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Feels thread
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Feels thread
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>be me
>be drunk
>fuck with gf
>she likes it in the ass
>she eats the cum

pic related
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Feels tl;dr.jpg
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All my feels.gif
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b-but, but cat only wanted to go home..?
>Tries to elicit "feels" with a pic suggesting this old fuck is as big of a neckbeard as the intended audience.
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you promised.jpg
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>tfw you promised

Feels so many goddamn feels. Thai Life Insurance Commercials literally feeds off of feels.
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>tfw the first thing I do when going to /b/ is to browse for feel threads
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Oh damn.
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RIP smoke kitty ;_;
>Be living in Winooski
>girlfriend asks me to find her 4chan threat
>not sure if right thread
>life's hard yo.
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when i was 4, my dad bought a trusty XBox. you know, the first, ruggedy, blocky one from 2001. we had tons and tons and tons of fun playing all kinds of games together - until he died, when i was just 6.

i couldnt touch that console for 10 years.

but once i did, i noticed something.

we used to play a racing game, Rally Sports Challenge. actually pretty awesome for the time it came.

and once i started meddling around... i found a GHOST.


you know, when a time race happens, that the fastest lap so far gets recorded as a ghost driver? yep, you guessed it - his ghost still rolls around the track today.

and so i played and played, and played, untill i was almost able to beat the ghost. until one day i got ahead of it, i surpassed it, and...

i stopped right in front of the finish line, just to ensure i wouldnt delete it.
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Damn, assault? I'd have killed her. I'd smile every night in prison before I went to sleep, and it would be worth it every single second of every single day knowing that fucking shitcunt is dead.
Anyone here gets mad when see feel getting used to stupid shitty comics on facebook that are not about feels?
I just deleted my fb due to cancer.
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>Guy's family won't speak to him and he never sees them
>His friend dies
>His family is at funeral of guy they didn't really know or give a shit about for no reason

This reads like it was written by some autistic "no one understands me" dipshit trying to have a fantasy of telling off people he doesn't like.

>Friend's suicide note addressed directly to him doesn't bother to mention him by name.
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Posting things that will make you cry

I reccomend listening to this during your stay in this thread:
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If nobody is in this thread I'll stop posting
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hory sheeeit
im so glad some one capped this
i saw it live
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>25 year old NEET
>suspended from college like 4 years ago
>brain has atrophied since then
>objectively a loser but know I am not
>got over my deep depression but apparently I am still messed up
>going to eat a .40 hollow point tonight
Someone posted on /vp/ a few nights ago about how they would always catch a Paras for their daughter who died of Leukemia. I should've screencapped the posts
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Atlest you're lucky you're from the USA and got access to guns.I'd kill myself years ago if I could get a gun.
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Please anon , don't do that.
pls livestreak

Andrew Weaken
Nothing here has made me cry, or more than a little sad.

Cmon /b/, I haven't cried in years, do me this service. I've forgotten how to cry, lets me cry.
And then they used the lorax to sell SUfuckingVs. Suck a mile of dicks, Hollywood.
God damnit!
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you will get through this anon
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>be me
>girl i now comes over
>we fuck
>we keep talking
>deployed feelings for her
>she starts to ignore me
>we don't talk anymore
>I'm dating my Best Friend, but i don't love her
>Damn, I miss that girl

Pic unrelated
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RIP? wtf that cats alive motherfucker!! woooo
your parents never wanted you, you know this

I was actually the only planned child, lol.
My feels TT
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dat motherfucka REVIVED the cat
You will never know what it feels like to walk on the surface of the sun.
I'll bet your parents tell your other siblings the same thing.
i mean after you were born

That was fucking awesome.
They took it to an emergency vet that evening where it died of lung damage caused by smoke inhalation.


Well no, because the sun doesn't have a discernible surface.

No, we all know how it went down.
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Found on archive, It's not much but still gives feels
don't stop posting plz
How do I leave the imageboards?
I want off the ride
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mfw with tears in my eyes

you're here forever.
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The ride never ends
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I hope everyone still has this playing
You can always hang yourself
Fuck im gonna give my dad a big fucking hug right now
That is one poetic ass vending machine.
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the fucktrain has no braks
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oh my god this actually made me cry

Oh man, that sucks. The guilt ones are always the worst.
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>feel restrained from life

I hate everything, specially that slavery called work. I really wish to do something I enjoy

>tee when you barely feel anything
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Feeling really fucked up.... Dayemm always them bitches fucking my shit up, nigguh
spiritualised, that song makes me feel for more reasons than one. ugghhhh
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remember b.png
119 KB, 755x481
being lonely and alone for ever isnt going to be that bad right?
my god i dont want to turn 25.

I find this a more fitting track for wallowing in my depression and self-loathing.

