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i know i *want* to transition. this is what...
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i know i *want* to transition. this is what i want.

i wish i was so carefree, but liabilities like my siblings, or how my family may view me can ruin my life in one way regardless of transitioning improving it in another. i know the typical response to this would be "then who needs them", but I do. I would never discard a family member for such a reason, they would come first.

life is full of risks and awards and it's how we balance these things that dictate the quality of our lives.

so while i agree life is short, it's what you do in the meantime to gradually and logically improve it to the end that matters. don't be reckless.

it's healthy to judge past actions to improve future ones.

i *want* to, but *should* i?

You should not base major life decisions on the opinions of the worst people on the internet.
It's never worth it, OP. It sounds good, but it isn't. Surgery or not, in the end it isn't the same at all, and you'll feel it, and it'll be too late to go back.

As shitty as it may sound, there's (currently) nothing that will get you where precisely where you want to be, only shitty mock-ups that try to imitate the real deal, and it sucks.

So, no. Don't do it. But talk to someone about it, someone sensible, someone who knows what they are talking about. Not other trans.
MtFs just look like guys with gyno and long hair
Well, I never really believed necessarily in the "meant to be a girl" or "born female inside" mentality. I almost get kind of irritated when I hear trans people boasting about how they always sat down on toilet seats, or played with barbie dolls.

I don't really believe I need to transition to validate myself for liking girly things. I straightened my hair, openly read shit like Peach Girl, and wore skinny jeans. May I also add I'm black with family primarily in Alabama. So in no way did I feel limited in expressing my interests.

As a kid I'd just always imagined myself as a woman, I prefer the female form more, I enjoy womens clothing. I don't want to just settle for second best, just a really feminine dude who is OK with liking girl things.

I'm also half asian, and I'm not sure if it's the reason but somewhere in the gene factory things got swapped and I've got really feminine features. I've got an ass, lips, highcheekbones, I get mistaken for a girl even when I'm not trying and I love it. But I'm young and with age these things will fade when it could be so much better. Yes I know at 80 I will look like shit anyway, but for me, to end my life as a woman, or at least seemingly, would mean a lot.

I'm definitely OK with my dick, I'm OK with accepting I am transgender and not a biological female. I'm realizing with what affects just a hormone balance can do in gender appearance, that gender is mostly fluid.

It's not fluid when it comes to sex, but if you're comfortable at that point, then it's OK right?
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One time I forgot to change the genderfluid in my car for like a year. I ended up with a problematic tranny.
If my gender changed every time I stepped into my car, I'd see it as problematic too.
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you're not funny, crusty bitch.
From what I understand, OP - for the people that end up transitioning, it's usually a life or death situation for them. It's not a 'want' but a compulsion, a need - to be in X body and damn the consequences.

Now, I'm not gonna comment on how valid or invalid those feelings are, but:

From this thread it sounds like you don't have the same compulsion that most successful trannies have (and NEED - because transitioning is a shitshow, your life falls apart, and without that burning urge you'll never make it)
I use to see it as a need, but it's my family that worries me, making it less of a priority and more of an option if they accept me.

I don't know why I'm so sensitive to family reactions, I just want them to continue loving me, rather than be embarrassed.

I've been to therapy for this, I go out 4 times a week dressed as female and routinely practice voice feminizing. My HRT letter is sitting in the drawer under my hands as I type this. I just thought about how my family might react, and everything went slow-mo.

I want to be happy. But my family is apart of that happiness, and as a result I'm at a crossroad.
Boom, tiss. Love it, I'm going to remember that and use it often.
Well, why not ask how they feel about you currently cross dressing and acting girly? They couldn't feel any worse and perhaps may adjust better to your changing over full time.

Just remember, except to those in the special snow flake community, the rest of us never see chicks with dicks, just sicko men with tits.
My family actually doesn't know I go out regularly, and I'm only out to my mom who I believe may have (secretly) told others.

If you see a sicko *man* with tits, at first glance of this person, you are a true testament of gender solidity.
Not him. I don't see a sicko man with tits. Just that something's off with *her*.
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