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ITT: We talk about whats wrong with us

> I'm 29 years old, good looking, very fit
> Own a successful passive income real estate portfolio and real estate business I built myself starting from age 21
> Slept with a fair amount of attractive women, nothing too bad though almost 20 total

I have everything a man at 29 could want but one thing... I can't relate or find a woman that I can see myself spending a lifetime with. I've come to realize all the artsy free spirited women that I am attracted to are just mindless cerebral liberals. Also the women I can objectively look at and know they would make a good match I am just not attracted to.

>Nothing excites me anymore Pol. Not traveling, not exercise, not making money. Nothing. Not sleeping with attractive women. I've tried to do everything right in my life... kicked a drug addiction years ago, I don't sleep around anymore. I stay healthy. Everything means nothing. Sometimes I just pray to God to take my life peacefully in my sleep. I dont really care to live anymore. Just wanted to share, I know none of you give a fuck. I just want some of you guys out there who think that having certain things will make you happy are completely wrong. I have it all.. .and at the same time have nothing.

What is there left to do? What possibly can take me out of this hole?
>hurt so bad
>you don't come around here anymore
>worse than that
>nothing seems to be helping
>I been thinking
>about drinking again
I am at the point where I'm so intelligent that I'm creating my own path that can be the object of astonishment for other people.
The problem that I have that because of time constrains I can do only so much in the world.
I hit the point where if I want to see anything done within my path in my lifetime I have to let other people work on my projects.
And yet I'm so afraid that if I teach other people they will just fuck it up with their mediocrity.
I don't want anyone touching it.
you have to give it to someone, you magnificent cunt.
>Eat like shit
>Waste money on strippers every other week
>Probably have mild depression
>Saving for a house that I'll probably never get
>Working a job I'm just barely good enough at to survive
>Wondering when employers will realize I'm shit and fire me
>Likes pleb Metal like your typical fat virgin nerd
>Nothing brings me joy anymore
>Everything is a chore that leaves me drained
>Too scared of death to kill myself
>Constantly spreading psoriasis makes me feel like a leper.
>All in all I hate my life and myself
>few months ago kiss a girl
>she has a panic attack from it
>she hits me up a few weeks ago
>hang out with her
>have lots of fun, start foolin' round
>drops the bomb she's asexual
>claims complete lack of feeling

i guess i just keep her around as a friend and coast

>lack of feeling
that's not your friend. Okay?
What about this?
>23, only significant relationship was over 5 years ago
>Slowly improving my shit but still not where I want to be
>I have a number of women for friends and while they appreciate my company, I've been shut down when I ask someone I'm interested in out.
>Often get invited out with friends, but I still generally feel like I don't belong

It's an odd feeling, trying to determine how much of it is just self imposed bullshit.
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>Emperor of the entire world
>Fucks 19 bitches a day
>Has unlimited money and power
>Can kill anyone at will
>10/10 so all bitches clamouring to suck my dick

But I still have a bad hair day once a year :(((((((((
>am female
>spent the last 5 months at the gym, 3 months before that running my ass off
>now i just really want to fuck a guy
>have only had relationships with other girls
>go out to bars occasionally, only when my (one) friend wants to go, LOVE IT, love attention from guys, love dancing with guys, but socially awkward af
>i just want to get fucked by someone
>tinder? can't bring myself to make one
I'm not really alive.
I see people worried about their jobs, their schooling, their future.
But I'm just always existing in a grey cloud of apathy.
No matter what happens I just think "Egh,that's life".
I never proofread any of my uni papers.
Still graduated with a 3.99.
Never tried to get a job.

Just got one because I was handed it to me.

Everything just feels like walking through a mist.

It's been like this since I was 15 and that was over 10 years ago.
If you don't want Tinder, use OKCupid.
As a woman, you'll have 100 messages a day.

