the roof of our forts is removed
>my aunt is looking at us, with a face like "wtf"
>then she grabs my causin by the arm, lifts her out from the fort and beats the shit out of her
>we never played forts again
Funniest thing I've seen on here in awhile
Did almost the same thing. i heared its common
I don't know why, but this picture fills me with pride. Seriously, I actually feel proud to be an American from looking at this pic.

We may be fat, but we make the best of a bad situation.

I've had sex with girls 15 and under all throughout my 20s and will continue to do so

happened to me too but doesn't affect me. kids being kids. the other kid who told me about it was probably abused and thats how he learned it, but to me it wasn't traumatizing.

he just put my dick in his mouth...
Any other games like it?
> At family reunion at uncle's farm
> went for walk with cousin to see the pond where cows drink water
> Have to pee real bad. Start peeing in the pond.
> cousin says she's never seen a pee pee like mine before.
> Says hers is different. We compare pee pees.
> I ask her to let me touch hers and I'll let her touch mine.
> We play with each other's pee pees.
> She was about 6 I think. I was 37.
File: 1368480600218.jpg (46 KB, 1214x98) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 1214x98
File: 5932-1-1326302818.jpg (802 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
802 KB, 1920x1080
I say, top kek m'lad!
Yeah i dnt have big issues with it. but sometimes i feel guilt related to sexual needs towards women. I feel selfish for wanting sex
so tell us about the beating

Lmao great story
Right... now I feel bad for calling you a faggot earlier.
Pretty much. People don't like acknowledging it happens because it doesn't fit with their moral compass so as a result, you get treated like a leper once people know.
>freshman high school so 14
>hanging out with cute girl in her room, i'm laying on bed
>ask her about how thongs work if they feel weird etc.
>she asks if I want to see
>she goes into her closet and comes out wearing just her thong and bra
>asks if i like it
>tries on another one
>standing around showing me her nice butt
>I have a raging boner
I wish I had pushed it and made out or done SOMETHING but I was so nervous and stupid and young nothing happened with her.

couple of weeks later
>same girls house but her best friend is there too
>we're just hanging out talking about sex and stuff
>ask if I like them
>they are lying on the bed and I'm sitting awkwardly
>i awkwardly lay down
>i'm between these two girls and cuddling
>we kind of kiss each others faces and it feels great
>we all kind of fall asleep
>next day both ignore me
>girls whose house it was says they both like me and it's ruining their friendship so they can't talk to me anymore at all
i did something like that. talking a younger boy into sucking my dick at age 11. I still feel guilt for seducing women to have sex with me sometimes because i feel like a rapist.
>me be
>like 4 or 5
>me and a friend
>sucking eachothers dicks
>one the toilet
> for like a weak
> understood later that was wrong
>can´t ever forgive myself
end :(
>female cousin about a year younger comes over frequently, we are both around the age of 5
>i show her my dick a few times, rock hard every time
>encourage her to squeeze it with her hand because it feels good
>she shows me her thing a few times but says it hurts when i try to touch it
>once hug her bare ass and use it as a pillow
>sniff her feet during play and get hooked to foot fetish ever since
>get her to actually trample me once even tho I had no idea this shit existed back then
>tfw her feet got disgusting and she's a fucking slut today while I'm still a virgin
>>558879767 (OP)
kind of the same thing hapend to me but i was younger feal like a fucking faggot
Thats totally a rational thing to do, beat your little girl after doing things kids do (not sex, but just being curious). What a bitch, wasn't even a big deal, she probably now caused years of trauma and guilt.
>>build some caverns in my room with blankets and shit

mah nigga
File: yoda1.jpg (50 KB, 761x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 761x680
ya blew it
somebody read an rate my story pls
it's real story
>>build some caverns in my room with blankets and shit
>be 14

that's a good one
Only played doctor with a girls when I was young and apparently I was the only one who was aware of it's significance.
No you weren't.
Almost looked like mckayla maroney's sister, tay
Willow: I'm good at medical stuff, since Xander and I used to play doctor all the time.
Xander: No, she's being literal. She used to have all these medical volumes, and diagnosed me with stuff. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was playing it wrong.
Willow: Wrong? Why? How did you play doctor?
Buffy: I... never have.

