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Zika Virus
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Hello /an,
what are your thoughts on the new mosquito spread viral threat from South America, the Zika virus?

Does anybody from the region have any more information about it allegedly causing brain damage (microcephaly in medical talk), if contracted for the first time during pregnancy? I heard they are battling it with genetically engeneered sterile mosquitos to rival the species of mosquitos that is a vector for Zika in the battle for the specific ecological niche.

Anyway what do you guys think of the new wild viruses arising in the last 50 years, we got HIV from apes, what can cause the next pandemic??
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>next pandemic??

brain damage =/= microcephaly
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In some mainstream media it was reported as "brain damage" for easier understanding, that is why I used that terminology as well. I understand that microcephaly is a much more complex phenomenon than simple brain damage though some degree of intellectual disability (brain damage) is almost always present in microcephaly.
The stupid warm winter the US has had might let the mosquitoes spread further north
>it allegedly causing brain damage (microcephaly in medical talk)
"Brain damage" implies that the zika virus can even affect fully grown individuals.
The Zika virus is also spread as a STD.


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The idea of a mosquito and sexually transmitted disease that causes retarded babies is truly frightening.

There's a confirmed birth of a baby in Hawaii with microcephaly caused by Zika... and that doctor who gave it to his wife in Colorado...

It's only a matter of time before it's everywhere.


"Last year, the number of microcephaly births reported from Brazil's hospitals were almost 3,500 in only the last quarter, compared to 147 births in the whole of 2014. "

I'd say, since humanity has chosen to NOT use its complex brain in a wise manner (regarding living within its means and not wrecking the entire g-damn planet), Mother Nature has found a way to DE-evolve the species back to a level of ignorance that will see it living once again in relative harmony with the world.

Of course, this is just a theory.

It honestly isn't that bad.

If you get it normally, you're just sick for a while and it goes away with rest.

The only true risk seems to be if a woman who is in the early stages of pregnancy gets infected by a mosquito or by having sex with someone sick with it.

Something harmless being extremely horrible for a growing baby isn't new. Pretty much everything is dangerous during that time. Drinking, OTC pain killers, cleaning cat litter, eating sushi, ect.

I see it only being a problem for people living in regions where they are literally bit multiple times a day every day, making it much harder for pregnant women to avoid.
>thinking mother nature rules us
>not knowing we will rapidly out grow her
It is not a real threat I agree, yet the possibility of such epidemic of previously very rare viruses (only a few dozen cases) is interesting. The virus also is carried by insects and sexually transmitted (bodily fluids), so I think we are lucky it doesn't cause greater damage to humans. Imagine a strain of HIV being transmitted by insects in Africa, like malaria... Kill ALL the mosquitos!? Parts of the globe would become uninhabitable for humans. Might not be so bad for our respect for nature...

>>thinking mother nature rules us
>>not knowing we will rapidly out grow her

I like how you put it. We will learn all the BioTech tricks and out grow nature. Jet we should be stewards not rulers...
that isn't a theory, it's an idea, theories have evidence supporting them.

it's a retarded idea at that.
It only causes microcephaly to babies in the womb, otherwise I don't think it's particularly dangerous
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I love the geodesic designs in some of these viruses. I mean HIV looks like a friggen D20. Don't even get me started on bacteriophages.

I can't help but think that viruses look and behave an awful lot like how I would expect nano-machines to look and act.
I got it in early 2014 in French Polynesia. It's not that bad, it's kinda just a bad flu. As a disease people will probably give as much a shit as they give about the flu (basically only a concern for babies or elderly), BUT this birth defect stuff coming out is truly frightening. I wonder what kind of things they're going to come up with to fight it. Travel restrictions on pregnant women?

I guess I'm a virus hipster now. I had Zika before it was cool
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Anything that's gonna stop dumb women from overpopulating the earth is fine with me. I hope it becomes a world-wide epidemic.
>women can single handedly reproduce
A vaccine for breeder women will happen eventually. A baby isn't in my near future so it doesn't worry me.

It's the next bird flu or SARS. People are hyping it up. Yes, the birth defect stuff is bad but it's not nearly as apocalyptic as the media makes it out to be.
the people that reproduce nowadays are those that shouldn't.

it's downhill ever since the baby boomers.
>I have never heard of the Flynn effect
>thinks it's relevant.

it's not hard to go up when you're at the bottom.
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