One is bound to catch your fancy
>hits on ex-boss's ex-wife on okcupid
>wtf is wrong with me
realizing that I'm not as talented as I've always been told. trying to cope with the fact that I've been really full of myself for 5 years
Dammit, why can't I ever run into women like this? Granted that degree is pretty worthless in terms of practical application and she's a little older than me, but everything else is great.
not much. not in the sense that im perfect or anything but I am happy in life, i dont struggle with much, etc. etc.

i think my biggest flaw is that im rather annoying. i make a really bad first impression, but the second impression people suddenly seem to 'get' me. and its a really strong 'get'. like they fucking love me. then it slowly wanes out cuz my charm has an expiration. what started out as charming and funny quickly just becomes annoying. my best friends quickly see me only as an annoying younger brother, someone they feel obligation towards, but no loyalty.

and the fallout of the most recent friendships is kind of what im dealing with now.

but im making some sick cash (For me at leasT) going on my first ever actual vacation, getting lots of fun job offers for said cash to spend on said vacations, and getting some dreams coming true along the way.

so all in all i love my life. there's always more people after all.
>26 soon to be 27
>No ambition or motivation
>Zero romantic prospects
>Good at my job, but always feel like I'm hanging on by a thread
>Social life has withered and died
>All my friends have drifted away
>In credit card debt, because the only thing that gives me any amount of happiness is buying shit I never take the time to enjoy
>Try not to think about my life too much so my crushing self-loathing doesn't catch up with me
But I'm ok. Totally OK. Or at least that's what I'll tell my family, my coworkers, my doctors, and anyone else who asks.
Only thing I should change right now is:
a) less caffeine
b) get checked for STDs before I shrek myself with sleeping around
c) buy a lamp
d) wish I had a lower sex drive than I have right now
Why are you or whoever this girl is still single? Not trying to whiteknight or come off as thirsty even. My fiancee is actually a lot like you. I think that's why I am having a hard time imagining why you are single.
>turning 25 soon
>female but kv because can't trust after bad relationship with a male friend I was in love with when I was in highschool
>no college education, but working on it
>living at home with parents; tried moving out but couldn't handle my mental health
>have two friends because everyone I used to know has moved on with normal lives
>been on depression meds for 11 years
>starting to think I'll never ever be functional without pills, no matter how hard I try to overcome my deprsesion
>many friends and family died when I was too young to know how to cope
>parents both have incredibly high academic and overall life standards for me
>both these things led to two complete mental breakdowns
>two months ago started feeling worse than I did when I was at my absolute lowest
>suicidal thoughts came back for the first time in two years but I managed to get them down in the last couple weeks
>still unsure about how I feel about having a future, having a life to plan for
>sometimes think it was easier when I was suicidal
>can't focus enough on school and end up embarrassing myself to profs who just want to help me
>2 more years left of a major I can't stand, but it's better than taking another 4 to complete a different major that I'll be just as bad at but is less employable
>developed feelings for an emotionally unavailable and slightly autistic man who thinks he's too smart for me
>he IS too smart for me
>shamelessly flirts with me then ignores me the next day when he's not feeling like it
>I still can't overcome my feelings asshole even though his face looks like a prematurely born condor
I can't even get an interview for entry level positions. Applied at about 20 places this past weekend and still none called back it's been almost a year since graduating and the most I've done is a seasonal part time.

On the bright side, I'm in a LTR and he's graduating soon with a pretty good degree so...
>Just wanna kill myself
>Hate people
>Hate myself
>Hate social with others
>Hate working
>Hate going out
>Rather stay in a room alone
>Wanted people to accompany me, but Hate to be around people
>Just wanna belittle others to feel good about myself
>No goals in life
>Just wanted to be rich out of nowhere so i don't have to go work and deal with people
>Not fucked up enough to be a neet at home and leech on my parents
>Not brave enough to kill myself
>Going nowhere in life
>Wanted people to help me, Yet i don't want people to help me. pretty sure i'm in a dead end here.
>Let me die please. In a heart attack during sleep. I would be thankful to god.
>What possibly can take me out of this hole?
I think it looks like having family and kids would.
This is screaming crazy girl everywhere, sorry dude/dudette.
>be me
>roughly $1000 in debt with fucked credit
>can't find a fucking job that ends up netting me more than $100 a week
>need to pay for college out of pocket this semester because prior to coming back this year i had been fucking up
>should have my fucking bachelor's by now but I'm still a freshman technically
>want to transfer to 4-year but no fucking money so it's unlikely
>no friends generally
>no car so can't really go anywhere other than work and school
>feel like I fucked my life up at age 18 and it'll never get better
>starting to lose it

fuck my life
>25, independent, dream job
>can't progress because I'm self destructive

