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ITT: Green text incest
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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ITT: Green text incest
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bumping with incest photos since I have no stories myself
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come on faggots get in here
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Stick around for when I post the biggest green text incest story you will ever read. Its still going on so be patient.
Is cousin considered incest?
yes cousin aunt uncle step parents, etc
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i then have commited real life incest then. awesome.
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>I caught a young relative once and had sex with her but I doubt anyone wants to hear what happened...
>Okay, since you insist, I will tell my story...
>It began one evening about a year ago... I jerked off into my hand... and then grabbed a microscope and some tweezers... those motherfuckers are not getting away this time! With one swift movement, I grabbed a sperm by its tail and exclaimed 'Oh yeah baby, come to Daddy!'. My cock firmly gripped in one hand, I lowered the sperm onto the head and began fucking it gently... 'Ohh, you like that, little embryo, don't you?! Yeah, you dirty little whore.'
>be me many years ago
>be 13
>go over to Aunt's house to have fun doing whatever with cousin
>oh no she's sick with a cold
>I heat up some soup for her and walk to the local store for some Sprite and lemons and some comfort foods I know she likes
>mom and aunt love how I am being so nice but it was just natural as I really loved my cousin and we teased each other a lot even lip kissed a couple times
>My mom wants to go shopping but my Aunt wants to stay in case her cold gets worse
>Mom says I know how to use a phone and will call if anything happens as cousin is asleep anyway
>they go and leave me alone with cousin
>she had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV in a weird position so I pick her up and carry her to her bedroom
>like 30 minutes goes by and an idea gets in my head so I head back to her room and dim the lights a bit
>slowly take of bits and pieces of my clothing as to act natural just in case she wakes up and say I just wanted to sleep next to her

>"This is so much better than fucking that other bitch, Martha" - I thought to myself while my hips continued thrusting back and forth with the little sperm balanced on the tip of my cock.

>A thought suddenly hit me... "Martha?!" - I jolted around and looked at the lower book shelf... There she was... in the sperm jar from last week... looking at me longingly.

>"Oh, fuck... I'm sorry, Martha, this isn't what it looks like, I promise, baby..."

>I tried covering my cock so that she wouldn't see what I was doing...

>"I'm sorry, Martha, baby... Daddy will make it up to you, he promises..."

>I smeared the remainder of the sperm in my hand around my chest hairs, and then blew a kiss to Martha's bottle. I took a few steps forwards... "Come to Daddy..."

>Taking her bottle off the shelf, I was gripped with sensual spasms, vividly remembering our last lovemaking...

>She was now mostly crust, so I spit into the bottle to loosen her up, "Yeah, you like Daddy's spit, don't you, Martha?"

>She nodded... Or at least, I think I saw her smile.

>"Alright, baby... Let's do this."

>I was standing straight up with my fully erect cock pointing to the sky, and turned the jar upside down...

>Slowly but surely, Martha dripped down onto my cock.

>"There we go, baby, there we go... Daddy's going to be really gentle this time."

>I gripped my cock and started undulating my hips again.

>The room was painfully quiet, filled only with the noisy silence of my penis skin slapping against the palm of my hand.

>After a moment, I became very self-conscious... "Wait, Martha, this moment needs some erotic music... Oh, I know... let's sing together, you and I, Martha!"

>I began humming... "Hmmm mmmm na nananaaa twinkle twinkle liiitlle staaar... mmm mmm naaa naaa how I wonder... HNNGh... where you are..."
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this is the last time i have to see this, and we all know it. im fed up and its over with, jim is getting involved in this and you knew it was gonna happen
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>The music was soothing my weary mind.... and I closed my eyes and began to picture myself in a beautiful cathedral instead; surrounded by pictures of Jesus Christ in all directions - but instead of nails through his hands, they were cocks... Cocks everywhere.

>I loved it here. I often visited this place with my lovers... and now I stood there in my mind's cathedral, fucking Martha's little embryo vagina. "Mmm... naaa naaanaaaaaaaaaaa ... mmm... Daddy likes you the most of all his babies, Martha, did you know that?..."

>Before Martha had a chance to reply, I continued - "You know, Martha... Daddy has been thinking..."

>"Mmmhmm?" I imagined her response, vocalizing her words with my own mouth.

>"I've been thinking that we should try some anal, you and I. I mean, you're a week old now and..." - I heard what I thought was a tiny gasp coming from the embryo - "Now, now... don't worry, Martha. I promise to be gentle."

>She seemed to loosen up a little, and turned around, lifting her little embryo asshole with a worried look on her little spermface.

>"Aww, you should see yourself, Martha, you look so cute right now," I told her as I grabbed my thick, fat, juicy cock and aimed... With a single thrust, I jammed it hard right into her tight little embryo asshole.

>"HnNNNGH" - I let out a moan.

>Jesus watched us from the walls.
You should have said

Ok since you incest

Many chuckles could have been had
>i feel her forehead to make sure she's not getting worse as she is pretty hot to the touch and just in case she wakes up I have a good excuse
>rub her feet a bit and check if she is actually asleep and she is
>put my hand on her tummy and rub around This wouldn't be weird since I rub her tummy all the time
>go upwards and quickly have my hands on her budding breasts and quickly notice she is not wearing a bra just a loose pajama top since she is sick and pajama bottoms
>I'm not so lucky as I check and she does have underwear but oh well keep fondling breasts
>A good 2 minutes into it she wakes up and gets a bit startled but I go "Shhhhhhhh" and tell her not to move or she'll get more sick
>Keep fondling her for a good 5 minutes of nipple pulling and breast circling until my penis is at maximum hardness and tell her to stay laying there while I go to the bathroom real fast
>go jerk off and it only takes me a good 10 seconds to nut then I clean up and head back to bedroom
>be on a airplane
>mom reading fifty shades of grey
>she's sitting on the row infront of me, next to 2 guys
>they are constantly whispering to eachother and taking candid pics of her
>mom stands up to go to the WC
>wearing a black dress
>see a buttplug shaped under her dress
>the 2 guys sees it
>so do I
>get boner
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>late one night
>I walk into my sister's room
>look her dead in the eye
>grab a pair of dirty panties off the floor
>snort those mufuckers like some good columbian blo
>end up fucking her raw
>now the unhappy father of my nephew
>walking dinos and spaghetti err'where
Someone post wincest captions while we wait.
>she isn't there I sorta freak out as she is sick I didn't want her going out
>see her in the kitchen making herself a bowl of cereal and notice a bra strap so I assume she quickly put one on
>don't care
>get behind her while she is sitting down in the chair eating her cereal and unstrap her bra and keep fondling her breasts with both hands this time
>she starts crying into her cereal but I keep going for who knows how long I am so hypnotized and lost in the moment of her sweet budding soft breasts and puffy nipples that I keep pulling trying to get them hard but can't get hard because she is either sick or just not into this
>Phone rings and I freak the fuck out and quickly pick it up
>Just parents saying they have groceries and they need a big strong man to help them so I hang up and start heading out then remember so go back to cousin and kiss her on the cheek and tell her I love her and fasten her bra again
>as this point she is still crying in her cereal
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This is fucking awful. How old was this cousin supposed to be?

Sounds like some bad molestation story. No like.
File: 0548183121.jpg (74 KB, 700x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>so I kiss her on the cheek again and tell her I really do love her and she means a lot to me I wouldn't lie she knows I care as I got medicine for her and food while she was asleep sick in the morning
>i go out and bring the groceries in
>They notice she is a bit teary eyed and red faced and tell her what is the matter or what happened
>I look nervously at her thinking I'm fucked
>She looks into my eyes and just tells them she has a slight headache from being sick and says she needs to sleep some more
>On the way to her room she gives me a hug in front of them and a kiss on the cheek and tells me Thank You for being so good to me
>mfw the rest of the time we are there I think she is going to lose her shit
>This was 12 years ago and we haven't mentioned that day and we haven't been the same around each other since that day

I'm so sorry Samantha
keep going
my thoughts as well
She is 2 years younger than me and the OP said

>green text incest stories

That is what I did. This is from personal experience so fuck off

I'm done anyway faggot
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File: 1405642603864.gif (2 MB, 350x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 350x252
I fucking hate these shit caption pics.

A good incest story is fine, but these always fucking suck.
File: 0548210391.jpg (83 KB, 500x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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still typing?
fuckin moar!!
Listen man, I'm just saying I enjoy mutually pleasant or consensual stuff. Don't have to get all butthurt for molesting your cousin in a way she didn't like.

What a bitch.
hmm fine...
pic is actual cousin. the seventh from left to right looking at the camera.
i am actual cute boy as in actualy cute d'aww.
>she drives me to her house after offering me to take me home from a family party.
>she goes over some papers and starts drinking while at it
> build my napping spot and watch tv util i fall asleep while siting.
>half wake up with her face in front of mine
>was completely tired so took time to process
>dont realy think about anything
>she pushes my head backwards against the couch with hers
>puts her hands on my knees and goes up to my crotch
>she places a hand on my neck and grips tightly when i try to resist
>still not thinking right
>get kissed
>thinking even less right than before
>grabs my balls and squeeses it with a "hmmmmmmmm" moan while biting her lip
>i stare blankly
>basicaly get raped in a submissive fashion by bear woman
15 yo me and 19 her.
>pornsocket dot com
>father daughter
you're welcome you sick faggots
Wow you're a dick.
Great story though, gave me a boner.
More pics or it didn't happen
File: 0556151286.jpg (78 KB, 635x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be 9 with girl cousin who is 11
>find uncles porn mags
>start looking at them together
>I propose the idea of trying the positions while naked
>she says not naked but okay
>start grinding on her on all sorts of ways
>she feels boner
>what is that anon?
>pull my wood out
>show her how to rub it
>I ask if I could see her pussy
>oh fuck someone is coming downstairs
>clothes on and never talked about it again
no one liked this huh
File: NOdoxplox.jpg (50 KB, 720x462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it totally happened. she does heavy lifting and shit as you can see. works as some sort of model aswell...
Took my virginity. all of it... the bitch.
File: 1405906885743.jpg (12 KB, 202x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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u got a fukn problem m8?
How do you know it's real?
So you will never know the pleasure of giving your wife your virginity and proving that she was worth waiting for.

