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YABYAB thread (wrestling edition)

Say something you dislike about a wrestler that you like

Also say something that you like about a wrestler that you dislike (try to avoid sarcastic shit like "I had insomnia last night but Reigns' promo help put me to sleep, so that was nice")

(btw you can include managers, announcers, other wrestling personalities as well)

My dislikes about who I like:

- Bret Hart was boring on the mic at times…and is a bit of a mark for himself in real life

- sometimes Dolph's overselling was just too cartoony and over-the-top for me to enjoy

- I have NEVER liked serious heel Chris Jericho. Only part of his career that I hate

- The only time I liked Booker T on commentary was when he would be a guest commentator as King Booker. Other than that he was never good

- The Rock isn't as entertaining on the mic when he's restricted on cuss words and the more 'mature' things he used to say

- I'm an RVD and Swagger fan…..and I still think they were both stupid for fucking up their pushes by getting arrested for weed

- I really wanna get behind Kevin Owens but he talks and sounds too much like a 'regular guy' during promos and it bothers me. There are times when he doesn't even sound confident. A dude his size needs to sound angrier and more threatening

- Stardust needs to end. It was kinda cool seeing Cody team up with his brother in similar colors (not surprising since Cody once said in an interview how much he enjoyed seeing his brother play Goldust when he was younger)…..but Cody needs to be himself again

- Sting's WWE run has been disappointing so far…and has been pretty much pointless without an Undertaker feud/match. I don't care if it would just be two old men struggling in the ring; I wanna see it...and you all know you would watch it too

- Ryback seems like too much of a meathead sometimes

- There's something about Del Rio that just makes him seem unexciting on the mic. It's like you can tell he's trying to sound passionate sometimes, but somehow it just doesn't work
My likes about who I dislike:

- Brock Lesnar is honestly the best asset in a wrestler that the WWE has acquired in a long time. The man started off as a 'fake rassler', then went into real fighting and dominated over there….then came back with undisputed legitimacy in the company as a 'rassler' who could actually fight and be seen as a threat by even non-fans. He deserves to stay as a main-eventer in WWE for a long time based on that alone

- Triple H during his 'My Time' phase with Stephanie was a great heel

- Bray Wyatt really is impressive on the mic (I just think his gimmick is played out and he's not impressive in the ring)

- I respect The Miz for making his dream to be a famous wrestler come true….he's also entertaining on the mic sometimes, and was a better heel as that annoying fratboy 'Hoo-Rah!' gimmick he had

- HBK was always entertaining on the mic and had some of the best matches…his entrance music is also classic

- I was a huge X-Pac fan when he was 1-2-3 Kid…looking back he had great matches then, too

- as much as I hate babyface Cena and how he's booked….as long as there are kids looking up to him and being inspired by him, then they should keep him that way. That's more important to me than seeing Cena as a heel again for personal reasons

- Sheamus' new look is his best so far

- It was really fucked up how they did Zack Ryder. I don't care for him personally but for the higher-ups to sabotage his internet fame and the steam that he was getting from the crowd around that time….that was really messed up. He deserved better

- Orton's jumping cheerleader-split freakout was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in WWE. And his old entrance theme was one of the best themes ever
>disliking brock
>disliking the game
>disliking hbk
>disliking based xpac
>disliking cena
please have sex

>- Stardust needs to end. It was kinda cool seeing Cody team up with his brother in similar colors (not surprising since Cody once said in an interview how much he enjoyed seeing his brother play Goldust when he was younger)…..but Cody needs to be himself again

No, Stardust is the first step into the WWE becoming JJBA, it must not be stopped.
Those I like:
>Daniel Bryan used to give top tier promos and then he stopped tring and just went straight to the chant
>John Cena has had too many wins he shouldn't have
>Seth Rollins is still fucking a nazi

Who I dislike
>Hulk Hogan is the John Lennon of wrestling. He's a shit person and not as talented as his fans may believe, but the talent is there and his contributions to his art are undeniable.
>Konnan has been wrestling for a long ass time and his character in Lucha Underground was great.
>Ryback is pretty good at hyping up a crowd sometimes
John Cena is damn good on the mic and knows how to get me into the moment.

