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How can I get rid of my trans problems?
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How can I get rid of my trans problems?
One day we'll all look back on this and laugh..
Get a really demanding job
What exactly are these "trans problems" ?

Well anon, first you have to realize that trans are nothing but closet faggots.

Accepting that gives you a completely new variety of options to go for, but Ill mention two.

1. Go full faggot and stop pretending.
2. Realize that you will never be a girl and that you have a mental illness.

Now, assuming you go for 2, the question will be How to cure such a mental illness?

Probably by seeking the help of a professional.
Although I've had them for awhile, it may be best to opt for a normal life. (Or atleast I think..)

Since 8..
>Always think of self as a woman in future reference
>Pretended to be a girl online for years since I was young because it felt more comfortable
>Chose only girl characters and drew only females
>out to family, friends and girlfriend
>Girlfriend and I go out from time to time so I can get a feel for the future

I don't feel I need to transition to validate liking girl things by becoming a "man in touch with femme side". I read something about "Intersex" people that I may identify with, but I feel this is just another mental pitfall to get trapped in.
The trans deal is the only thing I'm closeted in, and even then only a handful of people don't know.

I don't really wish to be 100% female. I realize that my want to transition is purely for outside appearance comfort. I just want to be referred to and look like a female.

I know outer appearance can be secondary to one's life but if you could change it and enjoy it, why not? Much like people with tattoos, braces, gauges, hair styles. idk.

I already have pretty feminine features (thanks mom), but I want *real* feminine features that I can be proud about when people stop me to comment on them (often).

I've been to a therapist and unfortunately all they really did was enable it. I fear that in our PC society today even doctors might be weird about poking the bear. I already have my HRT letter.

Look man I am the guy who posted that, I really dont give a fuck about what you do with your body.

Do whatever the fuck you want. As long as you arent one of those PC feminist going around saying they are actually women etc etc then its fine.

I mean, its the same thing with faggots. You wanna suck dicks, go ahead. You wanna protest for your rights by walking naked on the street dressed as a fucking crack whore, then we have a problem.
>I've been to a therapist and unfortunately all they really did was enable it.

Thats the ethical thing to do in the overwhelming majority of cases. Conversion therapy doesn't work and trans folks have startlingly high suicide rates. Besides, its not my job to talk you out of shit.
but people have to become women to be women lmao

it's the same with boys vs men
Grow up and get help.

Seriously. I'm not being an asshole.

This is how I felt for a LONG time, too. I picked male characters in games, I pretended to be a male (online) for 7-8 years.. Came out to my Parents but at the time Mom denied it and said I wasn't. Later on as she became more into Christianity, she said she'd "pray for me" and it made her cry when I said I was interested in women. She'd beg for me not to have sex with another woman because I'd burn in hell for it.

I mean.. It was her reaction that bothered me the most. Not because OH NO I MADE MOMMY CRY but because I wouldn't have the support I would have needed.
Have you considered purchasing female clothing? If you wear it when you're at home by yourself you might feel satisfied for a while, and maybe work up the courage to do it in public too, along with whatever transitional stuff you'd want to do.
"Just be yourself"
"Don't be yourself, be the person you WANT to be"
"Don't be something you're not"

I tell myself these three things interchangeably on a daily basis. I don't know *what* I want anymore.

Before I felt pretty good about this and the ball was rolling fast. Only when we were towards the end my parents told me they thought the therapy would fix my feelings rather than help it a long.

I guess that kind of messed with me. Not only that but all the people coming out as trans right now. It's extremely cringeworthy because not many seem the type, but.. neither did I.

I don't want to be a freak in my life, but I also don't want to repress it.

so? why do people who realize that they weren't trans try to speak for everyone else

because you're you and they are themselves

everyone who uses this argument just sounds like those that tell depressed people who think that they may have depression that Everyone has that phase and that they're not really depressed, not because they want to be encouraging or wish well for them but because they hate it when people are mentally ill. what the fuck is wrong with wanting to be happy?
>OP makes thread about how to be rid of trans problems

Your tumblr is showing, Anon.