Forever raped by your cousin.
seemed pretty damn authentic to me
PS: How can our eyes be real if mirrors aren't real?

I need moar details.
Isn't that the worst when someone unexpectedly starts ruining all the fun?

Parents were all out and supposed to be out all night so me and my cousin were going to take showers together. I kinda joked about it and she kinda was joking but somehow there she was naked in the tub. Just as it starts the front door opened

Next thing I know there is a knock on the bathroom door so I quickly put my clothes on and open the door washing my hands. Parents asking why I was in there while she was showering. I say she didn't tell me she was going to shower so I couldn't go to the bathroom beforehand so I had to go I just had to go and ran in and went when you guys got here

They bought it but one of the parents got sick so they had to come back early. After she finished her shower they went home. We never talked about it again and one time when I brought the idea of letting me see her tits (she had grown a full cup since last I saw her) she got all mad and slapped me and left my room
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opeking 1835
Dream I had about my hot sister the other night:
>Laying in bed
>Sis walks in
>She lays behind me
>She presses her DD tits against my back
>Reaches into my pants
>And starts gently stroking my dick
>She grips my cock and starts slowly pumping it
>I turn around
>She keeps her hand on my cock
>I grab her huge ass and run my hands down and between her thick thighs
>I kiss her and she moans quietly as I finger her through her panties
>She pulls her panties off and squats on my face
>She squeezes my face between her juicy thighs as I eat out her pale, shaven pussy
>She turns around and puts her ass in my face
>She gently licks my dick, and then closes her soft lips around the head
>I lick out her asshole as she sucks my dick
>I cum in her mouth, and she swallows it
>She pulls off her shirt, revealing her perfect, huge tits with little brown nipples
>She squats over my crotch, parts her labia, and slowly slides my cock into her tight cunt
>She starts bucking her hips and moaning
>Her huge tits are bouncing around
>I grab them and start groping her
>She leans over, letting me suck on her erect nipples as I pound my hips into hers
>She grips tight and starts moaning loudly
>I pound faster
>She's screaming in pleasure and clawing at my shoulders
>I climax, unloading all my cum into her pussy
>She gets off and sits at the end of my bed, with her legs spread
>My thick cum is gushing out of her pussy
>She giggles, rubs her clit, and licks her fingers
>I wake up

File: 1405913497279.jpg (76 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just went full retard.
Also the nature of the site material should relieve some doubt
File: 1405911735946.jpg (28 KB, 480x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I too, have a hot sister (roughly c cups, though) but never have I once had any thoughts towards sexual relations with her.

Love to read incest stories and shit, but the real idea with my own family doesn't do it for me.
File: 1405836616696.jpg (2 KB, 125x87) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x87
Never go full retard
if dubs i post my mom
File: 1405227028832.jpg (60 KB, 444x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shitty thread is now a spiderman thread
File: 1405227589809.jpg (156 KB, 560x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 10
>Have newely acquired step sister
>we have a ton of encylopedias, one day were looking through them and start looking up sex, penis, vagina
>Decide we should try to sex
>mostly us just grinding on eachother with clothes on
>We decide to play the "ill show you mine if you show me yours" game
>i pull down my pants and she inspects penis, grabs it while its till a little hard.
>she drops her pants and pulls her panties down to her knees and leans back a little bit which pushes her pussy more forward
>(super fat pussy lips, so hot looking back)
>But Noob me litterly thought she had a tight ball sack with 2 small long testicles in them.
was only the beginning of our journey
File: 1405911482243.jpg (130 KB, 938x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, I only really started seeing her as attractive recently.
I stayed over at my parents place after last year's Christmas party, because I couldn't drive after drinking so much.
She had a shower in the morning, and came out wearing only her bra and panties.
That's when I noticed her huge, awesome ass.
She's 19, and I'm 24.
>be 9
>have older female cousin who is 12
>she lived with me for about a year, can't remember why
>one night she comes up to me while i'm laying on my bed
>she hops on me and begins grinding on my penis
>she asks me how it feels, and if i like it
>i just say it feels funny

After that we begin kissing and doing other shit. As I got older I tried to do more sexual stuff with her, fun times, fun times.
eating hot wings so give me like 10 min
>still better than forever wizard
She even used my freaking ass.

Well a bit longer.
>try to stop her
>she laughs
>bites my neck and wrestles me to the floor
>she is... very strong and perhaps even heavier than me
>keeps on teasing me while holding me down asking if i would tell anyone while rubing her body against mine.
>her pussy is against my leg and she starts panting while rubing it.
>She is realy warm.
>Soon after she gives me the sexiest moan very close to my ear
>i turned completely red. literaly cant move.
>it amuses her.
>she takes my shirt off quickly
>sits on my lap
>she takes her dress off while moving her hips foward and backwards constantly
>moves up quickly in a way that both my arms are trapped in between her thighs
>she squishes my cheeks in a playfull way and soon after orders me to kiss her pussy.
I'm 22 and she's 20.

I've seen her naked like, a year ago (family get together, parents were out getting stuff, she thought she was alone and I show up while she was in the shower, she walks out, I tell her she should be more careful about that shit and she flips a tit and goes back into the bathroom, then tells me to hand her her clothes from the other room) and couldn't have given a fuck less.

No idea why, really.

also, are you still her bitch?

order a pizza while ure at it ..
File: 1394775884430.png (455 KB, 1294x4145) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
455 KB, 1294x4145
anyone have the last bit to this? i got it from a thread a while back that 404'd and never found the thread the next day.
I guess I just get easily turned on.
Everyone walked the dinosaur.
yea... she took a picture of me that day... and she treatens and teases me with it. she takes another everytime... its an endless circle man. slaps my ass even when people are around... made me dress in costumes for her... even sucked me off while i was skyping with my gf and then with my mother. She took me to some trips with her. dont even get me started.
...cant exactly say i dont like it tho...

k ill try do a bit moar
ok pizza ordered, thanks for the tip.

Forgot to mention this is my younger stepsister who is 2 years younger than me. I also have stories of older step sister who was 2 years older.

>one day me and her are in her room watching deuce bigalo male jiggalo lol
>gets to the part where the lady in the pet store gets her tits in the water and starts nippin
>im on the floor with my back against her bed, shes on top of her bed
>i start jerkin it, this is like the first time shes seen me openly jerk it infront of her
>she gets on the floor and under the bed but next to me to get a better view
>she just watches me jerk it for like 3 min fascinated
>i put it away after i get bored cause all she does is watch me
>movie ends and she decides she needs to clean her room
>she gets vacuum and shuts the door, starts actually cleaning.
>then she stops suddenly. Grabs the vacuum hose and puts an atachment on and sits on he floor
>puts her shorts to the side and starts lettin that thing go crazy on her pussy
>soooooo fuckin hot to watch, "your turn anon". get the round atachment, put my dick in it, pretty good annonete
> finsh cleaning her room
Go on. You're kind of living my dream life.
>be me
>At grandma's where cousins also live
>I have a foot fetish
>Cousin two years older than me
>Keep trying to rub her feet
>She finally lets me
>get her socks off
>rub lotion on her feet
>sniff her feet like crazy
>make her swear to never tell anyone
>fap after these events that night
You're living our dream for us, anon, don't fuck it up. Is dressing in costumes the only fetish-y thing she does? Feet? Strapon? Watersports?
Also, do you have any nudes of her?
come on. i'm serious. that was a good thread. just read it faggot
Might as well

>be 19
>sis be 22
>at christmas party with her
>she gets really drunk
>take her home
>on way home pull over and fuck her in the car
>realize condom broke
>meh shes on the pill no worries
>next morning sis doesnt remember anything
>thanks me for getting her home after she blacked out
>few weeks later sis goes back to college
>few months later spring break
>sis comes home
>sis be 3 months pregnant
>says she hasnt had sex with anyone since she broke up with her ex 6 months ago
>thinks she sluted it up at christmas party
>mfw i know exactly who fucked her that night
>mfw i was the only one
>months pass
>sis has a daughter
>puts her up for closed adoption
>all records sealed

She still doesnt know i fucked her that night.

While i cant be 100% sure without a paternity test I probably have a daughter/niece running around out there somewhere shes almost 4 now
File: 1405394578842.gif (85 KB, 480x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 480x600
I did.

