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What are the legitimate, semi-realistic ways...
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What are the legitimate, semi-realistic ways to approach the Rumble without completely blundering WM?
I can't see Face Roman going over at WM being well-received, so I can ONLY see the following things being both remotely realistic and presenting decent storylines.

>Roman schemes with authority in secret because "I'm sick of fighting an uphill battle, the Rumble odds were just too great"
>wins the Rumble
>turns on his famalam
>Jhon or Lesnar face off against him and the Authority at WM and win


>Have Roman go out early to make the rest of the Rumble hype as fuck because they're guaranteed a new Champ
>Cena or Lesnar win as tweeners
>they go to Mania to face Face Roman and beat him


>Obvious DBry

Got nothing else.

if they have roman go out early then they are already giving up on him

he's gonna be in the final 4, if not 2, and it's gonna be terrible.

like why wouldn't everyone just eliminate the champ early on as a team? this makes no sense to me.

dbry is the only saving grace here

lesnar winning just means roman v lesnar again... and cena winning #16in16 is always possible
Hopefully Roman goes out early to make for an interesting rumble.
Let's not put the belt on Lesnar though because putting the belt on a part timer weakens the belt and the roster. Also I can't be the only one who's bored of watching that literal autist squash everyone.
What about Roman single handedly eliminates all 29 other wrestlers?
>if they have roman go out early then they are already giving up on him

Not at all.
Let's be honest, the Rumble crowd is die-hard and won't readily rally behind him; sending him out early would send them into a fever-pitch of hype from the starting pistol and make the entire event – Roman included – look good to casual viewers.
Kill him off early by having him come out at Number 1, look strong in the early goings then have Vince send a fucking armada after him and just decimate him.
That builds him as the Underdog babyface for a retribution feud against the Authority-backed eventual winner of the Rumble, possibly the only way to get him universally over for WM.
Not to mention they have what like 10 raws and a ppv between now and mania to "make him look strong"
optimally option 2. Option 3 would just result in bryan running to the ring lasting 20 to 30 minutes before getting thrown out, HHH goes "he's just a b+. smarks get pissed, shithead contrarions go 'fuck your vanilla midget" and we all walk away even more empty inside then we did at the start .
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>it's gonna end in a nonsense confusing clusterfuck

No matter what.
Why Vince likes Roman Reigns so much? As much as I hate Cena, he sells crap to kids. Meanwhile, the only thing Reigns have on his favor is being The Rock's cousin
Vince felt betrayed by Rocky when he left to Hollywood instead of staying with the WWE. He's just trying to compensate the loss after so many years.
Probably Vince expected The Rock would fail in Hollywood and stay in wrestling like Hogan did
I can see roman getting hollywood gigs if his title run takes off, he looks like games of thrones dude that milfs and housewives love.
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Hunter attacks Ramen and gets him eliminated. Beeg wins the rumble and becomes the new champ and the true top heel.
Yeah him being non-white but not black will take him far for a hollywood that needs a masculine sex symbol

>The smarks solution is always "turn heel lol"

>Obvious DBry

I chuckled
>thinks supporting reigns is anti-smark
Kill yourself
It the obvious thing to do if you are getting heat from the crowd.
I think it would actually go quite well, in Roman's case.
He has an obvious history of very shaky bonds with the fan-base and a decent portion of it still outright reject him.
Turning him Heel in that fashion would ensure he stayed on TV as Champ, agitating those that don't like him and turn those that do very firmly against him.
He's not gonna be able to be Top Face, so they may as well make a very memorable Top Heel out of him.
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Not again man, i couldnt handle it.
I posted this in another thread but I'm gonna expand on it

>Roman, Cena, and Dean are in the ring
>Roman was the #1 entrant, pretty beat up now
>Cena and Dean are closing in on him as the clock counts down to #30
>Suddenly Bray Wyatt's intro hits, lights go out
>In the darkness we hear "Anyone...but you...Roman!"
>Lights go up, Cena and Dean outside the ring in a heap at the feet of the Wyatt Family
>Roman spins around to get Sister Abigail'd by Bray
>Bray drags Roman's unconscious body to the corner of the ring and motions to Strowman
>Strowman reaches over, picks up Roman's body and tosses him from the ring, ending the RR
>Bray Wyatt lifts the WHC over his head, proclaims that now he will finally have his reckoning on the WWE
>The Wyatt Family beat the ever living shit out of Dean, Roman, and Cena, three of their biggest competitors the last two being the ones that tarnished their legacy
>Vinny and the Authority come out, horrified as this wasn't what they wanted
>The Wyatt Family beats down Triple H and Vinny, Steph is screaming, titties jigglin', etc.

After this point between RR and Fastlane, the Wyatt Family completely take over the WWE, beating down whoever tries to stand against them.

>They cost Ambrose his IC Title to Luke Harper
>They cost del Rio his US Title to Erick Rowan
>Meanwhile they terrorize those who halted their relevancy
>Roman gets his shit kicked in
>Cena gets his shit kicked in
>Taker gets his shit kicked in

Now we're at Fastlane where Vinny tries to pull the CEO card and threaten them with being booted from the company. They beat him down and kidnap, holding him as leverage against Stephanie and Triple H. Meanwhile they hold a No.1 contender match to main event at Wrestlemania for the WHC.

Back to it:

>Roman and Dean in the final match for the No. 1 contender
>Triple H costs Roman his shot for obvious reasons
>Trips then tries to lure Ambrose to be the Authority's guy but doesn't buy it since it's obvious that he was least respected of the Shield members
>Dirty Deeds, etc.

