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I feel like a fucking joke.
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Right now I feel socially incompatible. I never had a friend nor do I want to socialize with the shitty people in this world. As a 25 year old with no social life ever I'm immediately a joke, period.

From the people I work with to the cousins I rarely meet, everyone is fascinated on talking shit and being a critic, immediately pointing out negative flaws in someone and magnifying it for years. I used to think it was because I was in a shitty family. Nope, I get that from everyone. At work women absolutely hate me. I work as an inspector on the line for Ford and since my work load was light, I decided to help out. This one young girl in her Mid 20's, a common shit talker absolutely lit me up, talking about me to all the coworkers that my effort is not wanted and straight up flamed me.

Look /adv/, I don't know why being negative and talking shit about other people is not frowned upon here in society. Almost everyone is triggered to act on it to keep their status in whatever social circle they're in, and in the end I will just be a petty lame nigger in their eyes.

Today at church my pastor touched upon the same subject and it really clicked with me that it is actually acknowledged by other people, especially by a church leader. Many people think negative criticism= the absolute right criticism a person can get.

In the end, I feel like a joke and a failure. I can't adapt to shitty trends in society. I can't accept it and become a shit talking despot either. I am naturally nice(this means a naive dumb nigger to you people) and I just want to live life thinking maybe I'll make friends with someone. A romantic life is laughable.

I really bet you guys wanna throw out overbeaten facts like I am not entitled to people and I am blaming the world for my problems. I'm imprisoning myself and shit like that, but I was already in deep conversations on those over at /r/foreveralone.


You need to learn to never feel lonely. Like I have.
Also I can't 100% tell what you're complaining about. But you're not a joke for not having a social life. The only judge for yourself is you.
The lack of human communication is evident within me. Everyday I feel bad about my communication and fear opening up to people. The people at Starbucks made fun of me when I made my order. The cashier was fucking with me and the women behind me busted up laughing. I will avoid the cafe completely.

I have therapy, but I don't see any progress. I would try meetup.com but my mother will scold me for talking to strangers. I guess it will save me the embarrassment.

Only until last year was when I started to feel like shit. And things went to hell when I attempted to date. I know for a fact I am a fool.

>who cares what anyone else thinks, just be you.

Yeah, but when all I get is some variance of rejection by people and I don't know how to solve it, I will eventually feel shitty again. I'm 25 and over a decade behind in social skills.

>not our problem, pls jump off the cliff and keep the procreation pool clean please?

I rather live on a different planet than listen to my failure through other people's criticisms. No I thanks. I already have low esteem and dignity shot when I see people in public.

Your problem is you keep all these emotions within it seems like. You need to complain and vent more.
Maybe SOME people laugh at you but you seem kinda paranoid. I doubt the starbucks cashier was fucking with you.
I have no one but my sister, mother and therapist I actually talk to. No one wants to hear my problems as they are boring.

I meant that if I got into a serious conversation with people, they'll eventually think I am a lame. Mostly get label a joke by society's terminology.

But in public as I walk past strangers I don't feel this way.

that was a joke. you moan too much.
That's why I don't talk too much. Kinda keeps people from realizing how boring I am. But I doubt they actively hate or laugh at you.

I mean, I find it's mostly polite indifference.
you have to learn how to enjoy yourself

and i mean enjoy, not distract
I understand that. That kept me happy through high school and first three years of college. Even though I get panic attacks that I am the last guy in the whole family to have a social life. Then when I meet people in person I regret ever seeing them, only to come home at night confused and depressed.

Right now my mother plans to remodel the basement. I want to make it a bedroom for me, and I will be doing most of the work. I want to start on it because so far it is something I find enjoyment in doing.

I know you people probably saying My main motive should be to move out, but I really don't think that will help Even if I'm 25.
Speaking of work and being social, what ever happened to the position of 'quiet office guy'?