Not a bit of fucking in it. He was fucking with all of you.
I attempted sexual relations with my sister. Got to making out and feeling her up/fingering, then she felt guilty and told my parents and got me fucked over for the next year or so.
Another day
>Playing ps2 in older sisters room
>in her bed, have a blanket on us
>start game: tony hawk skateboarding. This is my shiiiit
>start teasing her "i bet u have never showed anyone your boobs" i had clearly seen all of her body at this point but the teasing to coerce her was working.
>so she flashed me
>contine u with this till i see her ass, pussy. and then i say i bet u have never jerked anyone off
>she takes my dick and just holds it in her had, this is boring, put my hand over hers and start stroking my dick with her hand.
>continues for about a minute as per my dare
>we stop caring abut tony hawk at this point and im winning anywyas like always so idc
>she goes t the edge of the bed and lays so her back is flat on the bed but her legs are dangling off.
>shes just wearing a long t shirt and panties like she usually does at home
>tells me to get infront of her and start humping her
>i do, feels good, unbutton pants and pull them down so its underwear on underwear now, feels even fucking better
>pull up her shirt while i do this, even tho she has no tits, idk
>feels too good, and cum.
>keep humping for a min or 2 and then we hear foot steps
>jump back into bed and throw blanket over us and unpause tony hawk like we never stopped
im prob done unless we get some good stories,i need to jerk it too u know : /
Reminds me of a friend who groped his mom and got kicked out of the house.
Comes to find out he'd been abusing his hot sister.
It was kinda fucked. To this day she still hints and teases me sexually but I'm not going to make any moves after last time.
that'd just be some reddit shit
I can post the story of me getting in trouble for making moves on my sister
best stories and realest stories of the day.

fucking artist
thanks man, last time i poseted stories i got flamed, so i quit.

keep the thread alive and ill post 2 of my older step sister
Do it.
>implying >>558380013 isn't the best story of the day
>very hesitantly do so
>she makes something close to this face *u* and then c:<
>she rubs it against my face real hard squishing me against the floor anyway
>pats me in the head and says im a good boy
>she stands up
>she still has them large pink heels on
>turns around facing my feet
>shetakes off her panties slowly
>spits on her panties
>tells me to open my mouth
>do so
>wtf am i doi-
>she stuffs it in my mouth and laughs a bit. (not a histerical laugh more like a cute laugh)
>drops down with her big butt on me
>takes off pants and underwear halfway down
>teases me around my dick but dont touch it
>my arms move. not intentionally.
>she holds it down
>goes down on my dick all the way
>sucks it real hard and then stares at it for a while
imma rush a bit
>puts her hand below her and pull the panties from my mouth
>3 words 'tongue, out, now'
>she lays on it slowly while softly moaning obviously intentionally
>tells me im a good pup rubs herself on my face more
>keeps on sucking hard
>i cant take it
>she pulls my pants and underwear out completely and then holds my legs over me around her shoulders.
> cross them behind her head
>she bites on my balls and sticks a finger inside my ass
>unintentional moan
>she notices and seem to enjoy. starts raping my ass quickly.
>im obviously on edge and ready to cum
>she takes something from the coffe table.
>strokes my dick and touches my prostate as she takes her pussy of me making me cum on my own face.
>sound of picture
>she smiles
>i uncross my legs and let my body fall on the floor
>'you are mine now s2'
>licks my cum
>kisses me with it
My mother use to leave me naked in the bath tub with the faucet on cold in the middle of the night. Dragged me their..
of all those only never waterspots.
she makes me wear overly complete... costumes. when i dress like a kitty for exemple she sticks a buttplug tail in me.
she made me cum on her feet and lick it off once or twice... she does love to be mistress.
strap on... u-umhmmm... s-she does that anon... way too much...

She walks around with a vibrator and gave me the control. she also made me walk around with one... all of the fetishes.
Too much?
Have you ever revenge fuck her?
>be me, 16 years old
>have younger sister, 14 years old
>she's got an amazing body
>tight ass, long legs, B cups bordering on C cups, just perfect in my opinion
>we had just moved from another state and didn't know anyone yet so we hung out together a lot
>we had always been close growing up though

>one day we're home alone watching a movie (some romantic comedy) and the characters start making out
>she mentions that she's never made out with anyone before (I've had a couple gfs at this point)
>I say she's probably really bad at it
>she protests and says she's never had practice so it's not fair to say that
>I get an idea in my head
>"you wanna practice with me? That way you can impress your first bf"
>she agrees much faster than I thought she would

>I scoot closer to her we peck lips and I grab her and attempt to make out
>she's really bad at it (too much teeth, eyes open, etc)
>I give her some pointers and we start again, this time she's doing much better
>we're kissing when I decide to push it further and shove me tongue in her mouth
>she gasps then moves hers in mine
>our tongues play with each other's for about 10 minutes when we finally stop
>we go back to watching the movie and sit there cuddling

cool story possibly?
my boner has reached the stratosphere
I was the DEVIL. dragged me two or three nights a week. For years.
>one normal day like any other
>older step sister comes home from friends
>hey anon can u give me a massage
>"uhh ya sure i guess"
>she lays down, i kneel on the side of her and start rubbing her back, continue for a few minuetes.
>"kneeing sucks, im moving"
>sit with my butt on her butt
>way more comfy, continue massage
>from all the moving ive somhow slipped back some and im more on her upper thighs and my dick is on her butt cheeks.
>the more i lean forward to run her back, the more my dick presses into her butt cheeks.
>didnt even think about doing stuff with her until this point because i had endless fun with her sister, but this is better cause she has boobs
>she has to feel my dick at this point as i keep rubbing her back
>"anon can u rub lower, its more sore"
>pull down her shorts a little bit so some ass is hanging out the top, start massaging the top of her ass. at this point my dick is burried in her cheeks and basically where the palm of my hands are as im rubbing her(if that makes sence, its basically like im just mashing her ass around my dick to squeeze it tighter)
>"that feels good anon but my upperback is sore too"
>re adust and move my boner down and put it in her thigh gap so its just pushing on her where her pussy is
>She pushes back ever so slightly
>She lifts her shirt almost all the way off, just above her tits, lays back down, unbuttons her bra and lets the straps fall to the side
>"there anon now you can massage better without the bra getting in the way"
>massage her upper back some, while still kinda humping and pushing my dick into her as i lean forward
>move my hands more on the sides of her, so my thumbs are still on top of her back, but my fingers are on her sideboob,get to kindof feel up her boobs a little bit this way, but honestly ima ass man, and shes got a great one
>continue to just massage her all over untill she tells me that was good and she feels better
>I know she knows what i was doing but she doesnt care, do thisALOTmore
Couldn't you just...
...Get out of the tub?
Was about 10, just starting to be able to get hard-ons. Was at a family xmas thing, in the basement with sister and stepsister, both about 12 or 13 while adults were upstairs. Watching tv, boring, have spontaneous erection. They notice. At first think it's gross and make fun. But then they act curious. I say I can move it by flexing muscles in area, they say no way. I take my fully hard cock out and prove it. One girl on each side, both have eyes glued on my cock. Stepsister asks if it's hard, I say it is and start rubbing it in front of them a bit. Stepsister reaches out and touches my cock for a few seconds then pulls her hand back, after encouragement sister follows suit. Both girls then go into side room and whisper. After a few minutes they come back out, I'm still sitting on the couch with my cock out. Stepsister stands in front of me, says nothing as she lowers her jeans, guides my hand onto her pussy and has me rub back and forth. Sister watches. Feel stepsister getting wet on my fingers. I try to slide my finger in like I read in my dad's penthouse mags, she tenses up and I can't though. (part 2 to follow)
>>558394763Stepsister pulls her pants up and looks at sister. Sister lowers her pants and I start doing the same, touching my sisters pussy while rubbing my cock in front of both of them. This goes on for a couple minutes then both girls go back to the side room again, whispering. Stepsister tells me to lay down on the floor, I comply. She lays down beside me, naked from the waist down. She grabs my cock and rubs it against her slit, feels amazing to me and I instinctively start pushing my hips forward. My sister watches from the doorway as my stepsister positions herself and guides me inside her, taking both mine and her virginity. I thrust a few times for about a minute before she stops and goes back into the side room. Shortly after we hear adults at the top of the stairs and we all sit on the couch quietly, now fully clothed like nothing happened. We've never spoken openly about that night since it happened.

I now understandably have an incest fetish, particularly with daddy daughter. kik is AlexShiro if anyone wants to chat.
I was a child. I didnt know what the hell was happening. I was screamed at, nude and truly scared.
Well rape is a fantasy of hers so i dont know if you could classify that as revenge rape. i did tie her up plenty of times and hit and torture her.

lel left her for a day with a vibrator set on the minimun in a hotel while we were at the beach...
its cute when they beg you...