The Miz has an onscreen character that's flexible enough that he can be a heel and a face with little to no actual adjustment in how he behaves due to him being a narcicistic attention whore.

Seth Rollins is gonna be the next big thing and he can put on 5 star matches and I look forward to seeing if he can pull the heat he has as a heel around when he does the inevitable face turn.

Sheamus has a GOAT entrance theme as a heel.

They should have stripped Daniel bryan of the wwe championship belt when he announced his injury after extreme rules instead of dragging it out for over a month where he wasn't performing. Now everyone is gonna expect a guaranteed title shot at least once when ever it is he can actually come back and perform

Dean desperately needs a move that's more interesting then whatever that weird ddt thing is

Jeff Hardy's probably gonna be dead in a gutter before the end of the decade, .
seth rollins needs better music
BMJ needs to put over more people
new day is getting a bit stale
kalisto needs to work on mic skills
ryback needs a bit more cardio
bayley is pretty much good at everything just needs to prepare for the mainroster.

>dont like
Deanetty is actually ok with his midcard/lowcard position and doesnt get pissy about it like sandow and ryder, i respect that a shit ton.
owens is a good worker but his gimmick does him no favor
sasha has good taste in favorites in eddie guerrero and benoit
honestly all he needs is better gear
of course a guy's going to get squashed when he walks to the ring looking like he's wearing a black garbage bag
> Those that I like

I don't care to see the New Age Outlaws or Dudley Boys in PG Era WWE. They just don't fit in, especially when you remember the crazy shit they used to say/do in their prime, when the WWE was different.

Bo Dallas needs to either lose weight or cover himself up more. Preferably lose weight.

Dolph Ziggler needs to have his damn name changed. I can't take someone with a Batman villain-sounding name seriously. I like everything else about him.

Lilian Garcia seems to be a nice person but I wish there were no female ring announcers in WWE. She actually doesn't do a bad job; I just prefer to hear a male voice introduce the competitors.

Naomi needs to work on her promos. Sometimes it's like she's reading from a script. I still love her thick ass, though.

> Those that I don't like

Hornswoggle used to make me laugh during his Finlay days...before he got all cartoonish and kid-friendly.

The greatest thing Tyson Kidd ever did was shave that stupid patch of hair off his head. That shit annoyed the hell outta me and I don't even know why.

JBL had great promos when he was still wrestling, and he made me laugh at times even when I hated him.

The Miz winning the WWE title was good in the sense that for the first time in a while, I believed that more wrestlers had a real chance of winning that belt other than hand-picked favorites like Cena, Orton and Sheamus. Every now and then they should've continued to give short title reigns to believable-yet-unexpected winners like Ziggler, Barrett, Ryback or Bray.....to freshen things up.

Michael Cole is much more tolerable when Vince isn't telling him exactly what to say through his headset. His early Smackdown years are proof of that. The difference between his commentary then and now, is like night and day.

Even though I've had enough of Mark Henry, the man deserves to win the WWE title before he retires.
Undertaker: You're awesome, but.....I will never agree with your decision to let Brock, of all people, break the streak

Randy Orton: You're awesome, but.....stop getting injured so damn easily. Get some bionic shoulders or something

CM Punk: You're awesome, but.....goddamn you can be whiny sometimes, both in and out of kayfabe

Sheamus: You're awesome, but.....you sound too cheery/lighthearted on the mic at times

New Day: You're awesome, but.....you've been getting a bit stale recently, guys

Paige: You're awful, but.....I have a serious fetish for pale women, so I tolerate your presence only for that

David Otunga: You're awful, but.....your "you mad as hell" gif is one of my favorite gifs to use

John Cena: You're awful, but.....your Vanilla Ice wannabe gimmick was fucking hilarious

Roman Reigns: You're awful, but.....I gotta admit, you used to get me hyped up whenever you gestured for the Triple Powerbomb with the Shield,and when you'd let out that roar. Now why can't you be that charismatic on the damn mic?

