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/b/ tell me the sluttiest stories you've...
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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/b/ tell me the sluttiest stories you've heard about girls in your area. or witnessed.

Ill start.

>girl lost anal virginity in front of 10 people at a party
>next day fucked the same dude
Mom slapped my ass once when I took a candy out of the candy jar, it felt dirty.. Because I was not allowed to do that /neverforget
chic lost anal virginity in grade 8?
to my buddy she's fucked
Pretty hot picture op, any more like it?
Sorry guis, its just one taken of people at a party down here in Australia, always gets posted in QLD nude threads. will try find source
thanks, man. do you know how long this pic has been circulating? might help me to get sauce too
Girl in my high school got off on taking the virginity of the underclassmen. Then I made her my bitch. She sucks my dick on command
babbys 1st fnatasy
Is this a plot of a hentai or real life?
sluttiest stories?

>21yo girl gets a train run on her then goes home to bf saying shes gonna ger him to lick her

>16yo fucked up blonde with daddy issues went out looking to be raped, does and tells people she enjoyed it
Is that a frequent thing? She legit just gets raped every however often?
16yo sounds like a cool reverse feminist
Real life man, she's coming over Friday for vidya and fucking
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>looking to get raped
>enjoyed it
>still calls it rape
sounds like she had surprise consensual sex
True story.

>Bitch gets fucked in the ass with a broomstick by 2 niggers

No, I don't have it anymore, sorry guys.
There was some 14yo chick who slept with two 40 year old's and her fella or something filmed it. That was pretty slutty. No I don't have the vidya.
I have my reservations about believing you, but assuming you're telling the trust, gratz, bro. Good on you.
She's two years younger than me... So converting her from just fucking retards to someone with experience was the key.
girl (13) gave a blowjob at school's toilet
heard it was bad
Is she old enough to provide pics or?
Also, a chick I know went ATM with another girl's boyfriend, and got beat up. Was filmed, and made the news by being posted on youtube in the old days. I still have that video. Also put up a pic of her tits on myspace when she was 16 (no, I don't have the pic nor would I post it if I did).
Video tehen
Sluttiest story I know. I was out with my boss and his girlfriend at a club. I was out on the dance floor with her and started making out with her in front of him. He got angry and broke it up.
She later dumped him and she blew my dick one night and the next week I fucked her on the couch.
I never lost my job.
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>be 15
>be at party with local band members
>our crew was tight with them
>drummer is rich as fuck
>has huge house and parents are out of state or some shit
>this chick named tasha is part of our group
>she's 15 too I think
I distinctly remember sitting at the bar and there are 15 or so people sitting on it
>she takes her shirt off in the living room
>some dude starts dry humpin her
>she walks through the kitchen topless in front of 15 or so people
>my buddy is getting a beer out of the fridge
>he turns around and slips a hand in her pants and starts fingering her
>the bitch is riding his finger moaning in front of 15 people.
It gets waaaaaay better.
Shall I continue /b/ros?

the girls in my area fuck tourists for $$$

yes, my classmates in uni
It's some ancient LG flip phone quality with a file extension that probably can't be played, but I'll upload it if there's interest
continue please

> gets a train run on her

What does this even mean?
>Be me, 6 years ago, 16 years old then
>New hot English teacher
>Tried to fuck with a 22 year old english teacher
>Fucked her many many times(Fuck buddies, not romantical relationship)
>Get 10 in English
>be in high school
>gym class
>girl comes in wearing t shirt that says 100 on it
>friends are all hugging her and congratulating her and shit
>i'm like wtf
>my friend tells me it's because she took her 100th dick the past weekend
>i believe it
Girl in my school (13) followed a guy out of a party when he went to take a piss and sucked him off once he'd finished pissing

Another girl (13) ate a crapload of vitamin b6 and almost needed a stomach pump just so she could delay her period to lose her virginity to a 19 year old.

the worst part is that everyone knew about these the next day.
>be 20
>be in a party full of drunk people
>a young married couple is beyond wasted
>wife starts to grind on random guys in front of husband
>husband doesn't notice, passes out
>wife begins to get groped by 3 different men at the same time
>everyone is watching, she is moaning
>one guy starts to lead her to another room
>the other 2 guys follow
>the 4 of them lock themselves in an upstairs room
>husband wakes up still drunk
>starts looking for wifey
>mfw shit is about to go down
>we all act like we didn't see anything
>"I don't know where she went"
>he looks me straight in the eye
>is about to say something, stumbles, falls face down
>never gets back up till hours later
>wife comes out little before he wakes up again
>she stares at all of us
>we stare back
>he starts to mumble again
>she helps him up, and leaves with him

Why are women such whores?
No one really knew that couple besides the person who invited them. I don't even know if he ever found out.
> ex gf would sleep with alot of guys
> got pregnant about a year ago
> raises him by herself, but still fucks guys
> had a threesome with her and some guy friend with her baby sleeping in the same room
what do you think it means nigger

I think it means she received about 15 creampies from different men.

upload, sir
that makes me angry
Yeah why not
>be freshman
>ex-gf becomes super slut
>dates like 15 guys
>hear she sucks off latest guy
> he gets it on video
>he's shoving his fingers down her throat, no gag reflex.
>anal later
File: 1403047518458.jpg (20 KB, 600x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Let's see
>other bro assesses the situation and decides he's gonna get laid
>I don't remember if it was her, or him that went up the stairs first
>they go upstairs
>of course or 15 year old asses are gonna make a big deal about it and fuck with him
>we follow them up and she is completely fucking naked and he is finishing up eating her out and pulling his pants down as we walk in
>they are in the moment an don't care I guess
we walk out and meet the bass player dude outside the door and he is pissed because I guess he planned on banging her
>he's like 5 years older
In October she will be
>I worked at a vet office.
>Came in on the weekend to fix one of the kennel doors.
>Vet assistant girl was down there.... fucking a poodle.
>15 years old
>Have a garage as a hangout
>Couches, chairs, weight machine, and carpeted floor
>I’m the trustworthy guy who girls wanted to be around
>So I’m good at getting girls to hang out
>My cousin is a manipulator who is good at getting people to do what he wants
>So my cousin is good at getting them to fuck
>Invite this 14 year old girl over that we know is slutty
>She’s a skinny little thing with a nice ass and firm little titties
>We’re 2 fat bastards
>She comes over wearing a jean skirt
>I don’t smoke weed so I let them do that
>They share 3 joints
>I pull out a cooler filled with Twisted Teas
>Twisted Teas were the shit back then
>They didn’t really taste like liquor but they were 7% alcohol per little bottle
>She drinks 3 twisted teas by herself
>So after 40 or so minutes she’s trashed
>My cousin calls her over, she sits on his lap
>He starts kissing her takes her shirt off
>He is now kissing her and rubbing her titties
>He waves me over
>I go behind her, lift her skirt and start fingering her
>He suddenly picks her up and takes her to the floor
>He pulls off her skirt
>Starts fucking her and with every thrust her head hits the ladder behind her
>A mixture of “uh ow uh ow”
>He pulls out and I pick her up and put her on a chair and start fucking her
that is a REALLY good question
i 2nd this motion
Some chubby girl at my college got drunk and let 3 guys cum in her mouth. Like porn shit where they masturbated over her open mouth.

Instead of swallowing the load she was pressured into making out with this hotter passed out girl with the cum still in her mouth.

And well she did. The passed out girl found out about it later through word of mouth and went on this campaign to try and get the chubby girl kicked out of school. Nothing happened tough an it just fizzled out.

Got some others
Ok, any preference where?
>Some girl put a minstrel up her cunt and it melted out in class.
>Another time she stuck a pencil up there, left it in all day and someone kicked her.

