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I'm Alone
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I'm 31, a virgin, never had my first kiss even.
I'm fat, ugly, poor.
I'm a Christian, Libertarian.
I don't smoke, do drugs, drink.
I live in the country.
I've tried all the dating apps and websites, women won't reply.
I'm lonely, I tried suicide with kratom (really hilariously stupid), I have a serious heart problem and will probably die by age 40.
Should I kill myself now? I don't want to, I want to find some happiness, I want to be not alone.
Pic is me.
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Sorry to hear about your situation mate. You could be worst off (pic related) I mean the chance of you even being born is like picking out a blue marble in a seas worth of red marbles. The chance of you being born is impossible but it happened, don't waste a life man. Make a plan to change yourself into a person you like. Talk to your doctor about losing weight without compromising your heart. If you spend just one year working hard, you can spend the rest of you life smooth sailing. Start by getting rid of the facial hair and finding a new hair style. Good luck captain
That's a shitty situation anon...
What do you think it would need for you to be happy? What would your ideal life look like?
I am always surprised when Christian males are virgins. That's literally life on easy mode. Go to church, marry a girl, and you get all the sex you want.
Well, the “right” answer is to tell you to first seek professional counseling for your suicidal thoughts and attempts. Then start working out, eating right, learning new skills, so on and so forth. You’ve heard this spiel a million or so times by now, but you haven’t acted on it for some reason. So I’m going to give you the course of action I would take if I was in your shoes.

First, I would acquire a prescription from a doctor for treatment of adult ADHD. Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin—it doesn’t really matter what. How will you do this? Fake the symptoms. Give some sob story about how you want to make the most of yourself. Shed a few tears. And if that quack doesn’t give you your pills? Find another guy who will write it in. Your heart’s going to take another beating, but you already know you’re going to die young anyways. Stop living an unfulfilling existence and start striving to be an Achilles.

Now that you have your pills the weight loss should come easy. Amphetamines kill your appetite, so watch out for your nutritional intake. I recommend buying your essential vitamins through Walmart. Try not to have too dramatic a weight loss or your doctor will cut your candy. Ten pounds a month is a good benchmark—just tell him you started working out.
I agree with Red.

It sounds corny, but changing up your hair/facial hair when you're in a bad place can be a refreshing start.

Keep trying, man. Loneliness sucks shit out of a crazy straw, but keep trying. If you don't already know what makes you happy then find it. You're here, so you might as well make good of the life you have.

"I know the world's a broken bone
But melt your headaches, call it home"
I know it's cheesy as fuck to respond to depressing topics with song lyrics, but I've always liked that one :P
Spend your drug’s high on something productive. Lock yourself in a room and just study. Don’t waste it on bullshit leisure activities.

Delete the dating apps. It’s never going to pan out, at least not right now. Don’t delude yourself. Start thinking about a significant other a year after you’ve made these drastic life changes.

Start taking random community college courses and going to church in the evenings. Social interaction is good, even if it is with strangers. You learn things that can only be gained by first-hand experience.

Smoking makes the drug high even stronger. Alcohol fucks everything up—you’re fine staying away from it. Having one beer with your buddies at the bar is fine, though.

Your fashion sense is shit, so I recommend ditching the glasses. Wear contacts, or save up for laser eye surgery. But if this just isn’t an option, start browsing /fa/ if you really want to learn how to properly accessorize with your clothing. The world is shallow, so meet their aesthetic standards.

Shave your head and facial hair. Just do it. You’re at the point of no fucks to give, anyways.

Good luck.
Here's some tips to get a girl
1. Cut your hair
2. Shave your neckbeard
3. Learn to smile
4. Don't talk about stupid shit
5. No fedoras or trenchcoats
If you have 9 years to live, go fucking nuts - lose weight, shave your head, join the military or something.
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You just need to develope a style.
Your style right now says to me "I am a virgin I like the Internet and I have no idea how to talk to you.

Buy some new clothes. No graphic t-shirts, get some actual clothes. I suggest you go for the "fat hipster" look lol pic related bc I think you could pull it off. Invest in some thicker frame glasses and a beanie or two.

What kind of stuff do you like, op?
Do you have any friends?
E... Ebeeto is that you?
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