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Help me /adv/. I have a pretty long problem/dilemma...
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Help me /adv/. I have a pretty long problem/dilemma that I'd like some advice with.

I recently went to Trucking School and got my Class A CDL. I'm looking for a job and by a string of luck or some god smiling down upon me I got TWO job offers. One from Lowe's and the other from Pepsi. They are both for driver positions. In the Lowe's job you drive a straight truck flatbed, load your truck with a forklift, drive it to where it needs to go and unload with forklift. Repeat. With the Pepsi it's those side load truck. You make 15-20 stops per day moving cases of soda/water in a hand truck in and out of stores.

Lowe's pros:
> good company/benefits/people(good neighborhood near San Francisco lot of cash)
> full time with predictable two days off
> not so labor intensive(forklift does heavy lifting/physical part would be chain securing)
Lowe's cons:
> bridge toll is 5 dollars every day
>25-30ish miles commute
> driving a straight flat bed so no tractor trailer experience

Pepsi pro:
>20.98 per hour
> the plant is in my city literally 10 min drive
> benefits
>tractor trailer experience
Pepsi con:
> more physical fast paced work
(That's not too bad, plus I'd probably stay a bit fit)

I'm 21 and I need to work my CDL for experience. If I choose Lowe's
I could do the Lowe's shit for 3 years, then see a good local tractor trailer gig where you can clear $70k. But they tell you they want 2 years of Class A experience. So I'd be fuck.

If I choose Pepsi it'd be a lot more physical work but I'd be getting tractor trailer experience so it's better for my career.

Which should I go for? I am a lazy bastard so working itself puts me off but muh animes can't pay themselves. A reason I got my CDL Class A was so I could work an easy job but that's not the case with Pepsi. Pepsi would be good for experience in the long term but suck because of hard work. The Lowe's job is one of the ezest jobs since all you do is pretty much drive.
pls respond
fuck man I wouldnt want to live anywhere near sanfran unless you are making 150k a year or more. pepsi sounds a lot better and a better starting job for your resume. you're young so that matters more and will probably pay off more in the long run.
Thanks for your reply man, I appreciate it. Yeah at this point that seems the best. I figure I have to go through this eventually. I can pick Lowe's and have it easy now but if I wanna get experience later on I either have to go with someone like Pepsi or got Over the Road with a big company and ride all over the country.
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I don't even know what the fuck lowes is. Pepsi is a internationally recognised corporatocracy-member.

This is a no brainer OP. Stick to your guns, fuck getting a job, stay inside and play vidya n shit.
Lowes is like a home improvement store like home depot.
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Based on personal experience I'd say go for the pepsi gig. I had a little episode about ten years ago where I'd got in to my head that I didn't want to be a chippie anymore (fortunatley I got over it in six months) so I did one of those intensive courses and got an HGV lisense.

The run I was on consisted of picking up car parts from the factory where they were made then driving them to the factory where the put the cars together. There was no loading at all, you just backed up to the loading bay and the warehouse guys would take out the empty cages and put in full ones then the guys at the other end would do the opposite. That meant I was just sitting down all day, and the heaviest thing I'd ever lift was my lunchbox. In the time I was doing it I put on about 40lbs and went from a 34" waist to a 38". I had no strength left, I was tired all the time, started having back trouble and my knees hurt all the time. When I went back to construction it took a good six months to undo the damage.

Even though pulling a hand cart isn't "hard" physical work (in comparrison to something like hod carrying), it'll probably give you enough excercise that you don't wake up every morning feeling like you're a hundred years old. I'm not sure about the US, but certainly here driving a tractor/trailer pays 50%-100% more than driving a rigid body, so if you're looking at spending any significant length of time doing this you want to be driving articulated. Also trailer reversing is something you need to keep working at - once you haven't done it for a while you get some serious skill fade and it takes a lot of work to get good at it again.
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