She stopped fucking about after that happened
>She wraps her arms around me and starts moaning with her face buried in my neck
>After a while I pull out and put it in her mouth
>She’s blowing me like a champ but I’m taking a long time to cum
>She pulls me out of her mouth but continues jerking me towards her face
>Asks me when I’m gonna cum
>”I don’t know like 3 min…”
>I cum right in her eye before I get to finish my sentence
>She starts running around holding her eye in pain
>She eventually wipes it on her shirt
>She has now been fucked by two different guys, sucked a dick, and gotten cum on her face and clothes
>She decides she’s tired and lays down on a sheet on the carpeted floor
Should also mention she was 16 on a work permit.
>next day fucked the same dude
That's an odd thing to include considering you're attempting to paint her as much of a slut as possible. Lessens the slut factor because it implies a connection between them. Goes from being a drunken whore out to an extremely public display of affection.
why do people do this, yes finish the story you moron.
>After about a minute me and my cousin look at her laying there naked
>We get down on the floor, I’m behind her and he’s in front of her
>I start fingering her asshole using a vanilla scented soap as lube
>He’s fingering her pussy
>She jumps away from me and asks what the fuck I’m using
>I lie and say lube
>She’s like “it burns!”
>Turns around sees the soap and tells me I can’t use that I have to use lube
>No lube in site, so I spit on my hand and rub her a little to get some pussy juice
>Start sliding into her asshole
>My cousin starts fucking her in the pussy at the same time
>This little skinny girl is now being slammed in two different holes by two fat fucks
>Next part is a tad gay
>As we are in there we bump “heads” with only a small piece of skin separating us
>I’m like “dude is that you?”
>He’s like “fuck yeah!”
>We bump fists while ramming her
>She can’t take it and starts moaning/screaming loudly but trying to be quiet
>Her moans are building “uh UH OH OHHH”
>My cousin tells her she can be as loud as she wants
>She just lets loose, screams, and cums hard enough for it to splash onto my arm which is by her head
>We both pull out, satisfied, I don’t know if he came but I didn’t
Girl lost her virginity to her step-sisters boyfriend at the time and then proceeded to lose her anal virginity which ended with her having an anal creampie all in 7th grade
Mega seems to be the best dumpster at the moment
File: JH (2).jpg (295 KB, 1078x1105) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
JH (2).jpg
295 KB, 1078x1105
>He says he has to leave and while she is laying on the floor he steals her phone out of her purse
>I didn’t agree with stealing from her but whatever
>I stuff her panties in my pocket as a souvenir
>Eventually she says she has to go home and now “she can’t even stop to see her boyfriend”
>I ask her why she can’t go see him
>She says in a cute little whiny voice “Because my pussy’s sore!”
>Have a hearty laugh and tell her if she stays and sucks my dick I’ll give her 100 dollars
>It’s actually a fake $100 I made on my printer
>I show her the good side and she starts blowing me
>She’s jerking me so hard I get a friction burn
>Eventually I cum in her mouth/on her face she uses the sheet that was on the floor to clean herself
>I give her the hundred and she goes to put it in her purse
>I tell her “by the way it’s fake”
>”What no it’s not”
>She turns it over and sees the fucked up side
>Gets pissed and then she notices her phone is gone
>I help her look for it eventually she gives up
>She is leaving all pissed off
>She has a torn up pussy and a torn up asshole
>She has cum on her face and shirt, no panties, and no phone
>She turns to me and goes “you guys are assholes I’m never coming back here”
>A few months later she comes back and gets fucked by me and my 2 friends
>Pic related it’s a pic of her at the age that we fucked her
Gets phone calls from ex. Says she's home alone and down on all fours with her dog mounted up on her
>com (slash)
>english teacher gave me a blowjob after i wandered off on sports day

best day of my life
a girl at my highschool met a guy on tinder and drove to go fuck him. Thats dedication.
Forgot to add that she was a total whore before this, in case it's not obvious off the top of my head she had fucked (mouth, pussy, and asshole) about 15 different guys by the age of 15. She eventually got knocked up by some junkie lowlife more than twice her age.
stop fuckiing asking and just post
one guy after another, like train cars through a tunnel
My missus lost her anal virginity before vaginal virginity...
you are retarded
Did you just stay there looking at her fuck the poodle?
Did she see you?
Did they tie?

If you didn't blackmail her you lost the opportunity of your life
This is the shit of fantasies.
>freshman year of college
>winter break in early december
>dorms empty out almost immediately but stay open a few extra days after classes end to accommodate students who have travel plans
>dorms almost entirely empty
>4 guys on my floor i knew (who pledged a frat) stayed the few extra days
>they were moving into fraternity house next semester so they acted like no rules to follow
>they brought back a girl who they knew from the greek system and hung out
>they all fucked and ran a train on this girl for 2 days.
>they offered me some action with her but i declined because fear and decency. although i did catch a glimpse of the action occasionally
>they literally walked around our nearly abandoned floor naked and drinking corona while they were taking a break from fucking her.
>total hedonism
>back in high school
>some girl gets coaxed into anal sex during lunch in some guy's car
>apparently started shitting uncontrollably
>Sat in the parking lot and cried until her dad picked her up with a diaper
>they went to the doctor because she obviously didn't say she go ass fucked and just said she was shitting uncontrollably
>doctor tells the parents that it appears as if some object had stretched her anus
>parents flip their shit and end up moving away to get their daughter away from this deranged school
Means getting spit roasted, by a bunch of people in a row.
English teachers are the best.
>Nothing happened tough an it just fizzled out.
you could have struck gold by saying jizzled, but you missed your chance.
File: 1404109443741.jpg (17 KB, 396x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I will anyway
>dude goes in and beats up my bro
>whore 'tasha' is careless and naked acting drunk
I don't think I mentioned that this bitch didn't have a lick to drink all night
>her and her friend are known to act drunk and do slutty shit
>we all go back down stairs and try to cool off our bro cuz he just got tang-jacked and beat up by a 20 year old
>forget about the situation and drink a few more jager bombs
>go into the master bathroom
>and lo and behold
>the bitch is on the floor blowing somebody else
>carefully walk back out and find somewhere else to throw up
Later on close to 30 more people show up at this party, and there is a huge fucking living area under the stair case when you walk in.
>it's all filled up with people dancing and partying
>ice chest everywhere
>the slut walks out of the bedroom closest to the stairs and leans over the balcony
>completely naked
>in front of 50 people
She says,"Oooops, wrong door." And walks off
will continue

Base urge untempered by the instinct to survive and socialize always results in ruin
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Girl around age of 16 has had sexual intercourse with Riff Raff at least 20 times. Riff raff... Riff raff.
File: 1382496722910.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x225
>that fucking file name
8th grade, girl in my class had sex with a dog while her friend filmed it.
means more than one guy on her at the same time

>source: I live in jewyork
File: captainhero.jpg (10 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Meet girl online (It's not quite disastrous as you might think)
>We date for a bit
>She is all into sex, that's just her thing.
>I thought, alright the girl likes to have sex, no big deal and because she's so far away, I told her it was no big deal to have sex with other dudes.
>Lose virginity to her, it's alright and I finally got it over with (I was 20 at the time).
>We go a little steady but she's still fucking other dudes
>I don't care
>A few weeks go by and we're talking and texting and all she does is talk about guys she's fucked
>Suddenly realize I've been fucking the neighborhood bicycle.
>Don't care, why walk when you can ride.
>Now she's not exactly the most attractive girl, she has some weight but at least her face is cute and stuff
>But she fucks EVERYTHING under the sun
>I bought a three pack of condoms, used one, the next day the last two were used. She fucked two more guys on the day that I fucked her!
>Oh well, don't care.
>Weeks go by and she finds out she has gonorrhea.
>Big fucking surprise
>She's crying her eyes out and screaming "How could this happen! I always used protection!"
>I'm laughing internally thinking about all the times she swallowed cum
>We stop being steady, at which point I decided not to bother with her ass anymore
>Get checked for STDs
>No STDs!
>mfw I fucked the village bicycle and didn't get the clap!

Bros, if you have the chance to get laid even by the most unsavory of women, I'd say do it.

Meh, the worst I've heard of is a chick in my grade back in high school getting pig roasted by 2 guys at a party, obviously in front of everyone else. Best part is, her boyfriend was out of town at the time.
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 275x183
Basically means getting gang banged but not really an all at once thing mostly guys taking turns fucking a slut usually one after another. One girl let a lot of guys "run a train" on her in the single person bathroom in basement in high school when I was a junior. She was not very attractive in the slightest but i still hit that shit raw dog, was my first. Felt paranoid that i contracted every std known to man for like 6 months afterward. Kept getting tested and was so scared. I was clean but still Never have I had unprotected sex with a stranger again. Well I knew her but I didn't KNOW her. She fucked pretty much anyone who would ask probably had daddy issues.
You're all faggots for not telling him.

>met girl on omegle
>13 years old, already wants dick
>from north carolina
>we kik
>she's a horny little slut but virgin
>she wants my d very bad, but im eurofag and too broke to travel and risk going to jail for this bish
>we lose contact a bit
>get in touch with her again
>notice something is up
>finally convince her to confess whats she been up to

some girl I know give head behind a KFC building for a chicken wing, bitch is hella chub and ugly.
Also a different girl let some boy finger her for one of pic related
I couldn't stop reading it in Captain Hero's voice
cont out of curiosity
File: sotoochee.jpg (26 KB, 485x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's the grand finale
>after that everyone is flabergasted at the amount of sluttiness that just showed it'sself
>party goes on
>bitch end up getting railed by two other dudes at the same time
So lets take a tally of slutness
>took shirt off and got dry humped by one dude
>got fingered in the kitchen in front of everyone
>got eaten out
>sucked another dudes dick
>walked out in front of 50 people naked
>got railed by two 25 year old dudes at the same time
Rumor goes she lost her virginity that night to those two dudes.
Needless to say everyone at school knew about it and she eventually moved schools because she couldn't handle the aftermath of that night.
A 16yo female friend of mine was hanging out with another of my friends. She ended up fucking the guy's 26yo brother when he was within earshot.
This happened at a party when i was 14, so 7 years ago now.

