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How to game older women (25-35)?
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I am 22 y/o and literally can't bring myself to like younger girls. I can't stand their immaturity and dependence. I prefer older women but I don't really know how to act around them, what they want. I still live with my parents but got a nice car, good clothes, good job and a great body (but not yet Chad-worthy).

Any tips?
>I can't stand their immaturity and dependence
>22 y/o
>I still live with my parents
Well I am going to move out in a few months but is living with parents a big turn off for older women?
Literally kek
i'm 27. my bf's 21.
you'll need to be mature beyond your age to pull this off op.
it greatly depends on the kind of relationship you want. just sex or more?
Realize that alot of older women don't care about the same things. I value an intellectual conversation over a chad anyday. Attractiveness is not always on the outside.
I want more. What made you choose a much younger guy over someone around your age? What do you find attractive of him? How did you met?

The funny thing is I can sustain intellectual conversations but I often thought that would bore them
>What made you choose a much younger guy over someone around your age?
honestly, the age wasn't something i took into consideration. he's just a wonderful guy and i love him very much. it took me a while to get to peace with the fact that he's younger, but meh, the gap isn't that big and we get along so good that i just decided to not give a shit.

>What do you find attractive of him?
physically? he's good looking, athletic, tall, muscular, has a beautiful face. now that i think of it, he's quiet ideal.
personality wise? he's attentive, he's emphatic. he's not bitter. he doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs. he's got ambitions and is able to maintain open communication. i feel like this is just the peak of the iceberg.

>How did you met?
through mutual friends. i met him 2 years ago. we instantly clicked but never made a move. we where crushing on each other since then and about half a year ago, we all went out for my birthday and the two of us talked the whole evening. FINALLY exchanging numbers and at the end of the night we kissed each other. the next day we went on our first date and the rest is history.
I'm 20 and my wife is 37.

Yeah, it's pretty amazing to be honest. She looks my age too, and most people think we're the same age or I'm a little older. She's in extremely good shape, Korean, everything is good.
whoa. how long have you two been together? why did you decide to already MARRY at 20?
She had also only been with one guy before meeting me. No single mother crap or anything before anyone suggests that.
We've been together a year. We actually married partially because I wanted to go back to the US and she lived in Korea and I wanted to bring her with me, but the only way to do that is to be married. So I made my decision to either marry this girl and bring her to the US or have to leave her. And she's perfect for me.
What do you mean by ambitions? Do you live together?

I'm a part time firefighter and will inherit my parents bakery. Doesn't that make me ambitious or independent? Is living with your parents that much of a turn off? I just want to save more money, not because I am lazy to move out
that's cute. i hope things work out for the two of you. how's married life so far?
Good. I'm a student still until December but I take good care of her and our apartment is nice.
Hello OP, i'm 23 and pulled a 36 year old with an average face and a incredible body a few days ago at a bar. I'm quite attractive myself but what she liked the most about me was my maturity and how i was a gentleman to her, always being very educated, complimenting her on things like her wit, good sense of humour, good fashion sense, etc.

After one hour or so of small chat i decided to start building sexual tension, progressively and slowly moving to more erotic and mature topics, while complimenting her on more sexual stuff like her body, her lips, etc. While doing this you should pay attention to how she reacts, so you know whether you should advance faster or slower.

I saw she was very comfortable with me talking about how sexy she was and mentioning i always wanted to ger with an older woman, so i had no problem making advances until we started kissing, and then my job was done. We made out for a while and she invited me over to her house, on the way to her home she said she lives with a female friend who was on a trip and that they are both single and of the same age.
After getting there we made out a little more and before i knew i was sucking her tits while she gave me a handjob inside my pants. I stayed over for a day and it was great, we fucked a lot and experimented with different positions and we even did it under the shower as i was getting ready to go home. She seemed to some sort of fetish because she absolutely loved having her tits sucked, she let me suck them a lot, was constantly putting my hand under her shirt to fondle them and when we went to sleep she pushed my face against her breasts, not that i'm complaining, she had a great pair.

It was one of the best experiences i ever had, i hadnt had sex in so long and last year i broke with my ex who i thought was "the one", my dream girl whom i loved very much and left me completely broken hearted and depressed. I'm definitely seeing this woman again, it's not easy but not impossible either OP.
>What do you mean by ambitions?
>Doesn't that make me ambitious or independent?
Yes. everything that's not just "i want to smoke weed and play vidya all day" is a huge plus. not that playing vidya would be a bad thing. but i guess you get what i mean with that.

Do you live together?
no. we've only been dating for a few months. i have my own place and he lifes at his parents. he's still in education, so this makes perfect sense. don't stress about moving out at 22. that's a bit soon. take your time. no decent girl will mind that aslong as you aren't an oedipus-complex-ridden neet.
naturally we spend most time at my place, but that's perfectly ok in my books.
that makes me happy.
does the age gap ever lead to arguments or problems?
No not really. But the downside is we need to have a child within a year or 2 if we are going to ever have one. She looks my age and acts very young with lots of energy. It's a little strange that her younger sister is much older than me and looks older because she's the mother of 2 but besides telling her parents, family, etc., about the age there haven't been any problems. Between us there aren't any. Just telling her family the ages took a little bit.
>to have a child within a year or 2
yup, i feel as if that topic is the trickiest in age-gap realtionships.
my mom and her bf have an age gap of 17 years. but he never wanted kids eitherway, so they get along great. just bought a house together and still going strong after more than 10 years.
aside from erection, your post gave me good feels
I am glad you overcame your past and living good
good luck
Yeah, but I intend to have a very nice job within 2 years. If I can do that, I'm open to having children very early. I know it is absolutely life-changing and very serious but I am willing to dedicate myself to my children.
OP here,

I forgot to mention that I have a 2011 Camaro SS which is my dream car. I kinda orbited around a 27 y/o girl and took her for a ride. I thought she would absolutely love it but wasn't all that impressed. I thought it would show that I am independent and can easily provide?
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