R-Truth: You're awful, but.....that time you came out during a Kane/Reigns/Ziggler promo and you thought you were in the Money in the Bank match, and then Kane was like "wtf dude you're not even in the match". That was easily the funniest WWE moment of the past few years
I miss edge :/
you had me until cena

18+, sadly
He had a match awhile ago where he wore just facepaint, gloves and long tights. It was basic but it made him look more like a threat rather than cosmic comedic relief
>a Batman villain-sounding name

...the fuck Batman have you been watching?
> implying that Miz wasn't a hand-picked favorite

Are you new?
Batman? The comic book character with the world's greatest roster of villains?

The fuck you talking about? How is that a Batman villain name?

Although I agree, the name is atrocious.
Those I like
>Paige has gotten sloppy and needs to start hitting the gym again.
>Beeg and Kane are used too often and should only appear a few times a year from here on out. Show should always have been used this way imo.
>Cena needs to put more people over. He really doesn't need a lot of the wins he has.
>Sasha needs to stop crying and breaking character after big matches.
>New Day are dangerously close to becoming stale. They should only appear one or two times a month for a while.
>Undertaker's gimmick is stale and he can't go like he used to. I'd like to see him hang up the boots at WM32 before he dies in the ring.
>Owens needs to lose some weight or at least tone up a bit.

Those I dislike
>Reigns is good at playing a silent badass.
>The Bellas have improved nicely, as overdue as it is
>Charlotte isn't bad in the ring. Just totally lacks a character and mic skills.
>Triple H seems to have a good mind for booking when it doesn't concern his character.
>Michael Cole seems like a decent, hard working guy despite his bland commentary.
Ones I like:

>Sasha is terrible at these faux New Day comedy bits
>Ziggler hasn't had a good match in about a year
>Ambrose isn't a very good wrestler
>Everyone who is still around from the Attitude Era should not be a full timer and should be used sparingly like Taker or not at all
>New Day need to cut out the nerd culture references
>Rollins can be boring when given too long to talk
>Becky Lynch's lolsorandum character is shit

Ones I dislike:

>Sandow's Mizdow gimmick was funny
>Mark Henry seems pretty cool IRL
>Jack Swagger has a nice entrance theme
>Charlotte can take bumps
>Bella Twins are hot
>Barrett has a good voice
>Ryback was good as a brief tweener when he made his comeback last year
>Sheamus is a decent enough brawler
>JBL... can't think of one for JBL
>>Ziggler hasn't had a good match in about a year

Well, that's just not even close to true
File: dolphriddler.png (215 KB, 631x471) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 631x471



TYPICAL hand-picked favorites like Cena and Orton, who have been chosen to hold the belt several times. Miz was hand-picked for the WWE title ONCE years ago; not exactly a favorite

To put it another way....if Val Venis had won the WWF title in 1998, wouldn't you suddenly think that wrestlers like Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart had a much more realistic chance of winning the belt as well, instead of obvious favorites like Austin and Rock?
> Ziggler
> Riddler


Miz is a one-and-done WWE World Champ because he's too fucking shit even for Vince.

> What.

You don't see how the names sound similar? Hence "Batman villain sounding name"

> Miz is a one-and-done WWE World Champ because he's too fucking shit even for Vince.

No argument here.

Still....as shit as he was, it was a pleasant surprise in that moment to see someone who I NEVER expected to win the belt, go ahead and actually win it. It needs to happen more often...via short title reigns from other guys who are popular enough to win the belt, but we don't really expect them to get it because we know only certain connected/protected people are allowed to hold it

Are you mentally enfeebled in some fashion?

> Kane = Bane
> The Rock = Killer Croc
> Braun Strowman = Catwoman
> Sin Cara = Two-Face
> Tyler Breeze = Mr. Freeze


Relax, dude. I'm not looking for an argument...and I see no point in insulting an anonymous person on the internet

"Ziggler" is an unusual, funny-sounding word (unlike the words 'freeze', 'Kane' and 'rock'), and it also happens to sound similar to the 'Riddler', who is a Batman villain. All those things combined = I don't like that silly name for a wrestler that's supposed to be a serious contender for the top title. There's a reason why the name 'Flex Kavana' didn't last for The Rock; it was too corny for him

