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Why no wincest? Is wincest illegal?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Why no wincest? Is wincest illegal?
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I need to fap ugh
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anyone the non wincest pic?
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im hopeful for this being a quality wincest thread. would contribute if i had any saved already but sadly i do not
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I enjoy making these from time to time, any special themes anyone would like?
thank god SpiderMonkey is here to save this thread!
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More like this
>knock knock
>door already open
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spider monkey wtf?
thread is kill
I posted my story with my aunt a few days back in a whole thread. Kinda late at night so guessing no one seen it since it 404'd without others' posts.

Anywho, I can copy it over here. Pre-typed. Just quote me.
Fuck it, I do what I want.

I didn't exactly get to describe my aunt. Let me introduce you to her. Well, how she was back then.
>In between fluffy and chubby
>If I had to guess, she'd be 5ft 8in, 130-150lbs
>Kinda emotional, but holds strong to her points while being emotional (that's her nature)
>Attached to people who take interest in her topics
>Definitely not outgoing. She just gets by.

I'll sum it up since a tl;dr 10 words isn't enough.
>be 11 or 12
>mom works day shift
>spend weekdays with grandma
>aunt has her own place
>asks me to spend the night pretty often because everyone knows my grandma is a pain in the ass
>her reason for asking "your cousin wants you to come over"
>>he's a baby at this age, 1-2 y/o
>>he does indeed favor me over his deadbeat father

>night I always slept in aunt's bed
>aunt and her bf sleep in separate beds (note:deadbeat dad, acccidental child, no child support)
>she caught me fapping one night
>things escalated from that day
copy copy
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I'll skip ahead to the confrontation. Before I go on: no pics, psuedonyms will be in play, and all the like.
>She's kinda a heavy sleeper like everyone in my family
>Her bf doesn't wake up for shit. Has alarm clock literally next to his face and a fan on every-single-fucking-night
>I tried to stealth fap
>Stroke in between her snores
>She stops snoring loud
>Take note of a few fake snores since it's not as raspy
>Stop fapping
>Turn opposite side of her, towards the wall

>Take a shit and shower
>Eat some ceral with cousin and aunt
>She asks me if one of her cats bugged me since she heard thumping on the covers
>>they bug the fuck out of us
>Me: "Nah, they were fine"
>"Ok because you can just push them away if they do or stop laying on the edge so they don't have room in the middle."
>I'm young and beta. I'm not about to cuddle with my aunt either.

To conclude every weekday, she drove me to school and we barely talked because I'm the type of guy to speak when spoken to. Blame my teachers, mom, and brother on this shit.
>another day comes
>grandma picks me up from school
>go to her place and eat some badass steak she made with Little Caesar's spices
>aunt calls
>another 'spend the night'
>do so
I too have a story involving my mother i posted last week.
I guess i can share it again.

ill wait until you finish anon. two green text stories going at once might confuse the /b/
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>arrive at aunt's
>play with cousin
>play WoW with aunt's bf
>>fuck you, I'm a shut-in future neckbeard
>it's about 9pm so cousin has to brush his teeth, etc
>aunt's bf plas WoW and drinks Bud Light until midnight or later almost every night
>everyone in bed besides him
>aunt and I talk before she sleeps
>watching Brothers and Sisters (whatever it's called with like 12 bros and sisters and 1-2 of the guys are gay)
>show ends; turn TV off
>talk in the dark
>she fell asleep mid-talk

>stealth fapping again
>I don't hear fake snores this time around
>Get close to her so I can feel body heat
>Fap close
>Touch her body intentionally
>Blew a load in my shorts
>She slept through it all