Post-Fastlane and leading up to Mania you build the Triple H v Reigns feud but the whole angle is H trying to show Roman how much easier it would be if he would just submit himself to the Authority. Ambrose and Wyatt build their feud on the whole "You could never beat me, Dean, how could you beat me now?" During this feuding, Kevin Owens is tapped by Stephanie McMahon to be the Authority figurehead since her husband isn't making progress with Roman and Ambrose isn't someone else they want with the title. Kevin Owens is then inserted into the main event at Wrestlemania. So now we got this:

>Triple H v Roman ends with H getting speared and pinned. The Rock comes out to celebrate with Roman again in an attempt to stooge the IWC in a repeat of last year's RR.
>Triple H then gets up to cut a promo about how all he wanted was for Roman to succeed but he knew he wasn't ready so he picked Rollins. He tells Roman that he was the Authority's pick all along and that he could surpass even his cousin.
>The Rock takes this personally and argues with Triple H, who looks to Roman and says, "Here is your chance to show EVERYONE who the greatest wrestler in your bloodline is."
>Roman beats the hell out of Rocky and then shakes hands with Triple H, his heel turn is complete

>Now the Triple Threat main event
>Owens, Ambrose, and Wyatt put on a hell of a match
>Towards the end Roman comes out and takes out Owens to further assert his place at the right hand of the Authority and then takes out Bray to remind him who's really running the WWE

My bad, one more... (2/3)

>Roman drags Bray to the center of the ring, motions to his brother, Ambrose, to take the pin and finally win what he had sought for in the last year
>Ambrose is pissed, he wanted to prove he could beat Bray on his own and show his own worthiness to be the World Heavyweight Champion
>Roman assures him that he'll get that chance when Dean defends the title against him
>Disgusted, Dean takes the pin and gets the belt but refuses Roman's hug
>In a flurry of confetti Dean unceremoniously takes the championship and just leaves without soaking up the moment, furious that his Wrestlemania/WHC moment is tarnished

There. Heel Roman, potential feuds with KO and Dean. Ambrose gets his shot with the belt and sets up a potential face turn for Rollins when he returns. Restores some prestige to Bray Wyatt.

Keep in mind I kept out Cena and Lesnar for obvious reasons, this is meant to take the WWE in the right direction, not retread with the same shit over and over again.
that fucking Rumble will go down on history as one of the worst, you can feel the damn anger of the audience
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Utter shit from every angle.
I usually try to be polite on these matters but this is just dreadful.
PLEASE tell me you found this somewhere and didn't think of this yourself.
It's probably his story arc that he made up in WWE2k14
It sounds like a retarded child's story arc that they made up in the toilet.
I don't mean to go in on this nigga but I've read better fantasy booking from George R.R. Martin.
Rebook it fuckers. Do it without superstars past their prime and without retreading the same storylines from the past.
I will rebook it better than you did

>Roman enters the Rumble #1
>lasts three hours, eliminates 49 other men and wins in record time
>goes on to face himself at Wrestlemania in a rap battle
>loses to Ice Cube
>Rumble ends with Lesnar and Reigns
>Reigns powerbombs Lesnar from the top rope and causes the entire ring to collapse
>Reigns ktfo
>Lesnar ktfo
>no definitive champion
>Royal Rumble is canceled everyone go home
>they have a rematch at the PPV
>CM Punk comes out BJJs the winner to death
>CM Punk headlines WrestleMania challening for the world title
>CM Punk loses

dat end doe, I kek'd
Hunter wins to set up a mania match. Brock fights Rock. Cena fights Angle or Styles. Kalisto fights New Day in a 3-on-1 for the tag titles, Kalisto wins.
Brock is probably getting somehow screwed over by Owens, since they seem to be setting those two up for a match at WM.

Wyatt needs to either win or have a very strong showing this year desu, in fact, a lot of people really need to come out of that rumble looking strong.

Since the Rock is returning having him win the Rumble would not be a bad idea, as much as I would personally hate it, it's just about the only thing, bar someone like Lesnar or Undertaker winning, that would get the general public interested in WM.
>Ice Cube becomes GM and the NWA (New World Authority) is born
>New Day and Titus get the rocket
>Jordan and his little buddy Gable win the tag titles
>Steph regularly shown on her back begging for BBC
>implying Roman will lose
>all these smarks thinking he'll drop the belt
>Ambrose comes out as #1 entry
>he gets his shit kicked in throughout the entire match
>manages to make ass pull saves to stay in the match
>Reigns comes out
>Ambrose and Reigns clean house
>Ambrose catches a second wind
>few spots with Reigns having his back to the ropes and someone trying to eliminate him
>Ambrose casually attacks the guy, announces very subtle about talking about Ambrose saving Reigns
>Ambrose has a few more close calls
>Reigns always has his hands full and can't help Ambrose and return the favors
>only three left
>Ambrose eliminates the third guy
>he turns around and eats a superman punch
>Reigns eliminates Ambrose
>Ambrose has a what the fuck was that for look in his face outside the ring
>Ambrose rolls back into the ring
>he looks pissed, Reigns music stops
>it's a swerve, he hugs Reigns, whispering something in his ear, pointing at the WrestleMania sign, probably wishing him luck or something
>it's a double swerve, he hits Reigns with the dirty deeds
>sets up for a whole feud with Ambrose saying he's always had Reigns back and accusing Reigns of being selfish and self centered and only caring about himself
>Ambrose vents about his frustrations with seeing Seth betray him and then Reigns using him and tossing him aside like garbage once he won the title
>Ambrose vs Reigns at the February PPV
>if by some miracle Seth makes it back in time for Mania, Shield triple threat
> implying that Reigns will be over 'cause Florida

lol he can't talk and has no charisma
anyone still here? i came up with an AWESOME way for the Wyatts, specifically Bray, to go over huge in the rumble.....

could end awesomely with bray vs roman for title....
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Thread images: 5
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