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ITT: How do we save Wrestlemania 32
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mania 32.png
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ITT: How do we save Wrestlemania 32
>easy mode
strip it all down and start from scratch with a new card
>hard mode
you have to keep the HHH vs Roman main event, you must have an undertaker match(With out sting)
>you must have a brock lesnar match against a member of the wyatts.
>How do we save Wrestlemania 32
andre pre show battle royal

enzo and cass debut and win the titles against whoever are the tag champs in a fatal four way
team random divas vs total divas
del rio vs kalisto in a gimmick match of some sort
deanetty vs owens
the based guy vs goldberg, da based guy wins
brock vs big luke in a 5 star match
nature girl vs brie vs becky

BMJ vs taker
hhh vs roman.

would be ok with it and enjoy most of it.
Lesnar - Harper
The new day vs gable and Jordan
Charlotte Sasha Becky and Bayley fatal 4 way for women's belt
Undertaker - Kane, loser leaves Earth casket match
Jericho - Styles
Fantasy booked: Rousey - McMahon with the rock and haitch in their respective corners.
And your main event, Roman - Haitch, special guest referee SCSA, since we are in Texas
BTW mine is totally doable.
>HHH vs Roman
ends in a no contest due to some outside interference. Bullet/balor club, some sort of nxt shit. fuck have Seth Rollins attack HHH. I don't care if you 'dq finishes' at mania are a big no if wwe wants to not have their superbowl end in boos they'll have someone that the audience likes to do it. have the for real match be at extreme rules

>Undertaker opponent
based off the "someone not on the roster" that keeps getting tossed around on dirt sheets and shit I'm just gonna go all out and say make it be against the great muta from japan. Ridiculous gimmic from japan vs ridiculous gimmick from america, I don't care if no one in texas will know who the great muta is, I just wanna see how ridiculous that could be,.

>Wyatts vs Lesnar
No holds barred.
I'm at odds, I love the wyatts and hate that this will end in their 3rd consecutive mania loss. Lesnar isn't going to lose to a pinfall to someone like Wyatt though. ever. So lets just have them kick the absolute shit out of each other. Follow up Raw have the wyatts call out Paul heyman who summons the Social Outcasts, who all come out wearing "I'm a heyman guy shirt" and book them as the new Dangerous Alliance. basically I just want to see Heyman and Bray promo at each other for three months.

>Andre battle royal
bring back Sandow, have him win it. It's not like the trophy actually means anything so who cares who wins.

literally can book anything else for the rest of the card, but that's basically how I'd book the matches anyone cares the most about.
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>main event
Dean vs HHH vs Reigns
Dean goes over at fastlane Reigns turns heel and tear Raw apart until he can go to the main event

>Lesnar match
Will be Bray vs Lesnar in a buried alive match
and if Lesnar loses he needs to join the Wyatt family

>Taker Match
Taker vs BMJ

>Intercontinental title
Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles

>USA title
Put every high flyer on this match and do a Ladder match and Neville wins the title

>No title matches
Ryback vs Goldberg
Wyatt family vs Rock and someone (and the Wyatts wins this one)
andre battle royal
>Winner Mark Henry (He is retiring and it's his some state)

Fatal Four Way TLC Dudleys Vs New Day Vs Usos Vs Enzo and Cass:
>Winner Enzo and Cass

Rusev vs Kalisto (US Title)
>Kalisto wins being the ultimate underdog

Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte (Divas Title)
>Sasha Wins

Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn (IC Title)
>KO wins

AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho (Iron Man Match)
>AJ Wins

Brock Vs Wyatt's in a gualent match
>Brock beats them all

Undertaker Vs John Cena (It looks like Cena might make WM32)
>Reterment match for Taker
>Cena can't put Taker away
>Cena hits Taker with chain well the ref is down
>Pins Taker
>Cena is new top heel

HHH vs Roman
>Ref bump during the match
>league of nations attack Roman
>Dean comes out with a chair to help
>league of nations members leave the ring
>Dean hits Roman
>HHH pedigree's him
>Gets the pin
>The Rock and Stone Cold come out to help Roman after he is attacked more by the League

