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Most sexual experience with sister
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Most sexual experience with sister
None because I'm not a fucking basement dweller that has no other females to interact with.
kissing her vagina as she was asleep
probably around age 12

My fetish is that i dont have a sister. I actually dont have one and my life is complete big fetish. It's hard to say if this is the most sexual experience with sister if i dont have one.
None. Nobody in my family is desperate.
Maybe you're genetically ugly beyond relationships?
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>be me
>browse 4chan
>tfw no greentext thread
>door torn open,16 yo stepsis barges in (I'm 30)
>"watcha doing, anon?"
>takes catalog w/ traps & loli point blank
>"ew, what's this!?"
>sits in my lap
>freeze up, stutter
>starts browsing, grossing out at stuff
>nofap day 9 of 31, been browsing pr0n reag
>sis uncomfy, starts wagging her butt in my lap
>"bro u perv"
>"I... uh..."
>opens trap thread
>"ew, disgusting! u like this??"
>boner subsides
>"it's gone?"
>be densemotherfucker.jpg
>reaches under her butt, grabs semi-limp meat stick
>starts playing
>"h-hey sis..."
>"bro pull off ur boxers"
>"do it or i tell mom"
>tfw st. george couldn't kill that monster
>take off boxers, dick a bit self-lubed already, hard as a rock
>flaps it up on my abs
>flips up night tee, no panties
>starts grinding on my shaft
>cum in half a minute with the power of a thousand suns
>hops off and looks at me smirking triumphantly, gets some cum on her fingertip, gives it a taste
>licks ever last drop up, suck it off my tip
>boner again
>starts sucking like an angel
>reaches down between her legs and starts bating
>don't wanna cum yet, so I start greentext thread
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but you are, though.
I do that lots fingering when they are sleeping so good
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herp derp.jpg
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>sneak into sisters room one night
>she's sleeping
>pull the covers down
>it's Ron Jeremy
>I don't have a sister
>not my house

mfw I think he saw me
>be 10
>sis is 13
>sit with her in street
>one day see torn pages from playboy in street
>sis asks me to get them
>pick them up while no1 watching
>got about 15 pages of naked women
>go inside with sister
>titanium boner
>sis undresses and wants to get licked
>looks at the playboy while i lick
>sis sees boner
>she undoes my boxers
>sucks me
>hear knocking on door
>dad is yelling to open door
>neighbour saw me picking up the pages
>put clothes back on within 5seconds, fkn adrenaline
>open door, threw pages out window
brah you are a pedophile
I think I hugged her at some point recently
u wot m8
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I wish I had a fucking basement
Bump for long story I'm typing.
File: 1404915911309.jpg (45 KB, 915x689) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 10, sis is 16
>dad is drunk so sis is whorebag (me not knowing at the time)
>Taking a shower. Sis walks in, says she needs one to
>Sorta embarrased but we use to do it when i was younger
>I ask if we should play a game, I could be a cool windowcleaner (glass shower), and she could be a costumer telling me how to do
>She says ok. Tell me how to wipe the windows. Poors shampoo on and tells me to do again.
>Great fun.
>Then she asks me if we should play doctor (yes, she went there)
>I say sure.
>She says she has chest pains. Around her boobs.
>I tjek em not realising its sexy
>With my lack of respons she pushes me further. Says her butt hurts.
>She shows butthole, i laugh and throw water on it
>She says her vagina hurts. I laugh and throw water on it
>She says "Thats not how the doctor normally does".
>Takes my hand and forces two fingers into her already wet pussy.
>Me being a 10 yo retard I have no idea whats going on. I actually believe I am doing doctor work
>She tells me to kiss it better at the same time. I do, she holds my head and forces my mouth on her clit.
>She tells me to lick it like candy.
>after 5 mins she cums (I had no idea at the time, but in hind sight i see it)
>She then sucks my dick and fingers my butthole for 5 mins until i start crying and she gives up