>party starts normal
>less than an hour in though people begin getting drunk
>at around an hour, people are pissed as fuck
>one guy goes up to hottest girl in party, looks at her and starts making out with her
>middle of the garden he pull down trousers and starts getting sucked off
>they stop after he finishes, party continues
>not 20 mins later they meet again in garden, get on floor and start making out again
>guy starts fingering her and goes down on her
>after they're done, she looks around to suck somebody else's dick

this is where i get pissed

>she looks at me
>she comes over
>she's about to pull down my trousers
>her best friend who had a huge thing for me comes in the middle and says 'WOAH YOU CANT SUCK HIS DICK!'
>hot girl shrugs it off and goes to suck somebody else off
>she sucks off 5 guys that night but not me

also captcha: blow, mouth
Oh yeah this one was funny
>back in senior year
>this 9/10 girl sends tit pics to the wrong number
>pics get sent to everyone in school
>fucking fantastic tits
Before you ask my phone broke a couple years back and I no longer have it but I did post them on /b/ when I had them
>girl has a nervous breakdown and stays out of school for close to a month
>few months later her younger sophomore sister takes an ass/pussy pic and sends it to her bf who in turn spreads it throughout the school
>police jump on this one because it's technically CP
>get daily announcements for a week that anyone in possession of said pics will be punished to the fullest extent of the law
>some kid printed out a small poster and put it on the schools' front door
>younger sister then has a mental breakdown
>nothing ever happened to anyone involved
Your reply should have been, "Then YOU suck my dick"

where the fuck is this vid?
how did she not get totally broken after the first day
did you at least fuck that other chick?
File: niggapleazetho.jpg (59 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 600x600
Soo many.

These first few are not the sluttiest, but certainly the grossest
>hot blonde girl gets a golden shower from 4 dudes at a college party then shits self after passing out in bathtub
>girl getting fingered by guy in plain sight, i see her reach into her panties, pull out a tampon, and fling it behind the couch they were on
>some naked dude standing on the rim of a hot tub, jacks off into the water, then 2 girls jump in and start (for lack of a better term) hungry hippoing for jizz in the water

Then the not so gross, but still pretty slutty
>girl gets fucked buy 2 guys at once in front of a crowd of people
>girl gets ass naked on halloween and runs around hopping on guys laps (including mine)
>14 year old girl sister of some guy jumps into a pool naked with some guys at night, later find out 2 twenty something year old guys fingered her pussy and ass
>girl shoves a fire extinguisher nozzle up her pussy, thank god it didnt go off, but obviously it encouraged people to start sparying it at cars when she was done

Those are just a few off the top of my head.
nice trips, faggot
Also trips apparently.
File: 1402368355000.jpg (18 KB, 150x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 150x150
Speaking of trains
>be in USMC
>being a boot and sitting around during training
>haven't even hit the fleet yet
>buddy comes into room
>all smiles
>just returned from train in another barracks
>chick just about had half the barracks plow her shit in all day
>never got caught until someone ratted them out

I was moving around alot, last I heard she was coerced to turn in as many guys. Problem is she got fucked by at least 50 that finding them was the problem. A few months later I ended up in North Carolina. Saw all sorts of shit man.

>knew a guy that would get drunk and knock on doors in the female portion of the barracks
>tried to fuck at least one of them
>mfw he got 4 girls doing this in different barracks

There was also this chick that...no fucking shit...slept with nearly the entire barracks. She would make her rounds and since some people had their doors open she would walk in and give 'massages'. She'd blow one guy and start kissing the guy next door. Also knew another girl who was pretty good at being a whore;
>fucked all of her SNCO's and officers
>got a few of them caught
>was able to get them kicked out
>WHILE being able to stay in under someone bullshit reason (rape, hazing, etc)
>had a little shrine where she placed all the chevrons
>Captions, SSgts, Lieutenants
>Gunny or three
>a fucking LTCOL AND A 1STSGT
>promoted to corporal
>couldn't even do her job properly
>ended up getting married to some beta-bucks beta
>prostituted herself to high ranking Marines under the guise of a civilian
>ended up getting knocked up
>was able to get MedSep'd
>wasn't even in the military for two years
>took the money and ran

Last I heard she was living off the benefits from her spouse, went to college under the GI Bill and heard a *rumor* she got divorced w/alimony. Bitch played the game and never got turned out for it.

Never date a chick who used to be in the military......that or at least try to squeeze out anything incriminating lol. It's a risky move.
i shit you not my next door neighbor was like 13 and her brother was like 16 or someshit.

>be hanging out with friends in the front yard.
> hear some moaning and a slapping sound
>hmm coming from neighbors house with a very thin curtain in the window next to the front door
>we go and look and can see the room has the lights out but there is light shining in from the hallway
>we can see everything... her brother was on top of her fucking her face down while she was moaning and telling him to slow down
>he was straight pounding the shit out of her

we coudn't belive that shit
This 14 year old girl frequently sneaks out of the house and sucks off an entire gang of niggers here in Sumter SC
File: IMAG0230.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1952
Me and bro @ party. First time playing beer pong.

Buddy and random girls time to play so I sit out.

Random girl likes bro

Girl starts fingering herself in front of 20 people to distract other team from winning.

thats actually more common than you think. that way they can still say they are virgins. my friends 1st gf did that
File: 1544828.jpg (8 KB, 200x155) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 200x155
>met girl on Tinder at a party
>get blowjob
>came on her mouth
>swallow everything
>went to the bathroom
>10 minutes later she is kissing the host
>went to a party with 12 people
>2 guys fighting over one bimbo with huge natural tits
>She suggests they have a three way (everyone plastered drunk)
>She blows the one guy while getting fucked by the other
>Passes out drunk and vomits all over my friend's bed.
We should write a book: "101 Slutty stories" by 4CHAN community.

pretty sure she would've sucked me off if i asked but she was the school bitch and people would've been pissed at me

(worth noting she did end up giving me head, but that was later and not at a party where people found out)

might be able to provide pics thinking about it
>hungry hippoing for jizz
I just lost my shit on that. Thanks, anon.

There is no might, only do

slow greentext cos OC, nice trips fag

>she tells me she's been sucking a lot of dick
>same guy, a family childhood friend
>ask her how she got to that point
>he just insisted on her that itd be nice and shit
>she drank so much cum by now
>keep pressing with questions
>its not a friend at all its her cousin
>he also fucked her in the ass, at least 3 times
>she loved it
>she's put a stop to it cos finally got weirded out
>she's still hungry as fuck for cock
>wants mine real bad
>pussy still virgin
>still too broke to go and cram myself into that little thing
>been trying to convince her to hold off till she has real sex
>mom also finally found out about cousin, but a more PG13 version where all he did was "touch her"
>went off on her brother about it, cousins father
>14 now, sweet tits, amazing ass, skinny, brunette, just gorgeous

Would go to NC and bang the shit out of her but extremely broke.
do it
What the actual fuck man
Where was I when this fucking shit happened
a girl in my high school told me she had been fucked in the ass so much recently that she couldn't hold her shit in.
she was 14.
here's another.
not such a big deal but in the 7th grade it was a cautionary tale
>middle school, girl 'goes out' with guy, as much as you could at 11 or 12 yrs
>anyway the guy let it slip that he had sex wiht the girl in a sandbox i her backyard. to middle schoolers this was incredible, like, sex was a thing people were doing but not people who WE knew. anyway, for a couple of weeks word of this makes it around school including the teachers and administration. and the girl started going through morning sickness. at this point the guy recants his story saying he didn't 'stick it in'... she suddenly leaves school for a couple of days and then comes back to school one day no longer throwing up during first and second period. it was pretty well known but mostly unspoken that she was knocked up but her parents chose to get her an abortion. kind of a lesson for the rest of us.

bare with i got semi-nudes of the bitchy chick from last year from my phone
>be 21 on leave
>18 y/o sexy little slut had been wanting my wang since high school
>take her in room
>im very drunk
>beat her pussy up for 2-3 hours, actually take the condom off to beat off because i had massive whiskey dick
>using all kinds of household items to try to get an actually hard-on to give the proper pipe
>shove my finger in her asshole
>give her teh shocker
>mount her again
>buddies come around the house and look through the window to see me wanking over her and again mount
>shes screaming like shes getting beat
>she tells me "pull my hair as hard as you can"
>lawl, ok
>slid in ass..actually took the condom off the floor and put it back on. haha
>was it even right side out?
>have her in between me and eventually jack out a fat load all over her
>she goes to sleep

>next day she fucked two guys at the same time
>and i wasnt even mad
I thought you were saying that some girl went to an ATM with another person's boyfriend and got beat up. I didn't understand how being robbed at an ATM was slutty.
Some girl at my high school took 8 dicks in a night at a party.