I don't know what mental block is causing me to not work my way up in the filed. I have countless opportunities thrown at me and I just become so afraid of failure that I don't even try. I can't seem to motivate myself with the incentive of achieving my dreams anymore.
>virgin, but not kissless
>fairly attractive
>studying physics and economics, get straight As
>141 IQ, Mensa member
>a little bit autistic
>try to see the bigger picture and don't take anything too serious

I like my life
I'm 25, have a high paying job (1% level for my age) a wife who I don't really have sex with (I haven't really ever met a girl I felt was completely attractive enough for me) and one friend who I meet occasionally but mostly talk to online

Pretty bored myself when I'm not working or studying or practicing something
I'm quite happy generally.
This sort of thread is really bad as it makes you focus on all your (perceived) failings in life, makes you wallow in sadness. Pity parties like this can also easily escalate into one-upsmanship competitions for "who's the worst off", to try and justify feeling bad when others are worse off than you, you reframe positive or neutral experiences in your life in ways that make them seem negative so you end up feeling worse than before.
I suggest you don't make threads like this, participate in them or even read them. It's extremely unhealthy.
I don't eat much at all. I live on my own ever since I moved to college. I feel like I'm being swindled by my landlord. I am way too skinny for my height. There's a load of things I'd like or I'm supposed to do, but I never get around doing them. I've given up on seeing people almost. It's nigh impossible to find the people that I would genuinely love.

I think that's the list of what's wrong with me.
>Kissed, but at parties, so it's either been drunk girls [spoiler]or a guy[/spoiler] or stupid shit like spin the bottle
>Waiting for uni in September. Not even 100% sure I want to go to uni still. Until then, I'm in full-on NEET mode. Looking for a job. Or, rather, that's what I'm telling myself.
>Not ugly, so I guess that's a thing. But really frustratingly poofy hair. Not curly, but far from straight. It's impossible to make it look decent.
>Pretty damn skinny
>Immensely socially awkward. It's not a case of not being able to bring myself to talk, it's more my mind goes completely blank and I don't know what to say full stop to anyone I'm not already friends with.
>Suffer from anxiety, OCD and worst of all, essential tremor, worried that even if I do get laid, I'll just freak the poor woman out from shaking or whatever.
>No real talent.
>Pretty damn depressed
>Every time I've gotten close to a girl, I've just ended up being hurt. And considering my naturally sensitive personality, it takes even longer than the average person for it to wear off.

Basically, I need to man up, go to the gym, and see if there's any way to improve the ET. But that's all easier said than done.
When a girl hates herself so much that she tweets shit like this just to attract /pol/tards AKA edgy obese neckbeards...
>26 yo
>average in every aspect in my life
>trapped at an end dead job
>still parents, what save me a love of money. Have around 5k on saving (mind I'm from a 3rd world country)
>haven't have sex nor a girlfriend since 08
>want to move out but don't want to waste money
>too much of a pussy to quit my job and find something better
>everyone I studied with is being better than me
>even my young brother is in europe doing something with his life

I think my problem is that I'm too scared to leave my comfort zone.
Even tho the job I do doesn't pay well enough for someone with my qualifications, I do basically nothing but browse the internet 80% of the time and don't have much responsibilities either.

Seems like you need a religious woman in your life.
iktf, except I'm 22 and still studying part-time so there may be a change after I graduate, although I think I wouldn't want to leave this comfort zone either. Even university is stressful.
This is fucking me
I have a wonderful wife and a little boy, a decent job, and live a comfortable and happy life. I have what everyone is out there looking for, but for the past couple years I've been fucking it up. When I drink I just really don't fucking care. Made out with a gorgeous woman last night and would have gone all the way if she'd let it happen. My best friend basically lost his faith in humanity, or at least in me, because of it. I know the solution to my problems, but I guess I just don't ever make the right choice when it comes down to it. I've lived my whole life toeing the line between what's right and being an asshole and I don't know if I can change before it all blows up and ruins everything that matters.
I saw that image on /pol/ a few days ago so it's probably made its rounds on this whole site by now.
>finally have my shit together
>will have enough saved to move out and buy a house in 2 years
>still regret moving to the sticks with my mom after college and doing nothing but smoking weed and playing TF2 for a year

Had I moved in with my dad after college and got a shitty office job I would be moving out this year.
>20 years old
>in honors program at a top public uni
>Cheerleader in college
>sorority girl
>don't drink or have sex tho bc trying to be a good Christian
>lowkey anime trash and vidya nerd but I have good friends some of whom are into that stuff too

Everything is going well & then...