First encounter. two more. Atm we have no contact.
whats OPs pic looks intradasting
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File: gom.gif (999 KB, 500x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Arite, this isn't pre written, so suck my dick
>be me, 14, sister 9
>guests are over, have to share a bed
>she's really fucking cute as a button
>practically a fucking loli
>got these cute pyjamas on
>I get into bed, she's looking all happy and shit
>hey, what's up?
>"I get to sleep with you"
>haha ok, let's just go
>being sexually frustrated, I wanted to fap
>tried to turn over, but didn't get past her
>she looks at me
>sees my tent
>she's like "ooh what's that" etc etc
>finally cave, thinking this could be some good shit
>I show her my dick
>nothing special, about 6.5 inches at the time
>she's all like Ooh what's this, sniffing it, this only gets it harder
>she then touches it
>softest hands, literally ever
>I tell her how to do it
>she does that for a while, have to refrain from cumming
>say "You can put your mouth on it too, like a lollipop"
>starts sucking me off, kinda shitty cos her mouth was really small
>warm as shit, everythings awesome
>accidentally cum in her mouth
>she swallows it
>at this point I'm like, wtf
>she just looks up, smiles and licks the rest up
>go to sleep, spooning
>wake up next morning to the tightest hug ever
That's the end of this story
>pic unrelated, but hey, you faggots like porn
Fuck green text because phone
Be 16
Father remarries woman with 13 yo daughter
Damn she's cute as a button
Tells me everything about her life
After 4 months she tells me she doesn't want to be a virgin anymore, all her friends are huge sluts
"It's not being a slut if you have sex with someone you love"
"I love you anon"
That night she comes into my room
Wearing nothing but my Slayer T-shirt and panties
We cuddle, telling each other how much we love the other
"I would never hurt you, you're my sister"
She takes her panties off and mounts me
I guide it into her tight little 13yo virgin slit
Doesn't go
I finger her for about an hour until I can get the second knuckle of two fingers in
She sucks me to get me wet and hard
Try to ram it in again
No go
"I have an idea. It might hurt a little more but we'll be so close to each other it will make up for it. I want to show you how much you mean to me. I want to be inside you"
I turn her over, get a big glob of spit on my dick, and press against her butthole
"It hurts anon"
"I know. But it will feel great in a second"
20 minutes of pushing and applying spit later I slide in...
Second encounter

>Be me, 16. Sis is coming home after being at bording school for 5 years (mom sent her to help out her ways)
>She comes home. Smoking hot. Died her hair blond (she was light brown before). First time to see her since way back (when she was home I would make other plans due to first story making it weird).
>I am troubled, she is hot, and I havent seen her for 5 years so I dont feel like she is family.
>After 7 days of family trips to places and having fun my parents have to go back to work. (FYI dad stopped drinking when i was 11, hasnt touched alcohol since, im 25 today).
>Early morning, I eat breakfast in my room. Im trying to avoid my sister and get out the house fast. Eating leftover pancakes from yesterday.
>Idiot my spills sirup and jam all over myself while reaching for gameboy
>Fuck! Must take shower.
>Taking shower, trying to be quick as fuck. Barely get in before it happens. Sis opens door.
>"I didnt know you were up, didnt see you in the kitchen" (Fuck yeah, I was a ninja back then!!)
>Our shower has been replaced, now its glass shower with none see-through glass.
>She opens door into shower.
>I panic and turn around
>"Nice butt" she laughs
>I turn around and try to force door shut
>We play tugga-war with door until her handle falls off
>I now have the glassdoor shut. But I am trapped in the shower
>She starts crying, "I dunno how to be family anymore, dad sent me away and I dunno you people. I thought you would be different"
>I am spechless and still holding the door closed like a yeti was outside
>She cries more.. Alot more.
>I feel bad and open the door
>She is already naked and rushes in
>"Lets shower like when we were little"
>She starts soaping me up.
>Leans onto my back with her tits
>Instant boner
(side note, I have had sexy twice at this point)
>She ses boner, starts "washing it".

To this day I have no idea why she needed to fuck me. Why she felt like she had to. Why she wanted to so much.