Also, I knew a girl who got kicked out of my school in 6th grade for posting CP of herself on myspace.
learn to greentext idiot

File: IMAG0231.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1952
just got lazy...


Get some money, you dumb faggot.
keep this thread alive. after i finish making dinner i have a good story to tell.
A friend of mine got publicly gang banged at a house party after graduation.
>mfw i found out years later after i'd been with her.
>mfw she's never single and always dates one person while cheating behind his back
>mfw she's "back" with her "love" after having broken up with him in favor of her fuck buddy and he's none the wiser to what she was doing the whole time.

Feels bad
>technically CP
>best kind of CP
bump for a good thread
what does it feel like to be sucked off by a grill?
Am not circumcised so will it hurt?
Ass to mouth
File: photo.png (524 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
524 KB, 640x1136
she still thirsty as hell for my d 5 years later, from snapchat
she'd occasionally leave but always been back in a couple of hours. i guess she left to shower or whatever. but they hang out most the day and all night.

top kek sounds like a girl i fucked for a few weeks last year
Not quite as slutty as most other stories here but it's funny none the less:
>Two of my friends were hanging out with one chick
>this chick is being swooned by friend 1
>friend 1 gets her to agree to a blowjob in his truck
>friend 1 also jokes that it would be hilarious if friend 2 secretly filmed him getting road head from the back of his truck
>friend 2 takes this to heart and hides under some clothes and a backpack and shit in friend 1's truck 30 minutes prior to dicksucking
>dicksucking begins
(the only reason I know all this is because friend 2 showed me the video)
>bitch takes her shirt off and starts blowing him
>friend 2 moves into position with camera
>dicksucker bitch notices the truck moving a little bit
>asks "Is there someone else in here?" friend 1 responds quickly with "Nah it was my foot on the break."
>she fucking believes it and goes back to sucking
>friend 2 gets better uninterrupted view and films the sucking
>friend 1 sees camera and his face fucking lights up, he thinks it's hilarious
>bitch still doesn't know about the camera
>friend 1 is almost done and he tells her "Get ready." she backs away "I don't wanna swallow." "But you did it last time?" friend 1 tries to reason, "Yay but I don't like the taste." "Well then just finish me off then." Awkward noises ensue
>he accidentally cums on his steering wheel
>drops her off
>she immediately texts friend 1 saying shes tired of how he uses her and is done with his shit
>week later the bitch takes his virginity
bitches are stupid
hot classmate of mine
goes to party
fucks virgin guy
finds his brother
fucks his brother
>both without a condom
File: j.jpg (80 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 640x1136
good stuff, have tits

File: sucking-fork.jpg (77 KB, 728x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 728x485
Well there was this chick from my school who became the school slut, she started dressing slutty, and took to sewing a scarlett A on all her clothes. Later on we found out she wasn't really a slut, and guys had just been paying her to say she had sex with them.

Pic related. It's her.
damn. i'd pee in her butt.

>From Snapchat
>Whitagram crop
>Instagram filter
>It’s actually a fake $100 I made on my printer

i fucking died at this part
>mfw I would never want anything to do with such a fucking slut
File: 1348272710339.gif (1 MB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x300
File: photo (1).png (1 MB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
photo (1).png
1 MB, 640x1136
my bad this is from snapchat, she just sent the other one

you're telling me you gave that up because she's a bitch and your friends would be upset? nigga are you gay?
I would if I could nigger

You can meet all sorts of sluts in Omegle and kik them

>met a super chrissy mega christian
>grand daughter of pastor
>15, little overweight
>from the south
>eventually sexed her up over texts
>got her to admit she let her one and only bf fuck her twice
>he dumped her shortly after
>she refers to him as 'douchebag' in all our convos
>eventually even get her to admit she loved getting fucked
>she came the first time
>she also gets incredibly turned on by the idea of getting knocked up by me

Same deal, no money to travel to the US of easy girls A
>A friend is in town and crashed at my other friends house
>he asks if we know some easy slut around
>we call this ugly slut that lives close by
>no answer
>we decide to lead our friend to her house anyway
>2 in the morning
>she opens, whole family is home, asleep
>she looks at him for a second, not saying a word and lets him in
>we laugh our asses of when he tells us they fucked.
Also she blew 2 black guys on a dancefloor, not sure if it is correct but it wouldnt suprise me at all.
gr8 b8 0/10
>be me
>be pervert married to slutty wife
>we frequently sex other people together
>go to swinger club
>meet awesome like-minded female
>threesome in front of crowd of guys jerking off
>decide to go home
>bring girl with us
>driving on highway
>wife and girl start fucking in back of my suv while i'm trying to drive
>get home
>another threesome

and that was my wifes first time my wife went down on a woman
wasn't a girl in my area... it was me...

>be insecure landwhale
>have friend who has girlfriend
>they get engaged
>doesn't want to have sex anymore until they're married.
>always hated his girlfriend, I didn't have a thing for him but she was always such a bitch
>get drunk at a party, hes drunk too...
>his girlfriend leaves the party, tries to get him to go but he stays
>they fight a little about it.
>go into one of the bedrooms...
>sit on the bed to get a breather, party was so packed feeling a bit overwhelmed...
>He walks into the same bedroom, sits next to me
>still flustered from the fight, he unloads his problems and frusterations...
>blurt out "Want to have sex?"
>next thing I know I'm on my back, skirt pulled up, getting plowed by him as a couple of his friends watch
>one of his friends starts jerking off while rubbing my boobs, I eventually start jacking him off, cums on the bed and a little on my hair.
>my friend cums inside of me twice, no condom.
we kept having sex for a while until his fiance caught me, and him fucking in his pool. She was super pissed because he wouldn't stop when she was yelling at him...

still go over and mess around with him...
Also have given more handjobs to his friend lol.

yes I am quite literally a gigantic slut...
when i say friends i'm including girls, specifically the one i wanted to get with more (but never did RIP)
>dat undiscovered potential
>go to a thread
>everyone is claiming they have never had sexual contact
>go to this thread
>everyone is claiming to have sex

how should i believe anymore?
I was on a flight home from the Netherlands with my then girlfriend and my best friend. found out on this trip she cheated on me(not with best friend). 17 hour flight. decide to fuck her and leave her.
slut at my highschool.
at a party.
has pillow case over head while getting railed by almost every guy there.
last guy cums in and all over her.
other guys at party take off pillow case as the last dude releases his load.
its his sister.

turns out that some of the guys were pissed at him for something. was just a prank. no harm, no foul.
File: IMAG0194.jpg (2 MB, 1952x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1952x3264
she was sucking on random shit and flashing her tits as well. good times
>girl goes on holiday with her best friend, they have a competition to see how can get laid the most, she wins with 9 guys in 2 weeks
>same girl at a party back home gives blowjobs to anyone who wants one out in the garden, she thinks it was 4 but it might have been 5 but 1 of them couldnt cum
>same girl has a 3some with guys she's known about 2 hours in a tent at Glastonbury
>these are things my gf did before we met
>>As we are in there we bump “heads” with only a small piece of skin separating us
>>I’m like “dude is that you?”
>>He’s like “fuck yeah!”
>>We bump fists while ramming her
I lost my shit
female friend of mine told me this one of herself

>be 14
>be horny as shit due to hormones etc
>need phallic object in me
>go in fridge
>find cucumber
>hide in room
>insert cucumber in vagina
>remove plastic from cucumber
>insert into vagina
>orgasm achieved
>parents will be home soon
>put cucumber back in fridge


>be eating supper
>sliced, unpeeled cucumber on plate
>oh shit i forgot to wash the fucking thing
>panic mode
>whole family is eating it
>eats cucumber with family

hahahah gg

Well you better post tits then and make it official
Fun stuff never happens to me.
Apparently everyones to good and proper to whore themselves out where I live
>be me
>be 18
>Goto schoolies (kinda like spring break but when you finish high school
>Befriended 30 something couple next door
>5 days into partying, Dude asks me to come into there room
>Shows me his wife in the shower
> Comes out of show naked starts sucking my dick
>gets her up on all fours starts fucking
>Swap ends, he nuts in her mouth then I'm fucking her missionary
>jizz running down her chin
>dude fucks off
> Realise he has used me to occupy his wife
>Keep fucking, she keeps asking where he has gone but girates her pelvis harder as I am nailing her
>she wants to kiss me
>Nut in her mouth
>She gets dressed with jizz still runnning down her face and goes to search for her husband