>Obvious confrontation about to happen because I got jizz on comforter near her
>"Anon, did you do anything last night?"
>Me: "Whatcha mean?"
>"Come upstairs, G will be fine eating cereal for a sec."
>she folds back comforter and sees white kinda-crusted spot
>"You're around that age I guess... do you know what a wet dream is?"
>>I've watched porn and did my research before all of this
>>I knew about them
>Me: "Uhh, no. What is it?"
>"It's... Uh... it's like when you feel tingly and stuff comes out of your penis while you sleep. It should go away. If you need a change of clothes mid-night, let me know."
>Me: "Alright..."
>>I'm gonna let this ride out and not fap for a few nights here since I'm kinda embarrassed because of this

disregard some "cont" 's
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>Night before I decide to fap
>No school tomorrow so stay up til 4am playing WoW is a must
>Deadbeat dad, "C", goes to bed around midnight every night
>Aunt has some internal piss clock
>2am, comes downstairs to piss
>Didn't hear her come down so I'm fapping with the door nearly shut in the comp room (next to bathroom and across from C's room)
>cracks door open
>sees me
>"Fuck are you doing, Anon?"
>Pull up shorts, ctrl+w the fuck out of 8 tabs
>Me: "Uhh...nothing...nothing..."-nervous wreck-
>"You didn't have to stop..."
>Me: "Stop what?"
>"Don't be a dumbass. I seen and hear you."
>She came over and felt the semi-tent
>Grabbing at it
>Decent handjob through my shorts
>Kinda let out a moan when I cam
>Came buckets and drenched boxers
>She matted it down before releasing
>"Guess you were kinda close when I came down. Head upstairs so you can change when I get out of the bathroom."
>Do so while I was kinda shocked; couldn't grasp any words
>She came up like 10 minutes later
>Changed into some beige shorts without boxers
>Both went to bed
>We were close to each other
>Laying on back while she's on her side
>Hand on my stomach and minutes later on my semi-bulge
>Slept like that

>Same old song and dance
>But now it's barely talking and barely looking at each other
>Well, I know she looked at me because I could feel it
>G continues to eat because a baby has no care in the world
>"Sooo how was it?"
>Me: "How was what?"
>"Still being a dumbass?"
>Me: -blank face- "It was alright. Felt amazing."
>"First time I guess?"
>Me: "Well, yeah. It's only been me."
>"Wanna go home today or tomorrow?"
>Me: "If I'm not in the way..."
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>Drink shit tons of pop (soda) for round 2 on 4am WoW night
>Fap before 2am
>Try to make it around 1am-1:40am
>-bang- -bang- -bang- -bang- -bang- -stomp- -stomp- -creak- -creak-
>oshit she's coming down before 2am
>Ctrl+W the fuck out of the tabs and browser
>Not fast enough so hit the power button to turn comp off and act like I was just about to go to bed
>turn light off in comp room
>we meet just when she was going to the bathroom
>"Hey...were you about to...?"
>Me: "Nah, you can use it."
>"You sure?"
>Me: "Yeah."
>"Could you stay down here? I don't like going through the dark down here."
>>it's literally pitch black without lights on...and in a rough neighborhood
>Me: "Yeah, I'll be on the couch with S" [S = white cat with 4cm tail, dunno species]
>3 mins go by, hear toilet flush
>Get up
>"Anon can you come in here?"
>Me: "Spider? Ant?"
>"Just come in."
>step in, she's in her panties with a loose shirt and obviously no bra

>She pulls my shorts down
>Grasps now hardening dick
>Glances at me as I'm full-on now
>Sucks it for a few mins
>>I'm 18, almost 19. 11 gfs and none could give head as good as her.
>Toilet paper in her other hand
>Cleans dick up
>"Enjoy that?"
>Me: "Y-yeah..."
>One last tug
>She pulls my shorts up
>Out of the bathroom with her hand around my back
>Upstairs, under covers
>She's on her side while I'm kinda spooning her
>She was just amazing at that moment
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>Sunday morning
>Wasn't discussed to stay or leave. It was just assumed she'd take me to school in the morning if I did.
>All eating breakfast while deadbeat C worked (he worked under the table; call from boss = show up for work, bitch)
>C was being a dick today, terrible 2's or something
>Aunt couldn't take it so she got my grandma to babysit him
>She told my grandma (her mom, btw; C's mom is fucked up and smelled like dog shit) something like "we're going to the movies and shopping afterwards"

>In the car going from grandma's place back to aunt's place
>"So anything on mind for today? Wanna go see a movie?"
>Me: "I'm down for anything."
>"Still got Without A Paddle, Mr. Deeds, and [some movie 3] burned."
>Me: "I'm down for that then. Stop by Jet's and get some pizza? Dunno if you got popcorn."
>"Jet's it is."
>Got some bomb ass pizza with feta on it
>Skipping ahead since we were shooting the shit; talk about G being a cunt and C being a drunk