Part 1 of story 2
> Slayer T-shirt

My nigga
continue please
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Go on
Felt like heaven
I mean I was able to move back and forth with her entire rectum clamping around my shaft
Probably only got an inch past the head but it felt amazing
I slid a finger back into her pussy and wiggled it
Trying to watch her face in the pale light of my stereo for hints at what I'm doing right
I move my finger up and her mouth gapes open
Finger fucker her tiny hairless pussy
Can feel my dick through the thin wall between pussy and ass
Feels good
I see her start to shake
I read about this- she's going to pee or something and it'll feel really good
I pull my finger out so she doesn't pee on my hand
As I shuffle around for a better position I guess I slid my dick in too far
She lets out a painful yelp
It's too late, she was having her first orgasm and her little ass hole was clamping down harder and harder around the middle (3-4" mark) of my cock
Can't help it
I cum in her young little colon
My dick pulses and expands in her ass
She's obviously in a lot of pain but I did t want to just yank it out and wreck her butthole.
Slowly, after we settle down I tell her to push me out
Cum and blood drip out on to my sheets
I hold her while she starts to cry
"It's ok, t won't hurt so bad next time" I love you"
"I love you too anon"

I fucked her ass a couple more times until she could get 3 fingers in her pussy. Then we started fucking for real (occasionally I'd reach back and slip a finger up her tight ass) and she lived it.
Every night for like 3 years until I left for college. Shit was pretty cash.
Part 2 of 2

>I cannot resist anymore. She is trying so hard. Har body is so interesting.
>I turn around. We start making out hard. Like retards with tunge everywhere.
>She wanks me while we kiss. I cum 1 more time
>She says "Do whatever you want to me. I will do anything for you"
>I know she is a whorebag, I know she will never tell anyone. I know I can do whatever
>Turn her around. She leans over. I start licking her butthole like a mad dog (My favorite fetish at the point in time)
>I lick her butthole for a good 5 minuts. She is fingering herself all the way through, cuming twice
>She looks at me smiling and says "Only 1 person has fucked me in the ass before, but for you, anything".
>She lubes up my cock with shampoo
>I start humping her the best I know (only inspiration is porn)
>I cum in her ass twice.
>Rest af the day we have mad monkey sex all around the house. Parents are gone for 7 hours, so we did every room
>Parents come home. They can smell it in the air. All the beds are not like my mom left them. They can see it on us
>Parents take sister outside for a "talk"
>sister gets screamed at for suducing her baby brother
>Sister cries and yells she hates them, and that she is no more my sister than any other stranger she knows.
>Yells they stole her childhood.

Sister got kicked out and moved in with my aunt. I never heard a word about the sex from my parents, but was never allowed to mention her.
I feel this should be in the beta thread if there was one up now
Very cash indeed, I never got any more than a handjob and some fingering with my stepsister.
Third encounter?
story 3, go on
>Be 12
>Sister is 20 and staying over
>Stop playing WoW to fap
>hear her coming up stairs
>so close
>finish and tuck my dick into my trousers as shes opening the door
>She sees me tucking my dick in
>She laughs and tells me she knows what I was doing
>She gets something from her bag and leaves

We've never spoken of it.

oh god i lost
Pictures of her?
awaiting part 3
>Idiot my spills sirup and jam all over myself while reaching for gameboy
>Fuck! Must take shower.

Well thats lovely and bullshit.

Seriously you spill something on your shirt and you take a shower? Thats just fucking stupid, what a waste of water. Just change your shirt you fucking nigger.

Fuck this story is so bullshit.
Encounter 3

>We are much older now. She is late 20's. This happend a year ago.
>Family got back together. Normal life for 3 years
>Never really talk to sis. Never allowed alone together
>We go on holiday to a place 5 hours north of us. It has old castles n shit.
>Really liking it all. Very into swords, bows and such. This place is amazing.
>there is an old watchtower. Fucking high as. Off limits to visitors.
>By a climber in my spare time, Im like "Why not?"
>Go inside, find raggy old stairs. Start going up this amazing buildning.
>Stairs squeek abit and the wind is noisy
>Once im at the top there is an amazing view. Such beauty
>I hear someone coming up aswell
>Its my sister
>"First time alone again" she says
>I laugh. "We were so stupid back then. You know". I say.
>"We were just really close","It happens and is ok" She says
>Wow.. see is taking this cool.
>But then. I see her eyes.. Like they were last time. Fuck... she wants it.
(havent had GF for 3 years at this point. Not even a one night stand, horny as fuck).
>Remember that I have never had anything bad happen to me due to our sex. Its always her I effects.
>Im like.. wtf.. lets do this
>We have crazy sex. Really hot and nice. Her pussy is way older than when I was 10. But its still so hot! She is such a hotty!
>Suddenly she stops.
>"Fuck Derp. He saw us" she says
>Little fucking climber kid in the window.
>THis faggot aint ruining my action
>Go and push him out the window.

