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Probably have a daughter, probably not, I...
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So here's the deal in a short summary:
>Had my first and only time having sex with a chick from college, came inside her, this was the seventh of july of 2014
>Worth to notice that she was having sex with at least 2 other guys around the same period of time.
>The next day I bought a contraceptive pill and made her take it, don't remember its commercial name but it was Levonorgestrel, I was told by the pharmacist that sold it that it I had 72 hours at most, to make her take it.
>One time I tried to have sex again with her she told me that time I couldn't because she was having her period (so she actually had her period some time after this incident)
>Fast forward to 21 of june of 2015, her daughter is born
>She has been running her mouth to some people, assuming that as a joke though she might be serious, that its mine and it looks like me
Worth to notice is that I haven't seen her in a while but I might take a class with her next semester so: Counting since I supposedly impregnated her to the birth of her daughter there's a span of 11 months and 14 days of pregnancy there, is this possible? Yes I'm retarded to ask this but still. People also seem to talk about how she (the daughter) is white like me and has my nose but how?

So do I have a daughter? Is an 11 month pregnancy possible? I'm 22 by the way.
No. Don't think about it. Don't accept any possibility of it. Do not let your one time having sex with some slut grip your bank account by the balls.
Extremely unlikely. If you're really curious you can chat her up, but I'd bet money it was just some other guy.
My girlfriend was inside of her mom for 11 months strangely. But that does not pertain to you. Deff not your baby.
>bank account
What bank account? I don't have any money, I don't have a bank account, I don't have a job, I don't even have job experience, I'm just studying and frankly even if it was mine, she would be better off not trying to get me take resposibility.

Thanks for the advice, yeah, I won't accept it unless I get solid proof and I think the only proof would be a DNA test right? Which I wouldn't even pay for since they're expensive and I don't have reasons to think it could be mine.

What's the longest a normal pregnancy without complications can take? 9 months? 10 months?
Bump for more opinions or any advice in the matter.

11 months? No. Women who are pregnant for 11 months have a dead baby in them and are too poor or stupid to go to the hospital. No doctor in his right mind would let her go to 10 months before inducing labor.

That kid is not yours. Either that or you suck at math.
Don't be fucking retarded. It's not yours. Don't get roped into paying for it either.

If she spreading that it is yours, she may be manuevering to hook you into dealing with her plus kid or do something shady legally.

Me again. 40 weeks is a typical pregnancy, but it is actually 38 weeks from time of conception (the day you had sex or 2 to 3 days after you had sex because sperm can live inside her for a couple days).

Pregnancy is measured though by doctors from the time of the LAST period she had BEFORE she ovulated and released the egg that ended up getting fertilized. Typically a woman goes on the rag for a week, then a week to a week and half later she ovulates, then she is in peak fertility.

So in reality, she likely had TWO full periods after you guys had sex. The one shortly after you had sex and then she probably went an ENTIRE OTHER cycle, had her period AGAIN, and then ovulated again and had sex with some other dude and got pregnant THAT cycle.

Sounds pretty safe to me.
So is not mine then?
Alright, so what should be my course of action next semester? It will be really awkward, everyone in that class probably thinks I have a daughter I don't want to take responsibility for, is gonna be really fucking awkward.
If you get confronted about it simply tell whoever asks that for it to be yours the pregnancy had last for over 11 months, which is impossible.

Also mention her having sex with multiple guys before, during and after the time you got to fuck her.

BTW, even the slightest hint it might be yours will make people think it is so you shut that shit down emphatically.
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