>Arrive at her place, made our way to the family room in the back (room is styled all black, blinds need to be shut because of screen glare)
>Couch is a "U"-shaped couch, I'm laying on one side and she's half-laying on the other
>Eating said bomb-ass pizza
>We look at each other every now and then
>I start to think too much and watch the movie a lot more than her
>We're both finished with our pieces and she reaches over to grab the remote
>"We need a talk. Do you want to do all of this? What we've been doing. We know it's not right, but it is what it is."
>Me: "You're family. No one knows, but how far would it go?"
>she moves to the middle of the couch
>kiss on the lips
>Of course, I'm looking down her shirt
>Tent is kinda pitched before because of puberty's random boner syndrome
>Looking down her shirt pops it all the way up
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>"Seems like we're on the same track..."
>Me: "Of what?"
>>Goddamn why did I say that
>Realize what she means and shift it to the boxer's hole
>She looks down while I look at her; the signal for "you should look down too"
>"Yeah, that."
>She gets close so she's laying on the bend of the couch, we're head-to-head now
>Her hand shoots in my pants
>Unbuttons pants and my dick is free
>I move up a bit so I'm half-laying and she goes to my side around my legs
>Stroking it a bit rough, but doing a good job still
>Sucks it for a bit and takes it all down
>Like she has two tongues because that thing was all around the head
>Blow a load accidentally in her mouth
>Her head stays there for a sec and hear a gulp
>Pops up
>"Well that was unexpected... Time to even the score."
>She pulled off her shorts and threw them to the other half of the couch
>Shifts her pink panties and hops on me
>Slides right in and she leans on me
>"Fuck. I know you watch porn. Do what you've seen."
>She leans over a bit more and we start making out while fucking in unison to her breaths
>She's had a kid and still pretty tight
>"Inside. Been on the pill for months."
>Nut inside her and she starts to slow down a few mins after it
>She got up, rubbed her pussy with her panties, and gave my dick a tug
>Remainder of our juices still there
>She takes the whole cock for one suck and gets up
>Leans over and kisses me
>"After that, you can't say a thing."
>Me: "Never would." (this is now a lie)
>She got up and went to the bathroom
>Came back a few mins later
>Got 2 pieces of pizza and put one on my plate
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>Nothing really eventful came from Sunday afternoon while G was at grandma's
>Just our first fuck and we watched Mr. Deeds and some other movie, might've been Happy Gilmore -- dunno
>So Monday comes rolling around
>Morning time
>Same routine; breakfast, talk, etc
>G stays with C's grandma [who smells like shit and piss]
>Aunt drives me to my place in the morning since I didn't have clothes to go to school in
>We leave an hour early and I didn't even think about the time
>>my place was 2 miles away, not even that far
>Notice this and she said we're getting breakfast
>Stop at McDonalds to pick up sausage bagels
>>Still got 30+ mins
>Eat and go in Industrial Street (metal, wood, etc all made in this one street, empty before 7AM, filled from 7AM to 12AM)
>>It's before 7AM
>She pulls into a parking lot
>Me: "Here? Now? What if-"
>"This isn't my first time here. No one's around."
>she got out of the car and went to the backseat
>I just climbed from passenger to the back
>"Gonna try something different today"
>Unbuttons her pants, pulls pants down with panties
>I already know the routine, already whipped out
>She spits on her fingers and goes all around her asshole
>"It's different, but haven't done it in years"
>Me: "Alright"
>Plop right in
>Asshole constricted my dick pretty hard, seemed like she didn't expect it so sudden
>20 or so mins pass by, about to cum
>"On my face or in my mouth, Anon."
>Pull out, she opens her mouth wide as hell
>Shove cock down in her mouth while she closed her eyes
>Nutted in her mouth and she gagged a bit
>Me: "My bad, my bad"
>"It's all good, less of a clean up down there"
>We get settled and she drives me to school
>Tell what 4-5 friends I had what happened, but refuse to name who the person is and they think it's some chick I met that's in another school
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I got tons of stories. Ask about a general time and I can more than likely tell you how it all went down. And for anyone who thinks it's all fake: I was a shut-in and studied psychology to "better myself" (didn't work) -- within textbooks I found how to put stuff into long term memory upon first experience or realization. Most of the memories are vivid, but some of the kinky ones that I couldn't stand at the time were partially repressed. Eventually grew on me and became a part of my fetishes and spank bank.
give us one of your best stories.
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Damn that's crazy, mind telling us some of the more kinky ones?
Impregnation, lactation
My mom is legally retarded.
she has an IQ of about 70 with the mental capacity of a pre-teen/early teen.
Physically she appears fine. She has none of the physical appearances commonly associated with mental disabilities. If you saw her on the street, you would assume she was a decent enough looking woman. But she has zero business operating in the capacity of an adult.