1 year later
>Find out boy isnt dead.
>Boys mom now hates my family, she knows some how.
>Whole world starts fighting because of us.
>Fuck it. we bang some more..

Ohhh yeah.. and our son died.. or something
Not that guy but I would shower if I spilled shit on me.
yeah idk I would too
I hate being not clean so yeah
Was not expecting.
File: 4963357_orig.jpg (213 KB, 1100x607) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You fancy motherfucker. I like you.

Have a Wobbly model syndrome comic.
god dammit, Jaimie. Lannister/10, did not expect
this nigga is stupid
>16yo girl

Pick one
i only had a step sister she was 7 at the time and i was 15 at the time...
hebephile and incestophile you dumb fag

b-but i had s-sex...

at work and nope, sry
File: slow-clap-gif.gif (2 MB, 300x159) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: wat is this.webm (3 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wat is this.webm
3 MB, 640x360
Seriously guys? No one else spotted the triforce? She's obviously not a newfag.
File: fucking hell.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fucking hell.webm
2 MB, 1280x720
File: 1402337405783.gif (1 MB, 305x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 305x239
>hebephile and incestophile you dumb fag
Is summer over yet?
I need this fucking sauce.

Fucking wasteful murrishits.
>tied her on a chair
>forced a friend strip for her

I think we all were about 6-8 years old.
File: lexi belle.webm (2 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lexi belle.webm
2 MB, 640x360
himegato, its like two 4 minute anime's
pp, please onesama. where did you find it?
haha +1
Just found it, fucking sad.
Wait shit, there's still ten episodes that haven't aired yet, sweet!
>Implying I dont have a well on my property so I dont have to pay for water.
Not my fault you live in a faggoty ass place
No sister but I have a cousin who is 8 that I am really close with.

>tickle her feet till she tears up
>she puts her feet in my face afterwards for revenge

>go to lick her hand if she's annoying me
>she always pulls her hand away and stops being annoying
>sucks my finger and licks all around it when I annoy her
>just let her
I would be lying if I said that this stuff doesn't give me boners.

I really hope she doesn't think I molested her when she's older.
But I'm gonna need sauce on that pic.
File: 1406190634341s.jpg (2 KB, 125x87) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x87
goddam 10/10
Fugg, got it.

>be me
>around 13 or so
>didn't have a sister then
>don't have one now, 12 years later
>have incest fetish
>write fictional incest porn on 4chan
worst greentext i've ever read
It has been a pleassure :P!! Thanks for your time :) This is prolly the most pride filled moment of my life :)
File: 1365474301694.jpg (411 KB, 619x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
411 KB, 619x800

that was good and you should feel good, pic unrelated

Lel, still wasteful you retard, that water comes from somewhere.
ive read some legit stories because they were stories that really happened and not some fantasies this one guy /b/ drugged his step sister and raped her..it sounded legit cuz he said everything that would of happened in reality
what? what happened?
Water is a renewable resource.
Game of Thrones, I think, but I haven't seen it before.
Just to clear things up:

Spilled sirup on my belly, wasnt wearing shirt.
I Denmark we have to much groundwater. We are encouraged to spend more than we actually do to increase the waters cycle rate and moving more water into the air/sea instead.

>enviromental engineer with specialty in groundwater :D
I wish I had cool incest stories to share.
>Implying I give 2 shits, Implying taking a shower will stop my wells flow.
File: 1406005273168s.jpg (3 KB, 125x108) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x108
File: 1.jpg (180 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>every /b/ thread ever
it's because it's full of newtumblrfriends and children. /b/ chose this demise.
File: 10outta10.gif (2 MB, 352x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 352x199
no one's forcing you to stay here faggot
My sister and I have fondled eachother multiple times before we were teens. Since then, I have touched and sniffed her butt and pussy multiple times and I only got caught once.

