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>tfw want to join a frat but don't...
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>tfw want to join a frat but don't want to join a frat

Anyone else sharing this feel? Wut do?
You either join it or you don't.
Just make friends with classmates instead.
I have a good group of friends and I like hanging out with them, we go to our favorite bar every weekend to drink beer and liquor. The main problem is we don't have ANY chicks in our group of friends, I haven't talked to ANY girls for the past 6 months. Honestly I don't think I'll lose my virginity any time soon.

All the hot chicks from my degree are in a sorority and you're basically non-existant to them unless you're in a frat.

This is my struggle.

okay, so the issue here isnt that you want to join a frat at all, but that you want to get laid?

pro-tip: if you can't get laid in college by itself, joining a frat isnt going to help you. the illusion of the frat house is what is drawing you in, not the reality of your own situation.

you are still going to be you in the frat.
Okay, so talk to girls in your classes.

>All the hot chicks
Try the average ones. They too have vagins.
>you are still going to be you in the frat.
I know, but at least there are hot chicks. In my university it's only 23% girls, of which most are ugly.
the sole idea of a frat is so weird for my non-american mind
wtf is the purpose besides one-upping each other and partying?
With only 23% females the average chicks have become the hot chicks for me.
So every average and hot chick is in a sorority.

Let me guess, if I ask you to name your school so I can call you a liar you're going to say "I'm not sharing personal details on 4chan" even though we know nothing about you at all. Right?
thats even more weird than just joining to get pussy...


>at least there are hot chicks

no. people who arent you get hot chicks. which is likely why they got the frat they do. nto all frats are created equal. being in a frat will not make any chicks suddenly think you are bangable.

you are still going to be you even in a frat. prove me wrong.
I regret not rushing frats my freshman year, avoided it because the school is generally boring but that's exactly why I should have rushed.

That said there are still a bunch of spergs in greek life, usually in the bottom-tier frats. The only difference is that they are now more connected spergs.
You don't meet decent girls by joining a frat.

>Hot chicks
Are you a 10/10 yourself or something? Stop going after perfection, you'll never find it. If you do find a 10/10 she will be lacking in another, more important way.

It is a waste of money where you don't form genuine friendships because everyone is there on everyone else's approval.

None of my girl friends who were in sororities or guy friends in frats have any benefit from going Greek. Most of their friends came from other campus organizations [ones based on interest and volunteer] or classes. As you move on up in your degree your class size will diminish significantly and you'll have some of the same people in your courses and labs.

Not really at all.

Through the organization I was in I got to go to all collegiate football games for free, and even got paid to go to some. I also got to go to some great parties as well, and none of us paid for friendship.

I formed connections with older adults by befriending GTAs and asking for volunteer opportunities. And by being a good student.

Oddly enough, most friendships were formed from forced group work in labs.

I also got to talk with professors more by working at a restaurant near the neighborhoods most of them lived. I bartended and served and chatted them up. I got a letter of recommendation for a Masters program that way. He was a regular who taught in the same department as my major, but was never my actual instructor.

Stop going for the illusion. Once you get a few more years under your belt you'll see how much of a waste of time and money they are.
>hurr durr

yeah give me another way of meeting hot ehh... "average" women then.
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>frats are literally the only way to meet hot women
>prove me wrong

and this is why you will fail.

and on that note, are you even remotely good looking yourself mate?
Talk to them like you would any other human being? Your best bet is in classes.

Just like you, the girls are also trying to make new friends in a new environment away from home. So they are more open to random conversations about mutual likes and hobbies.

Also, most campuses hold different events. We had slews of programs planned just for people to get out and interact with each other. On the off season the football field jumbotron is used to play films once a week, with free popcorn. Just bring a towel or blanket to sit on in the grass. Those were great places to meet other students.

Also, clubs. Clubs associated with certain volunteer opportunities and public organizations look great on your resume too. My degree was in Animal Science, Ag Production and I volunteered with our raptor rehab center, and made some good friends there.

I play an instrument too, so I was part of different campus symphonic bands and also would play my sax for gigs at house parties and bars with friends who had a band and wanted a horn part for whatever reason.

I also worked part time at a restaurant. Restaurants are great for university students because if you live in the USA [since this is a frat thread I assume you do], you get cash every night as tips. And restaurants are busy in college towns. I made some good friends as coworkers, and befriended regulars as well, some of them locals decades older than me.

I did all of these as a woman, and other women were in these groups and gatherings with me. So if chicks like us were at the above examples, I'm sure you'll have luck if you join some of those or do something.

If you're just looking for casual sex, go to a bar or house party.
If I'd say yes you'd tell me to post a pic, which I won't do, and then you're gonna say I'm not that good looking at all, otherwise I'd have posted a pic, to which I'm gonna reply that I don't to have my photo here next to me saying I think I look pretty.

But yeah I like looking at myself in the mirror, and I know other people find me good looking.
Thank you that is interesting


and actually i tend to be pretty honest about how guys look like in this thread:


but yeah, the big issue here is you are acting like average women only ever talk to guys in frats which isnt true

>talk to them like they are human
>go to actual social events and talk to them

what? sreiously? you never considered any other option than joining a frat?

Not even remotely. I meet women perfectly normal because I don't have autism and I prefer to keep my dignity. Frats are for homosexuals.
I'm not an American, all the decent looking women are in a sorority.

I never looked into these "activities", not even sure my university holds them.
Then make one
Students made ours

>decent looking
Come on.
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