It's my opinion, and I'm sure some people disagree. I don't think those people are "mentally enfeebled" for it. I'll let you have the last word, though. You have a nice day.
File: watch this maggle.gif (2 MB, 250x285) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
watch this maggle.gif
2 MB, 250x285
>Can't think of one for JBL
He says 'Michael' funny and dances
This thread is autistic as fuck.
File: 1365352784783.jpg (15 KB, 510x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 510x334

>Ziggler hasn't had a good match in about a year
thanks for the positive feedback
Pls advise. The one with Deano in the semi finals of the tournament was alright but he hasn't come anywhere near as good as his ladder match with Harper or the triple threat with Cesaro and Kidd last year.
Ziggler also hasn't gotten platforms like those in almost a year

Funny, huh?
>lesnar dominated in ufc
No he didn't

Let's be honest: despite his actual performance during fights and his W/L record, a former pro wrestler winning their heavyweight title...that was still seen as 'dominating' on their turf....there were a LOT of butthurt mma fans when Lesnar pulled that off
He hasn't had a triple threat IC title match on Smackdown in almost a year? Hmm wait a minute...
> Things i dislike about wrestlers i like

> Bret Hart
Would have been nice to have a none submission finisher other than the jumping piledriver in his later years

> owen hart
i wish he didnt break austins neck

> mr perfect
Injured too much

> things i like about wrestlers i dislike

> ric flair
He will die very soon

> shawn michaels
His entrance music is good
Yeah lets ignore everything that shows he didn't dominate at all and just say he dominated...
So did he not win the heavyweight championship then?
That doesn't mean he dominated
File: 1382577685267.jpg (164 KB, 500x688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 500x688
>> ric flair
>He will die very soon
>having this much shit taste just to have a hipster opinion
> hipster opinion
Disliking a meme wrestler like Flair is hardly a hipster opinion. Unlike you spoonfed fraggles i was actually brought up watching him shit up the ring
Bretcunt still can't stop being retarded I see
> marking for meme wrestlers
> falling for the old ric flair isnt a complete embarrassment to pro wrestling ruse
PJWTS now young'uns
I like:

Stop being a whiny prick on Twitter, no one cares that you block 5000 people a day.

Same thing.

Get rid of the pedigree, it's a shit move and doesn't work with your build.

Go to sleep was a shit move and shouldn't have been a finisher.

I dislike:

You put on great matches and you've got Paul Heyman, somehow I still don't like you.

>Triple H
You've got more creative sense than Vince

Keep the angry powerhouse Schtick from TLC, also stop talking.

Used to be awesome in APA

>Byron Saxton
I got nothin.
> triple h has more creative sense than vince
Sauce pls, or are you just repeating memes you heard on reddit
NXT before was much better than RAW. Storylines even made more sense. Its fallen off now as of recent since balor is a sucky champ

But by all means parrot the special snowflake contrarian meme opinion and pretend to enjoy digesting Vinces shit
Calm down you dumb cunt he never said anything about liking Vince or his currently shit product, he was pointing out you're a retard that thinks NXT is all Triple H.
>luke harper
that spinning clothesline finish is like dean's meme clothesline, shouldn't be gettin the 3
stop the crossfit tbqh famo

i get the feeling your never gona be the champ and your matches can be either really good or really bad no in between.

>dudley boyz
you made a bad decision to come back (money), there just gona shit on your name and you should at least get the titles once.


i unironically like your overselling, however i don't like seeing the same matches over and over.

i just don't like you sorry

>michael cole
commentating like this is a real sport has not worked for you in 10+ years maggle
That was to do with Dusty and probably Regal you dumb mark, not Trips. All Trips did was come by for a photo every month or so to appease smarks

What a dumb mark
Luke's discus clothesline is a perfectly legit finisher
> ryback matches
> can be really good
Oh i get it, you're a pleb
Name some of these 'really good' matches pls
>Those I like

Seth isn't funny or clever enough to play the condescending heel. He can be intense, like when he had Heyman shitting himself, and he'll be an excellent face, but he's an inconsistent heel.
Cesaro cannot act or talk without sounding cringey.
From a purely in-ring perspective, Ambrose isn't particularly interesting.
Sasha isn't a very good talker. Similar to Seth, she just can't pull off condescending.