>at a party with some friends, one guy I don't know well is drunk and sick so he asks me to walk him back to his room since I'm the only sober one there
>was only pretending to be sick and rapes me when we get to his room
>no longer a virgin
>don't tell anyone
>hindsight guilt
>drop out

idk what to do I fucked up
You see, your problem is that you're not interested in anything interesting. You're rich, but don't have anything to channel it into.
Meanwhile I'm poor, but enjoy playing on PC 'vidya'. I won't always be poor (just got a job offer) and when I'm no longer poor I'll be having fun.
-20y f
-apparently always had a great life with everything I could ask for
- 2 years ago i hit my lowest point psychologically and emotionally and i've never really recovered from it
- also had to drop out of college at that time (i don't regret it but my parents bring it up now and then even though I've began to study again)
- never had a boyfriend (i try not to care much, but people keep asking me about it)
- sometimes i wish i was dead
You sound like a pretentious asshole.

What are you creating?
- trust issues
- insecure, low self-esteem
- probably molested
- paranoia about getting fat
- lots of anxiety
- crave social interaction but push opportunities for interaction away
- afraid of people
- afraid of the dark
- no idea what i want to do with my life
- only ever had one "real" job and i honestly shouldn't count that one as "real"
- weird ass fetishes, problems with sex
You sound like my uncle, except he's an actual genius at a university and not a NEET bragging on 4chan.

....unless you are my uncle, in which case, say hi to the cats for me.
>magna cum laude in a good degree
>making $50K in a more or less tolerable job
>paying down my student debt and looking to buy a car
>engaged to an amazing woman
>strangers will comment to my face about how ugly I am
The idea of being ugly doesn't bother me that much, I know I'm not exactly a looker (still have some of the acne that demolished my skin) but really? Were you raised in a barn? Am I otherwise worthless? Fug.
>21 male
>out of shape
>mediocre grades in academic field, so death sentence for grad school
>psoriasis spreading rapidly
>don't care about my friends
>don't want to be open with people
>constantly remembering what it was like before I fucked up.
>can't talk to anyone from back home, don't want them to know I wasted everything
Last year I changed. My ex murdered his friend. He wanted to kill me but his family warned me so I saved myself. He ended up killing himself after getting caught. But even after the threat was gone, I still found myself in a dark place and unable to come out of it. I've been depressed for a long time in my life but not like this. I'm 23. I still live at home. I have a retail job and haven't yet gone to school despite having savings to cover a large chunk of it. I sleep and I dream of nothing. In my waking hours I day dream of leaving and taking a long hike and ending it in the wilderness. If my greatest contribution to this world is that I fed some hungry wild animals for a couple days I think I'm going to be sick. But despite that I have no motivation to do ANYTHING but sleep. And the sleep is restless. I don't think I've had proper sleep in months. I get 5 hours on a good night which those are rare in themselves. I nap in the day but that doesn't rest my mind. I barely eat at all anymore, I drink myself stupid and smoke everyday to combat the apathy and give myself some happiness. Not even music moves me anymore. Being around my own family and friends seems like a chore. My hygiene is questionable most days and I no longer care about my appearance or what people think of me. I sleep with random men, I'm asking to get pregnant or an STI at this point. It's just constant destructive behavior with no end in sight.

I just wish I had anyone who would push me day to day to do the things I need to do. But how fucking pathetic is that? I'm 23. I still need a parent apparently. I don't even think I'd respond well to something like that though. Depression brings out the mule in me. I'd rather just blow my brains out. But I'd leave behind a dog. And so I stay, clinging to whatever "life" I've built for myself because she means enough to me to keep myself alive for her care. When I look into her brown eyes I see myself reflected there. I can't take her world away.

you cheated on him with his friend didn't you?!

