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Dog park thread?
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Dog park thread?

Stories? Tales?

I'll start.

The other day this really old Labrador (like. Haggard as fuck, probs 14) is chilling roaming the park like a majestic elephant. Some young kids, maybe 14, bring their friends dog down (who they don't know) to the park. It's some Bogan fucking staffy, questionably pit. It latches onto old dogs neck. The owner who is like mid 60s tries to pry the mouth off, doesn't work. Some quick thinking from a bloke at the park ends it by putting fingers up the staffys ass hole. Old guy is furious and leaves the park. Then goes and talks to. The kids outside.

Any stories?
When I take my dog to the park, she often meets and plays with her best friend. And often with her other friends aswell. Except one she's scared of for some reason, a great dane. He's sweet though. And another dog just doesn't like running much, I guess it's older or prefers toys.

tfw your dog's social life is better and socialer than yours.
>The dog park in my village is under control of a gang of older women.

>They stand there for hours everyday, tell dirty jokes and throw balls for their dogs.

>The dogs don't actually play with each other, just fetch stupid balls.

>The dogs formed some kind of pack and don't tolerate other dogs.

I don't go there anymore. It's no fun and the worst.
Old people starting park gangs are the worst. The usually have shitty little dogs too.
>be young kid
>parents never train our dogs
>have very energetic female boxer dog
>she runs around crazy at dog park (not much of a park, small fenced area)
>dad can't control her
>she's not aggressive at all though
>Our dog runs straight into the back of a woman's legs and under her as the woman falls
>woman falls on her ass
>woman's bf starts screaming and asks "who owns this dog" etc
>whole dog park is silent
>beta dad mumbles "it's not my fault"
>guy asks "who's dog is it then? "
>dad has to mumble about how he can't control our dog so it's not his fault even though he is the dogs owner.
>we leave the dog park in shame
>start taking my puppy to the dog park at about 5 months old
>super aggressive dalmatian is frequently there
>he likes to focus on my puppy--pin him to the ground, snarl in his face, bite at his neck
>his owner is a dick too, runs up and yells in his face "NO MY DOG IS NOT AGGRESSIVE" when I pull the dalmatian off my puppy
>don't visit the dog park after a while because puppy gets sick (beefed it one too many times in the sand, swallowed a bunch over the course of a month, and ended up with an impaction)
>return to the dog park a week or two ago
>now puppy is 9 months
>now puppy is bigger than aggressive dalmatian, who, while he previously looked big to me because of the size difference between him and my puppy, was really only about 35-40 pounds
>my dog sees the dalmatian across the park bullying another puppy
>takes off at a full sprint and catapults himself into the dalmatian, knocking him down
>every time he sees the dalmatian starting shit, he launches himself into the dalmatian
>dalmatian never retaliates against my dog because my dog is now bigger than him, just slinks away to another end of the park
>dalmatian was a faggot pussy all along who just liked to hurt smaller dogs
>previously bullied puppy becomes defender of the weak

feels good to see justice happen
Our old dog was a rescue gsp, with abandonment issues. He'd always be the fastest dog at the dog park and would be running super far away but somehow whenever we left to get something from the car he'd notice and wait by the gate until we came back. Thought we were abandoning him. Rip

Our new dog is a gsp from a breeder and I wanna take him to the dog park but he's poorly trained/socialized. We took him there once when he was 1 but he just seemed confused and got peed on
I'm going to start a petition for my town because we don't have a dog park.
Dog parks are toss up for me. On one hand, I love having plenty of places to take my dog, so that he can roam around somewhere different and get the social interaction he needs. On the other hand, I'm usually having to apologize for him, at least once while we're there. My dog is a rescue who was hit in the head too much as a puppy and is legit retarded now. I've crate trained him, made him unafraid of stairs, and even socialized him a lot but he still has permanent impulse control problems and will often bark at other dogs if they're not playing with him, accidentally start playing too roughly when he gets wound up, and tear things up even though he knows he shouldn't. When I rescued him, though, he was a billion times worse, so I'm pretty proud of my retard.
>dog park is a beach
>playing fetch in the water with a tug toy
>another fellow breed owner chats with me, let my dog run around with his fetch toy
>hear screams
>see my dog running with what looks like a small dog in his mouth
>oh shi-
>realize screaming was laughter
>a small toy breed had grabbed the other end of the toy and wouldn't let go
They were both fine, still was pretty scary.

I've completely given up taking my dog to the dog park when other dogs are there.

>school holidays
>chilling by myself with dog
>2 families rock up, 6 kids
>kids run around like retards
>their shitty little dogs act aggressive towards mine
>leave straight away'

>another time
>old lady with GSD rocks up
>she says she's harmless
>GSD gets agressive
>seconds away from fighting my medium size dog
>have to carry mine out of their

Fucking german shepards.
Call the cops mate, same thing happened here, and dogs that did not get along with their particular dogs had no chance to use the dog park.

The park is meant to be used by all, not a select few so the police told them to pack their shit up within 15 minutes and never do that shit again.

I love living in a calm area where the police have time for stuff like this.
this is a cool idea. Dog parks are dope
Dog parks are great and horrible.

When you have a regular group that all know each other and each other dogs they are great. We know whose dogs have some issues and how to deal with it if anything needs done at all. It is the non-regulars and new people that show up just to give it a try that usually cause problems. I had a big GSD mix that was extremely friendly but he barked when he was happy and made tons of noise when playing. That freaked out a lot of the non-regulars and newbs and I even had one guy threaten to call the cops on me because of it saying he was aggressive. You learn which dogs are pricks and which ones aren't and the same for the owners.

You are going to see a dog fight if you go long enough. Most are just a lot of noise but occasionally shit gets real. You are going to see somebody get bit most likely breaking up a dog fight. People get knocked down by dogs running around playing. So far I haven't seen a dog get killed at the park at least. Came close when some idiot brought a 4lb puppy into the large dog park side and it was terrified and acting like an injured rabbit so one dogs decided to treat it like an injured rabbit. Luckily it only ended up with a broken leg.
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your dog is literally superman ma nigga, holy shit
>Call the cops mate
kek you are a retard
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I want to meet your dog and shake his paw
Why is he a retard? Aggressive dogs are not allowed in dog parks, period, and you are encouraged to get the police involved if they don't leave because it's a public facility. It's the people that do nothing about aggressive dogs that let their dog parks go to shit.
my dog park is also under control of old people, but only in the mornings. and they're really nice, actually. they're all people who either run rescues or foster dogs. so in the morning if I go there's always a big group of australian cattle dogs and weimaraners, plus whatever ragamuffins another old lady is currently fostering that week. they're all very nice and I much prefer them over the afternoon crowds.
>hello police these old women at the dog park are intimidating to me please help
Mine is exactly the same. Most people there either have older rescued dogs from abusive backgrounds but have been shown so much love they are so chill. A lot of cool Australian working dogs too.

Afternoon crowd is Russian Roulette.
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