>Those I dislike

Ryback is over. I don't understand it, but he has that crowd connection.
Alberto Del Rio is technically excellent.
Sheamus is a workhorse with a unique look.
Swagger is a better athlete than many 'classic' hosses.
>implying smarks like haitch

thats just silly

>he fucked his way to the top!
>he rhode HBK's coat tails
>Hes overrated as fuck in the ring!

I agree with all this greentext btw.
It appeases them, thats what i said

> well trips obviously cant be thaaaat bad, i mean look at nxt!

> being this literal
just my personal opinion mate, he put on some great matches with harper a while back for a big guy he's fast, again personal opinion i couldn't give a shit if you agree.

Yes, he did. Well respected mixed martial artists will say, to this day, that if he got trained in MMA at an earlier time frame he would undoubtedly be the best heavyweight to ever live. He absolutely DOMINATED career veterans like Frank Mir and freaks like Shane Carwin with very little training of his own, then lost to Overeem so now he's "garbage" despite Overeem being Super Alistar, roided to the gills.
thread is interesting but is getting ruined by miserable faggots who come here just to randomly hate on a wrestler

we're supposed to say something we like about a wrestler we hate, yet we still get the "sorry, can't think of anything I like about him cuz he sucks lel" replies. if that's the case then why bring that person up in this thread you hating-ass fag

> I'm still disappointed about how big of an asshole/druggie HBK was in his prime. I initially wanted to believe it was false allegations from a few backstage enemies but it's been confirmed by many people now
> I hate Corporate Kane. I don't care if they try to "combine" it with Demon Kane. It shouldn't be there at all. Unmasking and having him talk was one thing, but they went too far
> I thought Punk's infamous pipe bomb promo was overrated and made to be a much bigger deal than it was. Especially since Heyman and Joey Styles had similar moments
> Edge is such a unique case for me. I can't think of another wrestler who I liked, yet that wrestler later got pushed to the moon with multiple world title wins, and I didn't think he deserved it....despite not hating him. It STILL puzzles me. Edge just never seemed THAT great or that popular to me, to warrant being such a mainstay in the main-event picture and getting the WWE/WHC titles so many times. To me, he was one of those guys who should've peaked as a multi-time IC/US/Tag champion, who would maybe be in the top title picture every now and then as a punching bag for Cena in a title match ....but he would never actually win the title....or maybe he would win it once as a transitional champ. I just don't think he deserved all those title reigns in the WWE.


> As much as I hated Triple H as a wrestler, I'm interested to see changes in the company under his (and Steph's) reign when Vince bows out. I can't wait for those changes
> He might be a spot monkey but I'm legit impressed how Jeff Hardy has had the career he's had with so little major injuries. And that backflip off the cage onto Umaga was legendary
> Michael Cole did a great job keeping things together after Jerry Lawler had that heart attack
> I thought Sin Cara's entrance was cool (when he didn't botch it)
> Speaking of entrances, Chris Masters' entrance is in the top 10 greatest of all time
I can sympathise with that bit about HBK. To this day I'm still not sure if he really changed or not.
>Those I like
-Dolph Ziggler has almost no offensive moves that look like they have any impact and more than bad booking or shitty love triangle stories it's the fact that he has crafted a moveset that makes him look like a non-threat that holds him back.
-Dean Ambrose: That rope flip thing looks cool if you do it once every few months. Otherwise you look like a fool.
-New Day is getting stale. They need to be more threatening and use their numbers to inflict real damage again, because as it stands they get slapped around too much and their charisma can't make up for them basically being losers.
-CM Punk is an ok guy but has a real bad attitude sometimes
-Kane has reached the point where all his gimmick changes and heel/face turns have wrecked his character beyond the point where he can make it work anymore.
-Samoa Joe left TNA years later than he should have.

Those I dislike:
-Roman Reigns is an awesome destructive force when booked properly
-John Cena really knows how to work a crowd and has channeled the heat toward him well since WWE stopped trying to convince us he was the perennial underdog.
-Paige is a cutie
-Alberto Del Rio is very talented in the ring. He just doesn't connect.
-Tripple H is good at booking when it's not himself and was one of the few legendary abusers of backstage politics who could consistently put on good matches throughout his career.
>Sasha is terrible at these faux New Day comedy bits
She's terrible at suicide dives too. Girl needs to cut that shit out before she kills herself or worse. It's already nearly happened.