As for my other sister, while we were playing video games once, every time her controller vibrated, she'd press it between her legs. After a while, I'd press mine between her legs every time mine vibrated. Got her to orgasm that way.
Before that, I once got her to grope my erect dick through my pants while she was playing some game by getting her free hand, placing it on my dick, to which she responded by trying to feel out what she was holding without looking. Eventually she looked at what she was groping, gave me a mean look, and then went back to player her game.

You fucking idiot. Freshwater is a fucking privilege, billions of people dont even have access to it.
>tfw no sister
Well, it's overly abundant here and using it doesn't take anything away from those who don't have access to it.
ITT: Discussion about fresh water and its worth
> be 6 fool around with eachother under my sheets a few times, exploring eachother
>be like 13 watch eachother masturbate a couple times
> a year later we smashed like twice and never talked about it again.

that feel when you havent banged your sister in like ten years

No, but it doesn't mean you should just fucking waste it.

Thats the whole murrican attitude, if we can waste it, we will. Its fucking disgusting.

The entire of the USA needs to be gassed, your way of life is an abomination.
sorry for being derp but so the kid was your sisters.
Even at our rate of usage, it gets renewed faster than it gets used. There is no waste. In fact, we often store excess. We aren't your country, we don't have constant water shortages.
She taught me how to masturbate by giving me half a handjob
In Denmark we are told to spend more water. Same with England. The goverment wants us to use water, because the buildup of groundwater results in floods that stay there for weeks/months due to the fact, that it cant go anywhere!
So some countries actually HAVE to waste water.
>Even at our rate of usage, it gets renewed faster than it gets used.

Tell that to your underwater reserves, and your farmland.

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
Game Of Thrones ref. :P
After the water gets used, where do you think it goes?
700 liter/m2 comes down here each year every year to flow to sea. Got 99 problems but water ain't one.

Also, you should be gassed for caring so fucking much for "murricans'. Go anhero already.
Dude.. I am an enviromental Engineer with a specialty in groundwater.

He is completly right. We have way to much pure fresh groundwater. We have some of the worlds cleanest aswell. Denmark... fuck yeah!
I don't live in Denmark, I live in the US, specifically Missouri.
LoL. Funny how we have also same amount of rain :) Denmark is 650 mm to 750 mm. (same as L/m2)
Ground water rocks! Except when you have so much it overflows onto ground. Then its time to waste water and get some into the air :D! (Let it flow to russia and drown people)
oh ok thanks. I ain't even seen an episode.

and how the fuck did this become some hydrology thread
Does sexy time ever occur?
Missouri has access to the two largest rivers in the US, the Mississippi River and the Missouri River. We have floods more often than shortages, and shortages often go unnoticed due to our water towers (usually one or two per town).
What up, fellow Missouri fag? :D

Where you from?
dude is danish

hes danish you fucking retard
Actually, both those responses were to me and I'm American.
>Sitting with sister smoking a bowl
>"hey anon, i'm horny"
>"What do you want me to do about that?"
>"I have a few ideas"...
>starts taking my clothes off
>She's pretty good looking but there is a nagging that I really shouldn't
>look around to see if parents are around
>see the cat jump up onto the bench
>the cat melts into the kitchen bench
>I realise how hard i'm tripping, and that the pot is probably laced
>Have trippy drug sex with sister

>wake up, remember that I don't have a sister or a cat, and I moved out of home years ago and live with my girlfriend.
sry about that, it was a hentai i found a while ago that i thought would make a great 4chan border. Withen two seconds i foudn all 4 episodes of himegoto on gogoanime and they have DMX play as the intro and outro i love it!
My wife has that shirt...hmm
Alright guys, let me tell you about how I fingered my twelve year old cousin.