You've missed out if you've never played doctor before.
i don't remember
Well I requested all the more lewd things, while all of hers were tame.
File: #slumped.gif (975 KB, 250x227) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
975 KB, 250x227
>be 7 i think
>over at one of my first parties
>all the grown ups are outside drinking and shit
>all the kids are up in the host's daughter's room
>we start playing spin the bottle
>starts getting boring because no one wants to do "adult" stuff
>i grow a pair and suggest we play the adult version
>some people are unsure but in the end we all play
>i spin
>it lands on the host's daughter (let's just call her Lindsay)
>i start kissing her as best i can
>lift up her shirt
>start kissing her petite boobs
>she drops down to her knees
>unzips dick
>she sucks the tip
>i cum almost immediately
>she cringes, says she doesn't like the taste
the end. i think i have more but honestly i can't remember much from my childhood.
>Be 7 have tomboy best friend girl in neighborhood same age
>Know what sex is because older brother told me
>didnt know it was called sex
>go over to girls house to play snes
>mostly play mario kart because that game is cool
>tell her about sex and stuff and ask if she wants to try
>she agrees
>go to her room
>proceed to take off our clothes
>start putting it in soft because i can't get it up
>get it up in a minute
>girl starts crying so we stop
>go downstairs to play mario kart
she was 8 and I was 37
>Be me
>Living in NJ
>Me and m "GF" at 11/12 were having a sleep over
>We make out a lot
>Coaxes me to put my dick in her while she was up against the wall
>Do it
>Can't bust too young / not mature enough.
>Feels warm and wet
>Parents stir from their bedroom

We tried many other times but her brother got in the way
>No, she's being literal. She used to have all these medical volumes, and diagnosed me with stuff.
Shit I remember when my as my sister played doctor like that because our moms favored show was ER.
It took a few years to get why it made my mom lol so hard when she found us "playing doctor" in the walk in closet in that we were pretending to do brain surgery and shit.
Post pics
>the best
you should consider killing yourself
pfft bitch i experienced somthing similar exept it was whit a relative 2 years younger, gotta admit it was causing some distress during my teenage years. but afrter years of extensive drug abuse i just realised ill fuck anything... stop lying to yourself faggot
>with breaks to let my dick cool obviously.
Did no one else notice this made up virgin shit?
>be me in catholic kindergarden
>spent a whole day with other kids to build a huge wall out of small wood bricks (high enough that 5 year old fucks cant look over it)
>go to bedtime at miday
>everybody is asleep except me and two little faggots playing with each other behind the wall

this fucking creeps me off, man.
>what are ID's
File: 1375370767016.jpg (362 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
362 KB, 720x960

You try fucking for 45 minutes straight while being so new... In fact. Its almost as if you are indeed the virgin!
Kids do this a lot. Nobody admits that shit. I'll gladly admit that I'm a 33 year old that asked if his sister wanted to fuck, but that shit I'm taking to the grave.
that's some omega level shit
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
I have delayed ejaculation so it takes me about a hour anyway and took even long my first time.
What happened? Yea or nay?
Please tell us. Its not like we know you.
i just found this pic in the internet
it's only related to the age we had back then not look
>camp counselor calls me a bear because I wear a Cal sweatshirt
>another six year old wears a cal sweatshirt
>were bears
>he tells us to growl and takes pictures
>from then on he asks us "what do bears do?"
>we growl
>he has me jack him off with my feet all the time
>think nothing of it
>he has us get naked
>camera sounded like a rain forest
>he tells her to get on her back
>explains missionary
>halfway in her and it hurts bad for both of us
>we keep trying to play the game
>we stop
>he explains doggy style
>he tells me to spit on my dick
>not as bad but she's hurting
>what do bears do?
>we growled
>then I shot a blank
Getting raped would be awesome. Think of all the Tumblr feminists you could lord it over.
>be fbi
>get assigned /b/ directive
>Use the terabytes of pictures the fbi have saved to make a thread like this
> make jailbait threads
>see this thread
>report my findings
not the guy you answered too, but I did this too, and I'm worried (anxious) that he told people what I did, and this makes me sick
File: image.jpg (199 KB, 1706x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 1706x960
>be in 1st grade
>reading time
>all 15 or 20 kids sitting cross-legged on the floor in rows
>I sit in very back row because I'm cool
>blonde girl thinks I'm cool so she sits next to me
>I put my hand down the back of her pants because I think she's cute
>do this every Wednesday for reading day
>one day I wriggle my fingers down and touch her butthole
>she gets goosebumps and all twitchy
>I put my finger in
>she likes it
>teacher sees
>anon, what are you doing?!
>I pull my hand out lighting fast and scoot away from her
>nothing, mrs. Medmoor!
>mfw I have shit on my middle finger, girl has streak of shit up her back

I asked that same girl out on a date in Highschool and she said no cause I was creepy.
Not sex and not that early in childhood but it's my first sexual thing and it's probably why im such a freak today.