I am gonna live real close to her (as in the same building) now that i am going to college in another town.
File: Untitled.png (4 KB, 320x305) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 320x305
Incest is illegal you guise stop
Cont from >>558393687

>I go to bed that night thinking about the incident and am so turned on by it
>I hear my door open and my sister walks in
>she walks in and climbs in my bed to sleep next to me (we did this a lot growing up)
>"its so hot" she says as she takes off her pajama pants giving me a view of her panties
>she lays down and starts trying to sleep
>all of a sudden she whispers "hey, can we practice making out again? I still don't think I'm that good at it"
>I say sure and we start making out again

>she's breathing heavy and I can feel her tits against my chest
>my boner is so prominent at this point there's no way she can't feel it
>finally I just go for broke and push my hand up her shirt and feel her bra
>she doesn't even pause and just puts her hand over mine and starts moving it in small circles
>I take my hand and move it under her bra and start rubbing her bare breast
>she's breathing deeper and I move my hand behind her and pull her closer
>I move my other hand to her ass and start squeezing her ass
>she puts her arms around me and starts squeezing me tight

>after about 5-10 minutes of this I figure she's clearly game
>I move my hand from her ass to her crotch and start rubbing her pussy through her underwear
>she's clearly turned on as her panties were soaked
>I move my hand up and under her underwear and start fingering her
>she's grinding her pussy on my hand and starts moaning quietly

>as I'm fingering her she reaches inside my shorts and grabs my cock and starts stroking it
>I come in probably 15 seconds of this
>I continue fingering her until she cums about 5 minutes later

>she's laying there shaking in my arms for a good while
>finally she speaks up and says "that was a mistake" and takes off towards her room
>the next few days she keeps telling me she feels guilty about it and I just console her and tell her it's completely natural
>fukd cuzn
>wuz Cash$$$
I thought this was an incest thread, not a fill-out report for child abuse.
Jeez man, did you ever get CPS?
Cont from >>558395610

>I come home one day to find out she told my parents about it
>she lied and said she tried to resist, asked me to stop, etc.
>they don't believe me because she's a girl and I'm not
>I get my computer, tv, and basically everything taken away for the next year or so and my relationship with my parents is awkward to this day

She visits me all the time and stays the night. She keeps hinting at things and teasing me sexually but I'm not going to make a move after she was a total cunt about the situation.
I don't really mind incest or whatever, but that was pretty fucking disgusting, Samantha has probably slit her throat by now because of that shit.
I just Hate.
Sounds less like sexual stuff and more like mental issues on the side of the mother.
If it's illegal then why do wincest threads never get deleted?

If it's illegal then why do I always see it scattered all around xvideos.com?
>Be me 7 years old
>At Grandmoms house
>Playing truth or dare with older cousin
>Shes 2 years older than me
>Also have 2 other girls from the neighborhood
>Ages 7 and 8
>First its all general shit
>Kiss her, eat this, lick that
>The one girl told me to put my hand down my cousins pants
>Think nothing of it
>Do it
>Feelsgood.jpg at the time

>Girls leave and we mess around a bit behind the garage
>Shows vag
>I show my dick
>We both feel them and what not
>Continues for the rest of the summer
>Never speak about it to anyone

I feel as if this happens to everyone at that age though, correct?
Did you ever have a long talk on how she was a bitch about it?
If you haven't you should, but make sure to have a video cam hidden and running so that if she starts claiming rape you can protect yourself.
Sounds like a psycho.
>going on a road trip to california,yay!
>dad has a van, awesome as fuck captian chairs in the front and middle section, futon like couch in the back
>older sister folds it out into a bed
>Im tired to, i wanna go lay down.. aka i wanna feel up her ass inconspicuously
>She scoots over, my back is facing the front of the car and shes infront of me, were basically spooning
>shes got short shorts on as per usual, and i have gym shorts on
>her butt is pressing against my dick, every bump or dip in the road makes her ass bounce and press into me even more, and i get harder and harder
>and the road has alot, not the greatest road, praise the lord
>after about 15 min of this i think shes asleep
>when she go over the bumps i use it as an opportunity to hump her ass hoping she wont feel anything
>this is great, i reach down and pull her shorts down just a tiny bit to see if she notices, she doesnt
>pull them down farther so its her bare ass out, and then i pull one of the shorts leg up and pul my dick out and position it so in the next bump il try and put it in her butt cheeks
>mission succesful, my dick is diamonds at this point as i cant imagine how this can get any better
>fuck an hour away from the next rest stop and i need to cum
>edge with my dick innetween her ass for what feels like an eternety but is probly only like 5 mine
>she reaches back. lifts up her leg, and grabs my dick and puts it between her thighs and puts her leg back down
>she then licks her fingers and rubs the head of my dick and her pussy
>she starts playing with herself with my dick right there and her hands bumping into it
>keeps going for about a minute then grabs my dick lifts her leg back up and then rubs my dick on her pussy , up and down her slit and keeps doing this, best thing ive ever experienced, im gonna cum at this point, she probly feels my dick twitching and goes fast and faster, then focuses it just on her clit and moves it in a circle
File: 1404161409549.jpg (130 KB, 667x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
130 KB, 667x500
oh yea almost forgot...
>cleans off the rest of my face with her panties and the tip of my cock
>she smells it hard and kisses/licks it
>she puts it in my pant's pocket
>take it so you remenber i own you.
>source of fap for days
>after a while she asks me if i had been fapping on it
>admits it turns her on
>raped again
File: 1401852171243.jpg (37 KB, 727x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 727x540
only you that understand how to make a teaser? haha best so far
I wish. I never really did anything with my sister or any of my cousins. My sister developed quite nicely. Come to think of it the only time I ever did any sort of riskay acts with my sister is when she was sleeping I would come in and try to sneak pics of tits/vag. She had a slumber party once with ~5 12-14 girls. That was a good night.
>I cum harder than i ever have before and just cover her pussy in cum and she lets out a long sigh. pretty sure we came at the same time
>puts her leg back down and just lets my sticky dick sit there in between her thighs
>i fall asleep
>remaing part of the hour passes, dad yells "kids anyone have to use the bathroom"
>Wake up, clean dick and piss,

And that was the day i learned no matter how much yu think the girls are asleep while yur doing stuff to them, they never are, Ever....
bump for boner
I meant peeks but whatever.
I told her she was acting unfairly and all that jazz. She basically summed it up to her getting it off her chest so she'd feel better.

I think she feels bad but at the same time she doesn't really realize the implications of what she did. She's clearly the "guilty = rape" kind of chick that I'd steer clear of.
Bumping for mah hard dick
>ayy lmao
File: 1403662303143.gif (1 MB, 384x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 384x216
>thought she had a tight ball sack with 2 small long testicles in them.
lost my shit
thanks anon
Tried to write this story yesterday but thread died before I finished.

>Every winter my grandparents lived in Florida and when I was 14 years old it was going to be their last year going down there. They had a car there so My parents decided to go down to Florida with my uncle so that my uncle could drive the car back home since my grandparents were to old to drive that far.
>My moms sister, my aunt was going to go with them as well for a vacation but when she found out I was not going since I was still in school, she told my parents that she would stay home and look after me. At 14 I was old enough to stay by myself I thought, but my parents wanted someone to stay with me so that they could make sure I was getting up for school each day and someone to cook my dinners for me and so my aunt volunteered.
>I was a little bit upset at first at having to be "babysat" at 14 years old but my aunt was pretty cool so I didn't make a big deal out of it. And I also always had a crush on her because she was pretty good looking and I loved her beautiful big titties.
>It was the beginning of May when my aunt stayed with me so the weather was warming up and the days got to be pretty hot and cooled off at night.
>The first Saturday was very hot so my aunt told me she was going out to wash the car and asked if I wanted to help.
>I was sitting around bored so I figured why not and went out to help her. About halfway through the job I was leaning over the hood washing it down when my aunt walked up behind me and pulled my shorts away from my body and shoved the hose right down in side of them. The water was freezing so I freaked out and a huge water fight started between us.
>My aunt had on a yellow t-shirt at the time so maybe she didn't think it would become see-through when it got wet but sure enough as I sprayed her with the hose, her nipples became clearly visible through the material.
Safe advice
Way too much greentext for seeing the outline of nipples
hopefully it keeps going stfu

>We kept shoving the hose into each others shorts and up each others shits and there was a couple of times that I pulled her shirt away from her body to shove the hose up under it and I got a clear view of her amazing breasts so thank god the water was cold enough to keep me from popping a huge boner.
>We finished washing the car and went back into the house and my aunt told me that I could use the shower to wash off first.
>So I went to the shower and got inside and was shocked when the bathroom door opened and my aunt came right into the bathroom with me and looked right at me through the glass as she told me that she had a towel for me and put it on the sink counter before leaving the bathroom.
>I was a little embarrassed because I knew that she had seen me naked but she had only been wearing a towel wrapped around her when she came into the bathroom so I wasn't embarrassed for long because I was more busy thinking about how hot she looked
calm down jaden

>Half my aunts tits were covered by the towel when she had come into the bathroom and I could not stop thinking about them and how badly I wanted to see them again.
>I got out of the shower and went to my room to get dressed while my aunt went into the shower to wash off. I could not stop thinking that this beautiful woman was naked in my bathroom but I could not think of a good way to get to see her nude and before I knew it she got out of the shower and then went to her room to get dressed.
>My aunt came out of her bedroom wearing a sun dress made of a very light material that I could almost see through and when she passed in front of a light or something I could see right through it she was wearing nothing at all underneath it.
>She went into the kitchen to start cooking supper so I offered to help just so I could be around her and try and steal glances at her breasts.
>Sure enough while she cooked there was a couple of times she had to bend over to get a pot or something else and her sundress hung low enough away from her breasts that I got perfectly clear views of them. I was sure that the caught me looking at her breasts a couple of times but did not say anything to me about it so I just kept trying to sneak peaks.
>Things were uneventful until later that night and we settled down in front of the TV for the evening. It had cooled right down outside and we were both a little chilly so as a movie was starting to come on she suggested that I grab a blanket so we could snuggle under it and keep warm.
>As I went to get a blanket and change into my pajamas, my aunt went to her bedroom and changed into a nightgown that was more like an oversized baseball t-shirt.
>We settled in front of the TV for the night and pulled the blanket up so it covered both of us.
How old is your aunt
Hot. I never have sex dreams about my sister, she's 9. Wish I did though
stop beating around the bush do you fuck her?
Hurry the fuck up, faggot

