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Can we get a baww thread going?
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Can we get a baww thread going?
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Anybody else here angry because you're confused?
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Thanks for contributing bro.
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>captcha: can undiiee
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What do you mean by that?
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not for that, /b/ro

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This made me cry
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But...We're here forever. Aren't we?
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Gotta have some ugly.
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Not as long as we're together.
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goose bumps, not even gonna lie
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>I go away but we are two of soul
Every fucking time
This one is way to relevant.
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That's the end of that comic. Sorry bro
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Meaning I'm confused. I don't understand things. And that makes me angry.
And as you might have guessed, the thing making me most angry are women. I just don't get them.

At first, I was thought the whole "disney princess package" of women being sensitive, gentle etc, of men wanting to get into their pants while they're the noble ones.
And of course with time I saw that that was bullshit. I saw the nicest angels fucking their way trough life. I saw girls whose only request to fuck a guy was that he made the first step. And that's it. And who am I to judge them for being horny as fuck? It's not like I'd do it differently if girls would come up to me.

But then I see people, men and women alike, changing their relationships like underwear. If it only was for fucking, I'd understand that. But spending so much time together, getting emotionally invested, just to end it two months later and get another one two weeks later? I don't get that. At all.

I spent a night with a chick, laying on her lap, holding her hand while she pet my head, hair and face. While she was talking about another guy. I don't understand that. At all.

I see people getting in their own way all the time. I see people creating problems and restricting themselves for no fucking reason. Even after a long talk, where they seem to have understood what they are doing to themselves, they are not willing to take that small step and reach out to progress and happiness. And I don't understand that at all.
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this happened to me more than once

Also I don't understand what it is that makes me so unattractive for women. Yes, I'm not the best looking. But I'm a smart, confident motherfucker. Ain't nothing you can do or say to me to lose my confidence. So what am I doing wrong? I don't know.

I seem not to entirely understand myself. I know what I want. I know where I want to go. I know what I want to do. I know who I want to be.
And yet I break my own rules all the time. Not by too much, but little breaks.

And worst of all: I don't get how people can be such egoistic pigs. For friends, I am willing to go out of my fucking way to help them. Be it them moving, learning, working, whatever. If you need my help, give me a ring, I'll be there.
But there are some who don't give a fuck. About anyone else. Even while relying on other people, they don't give two shits about others. And that makes me fucking furious.

And that, my friend, makes me angry.
I think we've all had trouble with this. We can survive doing nothing but sitting behind our screens all day so why change? However, it's pretty easy to change if you want to. Just force yourself to wake up early every day and do productive shit at least 8 hours a day. Just do it without thinking, even if you don't feel like it. You'll never feel like it at first. Once you do this successfully you'll feel great knowing how much you can accomplish if you use your time correctly. After that you stick to it and things start looking up from there.
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oh god wtf am i doing with my life...
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>when i was 4.
already too much for me.
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Peter-Meme1 .jpg
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/r/equesting the picture of the old man but I can't contribute anymore
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Take a seat and join the club.
People are just dickheads. It's plain and simple.
Humanity as a whole has figured out so much, made so many advances and we still can't even figure out how we work. How our brains work or even how truly powerful our brains are.
Maybe when Humanity is in the stars we'll figure it out, but until then we'll just lick our wounds that others put on us and move on.
We think a like, you sound like a great guy. And I completely understand your anger.

I wish I had anything smart or clever to say as a response, but I'm shooting blanks.. I hate my mind sometimes.
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What picture do you mean?
that's the question...
File: 1400708550222.png (27 KB, 739x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuck it /b/
any of you want to talk tonight?
File: old man.jpg (7 KB, 126x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
old man.jpg
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The picture in the picture just in big?
Fuck. Not the gears of war story.
That reminds me of the friend I lost.
Fucking Grockle, you had me and Euric to watch your back.
Yeah sure, I can talk.
Thanks guise. It feels great to know that I'm not alone with this.

But you know what I decided a long time ago?
I won't give up. I won't give up giving fucks. I won't betray myself. I will be the guy who will give a fuck. I'll listen to your shit. I'll help you. I'll lend you a hand when you tripped and fell. I'll be there. That is who I wan't to be.