>Paternal uncle and his wife teeter on the brink of divorce
>Uncle stays near jobsite, out of town
>Aunt and two cousins move in to my dad's place
(Dad has another place a few hundred clicks north, is a partner in a medical practice, don't know whay he still owns this one house)
>One cousin is a dude, he's alright, but a little annoying
>other cousin, on the verge of puberty, can't stop with the sexual innuendo shit they're all obsessed with at that age
>gymnast, cute as fuck, fit body, constantly initiates these "catch me if you can" games with me
>I chase, she lets me catch her and I basically feel her up
>she's always wearing those skin tight yoga shorts or whatever, and this really baggy tank top thing with a sports bra underneath
>I can't help but get heavy, not actually hard, just to where your cock looks big but is still pretty floppy
>I push it against her ass and back as we "wrestle"
>Aunt is going out with her sister that night, which means the aunt's sister is bringing her daughter over
>I am asked to babysit
Now, let me preface my little cousin's cousin. She's ugly, over weight, horny, and suggestive as fuck, so she provides a nice influence for my little cousin to follow suit.
>the stars are aligning
>Its now just me and my cousins and the fat one. Normal annoying shit ensues for a while
>its late, the kids start wanting to get up to something
>boy cousin too tired, crashes in his bedroom
>truth or dare time!
>fatso dares my cousin to do a back handspring
>"now do it in your sports bra"
>McChubs is basically doing all the work for me, challenging my competitive cousins pride
>"Now do it without your shorts on"
>cousin hesitates and I promptly speak up. "What, are you chicken?"
>"No!" she yanks her shorts down, taking her panties down somewhat. she jerks them back up, but I get this split second glance at her hairless pussy
Sports bra, these tight pink panties, that fit ass and slender form.
Naturally I'm getting stiff.
>"Your turn!" she says to me. "Truth, or dare?"
>"Dare, motherfucker. What kind of wimp picks truth?"
>She ponders, then says I have to do some jumping jacks in my underwear
>boxer briefs, my boner is tucked off to the left side now
>Shamelessly take my clothes off and pretend as if I dont have a raging hard on
>jumping jacks
>cock is flopping around like a fat kid in a bouncy castle
>can see the girls eyeing my junk like thirsty hyenas
If I ever do drugs, I'm gonna record myself so that I can compare the trip to reality.
>fatty's turn. I wanted to dare her to take a lap, but settled with "flash your tits"
She actually isnt that fat, she's just chubby; I'd be lying if I said I didn't like looking at her little pink nipples.
By this time, all the inhibitions are safely dissolved, Chubs dares my cousin to kiss me.
Without a moments hesitation, she climbs on my lap, my steel boner pressed up against her pussy,
separated only by my ginch and her cotton panties.
>grab her ass with both hands, gently squeezing her firm cheeks
>She plants the kiss on me, I kiss back
>tongue action
>primeval horny mode engaged
I'm full on making out with her, meanwhile I fish my hands down her underwear and feel up her bare ass. Its so soft and small. This innate desire to grab her by the waist and rail the shit out of her rages inside me. I focus on kissing properly so I don't come off as some inexperienced faggot (of which I am). I pull her sports bra off over her head, careful not to yank her hair. She has tiny breasts, you could barely even call them that, and atop them are soft pink nipples. I start sucking them, holding her tightly and grinding my cock against her pussy. I put her on her back and pull her panties down just to the knees and suck on my middle finger. In the low light I can see the faint glinting of her wet pussy. Tiny, hairless innie. I rub my finger up and down the outside before sliding it inside her. It's tight, even for my one finger. No hymen; it was broken from her rigorous gymnastics shit I guess. I continue slowly penetrating her pussy. Her cousin is just watching the free show this whole time, thankfully not trying to join in. A few minutes goes by, I slide my finger out and suck the tangy flavor from it, but right as I was about to start again, we hear Aunt's car pull up so we all frantically haul ass to make life look normal.
Snap off the most intense loaf of my life, go to bed, wake up the next day fucking terrified someone spilled the beans. I go up, pour a coffee, talk to my aunt about her evening last night. She says it was good and asks me about mine. I say the kids were surprisingly well behaved, albeit having gone to bed a little late.
I desperately wanted to get my cousin to suck my cock. admittedly, jerking off was a pretty lame climax to that whole event, but we also didn't get busted, I got to finger my cousin and carry on with my life. This was last weekend so as for any more, I hope so, but am unsure.
Go for it man, we all wish you the best.