Pre-Show: Andre Battle Royal

Main Card:
1. Neville vs. Kalisto - US Title
>good way to hype up the crowd for the main show with a match between 2 high flyers and their flippy shit
2. Owens vs. Ambrose vs. AJ Styles - IC Title
>nuff said
3. Charlotte (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Sasha Banks (w/ her cousin Snoop Dogg) vs. Becky Lynch - Divas Title
>Snoop in Sasha's corner for the sake of having more star-power on the show, plus they're related
4. Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt - No Holds Barred
>good way to have Wyatt win while keeping Lesnar strong, as most of the match would be a glorified 4 on 1 handicap match
5. New Day vs. Enzo/Cass vs. Dudleys vs. Usos - TLC match for the Tag Titles
>nuff said
6. Stephanie McMahon vs. Ronda Rousey
>Steph gets her comeuppance
7. Undertaker vs. Cena
>Taker's retirement match
8. HHH vs Roman - WWE title
>because we know that's what they're going to do anyways
This sounds decent enough
HBK vs Undertaker
Finally give Shawn the victory he deserves over Taker.
>Ironman match at WM
As much as I want it, if they ever do that again, I think it needs to be for a belt, preferably the main belt. They have too much other shitshow matches to book like that Stardust/Green Arrow match to have one match take up 1.25 hours.
Well 2 out of 3 falls the considering they are trading wins.
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Surprise Rollins return
Triple H vs The Rock
Sting vs the Undertaker
Ziggler getting his singles WM match
Gimmick Battle Royale with Attitude era wrestlers
Iron Shiek returns in his twitter persona to feud with Hogan

It's fucking dead. They also dropped the ball with Rhonda Rousey, I doubt anyone wants to see her now
>Ziggler gets his singles WM match
Ziggler is done at this point he isn't getting that World Title push
> WrestleMania singles match = world title push

Even just a singles match would be too much
Ziggler belongs in the battle royale
>what other singles push matters?
the only one that Ziggler hasn't gotten is a proper world title push
> one of the better workers on the roster getting a singles match

File: P4U21bk.gif (1 MB, 500x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x407
>Reigns in every match
>Roman on commentary
>Roman wins everything
>because he's really strong
>musical guest?
>Roman Reigns on bass
>crowd goes wild
>crowd is Roman Reigns
>CM Punk returns!
>just kidding, is Roman Reigns
>Roman is love
>Reigns is life
kek get out you underage shitter
he's boring as fuck, i'd rather have a part timer on the card
I'd rather X-Pac get a singles match than him
4-man Tag, Wyatts v League of Nations v those jobbers
Jericho v AJ

Calisto v Del Rio for USC
>Calisto wins by DQ, DR beats Calisto with a chair BRAPADOOOO Cena runs in, destroys DR

Fatal 4-Way for IC, Owens v Zayn v Ziggler v Ambrose
>Zayn goes through announce table, Owens wins

TLC for tag titles, New Day v Usos v Dudleys v Golddust/Truth
>who wins? who cares, but must be spectacular

Divas 4-way submission match, Paige v Sasha v Charlotte v Becky
>Sasha wins by figure 4ing Charlotte

WHC Reigns v HHH
>le shovel man buries Reigns, beats Reigns with sledge hammer, Rock runs out, destroys Haitch, Vince runs out to defend HHH, gets Rock bottomed, Stephanie runs out to help Vince and HHH, gets KOed by HHH accidentally. Vince strips HHH of title YOU HIT MY DAUGHTER and announces Battle Royale for WHC phew

Main Event Lesnar v Stone Cold Texas Death Match
>who wins?
We all do.
> X-Pac

Literal AIDS
>Jericho v AJ on pre show
are you high?
Better than Ziggler
no, but they're boring af
and you think a match between a 51 year old who hasn't been in the ring for years against a guy who has to have a limited move set isn't going to be boring ?
>muh legends
aged vanilla midgets
Tell us who your current faves are
Shane vs Christian in a spot monkey match
SCSA vs Ted Fowler in a Kawasaki Mule match
Roman vs Rock in a fundraising contest to promote samoan suicide awareness with Trump as the host, WM just turns into BASED Celebrity Apprentice for 45 minutes
Seth comes back wearing Big Gold and Ziggler, Owens, Dean and Appolo Crews all have matches in a mini tournement to see who is #1 contender for belt
IC Title match between Dean malenko and Hideo Itami
Rusev interferes in Kalisto and ADR for US champion and somehow comes away with the belt
Brie retires with the Divas championship and that old blonde lady gives Sasha the Women's Title
Don't care about the WWE title anymore, just give it to Brock
>easy mode
Ambrose screws over Ramen in the rumble and wins the title. Their feud starts up the next night with Ambrose teasing heel turns. Ambrose vs Reigns at fastlane where Ambrose turns heel and beats Reigns. AJ styles vs Ambrose in the mania main event.