I have no problem with someone being happy. If OP wants to be a trans, then be a fuckin' trans. But do not step on my toes because I am answering an open question in a public "forum" - K? K.
op, i hope you find the answer one day

as corny as this sounds, please don't be a doormat like >>16829367 and do what makes you happy. im not saying you should be COMPLETELY ruthless, but try to make space for yourself and be assertive.
It's funny how repressed people are that they think wearing certain clothes is a big deal

It's just a piece of cloth
lmao did you not know the latest buzzword is female hypergamy? get with the fucking times you square

Holy fuck me running. Had I known that I would be bitched at for replying to a public post would get me this much shit. Wow.
I know.. I can't tell if it's the lack of support or if I've been conditioned by her and my father believing it's a phase. I can't tell if it help me put things in perspective, or seriously messed up my mental health. Or maybe it was tarnished to begin with..

What did you decide to do?

I've got a whole wardrobe of female clothes, and I go out in public almost half of the week.

A few pictures of myself :
I certainly don't think it's a big deal, but society does. Though it's not just clothes hormones too.

I know what you mean, for some reason repressed people seem to make a bigger deal about them being trans than when they accepted themselves. I want to avoid that so the past few weeks I've been clawing like crazy to find myself, I don't want to walk the middle line forever.

I want to go with the flow, but I also want my family to be comfortable around me.
Hi OP. Thanks for not being a cunt about my post; I greatly appreciate it.

What I did? I don't know.. It just.. faded away, really. I'm not sure if I was motivated by the lack of support, or if it just really was a phase for me... Getting a lover helped me also, to be honest. He supports me in everything I do, but when I look at him.. I don't want to be a male anymore.

I'm sorry I'm not much help, OP. If it means anything, you are lovely and VERY convincing; I've seen my share of trans mtw who screamed that they were beautiful and feminine and sexy but decided to keep the beard. It was confusing to say the least... But you rock the look.
my only trans problems are because the car needed a service...
It's okay, I'm not really looking for specific responses in this thread, just hoping something will stick to the wall. If anything, sorry if any information gets lost in translation or by order, today had been a rough one.
I've got a girlfriend, but we've done more working *towards* the situation.

Thanks ! A lot of things are lined up on the trans side, but when I think about family reactions, it being a phase, I just cringe hard and get overwhelmed by all the decisions.

Not gonna lie, you look pretty great. One of the best transitions I've seen.

Alright everybody move on, its just another one of those threads where OP pretends he has a problem but in fact hes just here to shill his shitty imgur album of himself.

Fuck off dude.




OP only posted pictures in response to someone else, they're not using this as an excuse.

Sup tranny chaser

OP can shill his stuff here

i don't think you know what shill means

Hey there again tranny chaser

Its clear to me that you just want OPs nigger ass, dont worry, I am in no way here to compete for him, so the way is clear.

Please stop responding.
underage detected
File: WEWlad.png (306 KB, 593x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nice smug anime girl reaction image, you piece of shit.
Is that a thing?
Sorry, I tried to keep it discreet by only providing a link, in a reply to one person
no less.

I promise its not for attention, but to help illustrate how far past "buying female clothes" for myself in private I am.

I haven't decided to do anything yet but thanks

Not even the same person.
as last resort it is to post yourself on 4chan, its really not, everyone over on /lgbt/ does the same in pass threads.

You already ruined your life.

>I find most traps to be narcisistic

I can confirm this. Met 3 or so, most of them Canadians (for some reason?).

And I am yet to find people that have the same delusions of grandeur they had.

Not only that, but they are hard to approach. They think themselves as to be on high demand, making it impossible to have a friendship or to even discuss anything.

