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Why do normies pretend to be happy 24/7?...
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Why do normies pretend to be happy 24/7? Or seems like they're always laughing and smiling, always super excited about something, always putting on a veneer of positivity. But why? It's obviously fake, because no one could possibly have the energy to act like that for more than a few minutes and only when something really spectacular happens. I just really don't believe that everyone is actually feeling all the emotions they pretend to feel. So my questions are:

>What's the point of this act?

>Am I immediately spotted as an outsider because I don't put on the act?
>I'm not happy with life.
>Therefore, NO one is happy with life.

This is your logic and it is undeniably wrong.
There's a difference between being content with life and pretending to always be feeling some powerful emotion, idiot.
Back to /r9k/, faggot.
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Once again, OP is a faggot
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Because if you act any less than peppy with a constant smiling face, everyone asks, "What's wrong?" So eventually people are trained by other people to act like everything's fantastic in order to not receive this question.

Same logic as asking "Howre you?" Nobody wants to hear anything but "Good." Conforming to social norms to avoid making anyone uncomfortable.

I am so fucking fed up with being asked whats wrong, but I still cant convey nearly as much emotion as anyone else, so life a shit.
>what is the IP count?

Lol, faggot.
>7 replies, 5 posters
Ebin...simply ebin
>wahh normies
>b-but I'm not a faggot
You're not asking for advice.
>>Am I immediately spotted as an outsider because I don't put on the act?

Is a simple question about social interaction not a good enough question for you? I'm so sorry to have offended your sensibilities with my inadequate question, oh wise and might Arbiter of Advice-Giving.
I bet you don't have any friends, do you?
No I don't, what's it to you?
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this is a really good bait thread
>tfw it was a legitimate question
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>its not bait, im just retarded
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>everyone is actually a normie, anyone whoisn't normal like me is just willfully retarded

Have you ever heard all those junk-advice like "dictate how you fell"?

Or are you familiar with the progression:

Have you ever meet one of this sports-guy who can exercise 4h/day while keeping a full time job?
Where do they get the energy?

Have you seen the movie "yes-man"?

Have you ever had a friens,a loved one or a family member really sad or shaken 'cause the brutality of life?
What do you do to help them?
you smile and tell 'em everithing is gonna be fine.
We are humans. That's what we do. The world is hars and we try to make it a better place.

Yes they spot you,because you are weak and you are not doing your part in making this life a little more bareable.

>trying to bait me

but thats not what i said or implied. just that its retarded if you think everyone is putting on an act or that general happiness is some sort of 'powerful' emotion.

its a pretty retarded line of logic you are working with. therefore its either bait, or you are pretending to be retarded.
19 posts before anyone tried to answer the question. /adv/ truly is a top quality board.

As for what you said, i just don't get it. This point of view is incomprehensible to me.

"faking happines" is a serious business.
Your question miss the point because there are MANY reasons to do so.

You won't get it because you never had to be strong for someone else.
Anyway "happiness" is what everybody wants more in life (even masochist in their way), don't assume they are all fools
you're the weak one, motherfucker. if you could face reality and be honest about how you feel you wouldn't have to wear a mask. where's the dignity in pretending to feel what you don't? what a miserable perspective. it's totally possible to be genuine and not be a cynical wet blanket.

Dude, I guess you quite young.

You still think that everybody is like a fat girl grasping for acceptance.

There is no mask, and there is no pretending.
You come home late with a shitload of problems but you put all of them apart bacause THERE WILL ALWAYS BE PROBLEM and you get few chanches to enjoy life and happines, so you either learn how to choose when it's time to stop feeling down and make an effort to get the best from life or you are doomed to misery.

Free to ignore but i'm talking from personal experience and you are the one asking advices.
Because acting happy and having a smile on my face actually makes me happy. Putting a smile one someones face because you made their day a bit better by being positive and nice to them makes me happy.

Acting down only makes me down.
i don't think we're talking about the same thing. yes. don't be a pessimist. but don't be a forced optimist either. just tell the truth. OP was describing people who refuse to show their true emotions. how could anyone support that?

Because emotions are fucking complicated and showing off with no filter is a problem.

Hardly anyone is a "forced optimist" because require too much energy.

Unless we are talking about some desperate attention seeker in wich case how can't you feel bad about him/her?
Give them a warm smile back and look straight into the eyes, they notice.
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