Why my dad married her was a fucking mystery to me for the longest time. I thought maybe her food because holy fuck can she cook. about the only skill she posses. (he got annoyed when asked so i just stopped).
While she's my mother, i never fully recognized her as such since my father kept her in the background as much as possible and restricted access to her. (probably for the best since she has zero fucking clue how to mom). She could still do rudimentary tasks like cleaning, basic chores, and delegating some tasks to me that she cant do herself or needs help doing.
She ever do any roleplay with you? Knock me up talk?
>be 16
>reached peak of ultimate teen horny-ness.
>fapping multiple times per day up to a dozen.
>dad at work no sitter anymore because old enough not to get killed by mom.(yes, dad had to get a fucking sitter because mom was too stupid to take care of her own son)
>beginning mid-day fap
>mom BARGE.EXE into room
>anon what time does dad-anon come ho---.....
>she stares at my dick
>im fumbling around my ankles to retrieve my shorts
>notice she is just fixated on my penis
>remember she is retarded and has zero clue that im supposed to be punished or at a minimum yelled at.
>too goddamned horny to care
>stop reaching for shorts and uncover
>wiener is fully exposed now
>she goes knock kneed and starts fidgeting
>just sit there and observe her as she tries to prevent with her left hand, her right hand from going below her waist line.
>intradesting. its possible Dad has forbidden her from any sexual activity in his absence
>she becomes visibly upset at the internal conflict raging in her mind.
>mom. mom!
>she snaps her eyes up to me
>what's wrong?
>its bad. im bad. dadanon said no. i get in trouble when i do
>the plot thickens
>again. she has the mentality of a young teen/child. so she is easilly molded.
>seeing my chance i sieze it
>It's okay if dad isnt here and i am
>Dad wont know.
>she processes this. B-But he will know.
>I wont tell.
>she goes back to staring at my cock.
>she starts shifting her weight from one foot to the other
>Why does dad say its bad
>it's not natural
>that doesnt tell me anything. He's a hard swinging right-winger, so that makes sense
>Do you know what sex is.
>she nods
>do you have sex with dad?
>she nods
>when was the last time?
>she shrugs
>you... dont remember because it was so long ago?
>she nods
>well i cant really acccept that since she could just be in child-tell-me-what-i-want-to-hear mode so i go away.
>You were pregnant with me yes?
>yes. I didnt like it. made me feel wierd. And it hurt when you came out of me.
>well, that answers that decade long question i had.
>Was that the last time you had sex? to make me?
>That makes even more sense. On several occasions i've answered the phone to anther man's voice, only for my dad to get mad at me for answering the phone (and he would only get mad when it was this particular person). The call was always friendlier than his other friends. He would always leave the house shortly afterwards, and be gone until the middle of the night/next morning. I obviously exsit for the sole purpose of proving to his family he isnt gay.
>It all came together.
>He married her because he could easilly manipulate and control her without her ever being the wiser and never trying to figure it out on her own. Nor would she ever leave him since she views him as an authority figure and is unaware that she has that choice to walk away from it. As evil as it my seem, its very nearly the perfect crime. People wont question you being married to a retard because of the current societal views. No one wants to be called out as a bigot. So everyone accpets it as an "It is what it is" scenario.
>I noticed she stopped moving and began to look iquisitivly at my wang.
>I had become so enthralled in my own detective work, I forgot all about my previous task and went soft.
>What's the matter mom?
>It shrank.
>it does that when not excited
>its not always big?
>she obviously has zero idea about the mechanics of any genitailia.
>No. It grows and becomes stiff when its ready for sex.
>she continues to stare at my returning chubb
>her curiosity is getting me going again. Its like a damned kid! just in a grown up body.
>she returned back to dancing in place.
>mom. its okay if you touch yourself when dad isnt here. I touch myself all the time. I dont tell dad about it.
>the internal conflict returned. 16 years of her being told NO! has taken its toll.
>This will take something drastic
>I stood up
>My erect shlong in full view
>she froze, eyes as dinner saucers
>He breathing increased, and i could visibly see the vein in her forehead pulsate.
>I took her hand and placed it on her crotch.
>she began to shake her head but the hand remained.
>Mom. Its okay. Dad isnt here.
>She's clearly going to need some encouragement.
>i walked her over to the bed and sat her down
>I took my place next to her and again, placed her hand on the crotch of her pants.
>My hand rested on top of hers
>I began applying light pressure to her hand
>a short and quiet grunt escaped
>I applied slightly more pressure and gently rocked her hand
>at that moment she took over
>i had to quickly remove her hand as she bagan to violently grab at herself.
>Hang on. You have to be gentle with yourself. Oherwise you will hurt yourself.
>She uttered a grunt of protest but resumed grabbing much gentler than before.
>My wenis is now diamonds!
I detect incoming spaghetti , but half of me wants to know the rest.