Based on my experience with those people I have only concluded that they are not only deluded, but sad individuals that do need help or, and I support this more than the other, the rope.
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Could you please proofread this
posting yourself on 4chan and effectively singling yourself out is a really bad idea
if you absolutely needed to, though, it would be better to do it on a board like soc or lgbt
>between ages 8 and 20
How do you explain a vast majority of peoPle who come out in their mid thirties then after all of the oppression? Not to mention these men are usually married with a few sons. They've also tried to ignore and repress these feelings by excercising and other "masculine" activities. Eventually they come back to it

I was going to address some other things but I think that example alone was enough to void that post ..

A lot of assumptions
i'm starting to suspect there's a bitter hon lobby pushing people to decide against transition because they're resentful about being an ugly late transitioner w tall poppy syndrome
I actually post on both of those boards to help me gauge how well I'm passing, probably why I didn't worry too much.
But on those boards I just get attention and compliments on how well I look or what I can change, right now I don't even know if transitioning is what I want.
I wouldn't have posted them if I knew they were going to make a big deal, but if all else fails at least it's a closer glimpse at my situation
Thank you though

Not really.

I am for telling each others lies so we can sleep well at night. You, me, do that. And its fine. How else would we cope with life and go on?

Thing is, faggots like you try to make these kind of things like if they were a big deal when they arent. Like if it was the ''discussion of the century'' an ''endless fight to achieve the long awaited freedom of the transexuals from an oppressive society''.

However, this is not the case. Its a fad thats becoming more and more apparent because of its popularity and how hard media is pushing it (for some reason?)

In reality, its just something built upon foundations made out of lies, like everything else. And you are not as important, nor people really care about you, as you think you are.

Sure, people here will give you attention (proven by the amount of answers), but then again look were you are.
yes, it's a fad because trans people in history have had their identities erased (similar to those that argue sappho was actually bi and not a raging dyke)

>In reality, its just something built upon foundations made out of lies, like everything else.
babby nihilist detected

also it never was about seeming more important or colorful or interesting, it's to be respected and seen as a human being lmao
but i guess you wouldn't understand that being an oh so enlightened equal opportunity "i'm not an asshole i hate everyone equally!!" offender
fuck off faggot
>How do you explain a vast majority of peoPle who come out in their mid thirties then after all of the oppression?

They lived 30 years as one gender, failed as human beings and obtain a "grass is greener on the other side" mentality.

Gender is not fluid. Gender is not an outfit you can change when you get bored of it. Gender is a genetic fact of your existence and nothing will ever change or alter it. Attempts to do so will only result in mutilated penises, demolished hormonal balances and inevitable suicide.

You want honest advice? Stop being a retard and invest in being a faggot. If you like wearing girl's clothes then wear them. If you like putting on make-up then do it. Just don't make horrible life decisions that any medical practitioner will tell you is beyond stupid.
>Gender is not fluid
my sides

You're the most attention-hungry person in this thread.
r u retarded
are you?
File: grief.jpg (16 KB, 333x322) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 333x322

>babby nihilist detected

Lel, bet you were dying to use words, awaiting the oportunity to sound profound.

However, you are wrong. I am in no way a nihilist.

>also it never was about seeming more important or colorful or interesting

Events about the subject and the people partaking in them prove you wrong.

>enlightened equal opportunity

I am in no way enlightened. But I do know why you say that right out of the bat. My post gave you the wrong idea, you probably found your own ''enlightment'' threatened so you use this opportunity to come here and show me the ''true way'' with your words.

Its alright.

And no, theres no such a thing of equal opportunity. Some people are, simply, more than others.

>"i'm not an asshole i hate everyone equally!!"