it goes to the sea. sea --> rain --> underground water --> sewage --> sea

learn to watercycle
Exactly, it doesn't just disappear.
>practically fucking a lolli
File: JuliaRoberts.jpg (88 KB, 404x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 404x500
>be taking a shower
>wash ass with shower head
>little spray of hot water shoots up my hole
>do it some more
>couple of wet farty bubbles squeak out
>get hard
>push shower head up my ass and spray boiling water on prostate
>balls starting to twitch
>suddenly I'm ejaculating semen and diarrhea
>boiling diarrhea shooting from my mouth and nose
>bathroom flooded with septic half-digested food and semen
>sister comes in, starts writhing on the floor massaging stinking semen mix into her vagina
>don't you ever knock?
>she starts giving birth to puppies
>every puppy has my face
File: elephant.jpg (111 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 768x1024
>be 15 years old
>on school trip to a fucking zoo
>animals and so forth
>go in elephant house
>oh god it smells so fucking bad
>stench of elephant shit is burning the back of my throat
>feel something grab my waist
>elephant picks me up with its trunk
>srsly wtf
>forces me up another elephant's vagina
>for no good reason I get naked
>walking round inside elephant's womb
>holy shit my sister is in here too
>suddenly everything starts shaking
>look out of hole in cervix, see huge elephant penis thrusting in and out
>we both reach down elephant pee hole and massage it from inside
>it's throbbing and pulsing
>hot steaming semen starts to erupt over our arms, flooding our womb prison
>I punch my sister in the tits for a laugh
>she is so turned on
>massaging elephant cum into each other while I punch her tits and kick her in the cunt
>we're still in there
>zookeepers push sandwiches up elephant's cunt for us
>we have wireless internet in here
File: BDSMMonkey.jpg (65 KB, 428x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 428x600
>Didnt know sister was home
>In kitchen naked
>Sister comes in
>Im so shocked i just freeze
>Sister looks at my wood
>"I want to taste you"
>Im as hard as a rock with big meaty balls
>I lay down
>She puts her feet on my legs
>crouches over me
>No lube around
>Pours warm water on my dick
>Suddenly im soft WHAT THE FUCK
>She says its ok
>Starts sucking on my limp noodle cock
>Slurping it all sloppy like
>Trying to get me hard
>Dog walks into kitchen enticed by smell
>Starts sniffing my feet
>Starts whining
>Sister lets dog lick my right ball
>Suddenly i cum
>Cum everywhere
>All over my balls, my dog, my sisters legs
>Dog bites off my left nut
>Sister bites off my cock
>Sister sticks fork in right ball
>Something isnt right
>Cum smells like tomato
>My penis is spaghetti
>I am a table
Someone uses aunt jemima.
File: 1406180827737.gif (2 MB, 375x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 375x375

Nigga, you a pedophile. Who even tries, let alone actually goes through with molesting their 12 year old cousin?

If she was like capable of consent I'd give you props, but son, you just sad.
File: wat.jpg (48 KB, 350x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 350x345
>"Dare, motherfucker. What kind of wimp picks truth?"

Tryin to impress ya 12y/o cousin, son?
File: timetostoppost.jpg (30 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 500x375
>fingering your cousin right before your other cousin

Havent read that much BS since a looooooong time.
yes where is the source comic.
Brah - you're a moralfag, Just gtfo, your whinging gives us the shits.
12 years old is capable of consent given she was active participant
true story

>my sister was 11 and I was 12
>we used to play house and shit
>started getting more adventurous and laying on top of each other
>starts to feel good
>what is this feeling?
>both of us eventually start dry humping
>continue dry humping until one of us "stops"
>usually means I'll have a crotch full of cum
>do this for a while
>after a couple months we just kinda stop
>i'm now 28 and she's 27
>we never speak of it
that would be >>>/r9k/
Tiny Boob Giant Tit History by Shiden Akira
>12 yrs old is capable of consent given she was an active participant
>what is statutory rape?
You just dont use 12y/o for that, faggot. One can talk children into everything, just promise them shit and theyll eventually do it.