Also, your dad ever consider telling you the full story of everything?
Uh... they're all equally good I'd say.

She loved being cut and having blood in jizz, licking, etc. Anal whipcream, facesitting, and a few others.

Nah we both weren't into roleplay. No reason to. Also we both knew she couldn't be pregnant.
no dont continue no one wants to read that
>she bagan to pick up the pace with the grabbing.
>hooo okay.. this is going to be work.
>i asked her to remove her pants
>shockingly she did so without hesitation.
>Had her remove panites as well
>and yup. full bush. Not redwood levels of bush, but still.
>whatever. bush or no bush doesnt matter to me.
>but holy hell! she was so wet, it looked like she had pissed herself.
>okay mom, I guided her down to her clit, the second she touched it she squeeled and began with her retard strength masturbatory session again.
>wait! you have to be gentle with it! or you will hurt it!
>she calmed down again
>i instructed her how and showed her
>I demanded she keep her hands to herself while i show her
>i placed my hand just on the clit area and began with an open palm, gently rubbing.
>within seconds, she came. and boy did she ever. between the contractions and the squirtting (cythera had nothing on her). She grabbed my wrist and with that retard strength crushed my wrist.
>it took several minutes to calm her down as she began to have several more ograsms on her own.
>once she had calmed, she exclaimed a thank you. and went into how she always wants to but dad wouldnt let her because not natural blah blah.
>for a moment i thought about putting her hand on my cock but after how she damn near broke my wrist, i thought better of it.
>the she asked, do boys do the same thing?
>I decided to show her.
>after a few pumps she asked to try
>.... against my better judgement i said okay, but demanded she use a soft touch
>she emulated perfectly how i was jerking.
>only 10 seconds and i came with the force of the big bang. Cum shot up and over my head hitting the wall behind me it was so forceful.
>She instantly withdrew her hand at the shock of my ejeaculation.
>she quickly made a connection between her squirting and my ejaculation.
>just like me!
>>My wenis is now diamonds!
The hardest metal
>too exhausted to say much...
>Yea. sure. just like you.
>She asked if i was okay but i explained men get tired afterward (not teen males, but let me tell you. after an explosion like that, even at 16 you too would be tired)
>as I laid there for the next few minutes trying to regain energy, she just sat next to me exploring herself.
>After a few minutes she began asking me questions.
>Anon, what's that?
>I sat up, she was pointing at her clit. she had her outer labia spread making it visible.
>thats your clitoris. thats what gives you pleasure when you *gently* rub it.
>And what are these? She was pointing at her smaller nearly non-existent inner labia
>Called your labia. They dont have much of a purpose (wasnt going to get into the whole biology of every part)
>You came out of here. She pointed at her vagina which, due to lack of use, had shrunked to the width of a pencil.
>why is there hair there?
>i dont know
>Why is your hair shorter?
>Because im a boy
>How come dadanon doesnt have hair there?
>He shaves it off
>Can I shave it off?
>No, dad will know you touched yourself.
>Oh... when will he get home?
>in another hour.
>I wont tell him.
>i had to make sure she still wasnt on the hair bit
>tell him what
>that you made me feel good.
>thank you. I wont tell either.
>i have to pee
>Then go pee
>I cleaned up the mess we made and sprayed lysol to remove the smell of sex (even though there wasnt any, but it still had that scent).
>she exited the bathroom and began about her usual routine.
>uh... mom... dont you think you should put your clothes back on?
>oh. okay.
>Ah hell. what have i done? Now i have an idiot child i have to monitor like a hawk for the next two years, AND now that she thinks its okay, every day dad isnt here, she's probably going to want to masturbate. I cant hide that for another 2-3 years (until i moved out).
Do you still fuck her regularly ?