She's great in the ring but the high flying has gotta go.
You know Riddler is because he makes riddles, right?
Not that anon, but I hate how he kind of distances himself from it by saying "Well I don't remember me being a dick in this particular instance." but like that anon said, waaaaaaay too many have stories about him.
That ain't no suicide dive senpai. But yeah, as a heel there's no need for her to be doing that shit.
>Sasha isn't a very good talker. Similar to Seth, she just can't pull off condescending.
Have you seen the promo on the NXT before the first Bayley v Sasha? That was dope. Her main roster promos have been poor though.
(He doesn't.)
I love cm punk but think he is a hipster.

> I just don't think he deserved all those title reigns in the WWE


Edge was one of those wrestlers who when he first started as a jobber/midcarder, you said to yourself "Wow this guy's great, he needs a bigger push", then they give him a major, extended push and you're like "OK wait a minute, that's a bit too much...he's not THAT damn good"

For me, Cena's another one of those guys. But in Cena's case he sole tons of merch, always got a crowd reaction (good or bad, it was always loud) and he became Hogan 2.0, so his mega-push was at least somewhat understandable
File: 133784503532.jpg (76 KB, 655x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 655x480

All these "New Day is getting stale" posts....
They are m8. They're brought out every week on both shows. Remember that Raw where they appeared in like 4 segments? I'm of the opinion that the champions don't need to appear absolutely every week. None of the superstars should desu.
>Chris Masters' entrance is in the top 10 greatest of all time

I was genuinely offended when they had Otunga rip off his entrance style....blasphemy
> he thinks Masters invented posedown entrances


> let's ignore Otunga coming out in a cape and throwing it off to do the posedown at the top of the ramp just like Masters did
I always liked Punk in the ring but his top rope elbow drop in WWE always looked shitty for some reason
He didnt want to land right like its normally done because that side was already fucked up.
>The ones I like

Doing porn was Chyna's worst decision in terms of her legacy
I hated the 619 as a finisher for Rey. Not so much the actual kick to the opponent's face, but how his opponent always somehow ended up hung over the middle rope. It looked so overly fake when some persons hung themselves up on the rope
Cody Rhodes needs to find a lasting gimmick. Everything he's had so far was great for a certain period and he certainly made it work, but it got played out. 'Dashing' and Stardust both eventually got old. He needs something he can stay as for the rest of his career
Lesnar should be wrestling WWE matches more often than he is

>The ones I don't like

Bret Hart had one of the coolest entrances ever in terms of music and arena lighting
Triple H has one of the greatest finishers in the Pedigree
Mark Henry was a fucking hilarious character during his Sexual Chocolate days
The amount of heat Swagger got after he won the WHC was impressive. He got Vickie Guerrero level heat during his promo on the following Smackdown episode
> pedigree
> great

You should have put that in the first line so we could have identified you as a spastic and known not to bother reading the rest of your ramblings

> I'm an anonymous internet person who disagrees with your opinion, therefore I am right and you are wrong

okay there, buddy
Im not your buddy. The Pedigree is legit awful and your opinion is godawful, be ashamed

> I disagreed with your opinion again; now I'm even more right than I was before

okay there, buddy
> im just going to keep on inexplicably replying
Fuck off back to wrestleforum faggot and take your shit opinions with you

> im just going to keep on inexplicably replying

okay there, buddy
Im not your buddy

> im just going to keep on inexplicably replying

okay there, buddy
what's a jobber?
A lot of Edge's title reigns came about because of pragmatic reasons and also 'cause he was involved in the WWE Title getting hot potato'd throughout 2009
Glass Joe
Say what you want about the New Generation Era but the wrestlers had some amazing entrances at that time. Owen, Razor, Goldust, Lex Luger and HBK all had great pyro/arena lighting as well. And of course all of their entrance themes were actually memorable, unlike today.

> Bo Dallas needs to either lose weight or cover himself up more. Preferably lose weight.

Thread replies: 91
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