In the process of trying to leave the wageslave profession I've noticed you have to be really sociable to hired for actual careers. I mean, if you have a silver tongue you can get hired over some with better qualifications.
Exactly. I tried being quiet, only turned me into a ghost. I need to get out of this trap job and find something dealing with people directly. I used to have great customer service and impressed my managers. I somehow went downhill ever since I worked for warehouses.

But I really need to get back into college and finish school.

In the end I want to be liked by someone besides my sister and mother.
I mean, didn't accounting and actuary work used to be considered boring jobs for boring people?

At what point did that change or am I not seeing it correctly?
Hi OP. I suggest you post this in r9k they are very good at discussing this subject, not kidding, I've had nice discussions on that board.
Is r9k like /r/foreveralone? I post a lot there and today I avoided it because hell has literally taken over there.

Maybe I will give it a shot tonight.

>>16807379 I want to take a job that will force me to talk to people. At least I will take on my problem with people in more than one area in my life.
/r9k/ is a terrible board.

The problem with 4chan is that there is no actual advice given here. The troll threads are given the most attention.

But there's no where to turn to.
Then it sounds like it's time for me to buy some cheap wine and listen to Den Harrow.


Classic Euro Disco really chills me out.
I've never had alcohol before, what would be a good starting one?

Though I am worried I might say or do something stupid while drunk. I know one dude who on his first time drinking and getting drunk ran outside into the street and started getting naked. Apparently it wasn't even a strong drink.
I can't recommend anything. I am not a good person to recommend shit. I found out my taste in alcohol is also despised and humiliated, therefore I rarely drink.

Personally I am not an alcoholic, thank goodness I can't drink when I'm depressed.
>taste in drink is despised

Huh? What is it? Special brew or white ace or those other ones that estate scum drink?
read up https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/
I like the flavor of dark liquor, everyone else hates it and me for liking it.

Last time I drank was Christmas and had brought Kracken spice rum (whateverthefuck its called) and some egg nog. Everyone told me to take that garbage out their face. While they were downing some vodka and juice, I sat in my room alone listening to music staring at the art on my wall. I still didn't get through the bottle as it's sitting in my room.
Dark alcohol is so much better than babby's first alcohol; you were in the right.
People dislike it? It's advertised everywhere where I live. It's possible they just hate you and not touch your alcohol.

But them again, I know nothing about drinking.
I want to hear more about that christmas thing, I mean, it sounds like they just you to fuck off to your room while they had their fun.
>everyone is fascinated on talking shit and being a critic

Pay them no attention. There's noticing and observing things about people (anon has a tendency to do X, anon does X frequently, etc etc) or poking a joke or two at someone, then there's being a two faced shit talker with ill intent.

>At work women absolutely hate me.
Do you go to work to be liked by women and get female attention, or earn a paycheck? Just treat them like everyone else.

>In the end, I feel like a joke and a failure.
So do a lot of other people.

>I am naturally nice and I just want to live life thinking maybe I'll make friends with someone.
Well, just keep being nice and do you.

>A romantic life is laughable.
Same goes for a lot of people.
Focus on your professional work life, or your personal interests and hobbies.
I posted the whole thing on Reddit. Kinda drained from my vent there. Basically my family and their friends had a Christmas break hang out at the house. Bought outside food and drinks. I brought my drink. When I brought it out they started talking shit about my liquor. My mom kinda embarrassed me by begging them to drink with me, only for them to criticize my drink and my tastes in liquor. I went to my room sad, didn't even respond to any of them. I turned on the color changing strobe led strip on my desk and drank until I tried to get drunk. I couldn't get drunk. Too much of a wuss.
I don't know if I feel sorry more for you or your mum.

Is there a reason why they seem to hate you? I kinda doubt it's cos of the booze
Good points, but the only thing I didn't try was saying fuck it and being direct with all my intnent to be social with someone. Someone here said redpill, is that it? Redpill-ing?
Stay away from /r9k/, redpill and mgtow.
I guess because I am a big lame, as they say it. Easy target for shit talking.

That's my theory I really don't know.
>Easy target for shit talking.

But that's normally applied to outsiders. Are you like a bastard child or adopted or something? Do they just hate you and nobody else?
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