Also, i love stories with creampies, I'm pretty vanilla in my wincest
>Actually, it worked out better than i thought. It seemed that initial session unfucked a part of her mind and she became much easier to deal with and be around. The combination of my constant coaching that she needs to behave herself and only "relieve" herself once a week or so, and Dad's constant control of her daily life kept things in check.
>during the next 3 years we had mutual sessions several times a month. the first month was hard because it was every single goddamned day she wanted to. It took a month to get her to understand she cant be doing it that often (at least until i made it to 18 and i can begin my grand plan)
>Once i turned 18, graduated high school, secured a decent job, and got my own place, I petitioned the state for custody of her. I presented the evidence i had gathered over the last 3 years that my father had no business being married to her, and that the marriage should be invalidated due to her mental state, and his sexual orientation. after 3 years of legal rangling, I won custody.
>he was furious with me that i outed him, cost him his relationship with his entire family, and basically left him with nothing.
>Im now her caretaker and honestly, im bretty happy with it. She has actually matured slightly. seems my dad's manipulation really put a damper on her mental development. She's able to drive now and doesnt need 24/7 supervision.
>and yes. we still have our sessions.

There's your answer >>547100649

That and nipple play.
Good job anon.

I was actually going to recommend that you do something g like that, since your dad set off my monster allarm
Tons of creampies, I'll tell ya. She kinda got off to busting a nut inside her ass, too, so it's a win-win.

Yeah. It's been years now... She moved back in with my grandma (her mom) due to her bf at the time. He pays child support and sees him on weekdays. When she gets a house, I plan to move in and casually fuck her. Maybe start a relationship if she's down to move to another state.
Also caps to bump
You get her an injector dildo or whatever those are called? ( ones that shoot cum)
Lucky bastard. I'll never experience something like that.

I would need to step up my game and get milfs. But I can't talk to girls.
posted this the other day but the thread 404'd

>new apartment
>go to ikea with my sister to get some shit
>stop to get some beer on the way home
>spend most of the day putting the bed together and drinking
>finish the bed, i say something like "too bad i can't break it in yet"
>we start talking about sex, what we like, etc
>both get really turned on
>we start making out
>clothes start coming off
>before I know it, my sister's legs are wrapped around my head and i'm licking her pussy
>we fuck. it's loud. we don't give a shit.
>she finishes me with a blowjob and swallows
>my apartment turns into our secret fuck spot
Nah, since she moved back to her mom's, all that stuff had to die off. She asks me out to Kalahari, Cedar Pointe, etc with my cousin and we fuck on those trips. That's about it until the house stuff.

I started at a young age. For me, it's normal and kinda boring because of this. You get used to it and need to make sure your aunt doesn't know much about your gf and your gf knows absolutely nothing about your aunt. Managing that is hard.
No, just stupid.
how do you just win "custody" would they have just put her in a home for retards?
regardless I want to believe.
did your dad just keep her locked up in the house? what was she doing all that time?
also how is it legal for someone to marry a retard?
Why ? Your aunt doesn't want you to have a gf ?

Also, you may be bored of it, but for me you're living the dream. Don't waste that and continue filling her up.
can't fap with that autistic text on the pics ;_;
For you
I always thought this was more than a little fucked up.
When I got married, we had to sit through this stupid video about STDs. It wasn't about having to live with them or anything like that. It was all about what they were and how to prevent them.
We're getting married, and this was what the state wanted to tell us???