>be me
>be in year 4
>can't remember age
>parents never gave me the talk
>discover masturbation
>don't even have to use my hands and no jizz
>can do it by just weirdly moving my thighs back and forth in a repetitive motion
>end up doing this at least 4 times a day at school
>book reading tiem or w/e in the library
>always get one of the bean bags
>hump the bean bag till climax while staring at girls asses
>i have no cool off time so i just go and go and go
>odd looks got from all teachers
>kids no longer sit near me in class
>i was a loner and had no friends throughout primary school
>get sent to the special class even though i was above average
>didn't realise what i was doing till after i left primary school
>why didn't anyone say anything

I noticed my sister doing the exact same thigh movement in the car while next to me a couple times, grossed me right the fuck out
>we are anonymous

you are literally the biggest fucking cancer the internet has ever seen, fuck back off to your kike controlled surveillance grid niggerfaggot, we don't care for you and don't need you here
Anon, what state do you live in?
You're parents are the worst.
Seriously people don't know how much this fucks kids up.

mike...dudes name was andy...michigan
>/b/ me, just a little kid - maybe 6 or 7.
>My parents built a house next door and sold the original house.
>A kid older than I was and two younger sisters.
>Go over there often; parents not all that happy about me.
>Girls have a "sit-n-spin"; used to play on it all day.
>One of the girls liked me - so we both get on it.
>MFW, she's wearing shorts and I can see almost everything.
>Not really into sex, but curiosity takes over. >We start asking impertinent questions.
>Parents notice, see us, gets upset, kicks me out of their house.
>Not allowed to go over there again - ever.

>Years later, I just get into high school. A buddy of mine introduces me to his gf.
>It's my neighbor - she's 13 now - 9/10 - instaboner
>she goes down on him on command.
>counselor calls me a bear because I wear a Cal sweatshirt
>>another six year old wears a cal sweatshirt
>>were bears
>>he tells us to g
Wer bin ich, Gott?
File: 1402461778878.jpg (28 KB, 422x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 422x500
Good luck, I'm behind 7 proxies faggot.
>be 7
>Me, 11-12 years old (30 now)
>Babysitter is playful, 17-18
>touches my penis through my pants all the time, "accidentally"
>Is babysitting me and my older brother
>Takes me into parents' office
>Pulls her tits out
>makes me touch and lick them
>this goes on a week or so
>takes her pants off
>makes me rub her pussy
>Soon after
>brother is outside playing, she comes into my room
>Takes all her clothes off, makes me do the same
>tells me to put it inside her
>thrust a few times, brother audibly comes in the house
>we get dressed, never happens again

This was pre-internet, etc so as a kid things were different. I really didn't know a lot about sex and such, so I really didn't know much about what was going on. Very odd when you think about it. Wish I knew her name so I could confront her.
nobody is a player at 14 dumb bitches dont know what they want till theyre 25
I do agree. Everything would be solved if someone, ANYONE actually sat you down and fucking talked to you about it.
>breaks to let my dick cool
Beta virgin detected
nice story bro 8/10


