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I've got a few hours

try to ask specific questions so I can give specific answers
What is the boiling point of liquid mercury on Mars?
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>its not animated
why do white people love Wayne Brady?
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White people love wayne brady because he makes bryant gumbel look like malcom x
How to get over a girl. who left you for some other dude ?

How to not feel worthless?

How to not suicide?
it just takes time anon, we all make it
I ran into this girl I used to know. Back then, I knew she had a crush on me. I also loved her, but I never told her or made any moves cause I was to nervous and anxious.

Is there any chance of me getting with her after all this time?
What should I do?
well you can't presume things are still the same between you, better to treat her as a friend initially or you might put her off

but you should tell her it was good to see her again and see what she's doing this week, most people are happy to re-connect like that
I have fallen hard for this girl. she's pure, innocent, beautiful, never had a bf, same age as me (early 20's) and im so worried ill fuck this up somehow. All the other girls around me are drug users, alcoholics, products of broken homes or rotten neighborhoods, or sex-positive feminists.

I just dont wanna lose the one person who could actually be a good mother/wife.

How do I get over this massive fear?
Just remember even the innocent ones masturbate to gangbangs by niggers on pornhub
that isnt an answer to my question you double nigger
Imagine her getting triple fucked by Tyrone, Jamarquadius, and Marquise and you'll stop fearing

I slipped up and called my fiancee by the petname I called my ex. my fiancee didnt know I called my ex that and loved me calling her it. it brings back feels though and it feels wrong. what do. can't tell her, she's uber jealous about my ex's.
What's the petname? "Spike"? "Boobs"?

Even if she loves it, just find a reason to find the nickname inappropriate or something you don't want mixed in your sex life.

Find another nickname for her and try it in bed.
Im paranoid of getting my gf pregnant
Girlfriend takes the pill (takes it regularly) and I'm really good about pulling out
Am I worried about nothing?
Petname is kitten. And I'll figure something out likely
I'm that loser from the other thread that's scared of a relationship.

I texted him earlier that if he got bored later that I probably would be to and to text me and that would be cool

He never responded

Should I delete his number and him off my Facebook and ignore him at work
>Be me 17
>Above Beta fag
>Below alpha fag
>Want sex cause sophomore year a senior showed me the pleasures of the female body(no real intercourse, just touching)
>What do
How do you start a conversation with a girl who has never seen you and doesn't know about your mere existence? I don't think starting a conversation via social media would be a good idea because I lose all of my "charm" and personality because I think way too fucking much about what to write
We don't have any friends in common and we don't even go to the same college campus.
Happen to go out of your way and "bump into her" somewhere she's alone. Maybe she'll go to the library or shopping. You can stalk her online to see when she posts something like "Alone in the library, so bored!" and rush there before any one of her friends.

From there you can make up something to strike up a conversation.
I want to know more about you. Is there anything you wanted to ask the internet about?
I feel uncomfortably numb. I say that in contrast to 'Comfortably Numb', the song by Pink Floyd. By that I mean as if I feel that I have been so emotionally tormented that I feel like I'm in shock. It's as if any callous or tough hide I have has been beaten off of me and as if I'm so profoundly emotionally wounded as to be inconsolable. Not really looking for advice so much as needing to write that. Thanks.
>cute guy in my program
>his prof is my boss
>comes in for help every week
>workplace rarely empty
>how to ask out or get to know?
How the fuck do I get a job? I'm 19, never had a job but have been trying to get one for years. Any tips?
Is OP even here? Or did he just make this thread in a vain attempt to pretend to give advice so that someone else would give?

You, check classified ads and other such stuff in the newspapers for job openings or hiring ads. It will most probably be there. Another way to find a job is going around town and seeing places that might here. Third option is if you know someone personally who can either provide you with work or connect you with someone else.

Nothing to loose.

You okay buddy? Why don't you engage in something that you like, a hobby of any kind or maybe go exercise?
I'll be 25 soon.

I only have one semester of college under my belt and I have no direction in life.

Should I go back to college? My gf/soon to be fiancee is leaving me in her dust. She's already about to graduate and start working a good job. Meanwhile I'm still at my mcjob with no future.

I don't know what to do. I can't think of anything I'm really interested in or want to study. I tried the >learn a trade meme, but all the local unions won't pick me up without a diploma in the field from a community college.
I have a prescription for ambien and I'm dead broke--how do I sell my pills without getting busted?
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