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Is it possible to peacefully coexist with...
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Is it possible to peacefully coexist with men without being submissive?

Besides moving into a monastery, is there any way to permanently avoid men for the rest of my life?
>Is it possible to peacefully coexist with men without being submissive?
That depends partly on how you define "peaceful coexistence" and partly on what sorts of things you would consider "being submissive".

>Besides moving into a monastery, is there any way to permanently avoid men for the rest of my life?
Some villages in Africa ban men, but that's probably equivalent to the monastery thing. Other than that, no, not really.

If you don't mind my asking, what happened to bring this on?
I am not nice. I don't like being talked down to, interrupted and belittled. Peafecul coexistence would either mean that men stop fucking doing that, which won't happen, or that I stop disliking being treated like that, which won't happen either.

I'm in a male-dominated workplace so I keep making enemies.
You sound like a cunt.

Everyone everywhere gets talked down to from time to time.

Why you blame this on gender i have no idea
Then why do women treat me just fine?

I started a new job. My trainer ditched me during the second week of a four-week introduction period, so I don't know how to do my job properly and have to ask for help a lot. In this time I've found that men treat me asking for help as a burden and usually refuse, but women help, every time. The issue is, we're paid by efficiency so training a trainee who isn't yours is literally a waste of one's personal time, but having the work done badly costs EVERYONE.

Yes, yes, people are individuals, but I've found that respectful men are an exception just as disrespectful women are.
That's funny OP, because only men have been helpful to me!

All the women I've known have ignored me when i asked for help at my job!

This is what you sound like. You're frustrated at personal experience and are blaming a group of people instead of the individuals. It's no better than a man saying that all women are whores because he was cheated on multiple times.
>I don't like being talked down to, interrupted and belittled.

If everyone is doing it then the common bitch is you.
The problem with men is that they don't seem to be able to differentiate themselves as individuals. If a man hears a woman say "a man did this", his initial reaction is "that's nonsense, I wouldn't do that".

The whole #NotAllMen nonsense a while ago wasn't really about men defending rapists, it was about men not being able tell themselves and rapists apart.
And you continue to generalize all men. Am I being trolled?

The problem with women is that they can't control their urge for penis! If a women sees a dick, her initial reaction is to suck it.

The whole anti-slutshaming movement a while ago isn't about women defending sluts, its about women HAVING AN INSATIABLE DESIRE FOR COCK.

^This is what you sound like. All the men I know are perfectly capable of differentiating themselves as individuals.
Sounds like you are being sexist and men don't like when you are rude and condescending towards them.
>a man is being accused
>I am man
>I am being accused
>"but I'm not like that!!"

If 90% of all germans you've ever met stole your wallet, and have done so consistently for 23 years, would you be unreasonable to assume they are prone to that?

I'm not saying men are evil. I'm saying men are men and behave like men. And I fucking hate the way men behave.

I treat them with respect just as well as I treat women. Literally exactly the same. Women treat me as I treat them, men treat me like trash.

pls explain.
It's fine that you think that, just realize that people who think the way you do are usually shunned by society.

People who think that blacks are prone to be criminals because of personal experience.
People who think (once again) that women are prone to be whores because of personal experience.
People who think that cops are prone to be corrupt because of personal experience.

It sucks that the men you know have been shitty, but there sure are a lot of men on the planet, and I'm guessing you haven't met personally with even 1% of them.
Doesn't sound like that.
Especially with the way you generalize constantly.
If you don't like blacks, you can go to Russia. If you don't like women, you can go to Saudi-Arabia. If you don't like cops you can go to fucking Norway or something.

I have no means to avoid men.
Do you think I start conversations with "I SURE AS FUCK FUCKING HATE ALL MEN"?

Most times have to deal with a man, it starts with "maybe this one will be nice" and ends with "I don't know what I expected."

I've found that the best way to treat them is like someone else's children. They don't understand they're doing anything wrong, and it's not my responsibility to discipline them.

Now if only every workplace I can have wasn't a fucking daycare.
I get it, it's difficult for you to understand because you are a woman and women are less intelligent than men.
Just try to follow the discussion a bit, take your time it's a text based forum, not a real time discussion
>I am insulted by you and therefore must insult you back
>I am a child
What insult?
You really should work on your reading comprehension.
Kill yourself then.

You can have the equality of the grave.
You're trying to troll me by insulting me by insulting all women at the same time, but you got your "women are stupid" and "you are stupid because you are a woman" mixed up.

And I would like to point out that I posted in /adv/ asking for advice, and instead of actually giving me advice on how to avoid having a beef with men, you decided to be personally offended and have a beef with me.

>ITT: "I'm not like that, I wouldn't do that"
I would if I could, honey. I just can't go through with anything violent or painful.

Unless you'd like to show me a place where they still sell non-oxygenised helium.
You try to treat women with respect and then they fail to grasp even the simplest of big boy words like "generalize" and "condescend". Luckily you can most of the time deal with them by just ignoring them and appeasing their raging emotions. They are less intelligent but luckily easily distracted.

Work on your reading comprehension. Why do you even post here if you refuse to listen?
Part of your problem is that you don't seem to understand that men and women have different communication strategies. Women ARE prone to helping, to fostering community betterment, making sure the conversation runs smoothly. Men ARE prone to speak in a more aggressive, hasty way with more priority on establishing the idea at hand.

>23 years
You'll figure out that's how it works. They're not even being given rude to you, grow up.
Because you haven't said anything useful?