cool story bro
When I was 13 and my cousin(boy) found out I was having sex with his sister, he didn't get pissed, then I had to move on and masturbate, I even did it in front of him, until he ended up sucking my dick, every time he'd suggest that I suck his dick, but I never allowed myself to o so because I knew it was gay.
>i was about 5 and my sister 3,5
>when parents left home we got naked and looked each others genitals
>did this many times until we almost got caught
>later visiting grandmother
>i build a play house
>Call step grandfathers grand child to play there
>I ask her to get naked
>she agrees
>We both get naked and look
>then she tells me that penis goes in the pussy
>she was 3 or something I don't know how she knew these things
>i thought she was lying or something like that but we still touched each other genitals
>i think it was my last time when I did anything like this
Yeah I'm totaly with you guys. Lets share stories. You first.
Be maybe 9-10, elementary school. Use to climb this metal pole during recess one day on the playground and had amazing feelings coming from my lower region, had no idea what was going on. Continued to do so almost every day because it felt so good. Once day my friend noticed me doing it again and said he did it too as it "makes your pepe' feel good"
Confront her in a good or bad way?
Just ask why. I mean, I'm not bitter or scarred or anything, I just wanna know the mentality of it.
you just want to come-front her
>mfw when i already shared a story
>mfw i have no face
>/b/ me, just started middle school, taking bus to school
>Not with the 'in' crowd yet, so sit up front with the freaks, idiots and nerds.
>Girl, none too bright, but 6/10 starts talking to me
>We get along - I friendzone her w/o knowing what friendzoning is.
>One day, she's talking about learning how to swim
>Not really paying attention to her.
>She tells me she has something to show me.
>She looks down, I look down
>She's got her pants unzipped, showing me her bathing suit.
>My eyes bug out, my jaw hits the floor.
>She laughs, then thinks about it for a second.
>smiles at me. I see what she's thinking, so I smile back
I was tapping that ass for 4 months before the "in" crowd noticed.
>Instantly popular.
>mfw, I got "the talk" from a HS senior.
>mfw, I was going in raw for 4 months without realizing what could happen.
>never could get condoms; had to quit tapping her.
Funny thing is, she never wanted to be bf/gf or anything. Not sure if she even understood the concept. But I'm pretty sure her older brother taught her a few things. He became massively jelly.

Ya know, come to think of it... I was not her first...
>mfw i already dispatched a unit
>mfw when i put a "when" after mfw,that stands for "My face when"
>"mfw when i already shared a story"
>mfw i'm Chris Hansen undercover.
Did this too, but I was younger. Searching for that feeling is how I learned to fap.
good times.
>mfw you don't realise it was a mistake because I didn't do it the second time
>mfw you think you're the only one who knows what mfw means
>mfw you think i'd use "i have no face" after mfw if i didn't know what it means
>mfw you can't do shit to me
404 on mlss
File: 1402330186818.jpg (84 KB, 946x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 946x1080
>Neighborhood girl
>Hang with her everyday
>Really good friends, not that .. sexually interested?
>We are both around 10 or 11
>One day friend tells me how to jerk off (we didnt know it had an actual word but you get the idea)
>Feels good
>Get interested in sex, porn and whatnot
>Porn wasnt as free and open as it is now so could only watch 10 seconds videos
>Invite girl I know over to watch these clips
>She says she feels funny
>Say I do too
>Not really feeling her up or anything, just looking at her watching
>We want to..get ..closer? I guess
>Cant go lay in bed because mom will think something is up
>We go outside to this playground thing with a tree castle
>We go up top so nobody can see us
>She takes her clothes off
>I do the same
>She lays on top of me
>Dick gets hard but no idea what to with it
>Tell her to pull in it up and down
>She does it
>Feel good again
>Get that ashamed feeling instantly
>tfw we would keep doing that for a few years at random places outside

When I turned 13 and knew how to have sex we no longer talked, I have her on facebook though but eh..its kinda akward.
File: Chip Handerson.jpg (49 KB, 635x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chip Handerson.jpg
49 KB, 635x477
>mfw you are mad
Nice in-home water basins. Are mods even around right now?
>mfw we could sage
File: svc_retrimg.jpg (35 KB, 835x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 835x490
>mfw I forgot to sage
>mfw fbi agent can't read feelings and thinks i'm mad
>mfw you can't argue anymore so you just assume that i'm mad

um, you realize that telling stories from when you were younger isn't illegal right?
Obviously nay or I'd have a better story. She teaches in another country so I don't have awkwardness.
File: wide-eyes.jpg (91 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 10
>be date night for mommy and daddy
>babysitter arrives
>15 y/o babe, makes my tiny kid-boner excited
>play vidya, I'm really easy to babysit
>"Hey kiddo, you don't mind if my friend comes over do you?"
>"Nope." I'll just be in my room playin gaemz hardcore
>Match ends, load screen thus volume is silent
>hear things
>"curious, and curiouser, Watson. The circumstance begs investigation."
>creep down stairs the likes of which ninja would deem impressive
>sniper perch at stairs landing, can see into family room
>my babysitter is riding her boyfriend like seabiscuit
>still has shirt on so technically I could see nothing, but I get rock-fucking-hard watching this show
>I'm staring, watching her face struggle with the pleasure of impending orgasm
>moaning and biting her lip
>I have my dick in my hand, crankin one out at about 63,000rpm
>plot twist, she has Sniper Spotter perk equipped and suddenly looks directly at me like I fucking called out to her or something
>moment's hesitation, I assume Frozen Mammoth stealth stance, praying the shadows conceal me
>in retrospect, I realize we were both making full on eye contact for like 5 seconds, and it makes me laugh to think she couldn't see me
>a decision has been made, and she keeps fucking her boyfriend
>but she takes her shirt and bra off
>I'm watching her perky young-woman titties bouncing around
>cum buckets, head to room like nothing happened
>parents get home
>Steph comes to say bye
>"cya, Steph"
>before leaving room, she turns back with an afterthought
>"Did you enjoy the show?"