You need to go to therapy my friend. You have every single symptom of depression. Since you live at home, as your mom or dad to take you if you are lacking motivation - there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting support from people who love you. I promise you, things can and will get better!
Haha whats up me

>magna cum laude
>good degree
>looking to make more money
>already being snapped up by a woman

Watch yourself man. She's obviously not with you for your looks.
Im gonna go out on a limb and say you werent raped. Admit that and move on.
Thoughts of death are normal and common, but have you consulted a professional to help you recover from your low point?
>No skills, dreams or motivation
>Don't relate to other people
>Defective, not a real person
>Wish life would just go away
We've been together since high school. She stuck with me through some hard times. I think if she was gonna cut and run, she would have had good opportunities.
Haha no. I did scorn him though. And he was crazy enough to want to kill me for it.

I can't expect mental health support from them though. They don't believe in therapy and have their own problems which they refuse to even acknowledge. I do not see how talking about it will help at all though as I also don't have faith in therapy. I mean talking can only do so much. And if I take medication then am I really any better off than I am now self medicating with drugs?
i did bring it up a couple of times that i should go to one before that happened and after, but my parents always said it's a waste of money or for 'crazy' people. Especially my mom who went through beginnings of depression and managed to get herself out of it
File: 139445724824.jpg (23 KB, 630x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be a failed emt/army medic
>tried to run army way and join the Army at 19
>did but went reserves because was to scared to be active
>last 5 years only had one emt stint
>rest of the time ended back at my dead end waitress stint
>there now, although was happy there for awhile
>started to develop a crush on my coworker around thanksgiving
>just thought it was cute and let it go
>kind of started to get to know him more
>end up liking him more
>hang out with him
>we make out and mess around
>I feel like we both have real feelings for each other but we're both to scared to do anything about it
>depressed more over the fact that the only thing on my life that's making me happy is the idea that some loser who smokes a lot of weed that I work with might like me
>cause I don't want to like him
>I want to move out and be happy somehow
>id like to work at a publishing house and eventually move to Portland
>No idea how to make that happen
>scared anyway because everytime I've tried to change my life I've crashed and burned
>know trying to make anything work with this guy at work is pointless too cause I'll either end up trying to move away or I'll blow the relationship up in my face cause that's always what I do
>only have 2 friends outside work and I don't really like either one of them
>wish I just had the balls to kill myself
Either you are in a shit area or you have commitment problem
I'm addicted to browsing the internet. It messes up my sleep, studies, and what little social life I have. I noticed this a month ago and haven't changed a damn thing since then.
It's gonna be 2AM by the time I go to sleep again
I know that doesn't sound very late but I need to get up at 7:30AMish regularly for lectures
feels fucked
I'm a drunk.
I keep wanting to stop but after a long day at work, I just want to be drunk.
The mornings hurt, but I make it through them.
By the time I get home, all I want is a couple of glasses of vodka
I know this feel.
>27, fit, above average looks
>successful and living comfortably

And yet:
>falling out of love with things i used to like
>want to do things that I am unable to attend due to work schedule
>alone because of self esteem issues

I have no idea what I am doing with my life.
Do you have good social skills?

Hope you are inventing a sustained fusion reaction or an actual Alcubierre drive. Otherwise you are in need of humility.
>Do amazing at work in a new field
>Decide to go back to school for it
>No longer have any passion left, depressed all the time, sleep schedule is ruined
>Can't get myself to do even the most basic projects

I could pay off your pathetic debt and be completely unaffected. What is the most demeaning thing you would do for me if I did?
>25 year old afghanistan vet
>got degree, decent job
>no one really likes me
>every girl I've dated left me for someone else
>have massive insecurities because of it
>think about suicide literally every day
>trying to accept the fact that no one will ever love me
>wondering what I could do with my life knowing this
>even friends don't ever contact me first
>want to just save up money and go live on an island somewhere since I'm not meant to be with people

>japanese nigger kikes that run site don't allow posting from a proxy

so much for anonymity.
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