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Is my girlfriend bipolar ?
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Alright, here's the thing. I'll try to keep it simple.

I'm not a doctor, so i can't know for sure if this is the case, but there's some stuff that has made me think that my girlfriend is bipolar and i would love some input on the matter.

The main reason being that i dated a bipolar woman in the past. For 1 and a half year. That was rough and all that, and that gave me some insights about the ins and outs of this... and i see some similar patterns in my current gf's and my ex.

She suffers from depression and social anxiety. She was in a hospital not long ago because of this. She also doesn't have a lot of friends. She told me that she has troubles keeping them, and, being her bf, i see why.
She's hypersensitive and can start to cry over the stupidest things, she has a real problem with her ego and doesn't like ANY help or advice about anything, except if she asks for it. She also has phases where she wants to be left alone and doesn't want to talk to anyone, even me, even though she wants to see me and speak to me nearly all the time.

Recently, after a very stupid and meaningless fight, she said she would straight up stop answering me, so i said alright and wished her a nice evening. After this, she went silent. I came back to her after a few days and tried to act as if nothing happened because having a discussion with her is nearly impossible. She told me that she wanted to be left alone and that she didn't want to talk to anybody.

It's been going on for a week now. No words from her.

Now, i've only known her for 3 months or something and i think that's not enough to know if she truly is like this, but there's too much stuff that gives me hints when i think about this previous relationship, with the woman that actually WAS bipolar.

I would love your input on this, any thought. Thanks in advance.

(sorry about any english mistake or gibberish sentence, as i'm not a native speaker)
It just sounds like depression and you know she already has that. None of that indicates the other half that would make it bipolar disorder.
How old are the both of you?
Bipolar people have phases that last several weeks each.
Manic (hyper, impulsive, prone to vices such as binge eating and drug use) -> Stability, transition -> Depression -> Stability -> Manic -> Stable -> Depression, and so on and on and on.

Doesn't sound like BPD to me, OP.
I think all the other anons are right. I just want to add that no man should have to go through that kind of hell.

Sometimes it's better to be alone than to have bad company. I obviously don't know you or her, just pointing out that if she's being a cunt, you don't have to deal with that kind of crap.
I don't see anything here that indicates mania. Mania doesn't always mean a happy/euphoric state, can also be frantic and overly anxious behavior (calling someone 5 times in a row for example)

Doesn't sound like she fits into any of that, just may have depression and some moodswings/anger.Possibly might just be a difficult person in general rather than someone with a mental disorder

source: am a bipolar person

That's what makes me confused, honestly. When she told me she had depression, i believed her. It was pretty obvious. The way she spoke, looked, sometimes. After i came and visited her for the first time tho, (our relationship is long distance. We're not too far away from each other tho) she became noticeably happier.
That's what make me wonder about whether or not she has BPD. Because she has depression, i know that, and i noticed this depression she spoke about. But i also saw her in a way better shape. In a shape that made me completely forget she had depression, up until recently.


Not too old. I'm slightly older than her, and it's clear to me that she lacks a little bit of maturity sometimes. We're in our early-mid twenties.


I already knew some of those infos, but thanks for refreshing my memory, that helps a lot.

I've definitely not known her for long enough to truly notice if there was any phase in her behaviour, but i can say with certainty that she does a lot of binge eating and (with less certainty) that she was very impulsive before we got together.


You're right anon. All i'm doing there is trying to see if she's just being a cunt or if she has some sort of problem, to see if i'm going to waste my time with her, or if we could work something out. I could definitely understand her and give her all of my support if she truly has BPD. (or any sort of problem. As the next anon said, she's probably just a difficult person) If she doesn't have anything and is just being a childish retard, then i'm bailing the fuck out.

To every one of you reading this, pls senpai, avoid dating crazy.


You're probably right, i think. Though i know she has shown some sort of anxious behaviour, the type you described, before. I'm still very confused. But at least i think i'm getting somewhere. Thanks.

Thanks to all of you, too. Any input is welcome and helps.
Where do you live?
Why don't you ask your friends anon?
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