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>meet qt on tinder
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>meet qt on tinder
>she's coming over in 30 minutes
>family is gone for two hours

Wat do? This is obviously a hook up but i dont want anyone to know, wat do?
Hook up and be done with it. Simple as that.
Netflix, movies, tv, whatever bruh, nothing too interesting though

Just treat her like you would any other friend, then shut your brain off, say "hey come here", and kiss her, then things should take off from there. or just don't be a oussy and when your sitting next to her at some point when you look at eachother just kiss
How'd it go OP? Did you survive?
Did ya fuck it up OP?
OP was a beta, was weak as pussy, watched some netflix, and then she headed out.
OP's Place act 1

>Tinderella arrives
>Open front door for her

"Come in m'lady, you look scrumptious." OP quipped

"Th-hanks" shuddered tinderella

"Can I get you a drink? Blue gatorade, maybe some boxed wine?"

"I'm good, maybe some water."

"Right away dear"

>Tinderella sits on OP's bed, thinking over the choice she made tonight

"Here's your water, my ginger muffin."

"Thanks...So, what do you want to do?"

"Uhhh, I don't know. Want to watch netflix?"

"Sure, sounds good."

>OP puts on a documentary about native americans

"I started watching this last night, it's really good."


>Tinderella tries to relax. She slowly removes her jacket and leans against the headrest of the bed.

>OP sits next to her, giving her a generous amount of space to relax.

"Why are you sitting all the way at the end of the bed?" Tinderella asks

"Uhhh...I don't know, I like this spot."

Tinderella sighs "Ah, I see..."

>Tinderella crosses her arms and legs in discomfort, OP feigns a yawn in attempt to put his arm around Tinderella. alas, she is too far away, and his hand misses his target. OP's arm returns to his lap, where he then twiddles his thumbs and looks around the room nervously.

The young couple stares at the glowing screen of the iPad as the minutes pass by.

One hour into the documentary, the connection fumbles, and the stream comes to a halt.

"Ah, just as it was getting good." claimed OP

"Can we watch something else, or do something else?" Asked Tinderella

"Like what?"

"I don't know...how much time do we have?"

"We have all the time in the world, my love."

>OP presses play on his iPad to continue watching the stream. Tinderella rolls her eyes in disappointment, and checks the time on her phone.

"I'm sorry but I might have to go soon, I told my friends I'd go out with them tonight." claimed Tinderella

"Shit, really? Well uhh....do you want to kiss?"

"Uhhh not really, I'm feeling kind of sick. I think I'm just gonna head out."
OP's Place, second act.

Our sweet Tinderella has just unfortunately declared that she is feeling ill, and must take her leave shortly. Our friend OP is feeling nervous, and is about to ejaculate into his only good pair of jean shorts.

"Oh-okay, you're feeling sick, I understand. Uhh..do you want to kiss?" OP respectfully requests

"Uhhh not really, I just said I'm feeling sick."

"Just one kiss? I don't want to waste this moment."

"Fine, just one kiss, then I have to go..." Tindella agrees wistfully.

>OP puts on a strange, contorted, grimace, and begins to lean in towards our Tinderella.

>Tinderella, unfazed, keeps her eyes open as she remains passive.

>OP, with trembling hands, grips the back of Tinderellas head, and pushes her head towards his soft, chapped lips.

>Tinderella pulls back..

"Don't grab me like that, I don't like it. Relax." Tinderella scolds.

"I'm sorry, I thought girls liked that.."

"Not when you fucking pull on my head, you're hurting my neck."

"I'm sorry I'm sorry." OP atoned. "I just like you a lot, you're very cute."

"Thanks..." uttered Tinderella.

"So..can I kiss you?"


>OP's hand hovered behind Tinderellas soft hair, as he slowly planted a dry kiss on the still lips of Tinderella.

>Tinderella smirks awkwardly

"Heh...you're cute."

>The dams hidden beneath OP's fresh denim loins are released, and his warm load of protein rich ejaculate exudes through the length of his boxers.

>OP's eyes open wide open as he realizes he has no control over this unstoppable force, and tries to retreat, fearing that Tinderella may notice his embarrassing mishap.

"I gotta pee." OP says. "Be right back."

>OP paces down the hallway to the bathroom, where he then pulls down his jean shorts and examines the semen coated area.

"Damnit." Whispers OP.

>OP removes his semen spotted loins and tosses them in the laundry bin. He pulls back on his blue denim shorts, and returns to his bedroom.

Our friend OP has just ejaculated out of excitement, and has thus removed his underpants, unknowing to the fair Tinderella awaiting him in his palace's chamber.

Hoping for one more shot to consummate with her, he returns to find Tinderella looking at her phone, messaging another man on the venue they met, Tinder.

OP is shocked, but only slightly surprised. He now realizes his folly, and is feeling powerless.

Tinderella notices his silence, and hides her phone in her small black purse.

She gazes at him... "I gotta go."

"o-okay, thanks for coming over. I had fun."

"yeah...me too..."

"Want to hang out tomorrow?"

"I can't, I have work."

"Gotcha. well, I'll walk you out."

Tinderella and OP make their way to the front door, OP is really feeling like a faggot at this point.

In the front entrance hall of OP's home, Tinderella puts on her slippers and readies her keys.

OP stands by idly, as he reminisces about how he just came in his pants from one kiss.

Tinderella opens the front door and looks at OP.

"Goodnight OP." she says.

OP smiles, but can not find the words to say...Tinderella stares for a second, then walks away towards her car.

"Goodnight!" Shouts op. "Love yo-"

Tinderella slows her pace for a moment, then doubles her speed. She retreats into her car, and drives away instantly. OP waves goodbye, but she does not see him.

OP listens to the motor of her car rumble in the distance, lingering to the hope that she may have forgotten something and may come back. Sadly, she does not.
OP's PLACE. Final act, final scene.

Our friend OP is feeling like a fag. He shuts the door, sighs, then goes to his bedroom. He smells the spot where Tinderella once lay, breathing in her attractive Victoria's Secret perfume.

OP lays down on his bed, and stares at the ceiling. His mind numb from the adrenaline overwhelming his body with stimulation.

With one final insight, OP realizes he fucked up horribly and decides to masturbate. He faps furiously into the night, dreaming of what could have been had he not been such a pussy tonight.
Truly a Shakespearean experience, and likely completely accurate.
This is actually amazing

Poor OP :(
I was just hoping the final scene OP would just kill himself.
Holy shit /adv/ is on point tonight
Best thing I've read all day lmao 10/10
He actually does in the sequel to the play "OP encounters the 420 Friendly BBW"
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>420 Friendly BBW
holy shit
i identify to this whole thing a lot, fucking kill me already
why am i so awkward
Don't worry m8, we're all OP sometimes.
I really hope someone capped those. Truly wonderful, thank you
I think the moral of the story is don't put women on a pedestal.

When you put on your best pair of jean shorts and call her "ginger muffin," you're going to end up like OP.
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