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How come I'm so good at flirting with...
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How come I'm so good at flirting with girls I know that I'm never going to date? And I don't mean that as in, they're out of my league or I'm out of theirs, I mean like friend's exes, friend's girlfriends in an open relationship, girls who are 'off limits' whether that be a friend is attempting or related to them, and so forth.

Usually, if I'm into a girl and I want to take a chance with her, I fall on my face. I've been attempting to date a friend of my for the better part of 2 months, and I can't even get her to do anything that isn't a movie. Tonight, my friend who's in a poly-relationship introduced me to his girlfriend, and within a few hours she was licking my face and willing to strip in front of me, much to my friend's chagrin, and I wasn't even trying anything with her. Or this past Halloween, I went partying with a friend and his ex came along, and I ended up spending the night with her - We didn't have sex, because you don't do that with a friend's ex, but that didn't stop her from trying. But again, I didn't do anything with her that I wouldn't do with any other friend.

Is there a way I can channel this vibe? Or am I just stuck with the ability to flirt up girls I'm not supposed to be with, and having zero chances with girls I want to be with?
you have an easy time with slutty women and a hard time with real women
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I suppose you could be right about that. I lost my virginity to the to local slut, after she pressured me into it because she had a bad day and needed it.

Is there anyway I can get this help with real women? I do notice, that I come off more confident because I don't care about those girls, but I'm sure it can't be just that.
its always going to be harder with real women because you will actually care about them instead of seeing them as a sex toy like you would with a slut. when you actually care about somebody it gets harder to talk to them, it doesn't go away. you're finding it harder to deal with girls you actually care about because non slutty girls are harder to get with, that's just the way it is.
>you don't do that with an ex of a friend
I'm confused. I'm a kissless virgin so I don't get this stuff. Why exactly do you care about that they used to be together? Are there other rules I should know?
That all makes sense, but it's a little disappointing. I was hoping there would be some way I could use that 'charm' to help with endeavors of girls I actually want to date. But I can understand why it doesn't.

It depends on the circumstance, honestly. If it was just like a girl he dated for 2 weeks, then it wouldn't matter after some time. But this was his first love, and they spent 2 years together before she ultimately broke up with him after cheating on him. She was a crazy though, and he was glad to be rid of her after the fact, but I knew he still had feelings for her. Especially since the next day, they got back together for a weeks, but ultimately he came to his senses.

Even if it was less serious, I still probably wouldn't have with her because she's crazy, and you don't stick your dick in crazy.

Other rules you should know about? Just courtesy is incredibly important. And you have to take chances. Dating is a constant battle of risk vs reward. Asking that friend out could very well ruin that friendship, and I've dealt with that, but it could allow you guys to get together in a loving realtionship, which I've experienced far less of.

A rule I also like to live be is, "You do you, as long as you're not hurting anyone or yourself in the process."
Thanks a lot. I'l remember that.
just keep in mind that a girl not letting the relationship move fast is actually a good thing in the long run. if it takes you several months to get to a physical relationship with a girl without some other factor causing it, you know she has a lot of self respect and isn't easy. you know that you're something special for her and you know she's very unlikely to cheat on you compared to somebody who gives it away on the first date. that's the kind of girl you grow old with.
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