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I'd rather be alone than with someone...
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I'd give anything to find my life partner right now.

I'd also rather be alone right now than with someone I'm not happy with/incompatible with.

I'm not a special snowflake, but I tend to like women that are.
Most of the traits I like in women are uncommon, and some are incredibly rare.
>Large size
>Likes /sci/, /his/, /lit/
>Likes intellectualism

All of those which really make or break it for me are uncommon or rare among women and really apply to men.

The places I've been told to look are Unis/Libraries/Places of higher learning, and Anime Cons. And I will do the latter, but as for the former, it's embarrassing because I'm a depressed and capable but lazy piece of shit who doesn't push himself to get good grades. So I'm at a CC with the semester off at the moment.
The CC is basically filled with stupid submissive women as well as all flavors of LGT that I don't want.

I'm aware that it's ok to want what I want, and I don't think I'd change it if I could.
But the point is, I don't know if I'll find the person I'm looking for. And so, I don't know if I want to try much more or give up now.
I'm trying because I don't know what else to do.

Any /adv/? Do I give up, any general comments?
nigga I just want the snake girl from Monster Musume. You think you got it rough?
>just a plain old girl on top of a snake's body
>doesn't even have hips or anything like the snake girls in XCOM
get better taste, start fapping to proper furries
monster girls are not furries you idiot. furries arent even that good anymore unless you dig really deep. this is why you dont have a gf OP, you think you know everything, but you FUCKIN DONT
Stop looking for intellectualism and mystique in women

Just settle for someone you find physically attractive. Expecting a gf to be interesting is like expecting to have a deep conversation with your cat.
yes I know monster girls aren't furries retard, monster girls are one of the plebest vanilla fetishes you can possibly get, which is why I told you to switch to real furries instead of just generic animu girl with animal ears and tail
It comes with the other stuff I mentioned.

I do have deep conversations with my cat, so fuck you.
rather one way conversations though, I'd imagine
Unless you have something to offer, it would prove very difficult. I think it is possible to find those girls, you just have to look for them in places you think they'll go to (like comic con etc etc)
>monster girls are just neko catgirls and are more vanilla than furries

ok buddy, now you REALLY dont know your shit
Well yes. I do have objective things to offer.

It's misery being 195cm and wanting a woman taller than you.
show me something a bit more exotic then, perhaps I'm being overly closed minded
this is not the board for that you man ass menace you
either give me something to fap to or fuck off and die
>Switch -> Yaoi paddler
>Bi -> "Bi" for attention
>Large size -> Fat
>Weeb -> Still posts on Gaia and tries to fit into lolita outfits aged 30
>Intelligent/Nerd -> Majored in Psychology
>Likes /sci/, /his/, /lit/ -> Likes Three Kingdoms fanfics and appropriating science culture
>Likes intellectualism -> Complains about capitalism and 'shallow' people, works at starbucks
>Atheist -> believes that not following a religion is a hobby in itself

Sounds doable
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you see I have trouble getting into these where its 100% animal below the waist and 90% human above it. Its usually much hotter to me when its say 60% human all the way through. That said I do make a notable exception for delicious HORSE PUSSY.
kek'd and check'd
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I like you.

>I'd rather be alone than with someone im incompatible with

good. thats healthy. being alone is way better than being in a bad or dysfunctional relationship. people should be single more often. makes it easier to know when the right person comes along.

>I'd give anything to find my life partner right now

this is where you lost me. first with the desperation, then with the idea that you have a life partner. peopel dont. if we were meant to have life partners, we'd all have em. but there is a reason we date a LOT until we find a good match. and the good match is never permanent. even if it lasts 30 fucking years, its not permanent, and there comes a point where its a partnership in a business sense as oppose dto a romantic one.

>im looking for these specific traits in a woman

stop. stop searching. stop hunting. she is not a toaster brand. if there is someone special out there, even if its just a long term match, you are not going to find her by holding interviews. girls dont want to be 'anyone' who just fits the mold you set out for them. they want to be the special one who happens to catch your attention.
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