However, the state no longer required us to have a blood test. So they were no longer interested in incest.

>Assumes we're going to get exposed to STDs while married
>Don't care if we're brother/sister
Dafuq is wrong here?
Not going to happen. Can't get pregnant while breastfeeding due to slew of hormones being produced. breastfeeding is nature's birth control.
File: 0000 1 83.jpg (181 KB, 1149x632) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0000 1 83.jpg
181 KB, 1149x632
File: 1.jpg (124 KB, 455x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 455x680
The true essense of /b/ will destroy this-randomness!

Random image generator

"If you are dealing with a opponent stronger and smarter than you, attack with insanity-neither of you will know what will happen".

File: 2.jpg (62 KB, 679x642) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are right, you dont just win "custody" which is why it took 3 years and a truck load of money.
Marriage rights of the mentally challenged stated that a guardian or parent cannot annul a marriage just because the person is retarded.
The reason why they didnt just put her in a home is because she still has a support structure in place in the form of her parents, and myself. When legal proceedings began, her parents originally just wanted her to come back home. I was able to quickly convince them to just let her live with me.

>did your dad just keep her locked up in the house?
As a child, when i was go and try and see her, the door was always locked and i heard sobbing. i would always try and ask her to open the door but i was ignored since she was under strict instruction to not talk to me.
As we got older, she started to rebel a bit and instead of only being let out to cook or do menial chores, she was allowed free reign of the house except when he wasnt home. Also, as i entered my teens i too said fuck this noise many times and just open the door
But also, the sobbing had turned into full on crying with her muttering constantly "i just want to go outside. i wont leave the house. i just hate this room"

It's legal because her parents gave consent.
Also it kinda pisses me off that her parents allowed it because of their "Our child is a special snowflake and deserves all the rights and responsibilities of able minded people"
Yes, without her i dont exist, blah blah, but it still doesnt make it right.
File: 4.jpg (26 KB, 680x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 680x680
sage sage
File: 5.jpg (33 KB, 679x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 679x351
sage 1
STDs are scary, think of the chillins!!1!

But seriously, incest is not that much of an issue. Gets funny actually when you casually mention the FDR met Elanoor at a family reunion at TR's house ( they were cousins).

Live in one place and have like 5 kids each generation, after about 5 gens, people forget they are related
File: 7097094-md.jpg (28 KB, 679x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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butterfly sage
File: 7200564-md.jpg (44 KB, 679x442) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 679x442
sage sage sage
File: 1_1283.jpg (80 KB, 840x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 840x476
File: 7097143-md.jpg (53 KB, 679x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sage 2
File: 7161008-lg.jpg (84 KB, 552x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sage sage sage sage
good job saging pal
Sex between cousins isn't incest in my book. It used to be very very mainstream. I don't know why it stopped
File: 7160967-lg.jpg (238 KB, 479x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sage 3
Sounds like your dad deserved a bus to the face too

Good on you to try to make it right anib
It'd help if I put it in the right place
interbreeding between cousins tends to not cause problems.
What causes problems is the CONSTANT interbreeding over many generations.
Interbreeding between siblings is riskier, but the same rules apply. Bro/sis can fuck and have a kid, and if that kid comes out fine, thats okay, but if that kid finds a cousin, or interbreeds with another sibling, the chance of genetic issues is compounded.

It is also interesting that interbreeding can result in the cancellation of certain genetic deficiencies. But the odds of being successful enough times to create a genetically pure child is higher than winning the powerball. So this isnt researched or pursued.

That's what she said.
Break down of larger family group contact. I have at least 200 cousins on one side (2 gens) only know 50. With how geography worked, I probably dated one (and before anyone says anything, this is NYC metro area.)
>Why? Your aunt doesn't want you to have a gf?
She doesn't mind it, but she's fucked with my head in the past while my gf was in sight. Take my aunt like an ex that has become part of your family. Think about the stuff she can do to mess with you without letting your gf know that stuff happened.

why tho? why does it bother you that other people enjoy themselves without any arm to others? I am talking about both this thread and incest. what bothers you so much? please respond with honest serious arguments. we are anonymous and don't need to lie or pretend
Did the Nazis or Japs get to that kind of research before we shut them down? I know that we had a major ethics issues with the cold temp and pressure research that they did, since it produced resuktz
So who was hand?
The mechanism nature has installed is called familiarity breeds contempt. Wincest threads are popular because of all the single children lel.