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is this dead?
no bro. the feels are real. the feels are real.
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Not got much more
Got a feels story /b/.
>Who wants?
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Post it
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>be me in 1st grade
>every class has "that kid"
>disabled girl, named Ariel (had downs syndrome)
>sit at her table, nice to her
>she doesn't talk much
>She has a teacher who specializes in special education, named Mr. Garbarini, stays with her all the time to make sure she doesn't go into ragemode or something
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861 KB, 966x1948
ya please do
Same here, just planning to go away another country start over or something.

You'll get used to it. Just keep your mind busy with other stuff for now.
Shit, I've been alone so long it disturbs me how little I care about it anymore. Now I feel like being with someone would be more of an inconvenience and I'd much rather be by myself doing shit I enjoy. Sure it's kinda sad and pathetic but I enjoy my life and that's what really matters in the end.

dude this thread is... these feels... gj anon. i felt.
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>6 lines of text

Just fucking kill yourself, I don't want to fucking hear your story now, because its going to be fucking awful. Just delete all the text regarding this story, buy some rope, and fucking hang yourself you cunt.
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File: Pinkie.jpg (57 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 500x667

Ohh shit... It must be raining in my room somehow..
this is the saddest thing I see this month. I am going to cry, no kidding
23 yo anon reporting here
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File: Without Robin.jpg (7 KB, 180x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Without Robin.jpg
7 KB, 180x218

I got you, /b/ro.
File: 1405567283631.png (51 KB, 832x551) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This feel 3 years ago, still in this awful state. But have hope in God anon, I really spoiled it badly
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Probably shouldn't have responded to words with murder.

Then again, we all fucked up somewhere along the line or we wouldn't /b/e here..
i wanna become a junkie in NYC
i think i really like being on my own and doing what ever I want but my body and brain say otherwise and tell me to feel all these stupid fucking emotions
holy shit...
>don't pay any mind, must be normal
>I don't remember much due to childfag memory, but I remember clear as day that he would take her behind some shelf in the back of the room and "calm her down"
>I remember one day asking him about diapers he brought in to school one day and stuck under the shelf
>said it was for his baby
>I bought it, even though he never brought a child into the school
>turns out that he was a motherfucking hardcore rapist
>link related

File: CrazyBipolarBitch.png (50 KB, 628x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 628x619
File: 1394102376909.jpg (85 KB, 565x753) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 565x753

>near hanako tier
that's where i stopped reading

srsly, weebs are the worst.
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doctor and heavy.jpg
220 KB, 1024x828
File: her name was amy.jpg (932 KB, 1024x3241) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
her name was amy.jpg
932 KB, 1024x3241
File: I remember Tara.png (195 KB, 1324x658) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I remember Tara.png
195 KB, 1324x658
File: shiiiiiiiiit.jpg (766 KB, 2016x5040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
766 KB, 2016x5040
Long one here
File: Kelsey love.jpg (229 KB, 1772x817) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kelsey love.jpg
229 KB, 1772x817
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92 KB, 1166x500
File: Louise.jpg (1 MB, 795x2187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 795x2187
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105 KB, 698x1159
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Party Hardy.jpg
60 KB, 480x360


You'll be with us soon enough, then. It's alright. We won't be going anywhere. We won't be upset either.

Be seeing you.
File: Alzheimers.png (43 KB, 1260x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 1260x670
This has never been more true...
File: dreamsaresad.jpg (118 KB, 1024x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Happen few months ago /b/ here's the story

> be me 18
> father is in hospital because heart attack
> doesn't really care much since we don't really close
> i literally don't give a fuck
> one day it was a dead silent in my house
> i woke up and see my uncle there
> "hey anon let's go to the hospital"
>"naah I'll pass" i say
>"anon it's an order, i need you to come"
> i guess I'm going
> dead silent in car no one say a word
> doesn't really care
> uncle suddenly got a phone call
> it's from my aunt and he put it in loud speaker
>"where (my father name)" my aunt ask
>"he's gone....im sorry"
> what?
> my uncle look at me
>" be brave anon"
> this make me numb
> arrived at the hospital
> see mom crying her ass off and in state of denial
> and there it is
> my father lying dead in a coffin
> i just stand there and say nothing
>"your father family say they would bury your father in family grave across the state"
> well okay
> this is where everything i look up in my father family change

please /b/, im a newfag. dont let this thread die, this is the first time i m in feels in a long time.
File: hunttag.jpg (148 KB, 1080x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 1080x720
>parents thought he was 'weird', but had no proof of illegal things
>remember that whole class would stop while he was behind shelf with ariel
>later in the year got dog tag award (we were 'hunt hounds') for being neat as fuck
>family moves to Houston, TX
>years later find out that he was raping disabled kids behind bookshelf 10 ft. away from where I was sitting
>mfw when he was done he sat next to me
>mfw he asked me to stay in the classroom on field day when everyone else way outside but just ran out of room, most likely narrowly escaping rape
>mfw I still have tag to this day

One day Ariel desperately tried to tell me something I could not understand. She got my attention during a class activity and, because she was disabled, she could not articulate properly. She said something I couldn't understand as a child, but when I read the article from link related, I figured it out.