If I came here and said that my car doesn't run, would your immediate reaction be "that can't be true, my car works just fine!"?

Nobody has said a single word of advice on either how to stop men from treating me like shit nor how to be okay with being treated like shit. All any of you - people who have not witnessed the problem - have been doing is try to convince me - a person with a problem - that there is no problem.

I am sorry if I am being rude, but you are not being helpful.
Work on your reading comprehension.

Is that not a sentence in form of an advice or are you truly this stupid?

Like I said work on your reading comprehension and you might find that there is other advice hidden in there.
That's literally what I've been telling y'all

Now, back to the initial problem:

How do I

>A: be okay with being treated like shit

>B: avoid men forever?
>I'm in a male-dominated workplace so I keep making enemies.
Have you ever considered that maybe you're just an incompetent bitch who can't do her job?
Work somewhere else? If you really hate all the men you work with, that you know you'll never get along with, then don't.

There isn't a problem. You refuse to cooperate.
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In a relationship you may need to find someone who is willing to see you as a person and not want traditional quiet housewife.

Having A personality that is strong and assertive knowing what you want and your goals is very good. If you do not want to be submissive its good to have a dominant personality but not controlling personality, in the idea of a strong personality.

I myself would love to be in a symbiotic respectable relationship with a strong woman who is outspoken and assertive. Timid shy girls that can't hold a conversation to are not the best type of people to be a relationship with.

So guys like me do exist, and no I'm not weak or timid, I would not describe myself as anyone beta. I would say im quite alpha that I have to be my own boss, though I not a bumbling idiot like chad. Someone who is Jewish or NOT 100% Caucasian would probably be a better bet considering the cultural mindset is more positive and less controlling for these people then in comparison to the white hierarchy status that many white men have feel they are entitled to becuase there skin is pale.
Generally It seems that "full" white men are more controling and less positive becuase they think that they are better than everyone else, even other whites.

It's good that you make enemies in your workplace, it means you're doing something right.

Your ok, dont lose hope. You have to find what you want, the chances of this guy asking you out are unsavory.
You do know that a monastery is full of men, don't you?

You may be thinking of a convent.
The other anons have been giving you plenty of advice, but you refuse to listen.

You can dish it out by insulting and generalizing men, but when a man does the same and generalizes women you throw a hissy fit? I'm a woman and I see how you are.

You generalize men so you most likely show it whenever you meet them or you continue to make it difficult to get along with you. Men and women can tell when someone has a problem with them pretty quickly so that's probably why they just don't want to help you. You're simply a generalizing bitch.
....so you have to ask him out prob.
Is this pasta or some really strong projecting?
Its called an opinion
I'd probably be better at it if my trainer hadn't been a man, as men are just naturally less likely to be helpful, apparently.

Where do I find a female-dominated low-educational job that pays actual, proper money?

I don't date. My problem is work.

English is not my first language.


How do I stop Having A Problem With Men?
If you really want to you can live without interacting with men. I mean there are people who isolate themselves from all humans, you can do the same. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's doable.

It is possible to coexist with men without being submissive and most women in first world countries do just that. But I think your definition of submissive might be a little off. To be honest I think you just have the oppression glasses on and get pissed off for no reason.

Can you give some example of what men constantly do that you find so insulting and belittling?

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Maybe it's not really a man and woman thing rather a competition at work. But if you are ugly it is More likely that men are going to help you less or not at all want to help. Just a thought.

In Western society a lot of conservitive old white guys do not want or expect a woman to be assertive challenging because they believe in 1950s gender roles.

You should complain the place that you're working and point out that you would ditched in your training midway through and that you cannot properly do the work without finalizing that training. So they do something about it, so you have an easier time in your work

If anyone wants to blame you simply state its not your fault that your trainer walk out on you.
Interrupting me to talk about themselves, to the extent of getting "not now honey" while trying to ask a 1-minute question about doing my job so I either end up finding a woman to help or listen to the rest of his pointless 15-minute story about his car.

I tried. Unfortunately my trainer's supervisor is a man too. An OLD man, too. It's old men all the way to the top.
OP, if this is not bait, you are caught in a trap. You cannot fathom that the way people treat you is almost always a result of one's own behavior. You reinforce this cognitive distortion by the fact that SOME men are sexist, SOME men are rude. You are living in a self defeating delusion.

You clearly have a reputation at your workplace. It can be hard to tell how you are coming off to others but it's safe to say that if your mind is dominated by thoughts of male antagonism, you will come off as defensive and conceited.
I dont care if they are old, my comment still stands.
Men probably sense that you look down to them and can't take you seriously, or you are ugly and/or an easy target. Post a pic OP!

>How do I

>>A: be okay with being treated like shit

>>B: avoid men forever?

A: don't
B: just avoid the bad ones?

sexism is an issue in my leftist social bubble as well, but it's much more comfy than with the normies that make up most of society.
find yourself a cicrle where this is less of an issue i guess.

inb4 sjw tumblr yada yada
Then How Do I Stop Doing That? (:

Me in work gear.

I got smoked out of Tumblr with pitchforks and everything after pointing out that one of the biggest issues with the Syrian crisis is that the Middle-East has a rampant rape culture and that judging rapists by the colour of their skin instead of the content of their character is racist.

käyks tyä_ukot hermoille vai? ehkä ne vaan härnää uutta työntekijää tai jotai
Men who aren't like that are usually just either more sly/subtle about it or children who don't know better yet.
What's your job?
How much do you make in your job, OP?
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