>hard mode
Taker vs Cena
Styles vs Owens
Lesnar vs Bray
Ramen vs HHH vs Ambrose in the ME
>Dudley Boyz and Spike Dudley vs the New day in a 6-man tag for the tag-team titles
Dudleyz Win and immediately put Spike through 100 tables and kill him
>Kalisto vs Bad News vs Cody Rhodes vs Stephen Amell vs Del Rio vs Ziggler in a ladder match for the US Title
Stephen Amell wins
>Charlotte vs Becky vs Sasha for the Womens title
Becky wins
>Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe in a Samoan grudge match
Samoa Joe wins and Ramen joins NXT
>AJ Styles vs Owens for the IC Title
Styles wins
>Chris Jericho vs Triple H in a who gets to touch stephs butt match
Jericho wins and humiliates the helmsleys
>Austin vs Punk
Austin wins
>Taker vs Cena
Cena wins and next years mania rematch Taker wins and retires
>Ambrose vs Lesnar for the WWE Championship
Ambrose wins
File: 1455867241217.jpg (59 KB, 960x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 960x510
>tag team titles just like Mania 31 with the IC title brawl: Enzo & Cass vs New Day (just Big E and Kofi of course) vs Dudley Boyz vs Vaudevillains
>Goldberg vs Rybotch
>Main Show
>Mark Henry wins Battle Royale
>Kalisto vs Rey Mysterio for US title
>Owens vs Styles vs Nakamura for IC title
>Brock vs the entire Wyatt family in a 4 on 1 handicap in which brock cleans house
>(this is a maybe) Jake the Snake, DDP, Billy Gunn, and JBL vs the Social Outcasts
>performance by whoever the fuck is doing the song
>special edition of miz tv with Vince on the success of wrestlemania which leads to Stone Cold interrupting
>Undertaker vs Finn Balor
>Reigns vs Triple H with special guest ref The Rock
>Ronda Rousey joins mid match after catching Stephanie trying to interfere

I think it might be entertaining
oh and I guess the Four Horsewomen battle it out in an ironwoman match for the Divas Title
>5. New Day vs. Enzo/Cass vs. Dudleys vs. Usos - TLC match for the Tag Titles
File: 1445750310066.gif (2 MB, 500x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x262
Jek the snek, DDP, Scott Hall, and Steve Austin/Goldust form team DDP Yoga

But Roman is not the bassist to metallica.

That's Robert trujillo.

Not Roman reigns.
>WWE WHC Hell in a Cell
HHH v Roman
Brock vs Bray Wyatt
>WWE Tag Team Championship (3 on 3)
The New Day vs the Undertaker, Big Show and Kane
>WWE IC and US unification ladder match (both belts are turned into a new midcard title)
Kalisto vs Kevin Owens
WWE Divas title match (Ric Flair is handcuffed to Sting and Goldberg)
Charlotte vs Sasha vs Becky
Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles
Andre Jobber Jamboree
Stardust and Ascension vs Stephen Amell, Chris Jericho and Mark Henry
Team Bad, Alicia Fox vs Paige Nattie and Bayley
>Kalisto vs Kevin Owens
yeah because Kevin Owens cuttting promos on Kalisto based entirely how he hates him cause his kid likes flippy shit would entertain me.
OK Lets go hard mode on this one

HHH vs Roman 60 Minute Ironman
I know that Ironman may seem a bit weird for this match but it could potentially put over roman as a beast, Book it WM12 style keeps HHH looking strong and it shows the authority (and the fans) that Roman can really go

Undertaker vs Finn Balor
If this is takers last year I can see him wanting to put over a young guy and I feel like this could be a great match if booked correctly, win or lose a strong showing from Balor would give him a major rub

Aj Styles vs Owens in an IC title match
They could build this match on AJ getting eliminated by KO at the Rumble, potential for a great match and could have a relatively quick build

New Day vs League of Nations (Likely Rusev and Del Rio) Tag Champ match
Unfortunately there aren't alot of choices for tag champs to fight right now, but I don't see them not having a tag title match on the card although it might be pushed to preshow I dont see Barret being in this match because of his pending exit from the WWE