Next day they told me there plot to double team my hot arse friend, unsure what comes of it
fuck you guys. I'll carry on anyway.
so then girlfriend don't know that I found out about her cheating. I tell best friend about it. best friend's admits how much of a bitch she was and how much of a beta fag I was for dating her. he admits that she was hot though. 36C tits. not too bad. nice ass. blonde, blue eyed. like to try things when it came to sex.
This girl in high school was blowing some dude in the hall after school, trying to be sneaky and shit. Right after school ended, still people in building. He blew his load all over her tits, and they had to clean it up with paper from a notebook

> mfw it was my gf
> mfw it was me
> mfw cleaning up cum with paper
> mfw no face
it's true? how do you usually go about doing this? im omegle n00b
File: LOL.png (199 KB, 271x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 271x441
Girl had anal in the forest and then bragged about it to everyone, than when she was called a whore she said it was rape
all of this:
>popular bitch
>goes to water park with nigger
>receives anal from nigger in the lazy river
>me and 3 friends at party
>i know a bitch wants it
>start making out
>go get a drink and tell her to meet me in bedroom
>tell my friends to walk in in 10 mins
>make out
>get naked
>start fingering
>friend 1&2 walk in
>ask if they can join in
>she obliges
>the 3 of us fuck this girl
>more people walk in to watch
>3 of us fucking a girl while a whole party comes into witness
>one guy is eating potato chips as if its popcorn at a movie theatre
>chick be at a new years eve party
>not a big style party, only few people, around 7
>poles, those dipshits from poland, you can imagine the baseness
>poles be drinking, chick is polish as well
>poland is a useless country, but they have nice chicks, tho
>poles be drinking even more, starting to speak their gibberish
>i am czech, so i somehow figured how to understand them
>one pole starts to rub her crotch
>chick starts to unzip his pants
>blow job is coming next
>me too fedora to do anything
>sit back and try to chat with other guys
>seems like nope, they're gettin ready to enjoy drunk polish chick
>chick blows them off
>serves them well
>they start to ac like in B category porn, typicall 'orgy'
>meanwhile i sit in the corner holding my bottle of vodka
>they finish their business and go to sleep
>i am still holding on my vodka like it could be a fucking savior
>check my belongings, go out, get on a bus, go home, fall asleep.
And this is the story of how i stopped being beta fedora fag
Any more pictures?
>>one guy is eating potato chips as if its popcorn at a movie theatre

Is this the chick because that exact same fucking story happened to this girl I know
>long ago, put an ad on a meetup 900 number.
>wasn't expecting anyone to answer it, it was just a turn on saying out loud that I wanted to take a girl to a glory hole at an adult book store and watch her suck off dick after dick thru the hole while I fucked her from behind.
>Jackie answered.
>When we first talked on the phone she already sounded like she was thinking of backing out. She just liked the thrill of talking about it.
>Figured if she was backing out anyway, I would get one more cheap, creepy turn on by saying how hard it would make me to see her sucking all those dicks.
>She got quiet and then whispeed she wanted to meet right away.
>We met in the parking lot at the Cherry Hill mall and sat in my car.
>She wasn't much to look at, but she was young and trim and turned on.
>She said she liked talking about it but didnt really want to do it, so I talked about what it would be like some more and finally got myself so worked up, I pulled my dick out.
>And she blew me good.
>I was done and she didnt seem to want to go away, so I bought her dinner.
>During dinner I got worked up again.
>After dinner, before driving her home, I took her past the adult bookstore, and said "lets just go in just to see, but we wont do anything"
>She got quiet, and I talked about her sucking lots of dicks again. She agreed to just go in....
no condom is kinda weird.
but hey the brothers can compare notes
>be me
>older friend takes me clubbing
>hes hitting on this woman twice my age
>she is hot tho
>brags about all the stuff he does
>hes bragging about shit i actually did for him
>he leaves to piss
>tell the bitch what a lying prick he is
>she frenches me
>takes me home
>sex two times
>wake up in the morning
>her kids just came home
>they are my age
File: IMAG0201.jpg (2 MB, 1952x3264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1952x3264
yea got lots actually =)
forgot to mention
>friend 1 pulls out
>other friend is getting sucked off
>friend 1 hits friend 2 with jizz

>Told her I would get us in a stall without a hole, just to see it, but I intentionally took her into one that had a hole and then I acted suprised.
>small skirmish in the hall for guys to get in the next stall over.
>A dick came thru the hole and she froze.
>I told her to suck it. She froze.
>I wrapped myself around her back, grinding my hardon into her, and told her we could leave if she wanted but she may never get this chance again.
>"wow" she whispered. I gently pushed her down in front of the hole.
>She had finished off the first guy before I got her pants down and got myself arranged enough to enter her.
>Had to talk the first guy into leaving his stall by promising we would call him again for the next day, but didnt even write down his number.
>Nearly came while she sucked the second guy, but he came pretty quick. Only thing that kept me from coming was that I wasnt in a comfortable position, knees on the hard sticky floor. Kind of gross.
>During the third guy, I was able to fuck her and get around her close enough to kiss the back of her check. (but I sort of pulled out of her sometimes when trying to do this).
>She reacted by pushing the guy's dick into her check so it bulged out below my lips. Maybe a quarter inch of her check between me and him.
>I came during the forth guy but kept her at it.
>Fifth guy may have been the first guy again. He had trouble coming, but finally did.
>Took Jackie home. Promised to call her but didnt, cause she had turned into a dirty whore and I am above that sort of whore.
For fucks sakes? will anyone acknowledge my existence. trying to add my experience.
I'll carry on.
be me. 23. still on 17 hour flight home. over night flight. serve dinner about 30 minutes into flight. eat dinner. best fucking dinner ever since the day before. soon after everyone given blanket and headset. soon after stand comes by to try sell cheap crap. cheap crap. Royal Dutch Airlines. cheap crap. so when speaking to best friend before he suggests fucking her and leaving. I agree thinking good idea. decide that might be cool to join mile high club at same time and ditch her at terminal for being such a bitch.
Post em, then!
>7th grade
>420 Blaze it fag
>8 blunts in
>buddy says he can get a girl from school to come over.
>He says if we let her smoke some she will strip for us.
>all 5 of us agree
>She comes over strips, while smoking and giving lapdances
>run out of swishers
>buddy calls his older brother to bring us a few more boxes.
>..........20min. later
>get more blunts in rotation
>More people are starting to show up
>about 17 guys
>Girl starts to get the munchies
>I have a snickers
>Tell her to blow us for the snickers
>She agrees and blows & fucks 17 guys in a bedroom attic for a snickers.
>She never got that snickers.
>see her everyday at school till HS.

Her name was Ashley ?Granger?, something with a G.
File: IMAG0214.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1952
and you didnt take any pictures, right

my wife and I picked up a guy to have a threesome with us, from craigslist. he was great. a year later, we put up another ad, we chose a guy and found the name somewhat familiar. turns out it was his brother. neither of them know about our fun with the other..
>be like 15
>meet some bitch on facebook, total whore
>go see a movie with her, she takes her shirt off in the back of the theatre
>not many people so i thought whatever
>huge tits
>remember she's 13
>don't care, those tits were awesome
>finger her, she smells bad, got up and left
>couple months later, she needs a ride
>broken foot, walks around on crutches
>my cousin gives me a ride to go get her
>tell her to blow me for a ride
>she blows me
>i don't give her a ride
biggest slut i have ever met. wouldn't dare fuck her, that pussy was vile
>not offering her 101

Asking permission to continue is for fucking betas. Annoying as FUCK just go.
because it's entertaining
chick in highschool fucked a dude in the back of the bus
I watched a girl give a spider monkey a blow job while a buddy of mine had to pry it off her face just enough so she could breathe.