Did you know that in grouse, Cornish game hens and some other upland game birds are like humans, in that they are more likely to 'fall in love' with a cousin than a stranger implying there might be some advantage to retaining a good copy of working genes. The church banned most of this to allow their priests to infiltrate and break up the accumulation of wealth as marrying cousins was common amongst the plantation owners. With so many people today, its a free for all.
>why no wincest
Because the pictures may be hot, but the text ruins *everything*. If the prose didn't do it, reading every fucking word of someone else's retarded, sick, or ill-conceived fantasies would
File: 4l5111711275.jpg (133 KB, 831x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 831x623
I have no idea.
its just research i did over the years trying to satisfy my own curiosity on mother/son interbreeding
no, we have never had sex. masturbation is all.
sex is out of the question anyway.
1: should something go wrong and she does get pregnant (even though she's in her 40s, she still ovulates. no sign of menopause yet) im fucked. questions will be asked as to how she got pregnant which will ultimately lead to me.

2:legalities aside, for a reason ive been unable to understand, sex with her scares the fuck out of me. Im perfectly fine with mutual masturbation, but when i think of putting my sausage in her roll, i become terrified.
>being this new
Still the Vatican Art Museum is fucking cool, I highly recommend Europoors to check that shit out.
fuck yes, I've been thinking of asking about you!
Asking me what?

Google says... Anna Kendrick. What the...
Looks like the chick from big bang theory. Well, a fake at least.
Don't know if that was her name though.

>I was only a matter of time
>I was.

just how retarded is she?

like, what do you need to help her with?
also, do you only use hands? or have you introduced toys?
also, by the sound of it, you are probably close to or into your 30s by now. You dont fuck your zombie mom, so... have you even had sex? or are you a permavirgin because of retard mom?
I know

I am half tempted to open these up and fix them myself for giggles
A cat with a 4 cm tail? That must be a manx cat. I have one. They usually have either no tails or small stubs. My cat is a male, he recently went around and ended up fucking my best friend's cat, (it has a tail) and it happened to have 3 kittens, all of them manx.
File: 1373978029096.jpg (59 KB, 528x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 528x560
Huh. Always heard he was a bobcat or some Japanese breed or some shit. White, short tail, kinda short as well.

No clue. Too high to google too
I have to shave her legs for her. I once tried to show her but quickly had to put a stop to it because if left alone she would amputate her own arms/legs.
I even trim her pubic region too.
I once tried to introduce a toy but once it got it in her she freaked out and had a fit. Not because of pain due to her small vag, but it seemed her first and only sexual encounter (my dad) resulted in traumatizing her. Seems he didnt know shit about the female anatomy, lubed himself up and just ramrodded himself in her. She's okay with clitoral stimulation but vaginal stimulation is off limits. im sure i could reverse it, but im fine with just leaving it alone.
I bring home women all the time. They instantly fall in love with her and think shes "cute"
She has no idea why they are there and who they are to me. she just thinks they are friends of mine.
File: 1751182156.jpg (118 KB, 1073x705) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 1073x705
You're welcome, anon.
do you know any incest fiction sites?
Dick status : Diamond
Kristen Archives
Got a few more

This chick seems popular
That's because there's not enough creampie+lactation pics on the internet.

That girl has the body of a fertility goddess
File: 1352990315095.jpg (79 KB, 500x347) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 500x347
Slowpoke make a 5 pic series cap of of one of her pre preg caps, but I do not have it on my phone

It is funny, her pre preg stuff, she is hot. The list preg stuff though...well, now I have a thing for tall and chunky bruntettes with giant tits and huge dark nips
i finger my sister sometimes...she doesn't care and just giggles..we're basically the same age..in our 20s ..don't really wanna cross that "line" yet..maybe when we're older
Who is slow poke ? I want all of the captions with that girl.
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