>She said something like "hulmb", didn't clip with child anon
>she was trying to say "help"

She reached out to me and I didn't even know what she was talking about
nice 5's and there's nothing wrong with being a newfag. We were all newfags once.
File: ultimate feels.jpg (16 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ultimate feels.jpg
16 KB, 225x225
>mfw we contacted the family, and when we asked about Ariel they said she died of HIV
>mfw all of this
File: the dream.png (160 KB, 1448x828) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the dream.png
160 KB, 1448x828
>tfw this is literally my life
>tfw last gf was in highschool
>tfw she was amazing
>tfw I'll never see her again
>tfw best moments of my life for the past few years have been when I'm asleep
>tfw i actually dreamt of my ex
>tfw i felt happy
>tfw when i woke up i was depressed as fuck
>that was when i realised i would never amount to anything
>that was when i realised nobody really cares
>that was when i realised I've wasted my life

Oh well. I'm out of images now
> my aunt (from father family) come
>"make your mom stop crying anon"
> my aunt doesn't seems to like my mom
> eventually we fly across the state
> my mother sleeping beside me crying and ask where my father
> mom stop it please
> arrived at the airport
> mom looks better now, she's stop crying and back to her sense
> waiting for my father coffin in the airport (we bring him using plane)
> my uncle (from father family came )
> he bring an ambulance with him and told me to accompany my father coffin in there
> it's already midnight
> they load the coffin and straight to my grandmother house (she's already dead btw)
> 5 hours trip
> an there it is my father inside the coffin
>suddenly i remember all his song he's use to sing to help me sleep
> i sing it in the ambulance
> a pale little sound singing through cold midnight
> i shed my tears
> i remember everything now how my father use to sing to me and everything
> those memories start to came back to me
> time passes and we arrived at grandma house
> everyone from my father family already there
> they say they buried him tommorow

seems excessive
Why would he mention him by name when he has no other friends?
File: sZAGO - Imgur.png (165 KB, 1264x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sZAGO - Imgur.png
165 KB, 1264x665
Found two more
slightly older than this fag here, let's keep bumping it. I want to get through all of these before it 404's
File: wwCnp - Imgur.jpg (330 KB, 800x3140) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wwCnp - Imgur.jpg
330 KB, 800x3140
File: trigger.jpg (68 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wait, did Wolf or James die? If James died, who is telling the story ?
im drunk and i just cried coz of this shit. fuck this and fuck you fucking faggot for posting this
I cried.
Wolf is kill
James is story teller
File: feels.png (22 KB, 684x536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 684x536
Thx /b/ro last part confused me.
File: 4451124562.jpg (107 KB, 585x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone has that pic of that guy, I thinkit was Brandon or something, that goes to university and has his girlfriend taken from him by some smooth guy?
File: gay.jpg (58 KB, 294x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 294x295
can anyone help me? not sure if i just haven't felt it yet or am incapable of feeling it, i feel a bit numb when it comes to relationships, almost sociopathic when it comes to love

>can feel meaningful friendship
>have liked and been attracted to females
>had gf before, never really felt any attachment, was just there for novelty of having a gf
>been fucked over many times by girls
>feel like i hit a wall in attachment to someone and that i don't feel the same way when things get serious
>doing things because i know the social cues and how relationships work
>tfw cold hearted

i just can't picture myself falling in love.
File: 1380056112957.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 1280x720

I don't think I would allow myself to feel love.

I feel like fucking stone when it comes to women, like it would be weak to fall for one.

Damn, emotions suck.
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this is the heart-stopper here
>went to school with her when I was 4
>she moved away
>facebook became a thing years later
>she adds me
>Start talking everyday for hours and hours
>I was depressed at the time
>after a year of hanging out and talking I fell for you
>she got a boyfriend and moved off with him
>they broke up and she came back
>told her how I feel and she fucks off again
>new boyfriend
>they break up
>Back to me
>Keeps going.

>Stopped talking for a year and six months
>She re adds me on facebook couple of months ago
>tells me she's really depressed and on pills
>I look after her again because I'm a pussy and I love her
>She asks why I'm still here for her after everything
>because I love you. Always have
>this be 2 days ago
>She's ignoring me now
>I fucked up.
>She never felt the same
>never has never will

yeah it feels like this is a defence mechanism that has manifested itself deep in my head. especially like i used to get nervous/dat crush feeling in my chest when texting or talking to girls i like but now it's just like.. yeah you're pretty hot and conversation is at least tolerable, candealwith.jpeg. i'm worried i won't feel anything more than that, guess i just gotta find the right girl, but that feels like a trap ;_;
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577 KB, 1308x3756

Nvm i got it. Pic related

read that before. i hope that bitch pieced it together and is mentally fucking scared now.

There's another one of a dude and a chick being together until all hell breaks loose in university or something.

Anyone has it? Can't remember it quite clearly.
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