And I know sooner or later it's probably gonna break me. At least it will try. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to have someone around that will help me up when that time comes. Maybe I won't. We'll see.

I'll stand firm. I won't budge, until I can't take it anymore, that is.

But sometimes, the stabs just hurt too much.

File: ibwQbuPPSTUyuG.jpg (118 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Every fucking time

I love you guys
For friends I will always be there, even for strangers if they need someone to talk to, or need a hand with something. I like helping people because it makes me feel like I'm actually making a difference to someone.

I've been stabbed in the back more times than I can count, betrayed by girlfriends, people who I considered best friends and even family. I know how it can hurt and thats why I could never hurt someone that much.

Keep on fighting the good fight anon, I know I will.
I'm friends with a small group of people. I give fucks when fucks are needed to be given. It's the you scratch my back I'll scratch yours deal. We may not be the most largest/popular/partyhard group ever. But we'll drop anything for each other when one of us is in a tight spot.

My advice for you is to refine your friend group a little more. Find the people who you like to be around that give a fuck about you. In addition to you giving a fuck about them.
Last post for tonight, before I return to solid state physics:

The road I'm walking is a lonely one. But it's worth it.
I just wish I had somebody to walk it with.
>Graduating high school in three days
I'm not ready
I'm not fucking ready
can someone tell me how to deal with this? how to deal with the fact that nobody will ever care about me. i haven't met a single person that has liked me or wanted to talk to me. for the last 3 years i thought this summer i was gonna do it. do i do it? do i end it? im feeling so empty.
File: 1270675901380.jpg (74 KB, 461x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright /b/ros, I'm out. Helium tank and mask setup completed next to the couch.

You've been my only friends for 7 years now. Thanks.
stream ?
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Goodbye, you old horse.
See you in the next life.
I wish I could tell you it's gonna get better soon, that there's so much to live for. But that would be pretty hypocritical. I know how you feel and I've been contemplating suicide for a long time.

There is no proper way of dealing with it, it's a matter of survival and seeing how long you can find it in yourself to keep going.

And all you can do is hope.
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454 KB, 966x1948
We're here. You can talk to us. We may not always give a shit, but you can talk to us.
Sometimes we might even care. I know that's not what you wanted, but we're you're /b/rothers.
Nobody is ever ready. But you have a choice:
Take the leap into the pool we call life.
Or be pushed into it.
Your call.
These make my cry every fucking time
every time

I love you. /b/ros..
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The sad about this thread, its, when it goes 404 we will never talk again
I love u too :)
thanks man. it started off as loneliness when i was 15. staying on the computer when my friends were getting laid and stuff. then i got no place to study, no place to further socialize. so i sat on the pc, and when each day passed when i wouldn't socialize, i felt this small empty feeling inside of me. it feels like you're nothing, and you feel like you're not worth something. 3 years later, i'm still sitting here doing nothing and feeling empty. i told myself that if i was gonna get nothing done, then im gonna stop wasting oxygen and end it. but still, i want to feel this emptiness, and i just cant end it. this emptiness fills me and makes me feel like me. i cant live without feeling it anymore. i need help, but i hate people. this is the first time ive written or talked about this in 3 years, really makes me feel better.. thanks /b/ro. thanks for taking the time to read this if you did.
Do you care about yourself? I mean honestly?
This has got to be the first baww thread that hasn't made me cry.
I need to cry /b/ro's. I need to feel something and let it all out, but I can't.

Help me.
We might, anon.
It could totally happen, you could be arguing or calling someone a faggot a year from now, and it could be the same guy whose story you read in a baww thread.
It's a strange thought.
Every time you look around the walls get a little closer syndrome right? I know that feel man. If you've ever played online, do you remember the names of the people you played with?

I do.

Gametags, Usernames, sometimes even real names, Profiles, Char names. I remember all of them. They might not remember me, but I remember them. Because everyone will tell you that what you're doing doesn't matter. They want to break you. Don't let them. I remember them and what we did. All the fun times we had together because It Fucking Mattered. I wanted them to matter. I had a life, But all the outside world saw was a loser sitting at his computer.

Only you can give your life meaning. But others can take that meaning away from you if you're not careful. If you want to change, change. If you don't, find a way to give it meaning. And No problem /b/ro, listening and sharing stories is what these threads are for.
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