>As the movie went on we took turns laying out on the couch and resting our heads in the other person's lap for a pillow and when she laid in my lap her nightie opened up enough and hung away from her body enough that I could look right down inside of it and straight at her magnificent boob. I could not take my eyes off of that beautiful thing and actually had to hold myself from just reaching out and grabbing it. I did lay my arm over her body and in doing so I draped my arm just below her breasts so every little movement by either of us and her breasts would slide across my forearm. I wasn't actually grabbing her tits but this little bit of touching was enough to excite me enough that I was already telling myself that I was going to jack off like crazy once I was lying alone in my bed after the movie.
>My aunt did not seem to notice my arm brushing against her breasts at all or if she did she didn't seem to care so I left it there until we switched positions and I laid in her lap.
>The movie finally ended and I was eager to get to bed so I could jack off so I told my aunt I was going to bed and she said that was a good idea and that she was going to bed too.
>After brushing my teeth I climbed into bed and my cock started getting hard right away in anticipation of jacking off and I thought back to all the times I had seen my aunt's breasts throughout the day. I could not believe how fucking horny I was getting as I waited for my aunt to go to bed as well so I could jack off.
>My aunt finally finished in the bathroom and stopped at my bedroom door to check on me one last time for the night.
>She asked if I was alright and after saying I was I asked her to tuck me in. I didn't need to be tucked in but i thought it would get her to lean over me and I would get to look down her nightgown again and get one last fresh view of her tits just before I started jacking off.
File: 1379449026138.gif (488 KB, 500x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
488 KB, 500x360
bro please i want to close this tab do you fuck her?
Jesus fucking Christ, hurry the fuck up, man.
Bump for this faggot to finish.
4 u
pls OP halp
his aunt goes to bed and he jacks off, the end

My aunt was about 33 or 34 at the time.

>Sure enough she stepped into my room and came over to my bed and started tucking the covers under my sides and just like I had hoped for her nightie was loose enough and open enough that I looked right down under it and got a perfectly clear view of those amazing tits hanging down from her body.
>She tucked me in and then slide up to my head and kissed me on the forehead before telling me "good night". I don't know what came over me but I reached up and was about to grab those beautiful breasts but stopped myself at the last second and I wrapped my arms around my aunt to give her a hug but as I did my hands still came in contact with her boobs as they passed by her which gave me a huge thrill.
>She jumped a little bit when she felt my hands slide across her tits but did not say anything about it and just smiled as she returned the hug.
>As my aunt pulled away from me I dont' know what came over me but I asked her if she could lay with me for a little bit and to my surprise she actually had no problem with this and climbed into bed with me while telling me that she'd could only lay with me for a couple of minutes because she was tired and would probably was going to fall alseep.
>She climbed right under the covers with me and laid on her back on my bed and I cuddled right up to her side and laid my head right on her arm and shoulder and draped my arm right across her belly to hug her.
>The way she was laying the top couple buttons of her nightie were undone and I was treated with a view of a large portion of her breast. I could not see her nipple but I was seeing enough of her breast to keep me very turned on.
>We talked a little bit about school and what I wanted to do that summer but out conversation died off and we just laid there in silence for the longest time.
For the love of God please hurry the fuck up....
enjoy fap
Waiting for the good part before I bust.
wish i would've screenshotted this from the other thread so you could pick up from where you were
File: 0929035113.jpg (31 KB, 384x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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have video of me fucking my mom and sister if anyone wants i sell it on skype im a cammer will prove its legit before u pay skype sensei236
Why are there no femanons making wincest storied of their endearing uncles or brothers?
/hopes for a bait post
Because none of them are true
She could rape me Anyday anon.
File: 1405567047635.jpg (61 KB, 1000x573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 1000x573
anyone got the mom/son where the kid fucks and cums inside of his mom while she was sleeping except she probably wasnt
or the retarded cousin story
either way moar mom/son/aunt
I don't see the problem. She could do whatever the fuck she wanted to me.

>That's when I noticed her breathing had become very steady and had slowed right down. I looked directly at her face and her eyes were closed and I got the impression that she had fallen alseep.
>Being so fucking horny the realization that this incredibly sexy woman may be sleeping right next to me got my mind racing and I started getting incedibly perverted thoughts.
>My first plan was to simple get to fondle her breast, so I pretended to be asleep. I slowed my breathing down and took longer deeper breaths. I closed my eyes and made my body go limp then I went for it. With my hand already draped over my aunt's belly, I simply moved my hand up over her body and placed it right on top of her large breast and cupped it in my hand then I just laid there perfectly still so that if I had awaken my aunt she would think that I had grabbed her tit in my sleep.
>Her nightie was between my hand and her tit but it still felt amazing and gave me a huge thrill. I just laid there so proud of myself that I was actually fondling a grown woman's breast for the first time in my life. I was pretending I was asleep but I am sure that a smile crossed my face as I held onto her boob.
>I did not move for about a minute, but more importantly, neither did my aunt so now I was completely convinced that she was sleeping for sure and I got even bolder.
>Her nightie had buttons going down the front and the first two were undone but I thought to myself if the next one or two buttons were undone than I could probably be able to move the nightie out of the way enough to get a clear view of her breast. I knew this was incredibly risky but I wasn't even thinking straight anymore and I decided to go for it. I was incredibly nervous though and my hand was shaking as I lifted it off her tit and reached for the first button.
>Incredibly slowly I undid that button but it took a lot of fidgitting so I did not want to try a second button and risk waking my aunt up.
File: 1398576342838.jpg (99 KB, 855x977) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 855x977
Now you're fucking stalling on purpose.
Inb4 caught and nothing happened
Would really like to go to bed you faggot.

>So now with the top three buttons undone on her nightie I reached for the opening and lifted up the thin material away from her body.
>Right away her soft pink nipple came into view and I was a little surprised to see that it was a little bit erect and poked out from her breast a little bit. It was an incredible sight so I took a moment to burn the image into my memory for some incredible jack off sessions that I knew I would be having in the near future.
>Seeing her nipple just made me want to see more though and I pushed the matrial over her breasts but did not manage to uncover a full boob because her nightie was not undone enough to allow anymore movement of the material.
>I did not want to risk waking my aunt up by undoing another button so I lifted the material and looked at her nipple and tit a while longer before letting the nightie fall back down onto her. I wasn't nearly done though and I gathered all my courage, and then slid my hand right under her nightie and placed it right on her bare tit, now with nothing between her incredibly soft and smooth skin and the palm of my hand.
>It was the absolute greatest thing I had ever felt in my entire life and I could actually feel her nipple becoming even a little harder right in the palm of my hand. Every couple of second I would take a chance and very slowly and gently squeeze her entire breast in my hand.
>My cock was never as hard as it was at this moment in my entire life! I needed to jack off so fucking bad but there was no way I could do that with my aunt lying right beside me so I decided to just enjoy the moment as much as possible and my arousal got me thinking about something else.
>Her pussy!
>As soon as the thought popped into my head I could not stop myself and knew that i was going to try and feel and possibly see her cunt.
File: DB.jpg (86 KB, 1236x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 1236x1500
Bump because I am on the edge of my seat.
Also bump with DickButt
Once I had a penis and my sister had a vagina is that incest?
what if that pizza was hot and he burned his dick.
dam hot cheese is like lava.
File: 1346814569308.gif (656 KB, 250x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
656 KB, 250x205
>trying this fucking hard
I think I'm done for the day.
You fucking liar, she had the penis and you have the vagina.

Post tits or gtfo
fucking type faster
hurry up before this shit 404's
>thinks a sperm cell is an embryo
get real bro, get your fake-ass story and go
You can read this entire thread between this fuckers
Next part
Another bump.
how fucking long are you going to drag this out for fucking sakes???
>we haven't been the same around each other since that day
Might have something to do with the molestation you asshat. Too bad karma aint real.
BAHAH golden!!
Nigger pls hurry
Yeah they call me rabbit, this is a turtle race!

>I took a couple more minutes to squeeze my aunt's breast and to gather more of my courage before I finally pulled my hand out from under the nightie and brought it down and rested it down onto her thigh about mid-way, just below the hem of her nightie she was wearing.
>My had was shaking before but that was nothing to how much it was shaking now.I was shaking so much I almost stopped myself because I thought I would wake her up but I forced myself to go on.
>Slower than I had ever moved in my life I slid my fingers under the material along the bottom of her nightie and began slowly but steady running my hand up my my aunt's thight, right up to her hip.
>As my hand slid onto her hip my forearm was pushing her nightie up along with my hand. Not only that but I had expected to slide my hand over her undies as I moved onto her hip but all I could feel was naked flesh.
>With my hand just to the left of her pubic area I couldn't decide if I should reach for her pussy and get my first feel of a woman's cunt or if I should slid the nightie up a little higher and actually get my first look at one.
>I decided that lifting up the nightie and looking at her pussy would be a little less risky so I chose to do that. Just as slowly as I was moving before I grabbed the bottom of my aunt's night gown and continued to push it upwards along her body.
>I raised myself up onto one elbow so I could look down and get a perfect view of what I was doing. More and more of my aunt's legs came into view and I thought to myself how beautiful her legs were. I imagined my aunt having a big hairy pussy so that's what I was looking for as I watched her nightie rise upwards but to my complete surprise as the nightie slid up onto her hips and my aunt's pubic area came into view, her pussy was completely clean shaven and I could clearly see the slit at the top of her vagina.
fucking finally
It never ends.
Heard of zygotes pleb?
holy shit ur slow
Watch this shit go on forever
Is this going to ever be finished. Brevity is the soul of wit
You're a ducking faggot.
11 minutes per post anon
half life 3 will be released faster then this shit
No wonder the previous thread you tried to type this shit in 404ed.... you take too fucking long to fucking type the fucking story.

