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What are the best ways of losing weight if...
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What are the best ways of losing weight if you don't have money to go to a gym ?

I'm asking because I'm tired of being fat and I want to attract women.

Is it just a matter of moving more and eating less ?
Eat healthy measure calorie value of everything that goes in your mouth,and start running
Yes it is. Use EVERY opportunity to walk. To get groceries, to work, to run errands, and so on. Even small shit like taking the stairs and choosing a far away parking space, get off one station earlier adds up!
Going for a run is one of the cheapest, easiest available and effectivest exercise you can do to loose weight fast since it burns a fuckton of calories. You could also get a rowing-machine or a stationary bike on craigslist. Add in bodyweight exercises like push-ups and squats. At first you don't necessarily need any weights. If you want to you can just use waterbottles to make it more difficult. Iater you can get some second-hand weights cheaply. That's all you need!
Also, if you want to eat healthy, go for chicken breasts, minced beef, EGGS (if im on a very tight budget i always go for eggs for protein. Shit's yummy, versatile, cheap, you can stack up cause it keeps so long, it's easily and fast prepared), tuna (in water, not oil), feta, whole wheat oats, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, leafy greens, apples, bananas, ananas, and nuts. I also get milk and plain joghurt for my oats. I eat them
With the bananas and other seasonal fruits every morning. I add in lineseeds for fibers and chia for protein but that's entirely optional. Those are widly available healthy things that give you a lot of bang for your bucks!
My favorite snack might be homemade hummus. Oh my fucking god this is so delicious! I dip carrots and kale chips.
It's a matter of eating normal healthy food and taking an hour to 30 minutes out of your day to do something physical. Stop drinking soda, make your own food from the ground, eat more vegetables. Go for a walk each day or do some push-ups before bed. If you keep doing that for a year, you'll loose weight.

You don't need to eat less or go ty a gym, you just need to eat healthy and get outside each day. If you need more motivation you could maybe join a free local jogging/exercise group.
Fuck eating healthy
It saves money on food and will help you lose weight way quicker
All it takes is some self-control too
This is objectively wrong.

If you are serious about losing weight, counting calories is the ONLY way you will guarantee results. You know how many people I come across that "eat healthy" and complain about not losing weight? Eating healthy doesn't mean shit. There are plenty of EXTREMELY calorie dense healthy foods and people have no clue how much they're eating.

Source: lost 50 pounds this last six months.
Go on ketosis diet... No sugar for 2 months.
Start jogging or bike
I don't really think that's"objectively wrong". Counting calories isn't necessary, never was for me anyways. I just made the conscious decision to eat less, start jogging and going to the gym. VoilĂ , I have a tight body, good routine and I can eat pretty much anything I want (because I don't eat that often or much). It's not science.
>Is it just a matter of moving more and eating less?

Pretty much. Also, eating the right things. Even if you're eating less, but only eating carbs and fats, you won't see good progress. You'll likely feel more lethargic and bloated.

Aim for lean protein, colored vegetables, apples, bananas, grapefruit, melons. Lessen your intake of carbs and replace it with low-fat dairy, protein, and/or fruits and vegetables.

As for exercising, walking and jogging is free. Some parks have exercise equipment. If you have or know anyone with a bike you can borrow, I shed a lot of weight by replacing a lot of my errands with bike riding at least 3 times a week.
Go runing 20 min a week then 2 X 20 min times a week and take it from their, eat not les but eat beter and smarter.
Just get that was mooving
>Just get that was mooving.
look up some circuit training OP
I do this circuit 3x a week and its all bodyweight exercises so you dont need any equipment, just a small space in your home

2 minute warmup

10x squat jumps
30x mountain climbers
10x side lunges on each leg
10x elevated push-ups
30 sec "V-hold" (if you cant do 30 secs at a time split it into chunks)

do this over and over until 10 minutes is up, then rest for a minute before doing this next one for 10 minutes

20x single leg deadlift (i hated this, replaced with glute exercises)
10x reverse lunges
10x squat
10x 'superman'
30 sec plank

then a 2 minute cooldown/stretch

if you dont know how to do any of these exercises or some are too much to handle right now replace with something similar, just focus on doing each move correctly

Honestly though just look up simple 15 - 30 minute bodyweight circuit exercises and keep at them. 3 times a week is more than enough but youll be sore for the first week, then it gets way easier.

also, cut out all soda, cut down on fruit juice and coffee, ideally you should just drink water
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FAT ass moving
>Is it just a matter of moving more and eating less?
Yep. Walk everywhere, even if it's a few miles away. Carrying your shit home will also help. Run when you have the luxury of doing so. Do some squats, they're remarkable.

Eat things that aren't junk. Don't drink soda or energy drinks, don't eat chips and crisps and burgers. Make your own food, don't buy prefab boxed shit. Lean meats, chicken, fish, eggs. Vegetables out the ass. If you desperately need sweet there's this thing called an apple and it's delicious.

Also keep track of how much you eat. Calories fucking matter. Downing 6,000 calories of healthy food isn't any better than 6,000 calories of anything else unless you're burning more than that over the course of your day; you're aiming to lose fat, you need to have less in than you have out.
>eat less
>move more
Just because you weren't sitting there with a calculator doesn't mean that calorie dropping wasn't EXACTLY what you were doing. It just means you were being lazy about it and not doing some elementary school math to keep an eye on your intake.

The science is there, you just didn't do any of it.
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Read twice The Hacker's Diet by John Walker.
It's free and loaded with good advice from someone who spent most of his life as a fatty.

It's a solid, fun and educational book aimed at guys just like you.
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