If that's not slutty enough, then how about the trap I saw blow 3 marines who didn't realize he was a trap till one of them checked the package.
I was more worried about the marines getting themselves killed than the trap. It was that kind of bar.
whore: someone who uses sex as a tool, or weapon, to achieve a goal of monetary or other gain.

slut: someone who enjoys sex because sex, fuck the rules
File: 1357347917020.png (194 KB, 308x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194 KB, 308x346
>be at college party
>trying to play the piano
>really drunk
>suddenly a girl sits next to me.
>familiar, but not putting a name to her face.
>she grabs my hand and puts it in her crotch
>starts licking my ear
>suddenly i remember who she was
>she was literally the biggest slut on the campus.
>her twin sister told me that she had had over 24 guys that semester alone in their dorm room.
>realize where my hand is
>suddenly feel like i'm touching a toilet seat
>was really wet and slimy. probably was some cum in there.
>nearly vomit.
>go to bathroom, wash ear and hands.
>come back out, girl is rubbing her cooch on the piano bench.
>piano bench is old as fuck.
>slut starts screaming.
>mfw she got a splinter in her vagina.
I live in suburbs of LA where a bunch of rich fucks live and this girl is just a complete fucking slut and I'm not really sure how she met him but yea I've also heard she sucked rick ross's dick and she hangouts with chief kief, everyone has her nudes writhing like a 40 mile radius
File: photo (2).png (643 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
photo (2).png
643 KB, 640x1136
cont from earlier post cbf to find it. i don't actually remember most of it but this is how it's been retold to me

>be me 15
>everybody getting wasted at this party, especially this one really hot mixed chick
>i'm drunk as fuck and i go up to her and we start making out
>somehow convince her to come upstairs with me
>waiting for her to give me head
>i go down on her pussy and it aint smell good but im dedicated so i continue
>waiting for her to give me head
>we start making out again
>fucking finally she gives me head
>i finish, we make out some more
>we go downstairs at the end, almost everybody else is gone
>we fucked a few times after but it never got serious

pic related, apparently i took it while the bitch was sucking my dick
are czech chicks easy to pick up ? i'm to influenced by porn i think but damn it would be a nice holiday destination... (went to lithuania twice... same principle nice girls and cheap beer :D)
slut shuved a 2 liter up her cunt
also 2 large shampoo bottles
this took place in middle school
Fuck you for not telling him you douche. Wouldn't you want to be told immediately? That's fucked up.
File: images.jpg (11 KB, 282x178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 282x178
Girl here. I don't understand why you get all upset, this just means that she cares about you, else she wouldn't be talking.
File: IMAG0226.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1952
on a similar note, the middle school in my hometown recently banned all school dances because a pair of kids fucked in the bathroom in the pizza place next door.
File: 1389742250549.jpg (125 KB, 500x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 500x540
>Posts pic of sexual encounter

Underage + posting CP = b&
File: LOL.jpg (31 KB, 250x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 250x251

>ITT: artistic works of fiction
is anyone reading this?
so get on plane for trip home. I get window seat. fuck yeah alpha. then girlfriend gets middle seat next to me. best friend gets isle seat. after previously mentioned shit happens lights go out. plane almost completely dark. nearly everyone has headphones on or face mask things for sleeping. girlfriend has headphones on. watching movie. I wait 30 more minutes to make sure everyone else asleep. air hostesses and the hosts(gay version) no longer walking around. she is covered in blanket. I am covered in blanket. decided to start slowly and make this is a very long affair. very cold so she is wearing jeans. long shirt. jacket thing. slip my hand under my blanket and then over to her seat and under blanket. onto her leg. go in for the kill. straight between her legs. she looks at me with sneaky smile. fuck you bitch. this will be your last time. she carries on watching movie with weird smile on face trying to not make look obvious.
im somewhat interested

but thats just because Im dutch too.
fucking continue the story you mug
File: 1390506089711.png (118 KB, 230x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 230x330
>9th grade
>be 14
>we get separated into groups for some project
>me and two girls
>one is hot, other is ugly-face-but-fuckable-body
>8.2/10 and 5.7/10
>they talk about party
>"Alot of shit happened at that party, didn't it femanon2?"
>They laugh
>"Do you know what she did, anon?"
>"She fucked two duded at the same time, one 18, other 22"
>"Shut up femanon1!"
>She says it while she laughs
>"She had to walk nude into the shower between all the guys at the party and wash her pussy for cum"
chill, she was 17/18
lets call it 18
File: 1402196573658.jpg (134 KB, 569x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 569x768
CP b&

holy shit post more
>girl I knew at 17
>after prom, went to ex BFs house
>They start fucking
>his friend is also there, everyone is really drunk
>He watches them from the doorway
>she waves him over. Fucks both of
>Bonus of the story, she has had her pics posted on here before.
>blond, huge tits and big Bambi eyes
>gets posted a lot actually

When my wife was 17 she fuck a 32 year-old that she affectionately calls "horse cock."
>Implying it's only CP if the grill is underage

Oh god, Im at north Carolina right now for a course. And I see this all the time. Never fucking see a chick who was in the military.
Not sure if easy, but cheap, buy a drink or two and you have bought yourself some D-care.
faster you son of a bitch
any tit or pussy shots?
File: SwagFag.jpg (9 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 480x360
>pic rel: yfw my comment
Be me, in gr 7
Friend has a gr 4 girl who hangs all over him
and always tells him she loves him
Fast forward now she is 12
Gets filmed giving her boyfriend head
Becomes known across the land as
the "Pre-teen Porn Queen"
Friend has regrets....
I don't believe it happened
Party-vanned if happened today
nigga are you planning to report my 15 yo dick? thought so
shall carry on now.
so now jeans are undone. jeans are halfway down her legs. totally wetting plane seat. 3 fingers. deap inside her. viciously attacking pussy. her hand now on my side of the seat. my jeans now down. jerking me off really well. fucking practicing with other beta fag. make me pissed off. finger harder. she let's out loud moan. freeze in fear of getting thrown out of plane. not good when high above ground. could die. nobody seems to notice or atleast nobody gives a shit. carry on digging away. she tells me she wants to do something different. asks me to follow her to tiny ass fucking cubicle.
my story will be tame, but thats because I haven't really been involved in a lot of crazy shit.
I finally decided to go to a party a bunch of college band geeks were throwing. Nothing really crazy happened out in the open but the girl that was renting the apartment pulled out her vibrator and was passing it around. One girl had received a call from her father and while on the phone with him, two of the other girls had pinned her down on the ground and started vibing her through her pants. It was pretty damn hot but how bad would you feel after you sobered up and learned you basically orgasmed while on the phone with your dad.
tits or gtfo
File: ganga.jpg (26 KB, 453x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 453x604
I got one for you fags:

The beginnings of the "Rugged Crew"

>Be me, 18 y.o going to uni in Aus
>Clubbing doing the usual
>Spot somewhat nerdy looking shy chick
>Start talking to her, hook up

Now, next part needs explaining- I usually pick up girls and palm them off to mates because they're beta as fuck and because I have a mrs, but I still bang chicks if I feel like it. This one though, was so hot that she was so innocent, told me she had only fucked her boyf a bunch last year and now she's single.

>Decide to set KPI for tonight of all my mates to bang her
>Feed her some Chatreuse shots
>Take her to my mate's
>"Dare" her to hook up with my friends
>Says she doens't wana as it's awkward
>Blind fold her with my sock
>Hooks up with both
>Getting horny
>Tell her I feel bad that I didn't tell her sooner
>Friends looking at me with same expression
>Tell her I usually bring girls back here for gang bangs and that I feel bad for bringing her here (complete lie)
>She says it's OK that I didn't tell her
>"Look, I know it's weird but we do this every weekend, why don't you put the blind fold back and and let us take you upstairs?"
>Proceed to all fuck her all night (3 guys)
>Turns out she hasn't fucked in like 6 months
>Comes buckets

We go on to do this most weekends for better part of about a year. Greatest sex ever, got her to double pen once but we were too drunk to make it good haha. Questions?

Pic related.
Is her name Elizabeth by any chance?
everybody walk the dinosaur?
Some girl back in my hometown Indiana cheated on her boyfriend while getting gang banged by two dudes at a lake.

I always thought she was really nice, didn't know she was a super-slut.
>your story is fucking gay
>the premise is boring as fuck
>you suck dick at telling stories you >only tell 3 sentences at a time of the most boring irrelevant shit
>don't even greentext

seriously dude...fuck off with your gay shit, you're a bigger faggot than OP
File: banhammer.jpg (23 KB, 300x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 300x408
enjoy your ban, niggerfaggot
My friend's girlfriend(15) was with me and 5 friends and sucked and fucked us when we were drunk and filmed it never got the video idk if she still has it. We found out about it like 2 Weeks later and my friend broke up with her. She ended up moving.
either this is a common story told in high schools, or we live in the same state.
File: 1397608110816.jpg (49 KB, 734x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 734x490
>some naked dude standing on the rim of a hot tub, jacks off into the water, then 2 girls jump in and start (for lack of a better term) hungry hippoing for jizz in the water
Sounds like my kind of party.
Well actually rape is non-consentual sex, so even if you wanted it, if you didn't give consent in some way it could be considered rape. You could imagine that even if you had wanted to have sex, the other person's total lack of concern with whether or not you did want it could turn things sour. Also, it's a behavior worthy of punishment on the part of the perpetrator. Keep in mind, though, that a case in which someone wanted to have sex but did not demonstrate it in any way is rare. The distinction is far more important in the opposite case: if you didn't want to have sex, but did give consent, it is not rape, regardless of how you feel about the experience. The law can't rely solely on internal states for its definitions because they can never be known for certain, either by a participant in sexual behavior or by a judge.
>Friend and I are bored at home, drunk from canada day
>1am hits and girl down the street messages me and asks if she can chill
>she comes over, completely wasted
>usual white girl flailing, flashing her tits infront of us
>starts dryhumping my friend and I simultaneously
>bring out vibrator I had that my ex gf left at my house a while back
>start dildoing her with vibrator right beside friend
>she goes home
>keeps asking to chill everyday
File: 1404676289277.jpg (34 KB, 336x335) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 336x335
>friend 1 hits friend 2 with jizz
>mfw i imagine his face
more of a sad story then a hot slut story but i'll post it anyways

