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How to Hook Up with Cougars
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Pretty straight and to the point. I'm really curious to go about hooking up with older women. Straight for sex, no strings attached. I just really want to experience an older, larger woman at some point in my life.

I have no intention of dating them or telling my friends, just for personal experience. I just don't really know how to do it.

Bars aren't really an option for me.

I'm 23, thin, thicker dick-wise, also quite sexually promiscuous. I love the female body and I especially like curvier women. Eh, I'm probably a 6/10 but I'm decently charismatic and also white.

Sorry, OP, but every milf I've ever picked up was in a bar.
>Bars aren't really an option for me.
Why not?

Tinder. Dating sites.

>eh im probably just right above average

how convenient. post a picture.

>bars are not an option

they are, you just dont wnat to.
Well I know there are online options. I don't know how viable Craigslist is though.

I'll take bar advice too.
Intercepted! StAY THE FUcK OUt oF BARS

Tinder and craigslist is where you'll find some yo momma jokes.

Captcha: ooh, trains
I don't post myself online. Besides I'm looking for advice, not a critique.

You got me though, anon, I just don't want to. Though to be honest I'm not great in the bar scene.

>im looking for advice, not a critique

critiques give advice. one size does not fit all etiher. we dont know what you look like. are you cute enough to pull off the 'im an innocent little boy hwo needs milf guidance' or are you macho enough to do the 'i just like serious fuckin women and need to fuck' or suave enough to do the 'im actually really mature for my age, or so it seems'

its showing not telling. but just asking 'how do i into milf?' doesnt tell us what you are working with. cant tell you how to build a chair if we dont see what tools you got.

>im not great in the bar scene
>but i deserve milfs anyway XD
okcupid, plenty of fish, tinder, c'mon man, it's all online, even older women. The ones that want to fuck young guys, anyway.

Take me for example, I'm 23, and been with bunch of 30+ women from hitting them up online.
Get in shape and they'll come crawling outta the woodwork. Milfs are looking for studs. Get it? Woodwork? Studs? Ah, I crack myself up.
Obiously you don't have to be good at the bar scene, case and point >>16872944
[spoiler]Unless anon is a lying shit[/spoiler]

Regardless not gonna do it. Let's say I'm the first because I'm not the second.
Craigslist is not viable. About the bar thing, anon, I used to be a complete introvert and was always stuck at home so I started going to the same bar every night for an hour or so, single whiskey or beer. Quickly made friends with some of the staff my age since I would always stand outside where they would have their after shift drinks and recognize me for coming in all the time. I started to talk to some of the other regulars I'd see all the time; a retired insurance salesman, an older lesbian couple, a few military guys, etc.

It did wonders for my social skills in only a few months of doing this. Don't become an alcoholic, you can always get an orange juice or coffee, the bartenders don't care. But after four years of this I feel much more confident and even approach women when it feels right. And that's how I've come to fuck all my milfs.

>lets just say

why waste my time?
I feel you, but I don't really need any social help. I'm actually quite social as is and I don't really need help talking to people.

Otherwise I'm not really a big drinker. Like, I'm not a stiff, I get pretty fucked up with friends but I can't really imagine drinking alone. Less I become my father.

Sorry you can't help me then, anon.

Also, >>16872959
How the fuck did I screw up my spoiler? Never had trouble before. I can't even see what wrong.
[spoiler] you can't use spoilers on /adv/ [/spoiler]
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This... This comes as a surprise to me.
How about you?

You say you use okcupid and tinder. For any advice for hooking up that way?
Just hit 'em up, pimp.

"Hey gorgeous"
"What's up, beautiful?"

Let's 'em know upfront that you're into it, and they can put it together from there.

From my experience, I had way better success being upfront.

Tell them you want to fuck them, and dismiss any concerns they have about you being too young, or them being too old.

I'm a stoner, so when I met one that was also a stoner, oh man we had a great time.

>tfw she's ready to sit on my face, but makes me rip the bong really hard first and hold it in while she smothers me
Be upfront huh?

Any tells, outside the obvious, in their profiles that let you know they're down to fuck?

Any thing I should specifically avoid?
Some have tells, others have anti-tells. But, from my experience they all still want the dick.

Things to avoid are the overly christian ones that are really devout (unless you are too, then great), but don't worry you'll lower your standards more and more as you go.

Also, it doesn't hurt to try and facebook them before you hit them up.

I wish I had with at least one of them. I was a big slut when I was on these sites, and was with this really hot girl I met at my work, but turns out I was hitting on her mom on the website, and the mom was into it. We hit it off for almost a week trying to find a time to meet up, then all of a sudden both the mom, and the daughter stopped hitting me up, and I couldn't figure out why.

Few weeks later, the daugher (who is on my FB, just was ignoring me) posts a pic of her with her mom, and it all connects.
Go on Tinder, find older women, and mass-send them the following message:

"In my opinion, vaginas age like wine."

You get it? Because they age well. This message subtly indicates that you're open to sex with older women. If they're all shy and you don't get any responses, send them (the same women) a follow-up message:

"In fact, older vaginas are often my favorite vaginas."

This will probably get at least a few hits. But if the women in question aren't up to snuff, then send them all the following message:

"23 horny stud lok for curvy milf ;-) u will enjoy"

Have fun and post the results here.
don't listen to that dude.

But, instead do make a profile that's very modest, and doesn't hint at older women, or casual sex. Let you conversation steer it there pretty quick though if you can read it right.

And, that way you can still hit on younger chicks. I know I like both.

thick teens, and trophy wife milfs are my thing.
I suppose but I shouldn't be up front profile wise?

Honestly, I don't need any help with women my own age or around, so if I used tinder it would be exclusively for cougar hunting.

But if I'm not up front in my profile won't they just pass me up if they don't know I'm down for Milf Town?
Tinder, go ahead, the others, try and be a little bit more modest imo
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