>My eyes were as wide as saucers and my mouth hung wide open as I looked at this woman's pussy in absolute amazement.
>It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my entire life and my cock some how got even harder that it already was. I swear to got my cock was so hard I thought it was going to rip right through the skin of my shaft just like the bruce banner rips through a shirt when he turns into the hulk. My cock was so fucking hard it actually hurt a little bit.
>I just laid that staring at this woman's vagina for about 3 seconds but it seemed like hours. I only looked at it for 3 seconds because that is when my aunt scared the shit out of me as she rolled over onto her side. With me up on my elbow looking down at her cunt I would have been caught for sure but as my aunt rolled over away from me, she did not seem to wake up at all and had only rolled to get more comfortable.
>I took a huge deep breath thankful to not have been caught but I decided to give my aunt some time just to make sure she was still sleeping
>I laid back down on the bed and cuddled right up behind my aunt in a spoon position but I made sure to keep my penis away from her so she would not feel my raging hard on poking into her.
>I drapped my arm back over her belly and we just laid together for a couple of minutes.
>As I laid there with my cock throbbing between my legs I could not believe the things I was doing but the images in my mind of my aunt's amazing body just kept getting me hornier and hornier and I knew I was going to keep going.
>I waited almost 5 mintues before starting up again and the first thing I did was to push my body right up against my aunt's including my hard cock which I pushed right up agaisnt her ass cheeks.
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1396639588997 (3).jpg
408 KB, 1280x1556
Op will delivar
the suspense is killing me
and it will probably just end with him jacking off, or we'll never know because he is dictating it and then having it typed every post.
Just lurking, not actually into this
I've read part of this before, actually. I don't know where to find it though.
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I'd post my story, but I don't know if I could finish in time. How close to dead is this thread?
Back in 10 mins to see the next post
Thank God for the slime girl thread
We can keep it alive
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It's been dead for awhile.

Be quick about it, should be fine.
never. if you miss, make one lol
helping the cause
This story isn't making me hard anymore...
Eh fuck it, it's too late, I don't have another 10 minutes in me
About 10 years ago
> Be me, 12
> Have younger cousin who is 8 at the time
> Aunt moves in w/us and two other cousins, don't really get along with them, they're nice but they are kind of jock types
> 8yr cousin is really into vidya and I get her further and further into it
> We get really close and get into the same kind of vidya and nerd shit, I show her movies that aren't age appropriate like 80s action movies
Four years pass
> She turns out kind of hot by age 12
> Bro and I talk about her dating and how we'll take a shotgun to anyone who dates her
> Truthfully I have massive crush on cousin but am too beta to do anything
> One night cousin and I are playing games on a rom emulator, she likes old vidya
> No "she snuggled on me while I got a boner" or whatever stupid shit fake people say, I got an erection watching her play because she had on a tank top and bounced with glee whenever she finished a level in SMB3
> We were taking turns as Mario and Luigi
> I pop a boner but am lying in my bed watching her play stomach down
> My turn
> She sees boner and kind of stares at it
> She went to a trashy elementary school and didn't need the sex talk, had already started period
> She sees, went "oookay..." and started laughing
> Kept playing like nothing was wrong
> After a while she left my room, I asked her to close the door on the way out
> She winked at me and blew me a kiss
> After that she got kind of sexual in behavior w/me
> I felt bad but later she had some friends over and I heard her downstairs joking about how she thinks I have a crush on her
> two years pass, she got a middle school boyfriend and then broke up, I moved out
> She asks to visit me at my apartment that summer
> Kind of a stoner now
> She asks if I can smoke her out and she had her own pipe
> Now 14 years old
> After we're stoned we start watching TV in my room like the old days
> She cuddled me close
> Smell her perfume, she's dressed really cute, still remember the yellow sun dress
>be gayfag
>have mildly retarded cousin
>high-functioning Down's Syndrome
>he has no shame or embarrassment at all
>tfw more than once I've walked in on him fapping with his gigantic tard-cock
>seriously that thing is like 7 inches
Don't be an attention whore, spit it out
do it
It's like god gifted them with everything a man wants except for social conduct

anyone got any links to videos of confirmed incest? really into the brother on sister and mom thing or aunt.
xvideos is a great source to look up some of that

>I waited another minute or so and then I placed my hand back onto my aunt's breast and I started fondling it again. This started getting me hornier and the hornier I got the braver I got so I decided to reach down and try to feel her pussy.
>My aunt's nightie was still up around her hips so there was nothing covering her pussy. I brought my hand down her body and placed it on her upper thigh again right next to her juicy cunt.
>Incedibly slowly I slide my hand upwards onto her hip and then right down on her hairless pubic area. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I just couldn't stop myself and I slide my hand right down between her legs and my middle finger slid right right down over her clit and over her slit.
>The way she was laying my aunt's legs were closed shut but i was able to get my hand down between them far enough the the tip of my middle finger slid along her slit far enough that I felt a little opening and her slick juices coated the very tip of my finger.
>My aunt's wetness felt just like my own precum when I jacked off. It was nice and warm and also incredibly slick and smooth and as it covered my fingertip it allowed my finger slid along her pussy with less friction
>I rubbed my fingertip in the wetness of her opening in slow tiny circles and more and more of my finger got covered with her juices as my finger slowly started to enter her for the first time.
>I worked my finger into her right past my finger nail and it felt like her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I did this.
>My aunt suddenly moved again but only a litle bit and I think the only thing that moved on her was that her legs opened up just a little bit wider and I was able to slide my finger into her right up to the middle knuckle.
>I could really feel her pussy lips surrounding my finger now though and loved how warm and soft her pussy felt.
File: 1405320136247.gif (1009 KB, 540x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009 KB, 540x360
11 minutes again, amazing
Aight, fuck it.

>Be a 13 or 14 year sexual fucking deviant, jerking off up to 10 times a day
>Sitting in house browsing /b/ at 2 am
>12 y/o sister sleeping on couch upstairs because she liked the noise and lights to go to sleep to
>A little on the thick side, but fuck it
>Gets up and starts creeping upstairs
>Gets a glimpse of her under a blanket from the stairs
>stealth mode fucking activated
>Takes about 3 minutes to move 10 feet as i make my approach
>tries not to block the TV light so her eyes don't see a change
>she's laying on her front, with the blanket loosely pulled up to her shoulders
>EXTREMELY VERY DELICATELY pulls the blanket up and slides it down, trying not to drag it anywhere
>i reach the lower back where her shirt ends
>All I can hear is the immensely loud and fast pounding of my heart in my ears
>even slower, pulls it past her ass and lays it on her thighs
>It's a fucking work of art

> It's late and she asks to spend the weekend
> I don't have a problem with it neither does aunt, I live downtown at the time (not saying where fuckers)
> We sober up and air out a bit, late that night I take her back home and she gets some clothes, we go pick up pizza and a movie
> at my place roommates are around and so are some of their trashy metalhead friends
> Some of them hit on her, she flirts back, says she's 17
> one of them says some racist shit and it pisses her off so we go back to my room and smoke some bud
> She kicks off her shoes in my bed and cuddles me again
> I pop boner
> she looks at me
> she starts giggling
> she puts her hand down on it
oh lawd
> she kisses me
> we make out for a bit
> I ask her if this is OK, she says fuck it, she just got dumped
> family will care but she don't give a fuck and they don't gotta know
> we go out
fuckers have eaten the rest of our pizza
> she comes back, we're both shitwreck stoned, tells me she lost her v card at 13
> she gives me a clumsy blowjob but I don't care that she uses teeth
> can't cum
> she climbs on top but is too stoned
> I put her down, she puts her legs up on my shoulders and I fuck her
> cum inside
fuck I forgot about protection
> she holds her belly and stares at it with a big smile
> she says she's safe, we grew up catholic so she knows about the rhythm method, but she'd keep it anyways because it was from me
> turns out she had a big crush on me and had fantasies about having my baby
yes this worried the hell out of me but fuck it she was 7/10 body and 10/10 face
> we fuck the whole summer, nobody suspects except roommate who's kind of a huge perv and doesn't give a shit
> she goes on the pill not long after because "her period hurts" and after that we become an unofficial item
> we go on dates in a different part of town
> two years later I got a good job offer out of state
> left her behind
> regret to this day
No wait until after this thread 404's then make a new thread for this but until then it is just one more wasted part.

