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2016 Wrestling Prediction Thread
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In the vein of many wrestling podcasts, let's give our predictions for what is going to happen in 2016.

> What's going to happen in 2016?
cena wins the wwe title back
the new day disband
kevin owens gets fired
> NXT will go on the road or it will be announced they will go on the road
> Vacant will win back a championship at some point this year
> John Cena will win the Rumble and face Reigns at WrestleMania
> Finn and Hideo will not be called up to Raw
> Baron Corbin and Bayley will (although I hope not)
> Hideo will turn heel against Finn
>Ryback will begin a three month feud with the Wyatts as they try to "bring out the demon" in him, ending with a handicap match at Wrestlemania where Daniel Bryan returns and helps Ryback for the win. This starts their tag-team run.
>In a crazy world, Undertaker begins his retirement, leading to a bunch of promos and decent mic performances, before finally settling on a match with either Cena or Sting at Survivor Series in a casket match. Win or lose, we will all blow our loads over it.
>Roman continues his Reign(El-Oh-El) as Champion and continues to do well as WWE finally managed to put him over. Then Rollins returns and demands his title back. So Reigns agrees to the match as long as he and Seth promise not to get injured the night before. No, really Hunter comes out and says the match is on, but that it's going to be a Triple-Threat Hell in a CELL!!!! With the third guy being determined through a tournament. Tournament happens and it looks like Kevin Owens is the favorite(company) to win, but a surprise kendo stick to the groin gives Ambrose the win. So it's a triple threat at Payback, all three guys beating the shit out of each other, big shock moment is when Reigns and Ambrose get a double curbstomp from Rollins on top of the cell, and all three of them go plummeting to the mat below. Reigns ends it with a double superman punch and walks away the champion, but now he gets his feud with Rollins.
>Jake Roberts dies.
>Bayley loses the NXT women's championship to Eva Marie or Alexa Bliss.
>Bayley debuts on the main roster, has the best heel turn of 2016, becomes Diva's championship.
>Ronda Rousey has a wrestlemania match, becomes fulltime wrestler, becomes Diva's champion.
>Saraya Knight has nudes leaked.
>Bayley's nudes leak.
>Bayley has a wardrobe malfunction
>Carmella turns heel and wins the NXT women's championship.
>Blue pants is fired.
>Nikki returns, has the biggest pop of any diva all year.
>AJ Lee returns after divorcing CM Punk.
>Celeste Bonin returns after her clothing line goes bankrupt.
>Danielle Moinet wins the NXT women's championship.
>Charlotte gets injured, returns to win a match at Summerslam.
>Stephanie never recieves any comeuppance and goes over everyone physically.
>Kana is starts a relationship with her coworkers, my guess is Emma or Dana Brooke.
>Dana Brooke wins a championship.
>More Dana Brooke nudes are leaked.
>Lana becomes a semi active wrestler.
"I think Hideo and Finn will have a rivalry soon, so since they are fighting in early 2016, there is no way they are getting called up until one year after."

> the logic.
> Itami turning heel

u wot
>the rumble will be so bad they'll have to generate mania hype with some retarded "put your spot on the line" match at fastlane
>the rock will be used to sell tickets in the same way that billy mays is still used to sell oxi-clean
>TLC will get toned down amid concerns that someone might hit one interesting spot again

i'd LIKE to see cena get his 16th title shot, only to get screwed by flair because he doesn't want to share the record, or have noelle foley come in with mick frequently at ringside, setting up the final chapter in the flair/foley feud.... but fuck we didn't even get saint mick this year. we'll probably get a new day breakup/feud or some bullshit.
>Samoa Joe debuts on the main roster early (maybe as early as rumble)
>Tripple threat at mania between the former shield members
>cena wins loses, and wins the whc in a single night to beat out Ric Flairs all time championship reigns record.
>Daniel Bryan eventually returns
>injures self three months later
>Vince Dies
>Cesaro returns at #30 to a huge pop and wins, eliminating Owens and Sheamus at the same time
>Cesaro v. Reigns v. Ambrose at Mania
>Wrestlemania 20 repeat
Let me dream
>Reigns will fail as a draw and will drop the title to Lesnar at Summerslam
>Money in the bank winner is going to be KO
>Lesnar will feud with Rollins for most part of his reign
>Lucha Underground will debut on Netflix thus confirming more seasons
>RoH will get a better tv deal
>TNA will finally die
Thread replies: 11
Thread images: 1
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