I'm 21 now and still don't talk to them about sex, can't even look at them in the eye if two people kiss on tv.
You remember too?
Shit, I never told anyone either, this is good.

>When i was 8, i was molested by my dyke babysitter who became bi and got married some years afterward.
>mfw you suggest me to sage my own thread
>mfw you don't know how to sage

are you azn?
>mfw you are still arguing
>mfw when you say you are not mad.
>about 9 years old
>hanging out with girl down the street (6) and her brother (i think like 8)
>go in the backyard on the treehouse/gym/swing thing
>play doctor
>feel up sister, show her my thing
>brother joins in showing his
>she touches both of ours
>weeks later, they're at my house in my room
>doctor again, fully naked this time
>fingered sister, brother watched and touched his dick
>got busted by my mom
>she tells their parents
>shamed, but in a few months I'm allowed to see them again
>never really go over there
>years later they go to same High School
>talk to both them and their mom sometimes
>wonder if they remember
>wonder if their mom remembers
any pics of her Anon? since you have her on FB
>mfw you said we cant do shit
>mfw he said we can sage
>mfw you misunderstood the whole situation.
>mfw you think arguing = being mad
>mfw you're arguing too must mean you're mad
Nah ausfag
File: 1404483188691.jpg (459 KB, 1366x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my dick

Do you remember how she looked?
Did she babysit you ever again?
File: 1382832095667.jpg (35 KB, 496x406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw i never said i'm not mad
>mfw you are jumping around yelling how calm you are
>mfw you jump around about how well you know what sage and mfw is
>mfw you are summer and mad
>mfw you misunderstood me because i meant your unit can't do shit to me because i didn't do anything illegal
>implying it hurts me when you sage
Be me
be summer
my 11 yo cousin visits
playing games with her all day
she sleeps with me in my bigass bed
she starts to spoon with me then starts to play with my d I just lay there not knowing what to do
start fucking she screams
busted by mom
Be 19
go to jail
still she sends me ltters
Louis Guenther? Is that you?

Looking at Michigan's sex offender registry and noticed you aged a lot in the last 20 years. You only did what? Five years for making Heather jerk you off?
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>mfw you think i'm the guy who said the sage shit
>mfw when you can't ID.
>mfw you jump around telling me how mad i am
>mfw i never said i know it well
>mfw you can't really understand mfw better than someone else
>mfw you tell other people they're new
>mfw we're still arguing
>be 12
>just discovered porn,see this girl at school I would love to bang
>eventually become friends with her
>around Halloween she invited me to a Halloween party
>a lot of people there
>I find her, we start talking, good time I guess
>she says to follow her
>I though yay sex, in reality she went to go show me her dad's giant ass battle station, me being 12,thought it was cool
>we talk, end up persuading her to make out
>she says hold on, how's to text on phone
>looks up and says "Alright, umm.. Where were we?"
>she takes her shirt off, has bra on, still hot
>door flies open, I turn around and a gym bag is thrown on my head
>something punches me hard in the head, knocked out
>wake up on her lawn, phone and shoes stolen, nose bloody
>stumble home, parents are asleep
>next morning police are at the door saying I raped some girl

And this is why I stopped trusting women
Damn brother, what was the outcome? Why did it happen?
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>mfw i'm just busting your balls
>mfw i tought this argument will be over already

feel you bro
Yeah, good ol' Steph babysat me for a couple years. She was a solid babysitter actually.

What did she look like?
>not a huge rack, she was very slender
Actually that's probably the reason I'm obsessed with the slender body type over, say, big tits/big ass type stuff...
>taller than me at the time,
but she must've been no taller than maybe 5'4", she wasn't quite as tall as my mom and my mom is pretty short, coming in at 5'5"

What I remember most was just this lighthearted personality. She was just nice to be around
>mfw moving grandparents today and 83 year old grandmother makes lewd comment after someone says they need her help in the bedroom

fuckin stop
Wow, have you tried tracking the slut down?