>It was only a couple of seconds since my aunt last moved that she moved again and this time her movement surprised me in a different way.
>I still had my pajama bottoms on but my raging hard cock was pressed right into her ass cheeks and this time when my aunt moved she actually grinded her hips a little bit and had actually pressed her ass against my cock.
>I froze but only for a minute because my aunt still seemed to be sleeping soundly even with this latest movement.
>But when I felt it though another idea popped into my head and I acted on it.
>I actually pulled my hand away from my aunts vagina and I reached for the wasteband of my pajamas. I pushed my pj's down so that my cock was completely exposed and then I tucked them under my balls so they would stay down. The thought of fucking someone in the ass had never crossed my mind before so that was not what I was thinking about doing but it had felt so good when she had pushed her ass agasint my cock that I wanted to rub my bare cock against her in case she did it again.
>I reached for my aunt's nightie again, this time behind her but found that it had already riddin up to her hips when she had rolled over so her ass was completely exposed to me.
>I pressed right up against her again but this time my naked cock slid right into her ass crack and pointed up between our bodies and I had her ass cheeks wrapped around either side of my hard shaft. The feeling was absolutely increidble.
>I knew that my cock was completely exposed now though so didn't my aunt to see it if she woke up so I grabbed the blankets that I had pushed down around my knees and pulled them up over out bodies.
>I gave myself a couple of minutes to make sure my aunt was sleeping still before I reached back forher pussy again and slid my finger right back inside of her.
>As soon as I slid into my aunt's vagina, she thrust her hips again and I felt her butt cheeks squeeze around my cock a little bit.
I think they cut back FBI's spiderman department. Maybe it's just an auto poster now.
ending is not happy
> she used to send me nudes, call, text
> then after a year she started seeing someone and so did I
> /b/ I fucked her up in the bad way
> just talked to her for the first time in ages now she is really into fucking men in their 40s and shit big daddy issues, she kept talking about it like her sex life was all she wanted to brag about
> lots of blowups with family over it she was almost disowned by them
> did nothing with herself
> still gorgeous, no kids thank god, but kind of a waste of a person, she was smart
> other things I don't want to talk about but I think it's my fault
> asked if she wanted to visit I have a good job in a different state
> kind of put out feelers
> I think she still has a torch for me but I'm now torn up by the guilt
> part of me says it wasn't worth it
> the other part wanted me to cover her visiting expenses
I dunno man. I was super betamax then, I'm doing great now, and she's a mess I can do way better than these days and that's my fault in a way
I'm pretty fucked up about it

but she was the best fuck I ever had and no gf was close the way we were

shit's fucked /b/ and I don't know how to unfuck it
>be 13
>sister is 12
>used to stay up late at night watching cinemax.
>see many explicit, hardcore movies and get curious
>one night can't control myself and slide my hand up her skirt and start rubbing her ass

>no idea about what sex is at this point, but I have her turn around and lie on her stomach.
>slide her panties off, exposing incredibly tight little ass
>get on top of her and slide my dick in between her ass/legs. spit for lube and continue to do this until I feel like I'm going to come, but I don't.
>rub her pussy with my dick by doing a reach around and literally pushing my cock up and rubbing it against her pussy lips
>ask her to put my dick in her mouth, she obliges, and I end up ramming my dick into her mouth and making her gag on it just like I saw in the porn shit i was watching
>she likes doing this and would come into my bedroom at night just to do this every night
>this continues nearly every day for months
>would occasionally go in the bathtub and assume the aforementioned position, which on a lubed up young body feels un-fucking-believable.

>one night come into room to initiate shit and she says "no". Don't know what to do, panic. leave room and go to bed after this.
>say nothing for weeks on end and try nothing else.
>she turns 13 and I don't know if my parents spoke to her or she just felt guilty but it all suddenly stopped.
>haven't talked about any of this in the better part of a decade now. I'm 24 and she's 23 now.
Oh god that copy pasta
Fuck made me lol
It's cool, I'll just copy past what I have down and expand on it in new thread.

Don't spoil nothin', but shit gets pretty real later on.

You let your daughter go up for adoption, you are a piece of shit.
Continue you biatch
You tough my hop hawwwww
Call her. Fly her out. She can be mended. You fuck her and fuck her good. Then slowly unwind her issues through discussions, listening, and being caring for her. She'll rehabilitate and lose the rough edges. At that point, you could get her into economics, politics, important stuff to stimulate her mind. Hopefully the small successions she has in her life propel her to take control again and do things for herself. This way, you get her body, she gets yours, you also get a superior version of her.

Slowly mend her mind.
Fill her pussy.
Make her feel good.
She'll fix herself for you.
Soon, young one.
Later on ? We'll probably go through the next ice if you decide to "expand" and go at this rate
While waiting for other anon
>be me
>be sophomore in high school (10th year for eurofags)
>have older cousin in band with me
>honestly wasn't very desirable, very small boobs, small butt, but the nicest pair of legs I've ever seen
>ask her to drive me home after practice one day
>talking about random shit, band gossip and such, when sexual stuff somehow gets brought up
>both of us are virgins, never been further than French kissing with someone else
>"well, I'd do more than French kiss with you"
>oh fuck me.png
>"well we are cousins, so that's odd of you to say"
>immediately apologize
>car ride is intensely quiet
>about five minutes out from my house she pulls down this random offshoot trail
>she knows I don't live down this way
>stops the car and looks at me
>"maybe it wouldn't be so weird, if we explored each other a little
>start making out, she starts groping my crotch
>most intense erection I have ever had
>move to back seat, her car was super spacious
>sits on my lap and starts grinding on me
>the pants she was wearing accentuated her legs and it drove me crazy
>so close to climax after 3 minutes of grinding
>she gets off and exits the vehicle to remove her pants
>I pull mine down enough to push my erection through the slit in my boxers
>she sat on my lap facing me and had my dick between her legs while making out with me
>I started rubbing my head through her thick lips and she moaned softly
>I slowly began to put it in her and her entire body jerked from it
>we repositioned so that we would be more comfortable
>I began slowly thrusting and she let out the most arousing moans
>continue this for about 5 minutes slowly picking up intensity
>tell her I'm about to cum and she quickly stops
>"you can't do it inside of me"
>gives me an awkward bj but it still felt great
>finish on her face and in her mouth, and she swallows

2 years later and we both have relationships now
but from time to time we hook up and get each other off

You actually believe any this, you are a piece of shit.

>I froze, but only for a couple of seconds before I started moving my finger around inside of my aunt's cunt.
>My aunt's pussy was becoming so wet that her juices flowed over my finger and actually coated most of my hand.
>I'm not sure if I noticed it right away or if my attention was just turned to it but as I fingered my aunt's pussy more and more I noticed that her breathing was becoming heavier and she actually seemed to be moaning very lightly under her breath.
>I knew that I needed to stop but I just couldn't and continued fingering that amazing pussy.
>My aunt's breathing became even heavier and I absolutely knew that she was going to wake up so just when I was about to force myself to pull my finger out of her cunt my aunt reached right around behind herself, between out bodies and she actually grabbed my hard cock right in her hand and wrapped her fingers right around it.
>I was in fucking shock and expected her to start screaming at me at any fucking second but she didn't and I just laid there completly frozen not moving a muscle.
>My aunt was still moving though and the thing that was moving was her hand as it slid slowly up and down the length of my penis.
>I just laid there with my finger in her pussy and my cock in her hand as she jacked me off but really did not give any clues with her face that she was awake and her eyes were still shut but now her mouth was open a little bit as she took deeper breaths.
>She played with my cock for about a minute before I decided to start moving my finger around in her pussy again. She hadn't yelled at me yet so I took that as a sign to keep going and I began moving my finger back and forth inside of her.
>My aunt was still grinding her hips every couple of seconds but now that my cock was in her hand she seemed to be grinding her pussy onto my finger and more of it slipped into her.
>This lasted about 2 more minutes and then I got the biggest shock of all.
File: 1380756671202.jpg (72 KB, 628x861) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bad end.
>be me aged 16
>family immigrated from another country at young age
>grew up never meeting any cousins/aunts/uncles etc
>"hey anon! your aunt is bringing your cousins over to stay with us for a week"
>wtf never even knew I had cousins but ok
>they show up a few days later
>aunt looks eccentric as fuck and her husband looks haggard
>cousin's littlest bro (8) looks autistic, and middle child (12) looks like a shithead
>cousin though
>15 years old with mean ass curves
>hips for days
>tits begging to be sucked on
>long brown hair
>staying at uncle's place for a few nights
>was 12 at the time
>aunt was like 28-29 and curvy as all hell
>in the dead of summer and they had a pool
>blew many loads over watching her tan in the yard
>uncle is gone for the night
>aunt tries to play with me to bond
>knows I was into wrestling at the time and tries to start wrestling me
>she's wearing a tight top and tight shorts, thinking I was still an innocent toddler and that wouldn't matter
>I'm struggling to keep a boner down just from the contact and our bodies being tangled
>start tickling her and manage to get on top of her
>her heaving breasts were calling to me as she laughed
>think I'm a clever shit and try to bear hug her there which buried my face in her tits
>she easily overpowers my underdeveloped body and sits on top of me holding my hands down
>All that ass meat was firmly planted on my dick
>quickly say I have to pee to avoid boner
>not much else happens through the night beyond me staring at her ass and tits
>she has sleeping troubles and takes sleeping medication
>she falls asleep in front of the tv
>I sneak down and immediately start groping those breasts knowing she's out for the night
>hand moves under shirt and bra and start playing with her nipples
>dick is diamonds at this point and I see that plump ass sticking up
>start massaging her ass vigorously until I work up the courage to strip her
>her perfect tan ass was too much to bear and I wedged my small dick in between the cheeks and started pumping
>felt good enough just really dry and the was too low
>make adjustments with spit and pillows under her hips
>continue pumping now a lot more comfortable
>have enough hotdog action and decide I want to blow my load on her lips
>furiously fap next to her face and let a decent load onto her bottom lip, most fell off
>using my finger I meticulously put cum into her mouth
>I clean off her lips and give her a long passionate kiss goodnight
Now I wish I just fucked her then, she never found out
Ffs, go write a novel about it. See you in 11 minutes
>inb4 my aunt was bill murray
>we all introduce each other
>mom dumps the kids off on me and tells me to go make friends with the relatives
>find out shithead cousin and autistic cousin play vidya
>set up xbox in other room
>"hey hotcousin, i know you'd rather not watch your brothers play video games, why don't we go to my room and watch a movie or something"
>just us now in my room with a movie on in the background while we talk
>we get to talking about the different shit we're into
>what drugs, alcohol, and start trading stories with each other
>she actually seemed like a pretty cool chick
ffs it's just really long pasta calm down