Andre Battle Royal
It gets people on the card

Stephen Amelle vs Stardust
It seems pretty clear to me this is going to happen again, I didnt mind amelle's last match he seemed to have fun with it and actually gave an effort, will prob be a tag match but not sure

Charlotte vs Sasha
I feel like this match is a given at this point after Sasha coming in at the end of the rumble match, it just makes sense to me

Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt
Quick match with intererance
"Big Match" John Cena

>Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt
>Quick match with intererance
when this actually happens and the Wyatts lose the WWE should disband the Family and repackage them all.
Okay i'm doing easy mode
Andre The Giant Battle Royal 3 with Braun Strowman, Mark Henry, or Sami Zayn winning

Alright main card
Roman Reigns vs John Cena (c) for the WWE WHC

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton

Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens (c) vs AJ Styles for the Intercontinental Championship

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte (c) vs Sasha Banks for The Divas Championship

US Championship Open
Kalisto (c) vs Neville vs Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze vs Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara

Triple H vs The Rock

Undertaker vs Chris Jericho

New Day (c) vs Dudley Boyz vs Harper and Rowan vs League of Nations (Rusev and Barrett)

Bella Twins vs Team Bestie
Seth Rollins vs Triple H*
whoops forgot Seth
Rock is referee for Reigns vs Cena or Rollins vs Triple H
I gave you a second chance after seeing you choose an ironman match
> undertaker vs baloring
Holy shit
Just GTFO reddit
This is me, Might have to change the lesnar match to Lesnar vs Ambrose based on the video that WWE just posted on their facebook

I knew the ironman match would be an unpopular opinion but I was honestly trying to think of a match type that hasn't been seen in a while this year is the 20 year anniversary of bret vs HBK at mania 12 and it would really give roman a chance to actually look decent.

As for taker/balor I am not a reddit user, this was about the only match up I could think of with Meltzers report that Taker's planned opponent is someone not currently on the main roster and going by the rule that it couldn't be taker/sting, the only other thing i could think of is them bringing in a legend to face taker but i cant think of any other legends he could face
Fatal four way for IC: Ambrose KO Zayn Balor Zayn wins
Tag Team 4 way: Cass Enzo American Alpha New Day Harper Rowan
Divas Title: Banks Becky Charlotte
Rousey Mcmahon
USA Title High flyers galore bunch of NXT guys
HHH Roman
Taker Sting

Worst Mania of all time title before it even begins.

>New Day vs Dudleyz vs USO's TLC match.

>Bray Wyatt (with Wyatts) vs Goldberg

>John Cena vs Taker

>AJ Styles vs KO

>Ambrose vs Lesnar

He's beaten Taker a few times
Hard mode engage
>No battle royal as it's pointless
>US championship
Kalisto Vs Sin Cara
Kalisto wins
>Intercontinental championship
Owens Vs Sami Zayn
Zayn wins
>Divas championship
Charlotte Vs Sasha
Sasha wins then on the following raw changes the title back to the Women's championship
>Brock Vs Bray
Brock wins but is then squashed by the Wyatts in a post match beat down
>Undertaker Vs Ambrose
Ambrose wins and Undertaker retires post match hand shakes and hugs all round
>Main event HHH Vs Roman
Roman wins clean and celebrates as Roman is leaving up the ramp with the title.
CM Punks theme hits and he comes out and says what everyone is thinking that he doesn't deserve this ect.
Gives Roman GTS.
"Did this make you look strong"
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Andre the Giant Battle Royal(Braun Strowman gets the win)
Intercontinental championship
Owens(with authority) vs Bray wyatt(with other 5 family members
United States championship
Fatal 4 TLC match
Kalisto Mascara da muerte (wyatt mod) vs Nevile vs Sin cara Vs Samoa Joe
Divas championship
Charlotte vs Sasha banks
Tag team title match
New day vs League of nations
Shinzuke vs Aj styles
Brock lesnar(with paul) vs Wyatts
Undertaker vs Dean ambrose ( with mickey foley)
Usos vs dudleys
Triple H vs Roman ( League of nations vs Samoa family battle, Wade barrett Sheamus Rusev Alberto Hunter vs Roman The Rock, The Usos and Samoa Joe
Bautista v. Taker
that intercontinental match would be the best one
Thread replies: 57
Thread images: 9
Thread DB ID: 533941

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