I dont see why I wouldnt be an asshole. Nor I see why it would be wrong to be and hate others.
No because I'm not the one that believes gender is "fluid". Wtf does that even mean? Like you can have 1 male tit, 1 female fit, 1 testicle and a vagina? That makes zero fucking sense
>no u xD
gender does not mean physical sex

that and some peoples bodies cannot fit neatly into either of those categories
what are intersex people to you?

look up CAIS
>what are intersex people to you?

a myth invented to sell pills and surgery

but no please, tell me how your psychiatrist isnt in it for the money
File: WEW_lad.jpg (10 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 225x225

Better catch up anon, you are one post behind and what you just said is in no way going to help you win this argument.

You are losing and, in the process, proving how much of a chicken you are.
do you really expect me to take a retard who uses smug anime girl reaction images seriously


psychiatrists are in it for money, but that's a different issue.
File: Weew.jpg (138 KB, 838x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 838x638

>''Retard this, retard that, you're retarded, I am not, etc etc''

Well... this is just sad.
because you don't deserve an answer
File: weeeew.jpg (6 KB, 231x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The dictionary says gender is the state of being male or female. How can you be male or female without physically being male or female?

You people are just making shit up. It doesn't matter how much a male want to be a female HE WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER BE FEMALE and vice versa. Humans have similar bone structures to most other mammals but that doesn't make us species-fluid. I'm not part dog because I think I'm a dog and I have a femur and tibia like a dog. You're not fucking female because you identify as female and take estrogen and cut your dick up to look similar to a vagina
File: disgust.jpg (52 KB, 1024x1094) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 1024x1094

You just activated his trap card, anon.

Fell into an endless loop of shit slinging retards because you had to fucking bite his bait.

Good fucking job anon, you doomed us all.

And while the thread of this nigger trap gets more replies, others that actually deserve attention dont. Such a sad world.
where did i imply this

also, what would a person with cais be? they're genetically male, but are phenotypically female. where would this sit on the binary for you, are you going to try to argue that an intersex person with cais is a man?

Anon, listen carefully because this is going to be hard for you.

You will never be a female. Never.

Sorry. :(
i'm not op

I know you are not. OP didnt sound like a retard.

I am talking to you only and only you right now.
CAIS makes males unable to develop their male parts. They don't develop female parts. They are more like prepubescent boys than women
they develop breasts and often have shallow vaginas, are you blind?
>you're not important
>this isn't the discussion of the century
>this is only some popular fad in media (???)

Look, I don't want attention.
Nor is this the pinnacle of my entire life but a speedbump in the road towards the beginning of it, and figuring myself out.

>Sure, people here will give you attention (proven by the amount of answers), but then again look were you are.

Replying to posts like this?

>"grass is greener on the other side" mentality.
Is this necessarily a bad mentality to have?
Some might say this is how many make everyday decisions in the first place..

Don't YOU weigh pros and cons?

Gender fluidity is a weird subject. NO gender fluidity does not exist when you are going to have sex with someone. You will need to accept that you were born with male genitals. It does exist in all other areas though such as ass, tits, face, all secondary features. What do you think "passing" is, anon? If gender in those areas are not fluid, certain men should not be able to have the spitting image of a female

I like wearing clothes, and putting on makeup. As far as I would go is hormones so that I wouldn't end up aging like a man as my life progressed (receeding hairline, bulkier bones and muscles, deeper voice, rougher skin, etc.)

Is it really so bad for me to let my body naturally react to differently balanced hormones in my body?

>Is it really so bad for me to let my body naturally react to differently balanced hormones in my body?

No, nobody here cares.

Go ahead, who gives a shit really.

What you want validation from us? Because thats seeking attention too.
Never a dull moment
Wasn't there an anon in one of these threads that posted a statistic that eventually the feeling of wanting to be the opposite gender eventually fades away?
>Is this necessarily a bad mentality to have?

Yes, it's a fallacy.

I'm not even reading whatever retardation follows this. You clearly don't want advice, just attention.
>I'm not even reading
Well damn, all you had to say.
File: image_4.jpg (60 KB, 600x486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 600x486
We can't laufh if we're dead! :D
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