keep going anon, i've never finished this one and I wanna know how it ends
>Suddenly with no warning at all my aunt suddenly let go of my penis and rolled over onto her other side facing me and in doing so my finger slipped out of her cunt.
She did not stop there though and she pushed the blankets down off of us so that my hard cock came into view and without saying a word she slid down my body just a little bit as she raised herself onto her left elbow, leaned right over me and took my cock right into her mouth and started sucking on it wildly.
>It was the most amazing moment of my life but I was too shocked and scared to fully enjoy it. I just laid there and let this woman devour my cock and tried not to move a single muscle.
> My aunt grabbed my hand and brought it right up to her tit and had me grab it, which I did causing her to let out a loud moan around my cock.
>When I was squeezing her tit and pinching her nipple on my own, she finally let go of my hand and then brought that same hand right down between her legs and she started masturbating and rubbing her pussy right in front of me.
>As her fingers slid and out of her cunt I could hear her juices squishing around inside of her. The more she sucked my cock and masturbated the more she moaned with pleasure as well.
>She had only sucked me off for 2 minutes but it had felt forever, before I felt my orgasm building up inside of me. I did everything I could to stop it but after all the things I had seen and done with my aunt this entire day and night I could not hold my orgasm back.
>I was too scared to actually tell my aunt that I was about to cum so I just let my sperm explode into her mouth. She was sucking me off furiously at the time so it took her a second to realize that I was cumming but once she felt my cum splach against her tongue and she got a good taste of it, she pulled her mouth off of my cock, pulled her wet fingers away from her vagina and wrapped them around my cock and began jacking me off, pumping the rest of my cum out of me.
File: 1389059529373.jpg (2 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 KB, 125x125
>"sorry my house doesn't have any booze in it hotcousin, my parents dumped it all the last time they caught me stealing it"
>her eyes light up
>"omg anon my parents are alcoholics and they brought a shit ton of wine with them for the week. Want me to swipe a couple bottles from them tonight?"
>fuck yea!
>we chat and go about our day
>night time comes
>house is fucking massive so I have my room to myself, aunt/uncle in their own room, bro cousins on couch downstairs, and hotcousin in her own room
>everybody went to sleep a good while ago
>figured hotcousin was bluffing about earlier
>get on laptop and start pulling up porn so i can jack off once it's all buffered
>minimize it and start playing some xbox while I waited
>next thing i know hotcousin busts in with 3 massive bottles of wine
>"holy shit I thought you got cold feet"
>"why the fuck would I bail on my new cuz?"
>"I never thought about it like that. I guess that's our first toast"
File: 1405032277566.jpg (94 KB, 1024x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 1024x682

Are you guys beaners by any chance?
Sorry for being a faggot, but I started another thread.

Nope. White as hell.

>first bottle goes down quick
>second bottle goes a bit slower because we loosened up and started talking to each other more
>find out she's pretty popular at her school
>she was raised in an extremely religious house, but always doubted god
>believes in fate and "signs from the universe" and that shit
>crack into the third bottle
>"hey anon mind if I check my myspace?" (yes this was a while ago fuck you)
>"sure go ahead and use my laptop"

>My mind was completely blown by this point so I just looked down at my aunt with a shocked look on my face as she gave me the most incredible orgasm or my life. As my cum slowed down and began drooling out of the end of my dick and drooled down over her fingers she looked up at me and just smiled without saying a word before looking back down at my cock and she began rubbing the thick globs of cum into my skin. The globs of cum were gone but my cock was still covered in semen when my aunt lowered her head again and took my dick back into her mouth and once she did she pulled her hand away from it and shoved it right back into her pussy and started masturbating in front of me again.
>It was the most intense orgasm of my life but my cock did not lose even a single little bit of it's hardness as my aunt got right back into blowing me yet again. Having my cock covered in cum did not seem to bother her at all and I could feel her tongue sliding up and down the length of my shaft as she licked every drop of the slimy liquid off of me.
>5 minutes passed and then 10 and my aunt was still sucking me off and rubbing her pussy wildly and I was just as horny as I had been all night so far once again.
>My aunt began moaning so much from the pleasure she was giving her own pussy that she was barely even sucking me off anymore and just held my penis in her mouth.
>Suddenly she pulled her mouth off of my cock and looked straight up into my eyes once again and then she more begged me than did ask me "Will you fuck me?"
>A complete look of lust had crossed her face and she did not even wait for an answer. She rose up a little bit and grabbed the waistband of my pj's and ripped them down so they were around my knees. She then very quickly climbed on top of me and straddled my hips so that my cock was directly below her pussy and and it was rubbing right into her gapping pussy lips and her juices began to immediately coat my shaft.
You're a sick little fucker, aren't you?
Pics of your mom and then I'll tell you if I liked it, homie.
no don't 404 i must see the end
go on
>clicks on firefox
>pulls up the window full of porn
>"holy shit anon what the hell"
>she starts laughing
>embarassed as fuck
>"oh... haha... that....
It has been almost 2 and a half fucking hours and you still can't manage to finish your fucking story? Oh my fucking god.
keep up the good work brah

as long as you know...
Post pic of aunt you colossal fag
shit i gtg my wife just woke up sorry guys
Copying this shit with clay tablets takes time.
Didn't you like it? How did she made you fuck her? Or were you into it by the time?
Hurry the fuck up, I love shit like this.
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>She grabbed her own nightie and ripped it over her head and I saw my own aunt completely naked for the first time. Her breasts were even more beautiful now than the views I had seen of them throughout the day. The site of her beautiful body caused my cock to twitch uncontrollably against her pussy.
>As soon as she threw her nightie onto the floor beside my bed, she reached down between her legs and grabbed my throbbing cock. She was looking directly into my eyes as she pointed my penis straight upwards and then lowered her pussy right down onto my cock!!!
>Her pussy was so wet and gapping wide open that I slide into her with no resistance at all. Her soft smooth pussy lips wrapped around my throbbing member and completely covered it with her slick warm juices.
>She sat down on me with all of her weight taking the entire length of my cock as deep into her as it would go.
>Then we both completely lost it and went fucking wild on each other. I had never fucked a girl in my life so this was the single greatest moment I had ever experienced so as soon as I felt her raising and lowering herself onto my cock, I started thrusting my ass right up off of the bed to ram my dick deep inside of her
>I reached up and grabbed both of her amazing breast and began to squeeze them in my hands and also pinch and pull on her nipples.
>This just made her go more wild and she threw her head back and rolled it from side to side on her shoulders as she was completely overcome with lust.
>She was going completely wild and bouncing up over me so just the very tip of my penis was still inside of her before slamming herself down onto me in time with my own thrusts, ramming my hard on into her cunt harder and harder and faster and faster.
Blue Balls: The Thread, The Experience
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thanks, see you in 11.

Spiderman you are a little late bro.
How many times are you gonna say wild? Inb4 she is a bear and mauls you
then they went to a panthers vs wild game, the end.
bumps for auntie faps
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>Juices were flowing out of her pussy like crazy and not only were both our crotches competely soaked but all of my bed sheets below us were soaked as well. The wetness between out bodies cause them to slap together every time she would slam her pussy down onto my cock.
>She reached down between her legs and pushed a couple of fingers up to her pussy and began rubbing her pussy furiously while we continued to fuck.
>This drove her even wilder and her moans turned into almost screams. She started yelling at me to fuck her and she began telling me how fucking good my cock felt inside of her and how much she loved nice young cocks like mine.
>I began to realize that my aunt was a total fucking whore and that just turned me on even more as well.
>My aunt's orgasm was coming on fast and I knew it because she started telling me that I was going to make her cum. She just kept moaning this over and over again until finally her entire body locked up as she slammed it down onto my cock once again and then froze.
>Her pussy clamped shut around my hard shaft and cum started gushing out of her. I felt her juices spray around my cock but they were also spraying out of her pussy as well and completely covered my mid section.
> I could not believe the amount of her juices that were spraying out of her and actually wondered if she was pissing though. I found it incredibly erotic though and I got a great ego boost knowing that I had just made this grown woman have such an intense orgasm.
>Her juices sprayed out of her cunt for about 2 seconds before they died down and once they did she started bouncing up and down on my penis again.
>She held my cock deep inside of her and began grinding her hips back and forth so that my dick was moving all around inside of her. She then collapsed right on top of me and her naked breast pressed right into me.
Thanks, see you in 11.
this is like the least erotic thing i've ever read... wow.
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