>go camping with 5 friends
>one of them is girl who friendzoned me
>we all get drunk
>she hooks up with my friend markus in a tent
>my other friend josh goes in the tent and they start doing sexual stuff
>im fucking sad as shit
>they leave the tent while she stays in there
>other friend goes in and fucks her too
>he leaves and comes to me and says i can fuck her
>at this point my hearts broken
>i say no
>we all wake up the next morning and act like nothing happened

I look back and I regret it but I just couldn't bear to hook up with her. now she's married to a guy in the army
File: forty keks.jpg (12 KB, 240x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
forty keks.jpg
12 KB, 240x210
>be 15, at some party
>didn't know anyone except my friend who invited me
>jewniggers everywhere, didn't share booze, probably because i was underage b& though
>walk around, the place was fucking huge with a huge backyard
>see 8/10 girl sitting alone completely hammered
>asks me if i've got anything to drink
>aw, thats too bad anon
>after about 30 minutes i get bored because there is literally nothing to do
>checking all the rooms to see if my buddy is anywhere to be found
>see the girl passed out while 2 guys are fucking her brains out

tfw i should've lied and got my dick wet
tfw too beta for that
tfw i don't have a face
decide to move to cubicle. most fucking awkward shit ever. she sits me down on small ass fucking toilet. toilet seat closed. gives really cramped lap dance. start sucking tits. amazing tits. only way to do this is upright doggy. too cramped for anything else. start going at it. grabbed onto tits while she bounces herself. fuck that shit. ain't doing anywork when she cheats on me. stupid bitch. carry on going. before I dump my ton pull out. bitch turns around. awkwardly. put dick in mouth really deep and blow a load. she swallows and looks at me with weird ass smile. stupid whore. still got a long ass flight to go. achieve brilliant idea. decide to get best friend involved. if sitting on toilet and she over me. possible to fit one more up against door. sound plan. tell bitch. bitch agrees.

>be me 18
>be virgin
>bring 2 friends to my apt after kegger at a mansion, we are trashed
>girl stole more wine from a 711 on our way fuck yea
>keep drinking
>all pass out at like 8am
>wake up to the telltale sounds of mouth on cock
>dude is fucking her mouth while she sleeps
>she wakes up but isnt mad or yelling rape shes drunk and horny and wants it
>btw she is skinny with perky tits, pale white skin, dark brown hair with red highlights, with lip ring and eyebrow ring
>i get condoms for guy cuz friends dont let friends get herpes
>he licks her shaved pink puss while i fondle her tater tots
>he starts to fuck her and since i have roommates i shut the bitch up by stuffing my cock and balls in her mouth
>shes being a bitch now i guess its getting too rough for her but we dont care, we are spitroasting a solid 8 who is too drunk and small to fight off two big dudes so we take advantage of the situation and have our way with her
>her pussy is full of cum and she is saying she wants to go home and asking us not to hurt her, the whole time im having her stroke my cock and massage my balls (she refuses to suck it and i dont want her to bite me so i take what i can get tbh)
>dude guy came so hes over it so he goes home, i walk the girl to a bus stop because i have another girl coming over and i have gained a lot of confidence and a sack full of jizz to give to her
File: IMAG0250cut.jpg (709 KB, 1856x1952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
709 KB, 1856x1952
sorry anons other pics are blurry or poorly lit.i was really waiting for her to get naked because she was fucking hot but some other bish called her a slut so she got dressed and all pouty
File: 1394243838599.png (65 KB, 500x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 500x316
hey /b/ro got that in higher res for u
ok...heres my story of my gf being a slut. remind you, this was before we got together, so no...i aint mad.

me and her hang out and shes showing me before and after pics of her restaurants remodel. notice quite a few pics of a couple of guys in the pics. ask her why all the guy pics, she says they just happened to be in the pic since they were doing the electrical work. ok....whatever.

fast foward to a couple of weeks later and her and i are having a couple of drinks and relaxing. suddenly she asks me, 'if i tell you something you promise not to get mad?' oh shit...what the fuck? i tell her, 'i can promise to try my best not to get mad.'

she says, 'remember those 2 guys in the pics of my restaurant?' immediately i knew what was gonna be said next. i said, 'did you fuck them?'. 'yeah.....but you and i werent even together, so its not like i cheated on you.'

100 different porno scenes are playing thru my mind all at once, but she was right. then after a couple of minutes of silence i asked, 'so what happened?'. then she said, 'why? do you really wanna know?' 'yeah...yeah, i would like to know.'
Copy pasta is stale
Happened recently, a 15 year old girl came to this party I was at and got drunk... Then she got fucked by 5 his at once, I'm talking two in each hole... Whole thing on video. Later she sucks a Dick under the lunchroom table and it gets taped too... Guy got in alot of trouble for the cp
>13 year old girl
>has a boyfriend
>the girlfriend and the boyfriend sleepover with another guy
>boyfriend is sleeping
>the girlfriend and the other guy starts to get kinky
>girlfriend jacks the other guy off while boyfriend is sleeping
File: 1404570810105.jpg (81 KB, 719x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 719x960
And here's the tale of how I fucked the slut gf of some guy I knew last year:

>at party
>slut gf shows up on the arm of some greasy looking emo guy
>sees me and panics because I've hung around her and her bf
>pulls me to the side and begs me not to tell her bf she was here
>laugh and tell her ill think about it then walk away
>apparently I stressed her out and she barely even moved all night just kept chugging drinks until she was totally shitfaced at like maybe 12
>she strips down to her bra and panties because some girl complimented her tits, yeah didn't really make sense then either
>she pulls me aside and angrily tells me not to tell her bf and she's not leaving til she has a promise
>bit drunk myself and quite motivated by her nearly naked body I tell her to make me and slap her ass
>scowl vanishes from her face and she bites her lip, apparently I hit her slut button
>tell her to meet me in my car in 10 minutes
>she makes some hasty goodbyes saying her ride is here
>her date is very confused and trying to get her to stay
>after she leaves I wait a bit and then say I'm going to grab something from my car
>was probably obvious what was going on
>go outside, car is in corner of parking lot and slut is sitting on the hood waiting
>tell her to get in
>slap her ass again when she's getting in the back seat
>basically skipped all foreplay, stripped her and fucked her in my backseat
>she either orgasm'd or faked it, didn't really care
>finished on her stomach and made her lick me clean
>she had these drunk rumblings of how it was nice to be handled roughly for once
>both pass out in my back seat for an uncomfortable night of sleep
>wake up early and drive away
>drop slut off, apparently she had like 50 texts from both her bfs
>I fucked her on occasion whenever she had a fight with her bf
>she moved away last month

No idea how many guys she was actually juggling at once but goddamn she was hot. Pic is not related.
Mhh, velice zajmave.
> 5 guys
>two in each hole
That's some gay as shit nigga
fuck you faggot. give up the story like your gf gave up that ass
13 yo Girl hang around with 10 boy age from 13 to 20 and had sex with all of them (gangbang and shit) some vids of this seassion spread it around the shool. teacher assum she was raped, girl confirm theachers view. avter a long investigation poilc let belive the boys, but still put all of the over 16 yo boy in touble, because of sex with a minoren girl
god damn it i hate it when sluts call other sluts a slut just because the slut is being more sluttier than the sluts average slutty expectations.