Gtfo with your bs.
yeah, you have to talk them into marriage first.
File: MegaMilkReal.jpg (113 KB, 1129x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 1129x750

Now a major movie.
What did your sister go and live on Venus for a while?
ITT: Things that never happened
A legal fiction

No you can't talk children into anything. You're ignorant if you think that.
Source: I hang with a lot of underage girls

say what?
>I actually believe I am doing doctor work
had a chuckle
Age don't match you dingus.
Proof read your stories next time.
It does or atleast he changed it, I misread the 28 for a 20 too.
well fuck
wait... are you being serious?
...Yes they do
Have nothing on my defence.
Sorry Anon for calling you a dingus.
I know I feel amazing
My sister comes in my room to watch tv late at night sometimes, she hangs out in her nighty and I rub myself under the sheets while looking at her legs and giant tits. I jerk off in her panties and bras all the time but I've never gotten to touch her.
File: 93a29064_Slow-Clap.gif (540 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
540 KB, 400x300
Well played sir, well played.
eh I doubt Jamie lannisster had a game boy or a shower, 9/10
> implying you don't poo in drinking water
File: notsup.png (1 MB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 640x1136
Closet I'll get to a sexual experience.
Someone cap all 3 stories

>implying I have a sister
File: large.jpg (23 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 500x333
>fapping in bathroom
>forgot to lock the door
>sister walks in and laughs her ass off

>not grabbing her and finishing inside her
>be 16
>sis is 23
>gave boob massage
show it
Show how to give a massage? Just use your thumbs.
You win anon. 10/10
File: notgom.jpg (113 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 640x1136
Not many good ones that don't give too much away.
Hot. How old is she? Does she fuck around?

Someone needs to screencap the whole thing
i remember in the sandbox i saw her rubbing her pussy on the sand so i told her i built a penis out of sand when we were seven so she could have sex with it but she didnt kno that i had my dick in the sand so we were actually having seven year old sex and i came in her and got her pregnatn
File: bat.jpg (24 KB, 259x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 259x300
nice on anon
File: DCIM_201_044.jpg (28 KB, 193x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 193x190
>be 22 , sis is 18
>both have friends over. 'rents gone
>one brings vodka and cactus juice
>one brings Wild Turkey
>guy/grill ratio : 3 grills 2 guys
>commence truth or dare
Fuck the green, rest of the story :
we drank , played T or D all night
all ended up naked
omfg my sis has a bangin bod, feel bad for looking
nothing super serious happened
they got kicks out of having a brother/sister touch each other
i put a finger in her pussy, grabbed her boobs alot
she gave me a brief handjob
had to hold it for what seemed like forever at one point
Mid 20s. She fucks, but not in a slutty dozens of guys way.
anyone can do?
Spidey get in here
Playing around in swimming pool underwater, when she came up for her her top came off and saw her tits, i was probably 10 and she was 12
bumping for moar sister-fucking
>18, sister is 15
>Playing Wii Sports Resort basketball minigame with her in the living room
>Its late, and our mother has already gone to bed
>Notice halfway through one of my turns that my dick has slid out of the front of my pajama bottoms and is flopping up and down each time I make a throw
>Glance over at sister on the couch
>She's staring at my cock, fucking hypnotized
>Surprisingly turned on, so I ignore it and keep going
>My dick is fully erect and wet at the tip by the time I'm done
>We switch places and my cock brushes up against her waist
>Tuck it back in while she goes
>We never address it
>In the months before I move out, I make a habit of letting my cock fall out around her and she always stares at it like shes watching a compelling movie or something
>Totally content with the exhibitionism, don't think either of us wanted to pursue it any further

>Almost midnight on Christmas Eve
>Jacking off in my room, about to nut
>I can feel its going to be glorious
>Sister literally invites herself in without knocking
>I don't stop
>Just kind of backs away in shock while she watches my blow my load
>Closes the door when I finish
>Again, never once addressed and no trace of awkwardness the following morning

>not grabbing her and finishing inside her
I didn't trust her enough to try taking it any further. She's enough of an attention whore that I honestly think she might have told somebody and tried to make it into victimization on her part. Having her stare at my dick like that got me to cum buckets, but I wouldn't have ever acknowledged anything with her. Our relationship is and has always been kinda shit.

>not victimising her instead

Anon I am disappoint.
Still counts!
this pic is good and you should feel good
File: doesn't matter.jpg (23 KB, 320x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
doesn't matter.jpg
23 KB, 320x224
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