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I've come to talk about normal, "platonic"...
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I've come to talk about normal, "platonic" relationships, but it seems like most of /adv/ is really just focused on how to get fucked. Is there any reason why for many people Sex is their raison d'ĂȘtre *tips fedora*?
Seriously. How come Europeans and Americans are so sex-centered? Or am I just imagining things? After all, this IS 4chan.

Anyway, I seek advice myself. Assume one looks much, much older than he actually is. Let's say that person is 18 but could easily pass for mid-20's to late-20's. Will that person be more successful with people around his age (17-16)? Will it make any significant difference?
Furthermore, what is valued by girls around that age? Since most of them are still attending high school, I suppose women seek something else in men.

Lastly, are different cultures a total turn off? What do you think of foreign culture you most definetly have no clue about, except some vague (mostly negative, probably) things?
>Is there any reason why for many people Sex is their raison d'ĂȘtre

I don't see people as anything more as objects of sexual attraction, convenience or sources of money

Depends on the culture. Different cultures often have different values and expectations of that kind that get in the way of healthy relationships. For example, through the lens of my culture you sounds like an insufferable, arrogant cunt. But in your culture it may be normal and OK to begin a conversation by declaring your superiority to entire continents full of people. It's differences like that that get in the way sometimes. More significant differences are often related to sex, since some cultures absolutely cannot handle the thought of women having sex outside of marriage and literally murder them if they attempt it, while others are cool and do not murder women for such things. Many women do not want to get honor killed, for instance, so might not enjoy dating men who feel they just gotta honor kill women who do sex. So it really depends on the specific cultures, I guess.
It was an attempt to get people to reply. I didn't declare that these traits are inferior though. That was not my intent.
It's not really an issue for me, it's just strange sometimes. Like you said, some people are extremely strict about these issues but then again, on the other side you have people who only think about having sex, getting drunk etc.
But yes, the post is incredibly smug. Accompanied by a smug picture.
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OK, anon. The Genetic Imperative is the prime motivator for most of our actions. So, yes, sex is THE major reason for being, the prime motivator, and where it is not in a place of primacy, it's an influential factor in most situations at some level. Social hierarchies, provisioning, lifestyle, attraction, all these things boil down to preferential access to the lukewarm parts between each others' legs.
Don't knock it. 's why we're here. Intellectual pursuits are a parallel interest, and of variable value, of course, but when they detract from sexual appetites, people are rightly wary. Einstein was a dad. Ben Franklin was a notorious whoremaster. Fuck, Martin Luther King, too (an American hero and moral force, for you foreigners). Dude couldn't keep his dick in his drawers in between speeches.
It's even more intense for young and socially inept people with no outlet, thus explaining 4chan. If we could generate electricity from masturbation and shame, 4chan would be the world's power plant.

As for your question about different cultures, it depends. Some cultures find those of other groups to be unattractive, some have cultural prohibitions that limit interbreeding, some do not. So, it depends. American and European women tend to find Asian men unattractive. Japanese women tend to not like Africans. No one finds Aborigines hot. So it goes. You would have to be more specific. Me, I'm pale as hell, blond hair, blue eyes. My wife is a dark-skinned latina. I like exotic women, always have. Her culture encourages intermarriage with lighter-skinned people. Mine (American), has no such special affinity, so long as one of the people aren't black.
I am not denying that having sexual intercourse is not part of human life or something like this. But sex is definetly not the prime motivator for most of our actions. After all, sex is just an act necessary for many beings to produce offspring. It is the result that is more important than sex itself. Therefore, sex is not THE major or biggest reason for being. It is an inherent part of human life, no doubt, but to see it as the prime reason for being is wrong. However, to see it as a major reason as to why people form relationships with other people is sound. So yes, maybe that is why a board that focuses on relationships with other human beings talks so much about sex. Because it is one -if not the biggest- reason why we form relationships (nowadays).

I've noticed that many people think that sex is the major reason for (human) being, which is regrettable. But I am starting to see where that kind of thinking stems from.

Thanks for the input on culture. I think women tend to marry in their own culture, while men tend to intermarry more often. But I am not sure.
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OP, you're wrong here in your reasoning. Same arguments I'd get from my students back in grad school when I was team-teaching evolutionary biology. 99% of our behaviors are hard-wired either directly or indirectly by instinct. Kids would get mental because this implies that free will is a hell of a lot more constrained than we'd like to think, yet the science and reasoning are sound...
And, in this case, so it goes, too with instinct. All human instinct boils down to food and sex, or survival and sex, if you want to speak more broadly. Sex is the mechanical behavior of genetic propagation, which is why all animals exist, and while you might argue that we're more than just an animal on some elevated plane, we've got an animal's body and an inherited behavioral cortex that is little different than that of any beast.
Given the ease of survival for most folks on 4chan, it's less interesting and easier to ensure than access to sex, which is why we spend so much time focusing on what we desire, rather than what we have.
Again, you look at sex itself and not the biological reason why people have sex in the first place. It is to produce offspring. Looking at a purely biological point of view, the offspring is what is important, not sex itself. Thus, having sex for the SAKE of having sex itself is actually going against evolutionary biology. It's the same with food. Humans don't search for food for the sake of eating food. It is to ensure their survival by taking in food, food is just a way to do that properly.

I also agree that, according to modern science, free will is almost non-existent. But you reduce the point of human being to survival. Why would human beings try to survive when life is finite in the first place? Is it not weird that life evolves, but living beings themselves cease to exist after just one generation?
My point is that biology, or science itself, will not provide answers to philosophical questions such as these. It is not perfect, to cut it short. And the purpose of science is not addressing philosophical questions anyway.

Anyway, do girl like older looking men or not?
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You're missing the point.

Sex IS the behavior for reproduction. It gets used for some ancillary purposes, too, but it's the mechanism for genetic propagation, and as such, we're hard wired to seek out sex, parthenogenesis being unavailable for humans. Since we are not seasonal or periodic breeders, we seek out sex constantly, as men, maximizing genetic diversity of our offspring, for women, maximizing gamete quality and survivability. Attraction is a matter of assessing fertility and fetal viability, which is why we find most attractive in others (in normative behavior) things that are indicative of fertility and fetal survivability.

You're going off into philosophy when there's no need. Your gene lines don't care about individual survival. That's why women lose attractiveness earlier on in their lives. Men remain fertile longer, which is why we are attractive for longer into our senescence.
For men, genetically, we have dual survival strategies, both utilitarian. In our youth we have our fertility and fitness. In our middle age, we have our fertility and leadership ability, the wisdom of the survivor within a dominance hierarchy. That's why we are often still attractive to women even as we age and go gray, whereas a gray-haired woman is rarely attractive to a man of high breeding quality.
Its cause the average age of a 4chan user is about 15.

If you hang out with other old people, their attitudes are less sex-centered.
I am not saying we shouldn't fuck at all. I am saying that you shouldn't center your life around sex, that's it. As you yourself say, it's all about genetic diversity.

Suprisingly though, what you are talking about seems to be what humans avoid the most. How else can you explain make up, cosmetics, beauty surgeries, steroids, anabolica? How else can you explain the fact that sex is mainly done for pleasure nowadays, which is essentially not a bad thing, but certainly not correct according to evolutionary biology either?
It seems like life doesn't always seem to follow the rules of biology. Either that, or man refuses to follow them. Regardless of that, it is important to refuse to botion that your life -or life itself- is centred around sex. Simply because it's only a means to an end.
I always love how /adv/ can just solve the nature / nuture debate in one thread with their pseudo-sience self-serving their bitter world view.
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