Happened to a girl who was getting naked at a music festival and some other bitch called her out and she got embarrassed and stopped. Just mind your own damn bizz
File: image.jpg (20 KB, 600x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 600x454
>dem stacks
leave cubicle in jacket. quickly go to best friend while girlfriend stays in bathroom. wake up best friend. explain idea. thanks me greatly. tell best friend I need recovery time. feel beta as fuck. I sit down. best friend goes and pounds the living daylights out of my girlfriend. after while feeling more alpha now. go on to bathroom. knock on door. get in. best friend now on toilet in same position as me. close bathroom door. turn girlfriend around. sits over best friend. he takes on pussy. I'll go in the pooper. pound her hard. she cums like 3 times. blow a load in her ass. best friend pulls out and blows a load up her stomach and onto tits. she sucks us both off nicely. tell her to clean up her shit and meet us back at seats when she's done. go back to seats. beat friend and I feeling alpha as fuck. I grope her for rest of flight. tits and all. best friend and I pretend we don't know her at terminal and just leave. 2 years later best friend and I are still best friends. go drinking every weekend. Don't fucking know what happened to girlfriend. never heard from her again. never even seen her. weird? want to go back to Netherlands one day.
File: YurLion.jpg (919 KB, 2560x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
919 KB, 2560x1600
>She sucks my dick on command


in your dreams...and her nightmares
File: 1315788914550.jpg (103 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 600x600
>Be 17 in HS
>Get invited to party after skool
>Gonna surprise popular girl at her house for her b-day
>i'm all whatever, guess i am popular now
>Neighbor lets us all in
>hide in one room packed like sausages.
>She walks in
>everyone super quiet
>wait like five minutes
>still think I am popular
>Lovin it
>everyone runs out
>Her pants down
>Dog head between them
>Peanut butter on table
>Shit was cash
>everyone ran like roaches
>cops called
>Got high down the street
>Shit was cash
>Love being popular
why the hell reading all there stories made me feel so bad?...
yfw she's probably still doing all of this
>complete and utter domination of a woman
a fat dumb scene girl i went to highschool with once took it from 2 dudes in some woods in exchange for 2 grams of dope. she was dumb as a sack of dogshit.

ended up getting knocked up by someone else not too long after.
sounds like you need to date a higher class of grill-fiend, anon

I'm not Dutch. got Dutch family but was born in South Africa. Now living in France. girlfriend was french.
The most I got from my area are girls who maniacally fuck ta guy weeks straight before hooking up with someone else, we gain total respect for the fuckbuddy and lose all for the guy she hooked up with.
Mansluts however...
Friend of mine fucked 7 girls the week before he left for BMT for the Army (the guy wasn't even in yet). We didn't believe him at first, but later we got first-hand proof from the girls themselves. Fucker is gunna arrive to a wave of pussy for his first RnR later this month.
Another friend of mine spent the whole summer binge drinking and fucking his buddies girlfriends, and spent two weekends fucking a virgin he deflowered the first weekend.
One other friend spent his entire relationship cheating and fucking other girls. According to her, he confessed to cheating on her at a minimum four times. Still took him back, still going out with him to this very day. I'm going to see them for his birthday party later this month.
And this was this in one year. Everyday I wish I had a 10th of the confidence these guys have.
'it was their last night there and they went to go thru their checklist and make sure everything got completed. they got there about half an hour before we closed so they could begin setting up. so we were talking and they were telling me that in a couple of days they would be going to another job in nevada and then home for a couple of weeks. so i had to close the store and go do the schedule and fill out food orders and other paperwork. so i told them that if they needed me to sign any forms i would be in the back.'

'so on my way to the office i stop in the kitchen and sweep up real quick and i can hear them talking and laughing, so i sneak from the kitchen to the front counter to hear them. i heard one say 'shes pretty cute and she has a nice ass.' and the other one said, 'you should ask her if shes single. its our last night here anyway.' thats when i knew they were talking about me.'
>live in student halls
>best friend meets girl he likes
>during party at her flat he goes off with her
>friends start talking about how much of a slut she is, says she's already had sex with 12 guys 2 weeks into uni, two of them were during a threesome
>be naive and get mad cause i think my friend is going to go with a slut on his first time
>doesn't occur to me that he might want that
>drunkenly search for him
>fall asleep
>texts me saying he fingered her
>at the same flat for a party the next again week
>spend all evening getting messages from this girl from this inbetween meddler guy saying she wants to fuck me
>say yes
>go over to her
>she asks if i still agree
>say no because i can't get the image of my friend with his finger up her out of my head
>would have fucked her otherwise
>i'm a hypocrite but fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
sorry took long to tell story. will remember next time. will not be such a faggot at telling story next time. sorry.
fuck thats harsh
Girl in the area had a reputation for shitting on two different guys during anal. So I'm at party in some rando's house and my friend is fucking her doggie style when suddenly, completely unevoked she sprays shit all over his stomach, chest and even some on the bottom of his chin. My buddy throws up on her then runs to the shower and hops in with clothes still on, pants around ankles and turns it on. Meanwhile the girl simy uses the comforter on the bed to wipe off, leaves with some guy and gives him road dome to drive her home.
the thrill of the chase is effectively ruined if a friend gets to her goodies first
cont and don't even ask anymore
Because you'll never get to treat a woman like shit and have her suck your dick for it/
I say look for him and tell him...

>dat Trayvon Martin phone case

This. Why is it that we don't have a problem with other guys who you know nothing about fucking her, but when it's one of our friends suddenly it's not okay?
It means have sex with at least 5-7 men consecutively with no breaks.

thats frank ocean
no more?
thx for the story. it was entertaining for me. Nice job leaving the whore behind
>senior in high school
>tutor a freshmen girl with huge tits
>gf breaks up with me
>lay my mack down
>fuck the freshman

turns out she was a couple weeks pregnant when i fucked her. she's still with her baby daddy
>turns out she was a couple weeks pregnant when i fucked her.
sweet means no knocking her up
>still with her baby daddy
ah man no one likes a cheating whore
>some naked dude standing on the rim of a hot tub, jacks off into the water, then 2 girls jump in and start (for lack of a better term) hungry hippoing for jizz in the water

Fucking lost it.
>live around niggas
>niggas divide themselves into two groups
>one chick wants to get into one group
>Only way in is to beat top bitch in a fight
>bitch says nope
>Plan B
>Chick gets caught in a circle, jerking off 20 niggas at friend's house
>Because you'll never have the confidence to treat a woman like shit and have her suck your dick for it
I knew a couple girls who were having a contest to see who could fuck the most guys in one day. the record was set at 8
I think the simple answer is cooties, i honestly started feeling sick at the thought of touching her when his greasy cheese puff fingers had been inside her
File: 1403721822594.jpg (6 KB, 319x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 319x316
>Be 13 hanging out with about 5 bros in basement
>Everyone decides to stay the night
>Mom doesn't give a shit because we don't bother her upstairs
>My black friend Jordan brought his girlfriend, and they would periodically fuck in front of everyone from time to time
>My white friend Marcus had a rapists wit
>Marcus would constantly uses rapist wit to get girls who like me, to do sexual stuff for us both, or just him if he could manage.
>Black bro's Jordan's girlfriend is wet for me
>Black bro Jordan falls asleep
>White bro Marcus and I end up in a separate empty bedroom with black bro's girlfriend
>I'm sitting on the ground back against the wall
>She wasted no time
>She pulls down my retarded plaid shorts, then starts swirling her tongue around my sack in almost the same instance
>As she is getting her head slammed down on my maybe 4 and a half inch not yet fully developed hard on & Marcus has begun to eat out her pussy
>Get grossed out because I had remembered black friend Jordan had railed her earlier and spilled his seed inside of her
>Get on my knees and start skull fucking her
>She's moaning as I cum down her throat and choke her out with my semen
>Exit the room to get some Cereal as Marcus begins to slide his dick inside of her

This wasn't the only time we messed with her while they were together

like a month later was when she told me. scared the shit out of me for a couple minutes before she said it wasnt mine
have any pics of her?
'so i listen to them talking about me for a few more seconds then i sneak back to the kitchen and walk out to the dining area acting like i didnt hear anything. then i make small talk with them about the job and blah blah. then one asks me, 'doesnt your boyfriend get mad that you have to work so late?' so i tell him no, that im single, so its not a big deal.'

'then i ask, 'what about you guys? do you have wives back home?' one said he was divorced and the other said he was single. so i said that i was headed back to the office and if they needed anything i would be back there.'

'instead i went thru the kitchen and behind the front counter to listen to them again.i heard them talking about me again and honestly i got pretty excited at what they were saying and the thought of fucking 2 guys at once. so i snuck back to the office and closed the door. once i had the door closed i pulled my pants down and began fingering myself, then i figured why should i have to masturbate when i could just have sex?'
>At a friends house party
>the house is packed 50 or so guys and at least as many girls
>scene chick shows up that nobody knows
>starts blowing guys in the bathroom
>spends the whole night in the bathroom sucking cock and fucking a few guys.
>get this shit on video.
>8hr of pure sucking & fucking
>find out a week later she was 14
>everybody deletes the vids & pics

>Same friend is having another house party
>a friend of a friend invites some poly-bi chicks over
>one of the girls they bring with them has no ID and looks like a 12yo
>tell them she has to go.
>a buddy of mine gave them a "ride" aka ffucked them and droped them off naked on the other side of town.
no thats fucked up.
File: FatSlag.jpg (34 KB, 426x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 426x640
>girl from HS goes on girls holiday
>gets drunk
>fucks 4 guys

pic related
>house is packed
>50 or so guys and at least as many girls

shit tier parties
hopsin fucktards
That's not a fucking stories that's 20% of 13 year olds
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