If that happened to me I'd want some serious revenge
File: lies.jpg (19 KB, 350x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 6 years of old
>Closest thing I've had to the talk is walking on my whore mother with her boyfriend
>one day after taking a bath I had to go to my room w/o getting dressed
>hop in bed nekkid
>notice pleasent sensation around my boyhood
>I had recently gotten a giant plush Pikachu about 3 feet in height
>its fabric was some really soft cotton
>begin the genital grind for the next few weeks
>eventually I pulled my best friend in on the yellow-mouse pussy action
wholes start forming where stuffing was starting to fall out
>begin fucking newly formed Pika-Vag
>can't cum but didn't matter
>enough stuffing leaks out that I start shoving foam footballs and small pillows inside the hole to make pikachu my plump bitch
>me and friend would rotate who would be able to fuck pikachu in the closet while the other would hump whatever was available in my room
>made habit of fucking stuffed creatures for next couple years

Low and behold I'm a 19 year old virgin who treats women like piles of shit. I think subconsciously I see them on the same level as my Pikachu-FuckDoll from childhood.
A bunch of shit, the slut couldn't produce enough proofto hold up I'm court, my parents on the other hand were really mad about the stuff that got stolen and the giant ass bruise on the side on my head and filed charges for that. The girl ended up confessing who stole my shit. Some jdc sentences were made, to keep it short, I got my stuff back and a lot went down
>Me, age 12
>Interest in ham radio, shortwave, etc
>Take evening class at town rec center
>Learn morse code and other useless shit
>Walk home every night
>Old dude in class offers me rides
>Refuse at first, then later accept. Because hey, walking sucks.
>Eventually he gets me to stop at his place to see his radio gear
>mastered morse code, giving blowjobs, and taking cock
>Not really interested in ham radio anymore
>Still like cock
That thing would probably have just shattered to your parents touch when they found it. So crusty...
>When I was 10 I always use to wrestle with this 13 year old girl that lived one block over.
>It always started as serious wrestling and us trying to beat each other
>then after a few minuets it would be more about groping each other
>then it always seem to end with us dry humping
>Kept this pattern up for years
>no kissing nothing else
>Just talk, wrestle, grope each other, dry hump while saying nothing, maybe the occasional playing of video games.
>then one day she moved and I never seen her again

I still wonder how she is doing some times.
>tfw I have yet to meet another girl/woman that wants to wrestle then get frisky.
>Be me 14
>Friend next door's femal cousin comes over
>Shes a year older 8/10. Dd tits big ass
>We hangout in friends basement with 8/10 cousin
>Be minor alpha
>Flirt with her
>Friend and his mom leave to store
>Me and femanon in basement alone

For asking that question, no.
Nah couldn't jizz so the thinng was just abused and full of holes
Of course fag
no, you're good
Hahahahaha XD
>be 13
>went to a summer camp with a girlfriend same age
>we spend most of the time together, sometimes with friends
>she had a room with her two friends
>one day I go to her room (it was like 6-7 pm)
>we are alone
>we start kissing
>she takes off her shirt, then bra
>I grab her boobs and kiss them
>she likes it
>I like it
>do it for a few minutes
>we were sitting on a small couch so I tell her to move to bed
>she tells ok
>we lay on the bed
>I'm on the top
>I put my hand in her pants
>she removes it
>after a minute I try it again
>she removes it
>I don't push, it's good anyway
>suddenly we hear knocking to the door
>she grabs her clothes and runs to the bathroom
>I open the door
>it's her roommates
>"hey, we just came back"
>"where is Julia?"
>"she just went to the bathroom"
>we spent rest of the day watching TV with her friends

sorry for my english, I try :D
She does. They don't forget shit like that.
a few days after she told me she is sorry for not having sex but she was on her period
>After flirting she sits on my lap
>Watching TV
>Decide to try to make a move
>Start slowly rubbing her thigh
>She turns to face me, stil sitting on lap
>Smiles a slutty smile and slowly rocks her hips on my dick
>She starts grinding faster
>I'm wearing shorts, shes in spandex
>take her shirt off and unstrap bra
>still grinding my dick slower now
>move her so im on top
>her legs are around me
>I start sliding down
>tongue her pussy, pushing spandex in
>shes as wet as the great lakes

>didn't want icecream

yeah, you're a total fucking faggot
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